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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 70


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Chapter 70 Joining Hands

Tuoba Ye exited his seclusion when he estimated there were only two days before the year-end great tournament.

Although he didn't cultivate for long, he was able to get a grasp on divine Overlord's fist and Tyrant Battle Dragon's blade, becoming more skilled with them.

He had just come out when Lei Ting appeared in front of him at the very first moment.

Tuoba Ye frowned: ’’Lei Ting, what's the matter?’’

’’Ah! Nothing, how can you be in seclusion for so long?’’ Lei Ting said.

’’This is called sharpening the tools before the battle, I want to get a good achievement in the tournament.’’ Tuoba Ye said flatly.

'You are pretending.' Lei Ting said in her mind.

’’Leader, will there be an influence on the rankings if someone's cards are all revealed?’’ Lei Ting asked suddenly.

Tuoba Ye didn't know what was going on but he still replied: ’’If the cards are all revealed, it will naturally be disadvantageous and very well can affect the final rankings.’’

’’I have grasped your cards, you say if I can make you cooperate with me?’’ Lei Ting was very happy.

’’You know my hidden cards? Didn't I tell you about me?’’ Tuoba Ye was puzzled: ’’I knew you didn't have good intentions when you moved near me and it seems to be true.’’

’’Innate divine Strength! Body refining cultivator!’’ Lei Ting : ’’If I tell this to your opponent, I don't know what will happen.’’

Tuoba Ye gave a bitter laugh, he simply didn't plan to use his physical strength and now Lei Ting knew he possessed Innate divine Strength, it wouldn't be any problematic for her to proclaim it.

However, Tuoba Ye didn't want to be led by the nose by a little girl, he smilingly said: ’’Good, help me spread the word, it will be the best if it can let me win without fighting and directly get the championship.’’

’’Ah! .......’’ Lei Ting didn't expect this, it was completely different from what she had anticipated.

She originally thought of threatening Tuoba Ye but it seemed that threats were of no use.

Her eyes moved and she immediately got another idea: ’’Leader, since you are not afraid of it being exposed, then you won't mind if I sell the information on you, right?

Tuoba Ye shook his head and gave a bitter smile: ’’If you want to sell it, can I prevent you?’’

’’Cannot!’’ Lei Ting shook her head.

’’Since it is like that, there is no need for me to stop you.’’ Tuoba Ye said: ’’However, you need to give me half of what you receive from selling the information.’’

’’Alright, we will consider that your share.’’ Lei Ting said carefreely.

She began to make a plan: ’’Leader, how much gold coins do you think we should sell your information?’’

’’How about ten Yuan Force pills, each person that wants the information should pay ten Yuan Force pills.’’ Tuoba Ye suggested.

He knew that if Lei Ting could make inquiries about his details then others also could do the same. Sooner or later, him possessing Innate divine Strength would be no secret. As for being a body refining cultivator, it would be revealed sooner or later and it didn't matter.

’’No, if only one person buys the information, then others will also know. Let me think....... Got it! Make them gather five hundred Yuan Force pills and then I will tell them.’’ Lei Ting was excited.

Tuoba Ye was immediately speechless, this little information was to be sold for five hundred Yuan Force pills, it was really steep.

Anyway, he could get half of it so he was naturally in favor of it.

’’Good, how about we increase it a little?’’ Tuoba Ye discovered his own heart had somewhat turned dark.

Mythic group was just established so there were no other ways as they didn't have so much gold coins to buy Yuan Force pills. If they could get a batch of Yuan Force pills, it could increase the strength of the Mythic group's outer members.

If nothing else, it was first necessary for all the members to breakthrough to Xiantian Martial God realm.

’’I will increase the price depending on the situation!’’ Lei Ting left happily.

Although she couldn't threaten Tuoba Ye but if she could take advantage of this opportunity to extort others, it would be a very pleasurable affair.

In reality, she didn't care about Yuan Force pills at all, she only liked the thrill of tricking others.

After Lei Ting left, she quickly looked for the top ranked groups.

Her influence was so big that even the Ten Extremes group's and the Six Dao group's leaders would need to give her face, there was no need to speak of other groups.

Not long after, all the top twenty ranked groups were present. Heaven's Dream group and divine Sea group were also present, although these two groups weren't strong enough to be ranked among the top twenty, they had hatred towards Tuoba Ye so they would definitely be willing to spend Yuan Force pills.

’’You have all arrived, I have gathered you because I want to sell some information on Tuoba Ye to you. I don't know if you are willing to buy or not?’’ Lei Ting said, smiling.

’’Miss Lei Ting, so it turns out you joined the Mythic group to gather intelligence.’’ Lei Ting joining the Mythic group wasn't a secret.

’’Of course, I specially inquired about Tuoba Ye and finally know his hidden card.’’ Lei Ting was smiling: ’’I know you all want to be the first to receive the information but I cannot sell it to only one and not inform others. So, I gathered you all, collect enough Yuan Force pills and I will tell you the information on Tuoba Ye.’’ Lei Ting said.

’’If Miss Lei Ting wants Yuan Force pills, you could have just looked for us. We would have provided them even if there was no intelligence.’’ A group leader was trying to curry favor with Lei Ting.

Lei Ting frowned: ’’Who wants your Yuan Force pills? This is a fair dealing;Yuan Force pills for the intelligence.’’

That group leader felt he had kicked a horse's leg, his expression became very unsightly and didn't dare to speak up.

’’Miss Lei Ting, how much Yuan Force pills do you want to sell the intelligence for? We will gather them.’’ The speaker was the Ten Extremes group's leader, Jue Wuqing.

Lei Ting pondered and said: ’’One thousand Yuan Force pills, when you have gathered them, hand them to me and I will immediately inform you of Tuoba Ye's hidden card. Year-end great tournament, by knowing yourself and your enemy, you can naturally defeat Tuoba Ye easily.’’

One thousand Yuan Force pills, its value was hundred million gold coins.

All the people that were present were the richest group of the Immortal Clouds valley, but even they were a little surprised when they heard such a big price.

But they didn't dare to haggle over price with Lei Ting and began negotiating on who takes out how many Yuan Force pills.

Who dared to haggle over price with Lei Ting, wouldn't that be asking for a bitter suffering?

Duan Tianmeng and Lu Haicheng were very miserable, among the groups that were present, theirs were the weakest.

They came here believing they had a chance to make a connection with Lei Ting and that would have been a great fortuitous event but who could have thought they would have to bring out Yuan Force pills.

There were leaders from twenty two groups present, after they discussed for a while, they decided each group would take out fifty Yuan Force pills which would be altogether eleven hundred Yuan Force pills and they would hand this over to Lei Ting to exchange for the information on Tuoba Ye.

’’Miss Lei Ting, here are altogether eleven hundred Yuan Force pills. Now you can tell us what hidden card Tuoba Ye has, right?’’ Jue Wuqing said.

’’Of course. To give out hundred more Yuan Force pills, you are really good people.’’ Lei Ting said happily: ’’I will tell you now, listen properly. I made discreet inquiries for a long time and finally learned the information on Tuoba Ye. Tuoba Ye is only a rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert but how could he easily defeat Leng Yidao and Duan Tianmeng?’’

Leng Yidao and Duan Tianmeng were both present, their expressions became unsightly, they lowered their heads and didn't dare to look at others.

Lei Ting took a glance at the surroundings and saw she had caught their interests, she continued to speak: ’’Tuoba Ye is a body refining cultivator! His physical strength is very formidable, and compared to the experts on the same rank, he is many times stronger. Okay, I have told you about Tuoba Ye's hidden card, I will leave first, I still need to continue to gather intelligence and see if I can gather some more useful information.’’

She left in large strides, those groups' experts only then came to their senses.

’’Tuoba Ye actually is a body refining cultivator! No wonder he is so strong.’’ Leng Yidao said.

He was defeated by a single strike and had lost all his face but with this information, he could be said to have gotten back some face.

Body refining cultivators were rarely seen at Shenwu Continent because of the immense difficulty in its cultivation but in case, there was accomplishment in its cultivation, one's fighting strength would be exceedingly powerful.

Being defeated by a body refining cultivator was not a humiliating matter.

Jue Wuqing said: ’’A body refining cultivator actually appeared at our Pill Cauldron sect, it really is a rare situation.’’

’’It seems we have a formidable opponent in this year-end great tournament.’’ said the Six Dao group's leader, Bi Yuntian.

Among the million outer sect disciples, Jue Wuqing and Bi Yuntian were absolutely on the top ten figures, their strength were similar and were the most popular choices for the championship.

Now an opponent like Tuoba Ye had appeared which made them a little worried.

Jue Wuqing said: ’’Miss Lei Ting didn't inform us what level Tuoba Ye's physical strength has reached.’’

’’Right, I am afraid miss Lei ting doesn't know about that, otherwise she wouldn't have concealed it from us.’’ said Bi Yuntian.

’’Everyone, it is unavoidable for us to fight with Tuoba Ye in this year-end great tournament. Everyone should return back and look for ways to deal with a body refining cultivator.’’ said Jue Wuqing.

They didn't think that they had fallen into a trap, fifty Yuan Force pills were nothing to them. Moreover, the information they received was useful to them, so, to them, they had received their money's worth.

Lei Ting was very excited, she hadn't thought though she couldn't deal with Tuoba Ye, she would easily receive thousand Yuan Force pills.

’’Intelligence on Tuoba Ye is very valuable, how about I make Tuoba Ye reveal some more cards and then put them for offer again.’’

She already began thinking of this, she felt following Tuoba Ye was not a bad choice as she could have one more way to trap others in the future.

Lei Ting happily returned to the Immortal Clouds Valley's peripheral area and found Tuoba Ye: ’’Leader, it seems information on you is very valuable. I got quite a bit of Yuan Force pills for it.’’

’’Oh! How many Yuan Force pills did you sell it for? The gains should be divided into halves, you can't renege on it.’’ Tuoba Ye said, smiling.

He had become a miser and he couldn't do anything about it.

He had too look after the Mythic group's members' cultivation problems and it was not possible without the Yuan Force pills.

’’We have agreed on dividing the spoils fifty-fifty, I naturally won't renege on it.’’ said Lei Ting.

Yuan Force pill was a very small pill, five hundred and fifty Yuan Force pills could be packed in a two palms sized pouch.

Tuoba Ye received the pouch, he was astonished: ’’So many Yuan Force pills!’’

Although he didn't know the concrete amount, he could tell that it absolutely was not few.

’’Altogether, I got eleven hundred Yuan Force pills and from that, I gave you five hundred and fifty Yuan Force pills, am I not fair?’’ Lei Ting smiled.

’’Correct, you are not only fair but also very amazing!’’ Tuoba Ye praised.

Lei Ting felt very proud: ’’Leader, you don't know that I only sold one of your cards, I didn't inform them that you posses Innate divine Strength.’’

’’Ah!’’ Tuoba Ye was shocked: ’’They are too gullible, so easily handing out this many Yuan force pills.’’

’’You don't know who I am, how could they go against me. Leader, if you have other informations, you can tell me and we will conspire to earn some more Yuan Force pills.’’ Lei Ting who had tasted the benefits, wanted to taste it again.


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