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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Ten Extremes group &Six Dao group

’’Boss, you finally came out, it's time to eat!’’ Yang Bin saw Tuoba Ye come out and immediately welcomed him.

Tuoba Ye frowned: ’’Who are you?’’

’’Boss, I am called Yang Bin, I came here a month earlier than you. You were too awesome just before, you taught a lesson to all those seniors!’’ Yang Bin's face showed admiration.

One couldn't hit a smiling person, Tuoba Ye also felt it difficult to handle Yang Bin.

’’Yang Bin, right? I have no intention to take you in as a little brother.’’ Tuoba Ye declared his thoughts.

Tuoba Ye didn't put outer sect disciples in his eyes, he also didn't intend to stay at Immortal Clouds valley for long, hence, he had no thoughts of making connections.

’’Boss, I will help take care of your medicinal garden in the future, you can concentrate in your cultivation.’’ Yang Bin was somewhat disappointed but he didn't give up.

’’Do as you like!’’ Someone wanted to take care of his medicinal garden, Tuoba Ye naturally welcomed it.

Like this, he could also save a lot of time and could slowly research on how to integrate the Dao of divine talisman with divine talisman body.

’’Thank you, boss!’’ Yang Bin was very excited hearing Tuoba Ye's agreement.

Tuoba Ye didn't pay attention to him, after eating the food, he entered the cabin to continue cultivating.

As for Yang Bin, he placed more importance in taking care of Tuoba Ye's medicinal garden than taking care of his own medicinal garden.

Seeing he was doing his utmost, Tuoba Ye was somewhat moved.

Following month, no one came to find trouble for Tuoba Ye. The outer sect elder had given him two books, he remembered all of them, it was about time to return them to the outer sect elder.

New outer sect disciples would all receive these two books, they must learn all of it within two months and then return the books.

Tuoba Ye was not very anxious, he spent the majority of time in researching the Dao of divine talisman but even like that, within a month, he learned all the contents of those two books.

Especially the information on Spirit medicines, he learned them very seriously.

Tuoba Ye naturally knew the importance of Spirit medicines and medicinal pills. He had already decided to properly cultivate the Dao of Alchemy to provide assistance to Tuoba Clan in future.

Tuoba Ye himself didn't have much necessity for medicinal pills, at least for now.

But for Tuoba Clan to produce a Jindan expert as early as possible, it would have to rely on medicinal pills.

Wood Spiritual arts and Fire Spiritual arts, both were the most basic of Spiritual arts, both of them had ordinary cultivation effects.

However, to refine medicinal pills in the future, he still needed to cultivate them everyday, at least till he was able to concoct pills.

Tuoba Ye was even thinking of cultivating all the five elements Spiritual arts in the future and see if it gives out some special results.

Five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root, no one knew if there could be any accomplishment by cultivating all five elements Spiritual arts.

Five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root's cultivation speed was slow, solely cultivating one basic Spiritual arts would already take a long time, who would be foolish enough to cultivate all five elements Spiritual arts.

Tuoba Ye didn't think of that, by relying on divine Will to absorb Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, his cultivation speed would far surpass those cultivators that had good innate talent.

He still lacked Gold Spiritual arts, Earth Spiritual arts and Water Spiritual arts, he could only exchange for them later.

Five elements Spiritual arts were the most common Spiritual arts so their price was very low.

Tuoba Ye wanted to cultivate the five elements Spiritual arts, precisely to see what characteristics each of them possessed.

Five elements Spiritual arts were spreaded widely so it was certain to not be simple.

Previous life, Tuoba Ye looked down upon five elements Spiritual arts, he only searched for higher ranked Spiritual arts to cultivate.

This life, Tuoba Ye already removed his previous life's prejudice and his way of looking into things was not the same, hence, he wanted to test out where cultivating all five elements Spiritual arts would lead to.

Since always, five harmonious elements were known as trash Spirit root. But Tuoba Ye didn't believe that to be true, he was now clear that nothing was absolute.

If it was in his previous life, Tuoba Ye also wouldn't dare to attempt cultivating five elements Spiritual arts.

But in this life, he possessed divine Root, moreover he was cultivating divine Will which could accelerate his cultivation speed so he had time to go test some things which no one dared to challenge.

Tuoba Ye finished his cultivation and prepared to go out to breath some fresh air. He saw Yang Bin was taking care of his medicinal garden.

’’Boss, you came out!’’ Yang Bin became very excited seeing Tuoba Ye come out of his wood cabin.

’’Yang Bin, you should spend more time in cultivating, you have begun cultivating only now, it is already slow compared to other outer sect disciples.’’ Tuoba Ye said.

He was overwhelmed by Yang Bin's enthusiasm so he already agreed to take in Yang Bin as his little brother.

Yang Bin had still not advanced to Xiantian Martial God, his cultivation base was indeed low. This was because he didn't have any background, so he naturally didn't have any ways to cultivate properly.

’’Boss, you don't need to worry about me, I have Wood and Fire twin attribute Spirit Root, my innate talent is good so my cultivation speed is very fast.’’ Yang Bin was not even a little worried about his cultivation base.

Recently, a lot of new outer sect disciples would discuss about Tuoba Ye, they had incomparable admiration for Tuoba Ye.

Yang Bin was also basking in this light, those outer sect disciples didn't have any methods to connect with Tuoba Ye, so they could only curry favor with him. He received a lot of benefits, even receiving some treasures which assisted in cultivation. The outer sect disciple who had called him an idiot was now very envious and also regretted it very much.

Having tasted the benefits, Yang Bin was even more resolute in following Tuoba Ye.

At present, his own medicinal garden was taken care of by other outer sect disciples, he was only taking special care of Tuoba Ye's medicinal garden.

Yang Bin's innate talent was indeed good, he was an excellent disciple of Pill Cauldron sect.

But, Pill Cauldron sect had their own rules, those that haven't reached Lianqi realm must join as an outer sect disciple, even the sect leader's son would not be an exception.

In case Yang Bin became a Lianqi expert, those Pill Cauldron sect's elders would definitely compete to take him in as their disciple, his prospects couldn't be measured.

Tuoba Ye took him in as little brother not because of his innate talent but because his actions moved him.

Regarding cultivation, Tuoba Ye also didn't say much, he couldn't give any assistance to Yang Bin for the time being because he, himself, didn't have a firm footing so he didn't dare to use Yin talismans.

Taking advantage of this time, Tuoba Ye wanted to observe Yang Bin to see whether he was sincerely following him or not, and make a decision later.

’’Yang Bin, has nothing of importance occurred these days?’’ Tuoba Ye asked.

’’Boss, after you taught a lesson to Duan Chengyuan, you have already become a little famous, ordinary outer sect disciples don't dare to find inconvenience for you. Lu Haicheng and Duan Tianmeng are both in seclusion so their brothers don't dare to recklessly rush into action.’’ Yang Bin said: ’’However, recently several forces have been inquiring about you, I don't know if they want to recruit you or deal with you.’’

Tuoba Ye wasn't much interested in those so he only nodded his head: ’’Yang Bin, go cultivate. I am also going to cultivate in seclusion, don't disturb me if there aren't any important matters.’’

There were too many outer sect disciples in Immortal Clouds valley, the situation was a lot more complex than at Shendu Capital.

If Tuoba Ye wasn't drawn into this, it would be the best but if someone finds inconvenience for him, he would also not shrink back.

Only, it was clearly impossible for Tuoba Ye to be excluded from this.

’’Boss, Fierce tiger group's deputy leader Zhang Tianhu wants to pay his respects to you.’’ Yang Bin said.

These days, Tuoba Ye learned that outer sect disciples were divided into different factions, they called themselves to be groups. They were similar to the adventure groups of the outside world, they would form a group and frequently cultivate together as well as investigate into cultivation issues, this was allowed by the Pill Cauldron sect. Inner sect disciples also had many groups, those groups would frequently go outside to gain experience.

According to Yang Bin's discrete inquiries, among inner sect disciples, the most ferocious were Ten Extremes group and Six Dao group.

Among the outer sect disciples, similarly, Ten Extremes group and Six Dao group were the strongest, each controlling tens of thousands of outer sect disciples. They could only be this formidable because they were related to the Ten Extremes group and Six Dao group of the inner sect disciples

Previously Tuoba Ye had conflicted with Duan Tianmeng's and Lu Haicheng's subordinates they were separately classified as Heaven's Dream group and divine Sea group.

After hearing Yang Bin, Tuoba Ye had no choice but to stop his cultivation and walk out.

’’Fierce Tiger group's deputy leader? Why are you looking for me?’’ Tuoba Ye said doubtfully: ’’If you came to find trouble, you best leave early.’’

Zhang Tianhu promptly said: ’’Sir Tuoba Ye, I didn't come to look for trouble, I came, alone, to pay my respects to you and consult about an important matter. I heard you offended divine Sea group and Heaven's Dream group, as long as you are willing to join the Fierce Tiger group then we will step in and resolve your grudge with the divine Sea and Heavenly Dream group.’’

Tuoba Ye shook his head: ’’I have no interest in joining the Fierce Tiger group.’’

’’Sir Tuoba Ye, are you not afraid of the Heaven's Dream group and the divine Sea group's retaliation? Although these two groups don't have formidable power but both of them have thousands of outer sect disciples under them, they won't be easy to deal with.’’ Zhang Tianhu said.

’’Even if the divine Sea group and the Heaven's Dream group have even more subordinates, I am not afraid of them.’’ Tuoba Ye said calmly.

Zhang Tianhu still didn't give up: ’’Sir Tuoba Ye, please consider it properly. Our Fierce Tiger group is very strong, not only do we have close to ten thousand outer sect disciples, our Fierce Tiger group is also established in the inner sect disciples. When your cultivation has a breakthrough in the future and you become an inner sect disciple, you will similarly be taken care of by Fierce Tiger group.’’

’’You can go, I don't have any interest in the Fierce Tiger group.’’ Tuoba Ye waved his hand, indicating Zhang Tianhu to leave.

Zhang Tianhu became extremely disappointed and angry. Among the outer sect disciples' factions, the Fierce Tiger group was regarded as above average mid rank group. If he wanted to recruit new outer sect disciples, all those outer sect disciples would welcome it.

But unfortunately, Tuoba Ye was not acknowledging it, it clearly showed that he looked down upon Fierce Tiger group.

’’Tuoba Ye, I hope you consider it carefully, do not harm yourself!’’ Zhang Tianhu said coldly.

’’Yang Bin, send off the guest!’’ Tuoba Ye simply didn't care and turned around to enter the cabin.

’’Tuoba Ye, I will wait and see until when you can act unbridled.’’ Zhang Tianhu resentfully left.

Yang Bin entered Tuoba Ye's wood cabin and said: ’’Boss, reportedly, this Fierce Tiger group's leader is narrow-minded, it seems we have become enemies of the Fierce Tiger group.’’

’’Doesn't matter, this Fierce Tiger group is of no concern to me.’’ Tuoba Ye said flatly.

’’Boss, how about forming our own group? If we form a group then there won't be any groups who will try to recruit us.’’ Yang Bin suggested.

’’Forming our group?’’ Tuoba Ye's mind immediately became active.

Tuoba Ye understood clearly that there would be frequent conflicts between cultivation worlds and moreover, there would be constant struggles within the cultivation world too. No matter how powerful an individual was, that individual was after all only one person and would not be able to collide with those large forces. If he established a formidable force, he would be able to mobilize more powers for his purposes in the future.

’’Boss, what do you think about my proposal? If you form a group, there won't be any need for you to go to recruit outer sect disciples, I will help you handle these trifling matters and you can concentrate on increasing your strength.’’ Yang Bin said.

Ten Extremes group (十绝小队) Shi Jue group

Six Dao group (六道小队) Liu Dao group

Heaven's Dream group (天梦小队) - Tian Meng group

divine Sea group (海神小队) Hai Shen group

Fierce Tiger group (猛虎小队) Meng Hu group


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