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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 7


Translator : Just a Normal Guy

Editor : kawaiikillaz123

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Chapter 7 Zhan Meng and Rabbit Master

“I want to go out, let me out! ……”

There was a loud sound, still full of childhoodness.

“Boy, can’t you be silent for a bit ? Disturbing this Rabbit Master’s sleep!”

This voice was very resonant but with the vicissitudes of life.

The boss was somewhat embarrassed: “They are inside. Among them  is a youngster, a talented kid of the desolate southern region’s fighting race, his age is not big, but his strength is quite high. In addition, there is a magical demon beast, proficient in our language.

“Boss, open the door, let us take a look.” Tuoba Ye said.

He was somewhat curious. A demon beast capable of speaking! isn’t it a demon beast that can cultivate!?

Since it can cultivate, how could it be captured and  brought to the slave market?

His heart was full of questions, but there wasn’t anyone who could clear up his confusion.

The boss hesitated a bit, but he still opened the room.

The only things inside the huge rooms were one big and one small cage.

Inside the big cage was apparently an eleven –twelve years old youngster who looked very sturdy, his hands and feet were restrained by thick iron chains.

The youngster, seeing the door open started struggling with the chains, his eyes were blood-red, as if they wanted to swallow someone alive.

He was chained up by four iron chains, weighing more than hundred jin. The youngster brandishing the chains , with the vitality and vigor of a tiger, shook the whole iron cage.

“Good, truly a strong kid!” Tuoba Ye secretly exclaimed.

He began to use divine Will to examine the youngster. The youngster was quite young, not more than five years old. Moreover, he was pleasantly surprised to find that within the youngster was a Spirit Root, furthermore, a single Gold attribute best quality Spirit Root.

“Talented! Truly talented! So long as he is carefully raised, he is capable of becoming a true genius.” Tuoba Ye secretly praised, but his face concealed his ecstasy.

Xia Yuxuan suddenly cried out: “What a lovely rabbit!”

The small iron cage in the room was occupied as well, this time by a small snow white rabbit. It was extremely adorable. Only the rabbit’s hind legs were locked up by the chains. The rabbit was unable to move and looked sickly and sleepy.

When he saw Tuoba Ye, he was clearly shocked, his eyes exposed a crazed expression and  all of a sudden stood up.

Tuoba Ye only then took notice of the rabbit calling itself  “Rabbit Master”. A quick scan, using his divine will, of the rabbit revealed something extraordinary…

This small white rabbit, was certainly not a simple rabbit. Within him was boundless energy, even Tuoba Ye’s divine Will unexpectedly couldn’t check out its extent.

“Mysterious, magical rabbit!” He cried out.

“I am no rabbit, for I am Rabbit Master!” cried the small white rabbit.

Xia Yuxuan heard the small white rabbit speaking and became very shocked,his interest was piqued: “Little Ye, let’s buy the small white rabbit for you to play with, ok ?”

“Okay! This small white rabbit is extraordinarily adorable , and can also talk, he will amuse me.” Tuoba Ye took advantage of the situation to his own benefit.

The boss promptly spoke: “This rabbit is not an ordinary rabbit, at that time, while capturing it, we lost many good men.” “ It is also a very strong demon beast, and only sustained minor injuries. Therefore, his price cannot be low …..”

“Boss, my son likes the small white rabbit, tell me your price.” Xia Yuxuan graciously spoke: “However, the demon beast is for entertainment, the price should not be very high.”

The boss had originally planned to go out with high price, but hearing Xia Yuxuan’s final statements, he immediately hesitated.

This rabbit was very mysterious. He hadn’t wasted any money to capture it, plus it was hard to tame. It just was not a good choice. The small white rabbit had already been sold many times but it was always returned.

The boss was afraid it wouldn’t do good to start with too high of a price for this beautiful woman.

He pondered over and over, then he spoke: “Take it for a hundred gold coins, but, I have a condition. You cannot return it.”

The slave market’s service was extremely good. If one was dissatisfied with the bought slaves, within a month, the slaves could be exchanged.

“Mother, this demon beast is too expensive. I can buy many other good toys.” Tuoba Ye pouted, unceasingly gesturing with his hands.

The boss promptly said: “How magical is this rabbit to be able to speak! The price is already very cheap.”

Xia Yuxuan was responsible for everything of Tuoba Clan and she was comparatively good at pushing down these prices.

In response to Tuoba Ye she said: “Indeed too high. Boss, I will take it if it is ten gold coins.”

That magical rabbit was sizing up Tuoba Ye and unexpectedly didn’t speak at all. Nobody knew what was going on in it’s mind.

The boss said, looking very disappointed: “twenty gold coins, this is the minimum! Take it, if you want.”

“Deal!” Xia Yuxuan knew when to stop.

The boss was a bit reluctant to give up, but immediately began to carry out the next transaction: “This strong youngster, do you want to buy him? He is a genius of the fighting race and naturally, he is born to fight.”

“Release me! I won’t be tamed, release me ……” The youngster roared.

Xia Yuxuan wrinkled her elegant eyebrows: “Boss, this slave still hasn’t been tamed, but you are putting it out for sale ?”

“This depends on yourself, I won’t force you.” Boss sighed.

Tuoba Ye signalled Xia Yuxuan with his eyes, Xia Yuxuan naturally understood her son wanted to buy the slave: “Boss, this slave has not been tamed, how much are you willing to sell it for ?”

“Ten thousand gold coins …….”

“What ?! Ten thousand gold coins! It would be better if you just went ahead and stole from me.” The boss hadn’t finished speaking when Xia Yuxuan cried out.

“ke, ke….” the boss gave two somewhat awkward dry coughs: “This, fighting race’s youngster , if tamed, is ten thousand gold coins. He still hasn’t been tamed. If you want, take him in for a thousand gold coins. I received him for a thousand gold coins, this transaction has already been a huge loss. Don’t try to reduce the price anymore, if you offer less than a thousand gold coins, I would rather spend my time  slowly taming him.”

“I will not be tamed, will not ……” The youngster roared loudly.

The boss spoke: “This fighting race’s youngster has superhuman strength, strength comparable to a rank one Xiantian Martial God. If you aren’t certain of taming him, you need to carefully consider if you want to buy him. Just as the demon rabbit, the youngster also can’t be returned once bought.”

“Okay, we will take him.” Xia Yuxuan didn’t bargain anymore.

“You think of how you want to take him, after you pay up, I will give you the keys.” The boss spoke.

Xia Yuxuan took out a gold card and gave it to the boss: “Take the money from this!”

Seeing the gold card, the boss’s manners immediately became much better. “Lady, Young Lord, that youngster is very violent, you need to be careful.”

While speaking, he handed over the keys and left to extract the money from the card.

“Mother, enter the room, I will tame that youngster.” Tuoba Ye spoke in a low voice.

After entering the room, they closed the door.

Tuoba Ye first looked at the small white rabbit and asked: “You are Rabbit Master, are you willing to go with me?”

Small white rabbit hastily nodded: “willing!”

“Mother, unlock his door.” Tuoba Ye handed over the keys.

He moved towards the fighting race’s youngster, sizing him up for some time. He then asked: “Fighting race’s child, are you willing to follow me ?”

“Not willing!” The youngster’s face was expressionless.

“If I am able to give you power, making you a man among men, are you willing to follow me ?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“If you can defeat me, I will immediately follow you.” The youngster thought and spoke.

Tuoba Ye took out the key and opened the iron cage and unlocked the iron chains, releasing the youngster: “Come!”

“Ah!” The youngster roared loudly, throwing himself towards Tuoba Ye.

This fighting race’s youngster’s pace was extremely fast, also very exquisite. As if he did not want to hurt Tuoba Ye, he used grappling technique. Even though he used a grappling technique, it’s might was so grand, the air seemed to rip apart.

“Overlord Lifting the Cauldron!” Tuoba Ye very quickly used his unique grappling skill.

Both were grappling skills, but it was clear Overlord Lifting the Cauldron was much superior. The youngster was lifted high, unable to move even a bit.

Tuoba Ye spoke flatly: “You are not my opponent , not by a long shot.”

“I refuse to accept, you cheated just now!” The youngster roared loudly.

“Then we can continue on!”

Tuoba Ye and the youngster continuously fought for nine times and every time, the youngster kept falling for his same move.

After nine times, he was thoroughly convinced.

“Zhan Meng pays respect to master!” The youngster, although unwilling, still kept his promise.

Tuoba Ye was glad: “Zhan Meng, not a bad name , get up.Afterwards, no need to follow these etiquettes, simply address me as Young Lord.”

“ Yes! Young Lord.”

“Mother, let’s go.”

Xia Yuxuan smiled: “Little Ye, you really are ferocious! How about buying some other slaves ?”

“Okay! Buy several rank nine Houtian warriors, afterwards, Imperial bodyguards won’t always be there with us.” Tuoba Ye suddenly thought.

Originally, he wanted to buy some talented youngsters, slowly training them to protect his family.

But talented youngsters were too little. After all the trouble, he met Zhan Meng who possessed the best quality Spirit Root, it would be a waste to use him as a watchdog.

Since it was like this, it would better to buy readily available experts like Xiantian Martial God realm experts, no need to waste time in raising them.

But directly buying Xiantian Martial God experts would cost too much and it would be difficult to bear such expenses.

Still, buying several rank nine Houtian warriors would be comparatively worthwhile. In one aspect, it would save gold and in another aspect, it would provide more loyalty.

If Tuoba Ye bought rank nine Houtian warriors and raised them to Xiantian Martial Gods, they would certainly engrave it in their hearts and their devotions would be very high.

“Lady, here is your gold card. Do you still need anything ?” The boss was very respectful. He saw Zhan Meng standing docilely behind Xia Yuxuan, he was surprised, but he didn’t question.

Inside Zhan country, there were not many who were capable of possessing gold card. Behind every gold card, there was a huge power.

This ‘boss’ was merely one of the numerous ‘bosses’ of the slave market, he couldn’t afford to offend an owner of a gold card.

Xia Yuxuan spoke: Do you have rank nine Houtian warriors ? If you do,  take us to see them.”

“We have, of course, we have!” The boss knew he had run into a big client, he was naturally very happy.

Very quickly, they arrived in front of a tall building, the boss said: “Inside here, all the slaves are from rank five Houtian warriors to Xiantian Martial God experts.”

“Take us directly to rank eight and rank nine Houtian warriors area.” Xia Yuxuan said.

“Rank eight Houtian warriors are at the third floor and rank nine Houtian warriors on the fourth, we will go right away.” The boss said very happily.

Xia Yuxuan wanted to give Tuoba Ye more options, therefore she wanted to go to rank eight Houtian warriors area to see if there was anything they could harvest.

Tuoba Ye didn’t refuse. Anyway, observing along the way also didn’t waste up any time , perhaps there would really be something to harvest.

This tall building was very large, just the third floor was over ten thousand square meters and it had many separate rooms for the slaves to live in.

Also, the treatment of the powerful slaves was very good.

The central area had a very big piece of vacant land which was clearly a place for selecting slaves.

“Lady, Young master, wait a moment. I will bring all the slaves here, you can freely choose.” The boss was very enthusiastic.


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