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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 58


Mythic group

There was a reason for Yang Bin to ask Tuoba Ye to form a group, he had been bullied and humiliated as a child so he knew the importance of a strong force. Moreover, there were some things for which Yang Bin needed a strong force to accomplish.

Tuoba Ye was considering the advantages and disadvantages, if he established a group then in the future, he would not able to refrain his group from contending for supremacy and hence, it would take away a lot of his cultivation time.

But establishing a group also had benefits, there would be a lot of subordinates which could not only allow one to have ample confidence but there would also be people to run errands which meant there was no need for one to go to trouble of doing something personally.

Like now, he had taken Yang Bin as a little brother and all the matters regarding his medicinal garden was handed to Yang Bin so he could concentrate on cultivating.

Yang Bin not only took proper care of his medicinal garden but also gathered a lot of news letting Tuoba Ye know of all the happenings.

After thinking it over and over again, Tuoba Ye decided to found his own group.

’’Yang Bin, you think we can establish a good group?’’ Tuoba Ye smiled.

’’Boss, you really want to establish a group!?’’ Yang Bin was surprised.

’’Of course, but I still have not thought of a name for it, do you have any suggestions?’’ Tuoba Ye said.

Yang Bin was excited for a while before calming down: ’’Boss, you are the leader, you should be the one to choose the group's name.’’

Tuoba Ye thought for a while and said: ’’What of Mythic group?’’

’’Mythic group, this name is pretty good. There are no groups named Mythic at the Pill Cauldron sect.’’ Yang Bin said happily.

’’It's decided then, later our group will be called Mythic group.’’ Tuoba Ye decided on the spot.

’’Mythic group, great! Boss, do you have any ideas on recruiting experts for Mythic group?’’ Yang Bin jumped with excitement.

He was young, being able to have his own force was his dream so he naturally was happy.

’’For Mythic group, the quality should be put before quantity, I want everyone to be elites, at least they should have potential. Moreover, we want absolute loyalty so there is no need to randomly attract experts to increase our strength.’’ Tuoba Ye said.

’’Boss, I will call you leader from now on. I have a proposal, we can attract some experts but they will only be regarded as outer disciples and later, if there is someone who is suitable among them, we can make him a true member of Mythic group.’’ Yang Bin said.

’’This plan is not bad, you go put it to work, I don't care which person you take in but to become a true member of Mythic group, they must pass through my screening.’’ Tuoba Ye said.

’’Leader, other groups have some system, they give out credits for contributing treasures and with the credits, one can exchange for some cultivation resources and because of this, their cohesion is increased. How about we also make a system?’’ Yang Bin asked.

Tuoba Ye nodded his head: ’’You handle this matter too and let me take a look when you do it.’’

’’Leader, then I will go handle it.’’ Yang Bin was very excited, his delicate face was bright red.

After he saw Yang Bin leave, Tuoba Ye continued to cultivate.

After all, Yang Bin was an expert in dealing with these matters, he was young but he had some cards.

With the backing of Tuoba Ye's power, Yang Bin quickly recruited large majority of new outer sect disciples to form Mythic group's outer members.

Other groups would very rarely go attract new outer sect disciples except if they were like Tuoba Ye, having good reputation.

But Yang Bin didn't care, Mythic group had no reputation, so for the time being, he could only attract these new disciples.

Anyway, they were not inner members so their strength was of no importance.

Soon, Yang Bin selected two people from among those new recruits to become his assistants. These two were Gao Chuangxin and Shu Haiyang.

Gao Chuangxin had pretty good strength, he was fifteen years old and was already a rank five Xiantian Martial God, he was regarded to be at the top among new recruits. Shu Haiyang's age was also the same as Gao Chuangxin, he was not powerful, having just entered the Xiantian Martial God realm but he had outstanding wisdom and profound knowledge.

With Shu Haiyang and Gao Chaungxin, one martial and the other wisdom, Mythic group's development was very good.

Mythic group was established but Yang Bin still took care of Tuoba Ye's medicinal garden by himself.

Each day, Yang Bin would inform Tuoba Ye of matters regarding Mythic group, without hiding anything.

Seeing Mythic group walk this quickly in the right track, Tuoba Ye's mood was very good.

However, none of these new recruits had any background, otherwise they wouldn't have been taking care of medicinal gardens in the periphery of the Immortal Clouds valley. Those that had some background knew about customs and would give benefits to the outer sect elder which would allow them to move to other places.

In the whole Immortal Clouds valley, the area Tuoba Ye and others lived in had somewhat thin Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi.

More than half of the Mythic group's outer members were still not at Xiantian Martial God realm, so they still needed time to develop.

Tuoba Ye wouldn't able to rely on them in a short time, he also didn't have any thoughts of using these people.

He only wanted to immerse himself in bitter cultivation to increase his strength and become an inner sect disciple soon so that he could receive systematic knowledge.

Only recently, Tuoba Ye learned that outer sect disciples didn't have a master, they all had to self-study.

He originally didn't want to create a big stir so he was suppressing his Yuan force cultivation base and didn't deliberately cultivate it.

But the Pill Cauldron sect's rule was that only inner sect disciples could have masters and only then will they receive systematic knowledge.

Tuoba Ye had no choice but to change his original intention and quickly advance his Yuan Force cultivation base to become a Lianqi expert as soon as possible.


’’Leader, you are finally out of seclusion!’’ Duan Chengyuan was very happy.

Previously, he had gone to trouble Tuoba Ye but instead, his sword was snatched, he really felt aggrieved.

Losing to a new outer sect disciple was too humiliating. A lot of people mocked him due to this, making him unable to raise his head.

Lu Haicheng looked tall and powerful, his age was approaching twenty and his strength was very formidable. Two years ago, he was already a rank nine Xiantian Martial God.

This time, he had gone to seclusion cultivation and although he didn't make a breakthrough to become aLianqi expert, but he was already on its threshold and could breakthrough at any moment.

He was feeling very good due to the guarantee of becoming an inner sect disciple the next year. If he could win in the year-end outer sect disciples great tournament, with the rewards from that tournament, he could perhaps breakthrough even earlier.

There would be a great tournament every year among the outer sect disciples but to participate in it, one must have rank eight Xiantian Martial God cultivation base. The top ten outer sect disciples would be known as Ten Valiant disciples and they would receive generous rewards, basically all of them had hopes of becoming inner sect disciples. The top hundred outer sect disciples would also receive good rewards.

Due to this, all the outer sect disciples that met the conditions would be prepared to show their talent at the year-end great tournament and soar into the sky.

Lu Haicheng had entered the great tournament in the last two years, in the first year, he wasn't able to be among top hundred so he couldn't get any rewards.

In the second year, Lu Haicheng relied on a rank one Spirit tool which increased his strength by a huge margin, to charge into rank forty eight in the top hundred. He was a distinguished person among the outer sect disciples.

Afterwards, he established divine Sea group and wantonly attracted experts, expanding very quickly. Now, they were already a rather powerful group among the outer sect disciples.

Lu Haicheng wasn't easily satisfied, he would constantly cultivate in seclusion to increase his strength and make sacrifices to refine Spirit tool, hoping he could charge into top ten at this year-end great tournament.

Based on the past situations, all of the top rankings would be rewarded with Profound Sky pills. With the Profound Sky pill, Lu Haicheng had confidence to become an inner sect disciple in one go.

Or else, Lu Haicheng would still need some opportunities to enter Lianqi realm.

’’Duan Chengyuan, how was the divine Sea group's development during my absence?’’ Lu Haicheng asked thoughtlessly.

divine Sea group was becoming more powerful, a lot of disciples would fight to become its members. Lu Haicheng and his companions had already increased the requirements but divine Sea group's members were still continuously increasing.

Due to this, Lu Haicheng allowed Duan Chengyuan to take care of the divine Sea group without worry. He was in seclusion for two months and only after having progressed in his cultivation, did he come out of seclusion.

Duan Chengyuan's expression was somewhat unsightly, he hesitated to open his mouth.

’’Duan Chengyuan, did something happen to the divine Sea group?’’ Lu Haicheng asked coldly.

’’No! There are no problems, our development is very good. However.......’’Duan Chengyuan still hesitated to open his mouth because it was too humiliating.

’’Speak, you have already followed me for several years, what can be so hard to say? If there are no problems with divine sea group, then the rest are just small matters.’’ Lu Haicheng's expression became a lot better.

Duan Chengyuan said: ’’Leader, recently, there are a lot of new outer sect disciples, our divine Sea group's people tried to teach a lesson to one new outer sect disciple but the result was they kicked a hot iron and instead, two hundred and eight thousand gold coins were extorted from them. When I learned of this, I personally went to retrieve our losses back, hence, I took over thirty experts to teach that new outer sect disciple a lesson but we were completely defeated and even my sword was taken away.’’

’’What!? Even you were not his match!’’ Lu Haicheng was astonished.

A new outer sect disciple unexpectedly was this strong, this was hard to believe.

However, Lu Haicheng had after all seen the big world, he said at once: ’’What is that person's name? How old is he? Does he have any background?’’

’’He is called Tuoba Ye, he looks to be twelve-thirteen years old, his definite age is currently unknown, anyway, he is very young. He came from a small state of the secular world, he doesn't have any background.’’ Duan Chengyuan said: ’’We investigated these matters properly and only then, we made a move. But that Tuoba Ye was unexpectedly so powerful, going beyond our expectations.’’

Lu Haicheng frowned: ’’Do you know his cultivation level?’’

Duan Chengyuan shook his head: ’’I am not very clear on that, our defeat was rather baffling at that time. However, that Tuoba Ye's speed is very fast and very troublesome.’’

Lu Haicheng immediately had a headache, without knowing everything about Tuoba Ye, he also didn't want to boldly make a move.

Cultivation base showed their levels, fighting fiercely was not primary, becoming an inner sect disciple was of the most importance.

Although Tuoba Ye swept through the divine Sea group's prestige, damaging the divine Sea group's reputation. But compared to one's own safety, Lu Haicheng clearly regarded his own safety as more important.

’’Duan Chengyuan, think of a way to know everything about that Tuoba Ye, the more detailed the better. Also, does he have other enemies?’’ Lu Haicheng said profoundly.

Duan Chengyuan's eyes shone, he said happily: ’’Leader, Tuoba Ye also taught a lesson to Heaven's Dream group but there have been no movements from the Heaven's Dream group. So long as we instigate them, they might jump out to teach Tuoba Ye a lesson.’’

’’You take care of this mather. If Heaven's Dream group makes a move, we will go observe Tuoba Ye's strength. If this causes Heaven's Dream group to suffer, that would be better.’’ Lu Haicheng said.

Hundred million outer sect disciples, there were many groups like this and it was full competition between the groups.


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