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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 56


Disciple Yang Bin

’’I have no interest in your boss, you better not disturb me or else you will have to face the consequences!’’ Tuoba Ye said coldly.

Tian Tong said loudly: ’’Tuoba Ye, don't think you are so amazing, you are only an outer sect disciple from the secular world, what gives you the right to be arrogant!?’’

Evidently, these people came to find trouble for Tuoba Ye, only after checking out his background. Tuoba Ye's basic profile was registered at the outer sect elder's place and it included his background. Of course, his cultivation base wasn't recorded and neither was his age.

Outer sect disciples were divided into three types;one was those with connection to Pill Cauldron sect's experts, such as friends and family of the inner sect disciples, elders or the offsprings of the core disciples.

The second type was the outer sect disciples that came from the dozens of state controlled by the Pill Cauldron sect. They grew up at the cultivation world so their innate talents were a little better than those outer sect disciples that came from the secular world. These outer sect disciples were also further divided, some came from large powers whereas some were poor people. Their identities were different so the treatment was also different.

The third type was the outer sect disciples like Tuoba Ye, those that came from the secular world. Their positions were the lowest.

Duan Chengyuan immediately became angry when he saw Tuoba Ye had no desire no join Lu Haicheng's faction: ’’Go! Teach him a good lesson!’’

Duan Chengyuan had brought over thirty outer sect disciples to teach a lesson to Tuoba Ye. Among them, there were some that had been taught a lesson by Tuoba Ye previously, none of them dared to move. Only those outer sect disciples that didn't know how ferocious Tuoba Ye was, charged forward and surrounded Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye didn't want his medicinal garden to be destroyed, so with several steps, he walked outside to the middle of the road, his heroism reaching the clouds: ’’Come, if you have the skills then teach me a lesson but if you don't have the skills then beat it!’’

Seeing Tuoba Ye was so fearless, Duan Chengyuan also became somewhat careful.

Although he was a rank nine Xiantian Martial God, but there were also differences between rank nineXiantian Martial Gods, some rank nine Xiantian Martial Gods were very strong whereas some were rather weak.

Duan Chengyuan was Lu Haicheng's right-hand man, he was regarded as mid-level among rank nineXiantian Martial Gods.

He was unable to see through Tuoba Ye's cultivation base and also finding out about the previous incident by Tuoba Ye, he didn't dare to boldly make a move so he was sending out his subordinates to feel out Tuoba Ye's real strength.

’’Tian Tong, you also go, can this many people still not deal with one individual?’’

Although Tian Tong was a bit afraid of Tuoba Ye but he had no choice but to go.

’’Move! Everyone together, move!’’

Over thirty disciples surrounded Tuoba Ye in a circle.

There were also many new outer sect disciples in the surroundings, they all stopped whatever they were doing and were watching the show from a distance.

They didn't know about Tuoba Ye, let alone lending a hand, it was pretty good they were not 'adding insult to an injury'.

Even if they wanted to 'add insult to an injury', they didn't dare to go now for the fear of offending Duan Chengyuan and his company.

’’Have you all made good preparations?’’ Tuoba Ye asked.

Originally, those surrounding disciples had already made preparations to fight and so when Tuoba Ye asked them this question, they were stupefied, they didn't understand what Tuoba Ye meant.

Right when they were in a daze, Tuoba Ye made his move.

This time, Tuoba Ye didn't use his martial skills, only using his lighting fast speed to attack.

His each strike was just enough to knock down the opponents, making them temporarily lose their fighting strength.

Before they could even react, Tuoba Ye already took down half of them.

’’Everyone back away, use your Yuan force to attack from afar!’’ Duan Chengyuan was alarmed and promptly shouted loudly.

Among the experts that were present, the worst strength was rank five Xiantian Martial God so all of them could release their Yuan force outside and form blade lights and sword qi.

Remaining over ten experts continuously retreated back in fear, then after standing at a suitable position, they began their long range attacks.

Sword Qis and blade lights moved unhindered, all of them charging towards Tuoba Ye.

Confronting these attacks, even if Tuoba Ye didn't dodge and avoid them, solely his physical strength could easily resist them. Let alone these outer sect disciples, even if it were Lianqi experts, they wouldn't be unable to injure him.

However, Tuoba Ye didn't want to reveal his cards, hence, he didn't receive these disciples' attacks head-on.

’’Dragon Roaming the Nine Heavens!’’ Tuoba Ye used an extremely exquisite movement technique.

Dragon Roaming the Nine Heavens was of a similar rank to the divine Overlord's fist, both were top quality martial skills. At Shenwu Continent, it would be at the peak of movement techniques.

After he used it, he seemed to have reincarnated into a divine Dragon, roaming through the nine heavens, whose neither head nor tail could be seen.

He easily dodged those sword Qis and blade lights, then he quickly approached the enemies.

So long as he neared someone, they would all collapse down with his one fist, there wasn't anyone who could resist his single strike.

This time, Duan Chengyuan had brought two rank eight Xiantian Martial God experts but these two experts were similarly not Tuoba Ye's match.

When dealing with them, Tuoba Ye used a little bit of his physical strength to defeat them.

In less than three minutes, Tuoba Ye completely dealt with the remaining more than ten disciples.

Duan Chengyuan was standing at the behind, he was dumbstruck and his complexion changed greatly: ’’How is this possible? Didn't you just enter the Pill Cauldron sect?’’

’’Is it very strange for a new outer sect disciple to be a little powerful?’’ Tuoba Ye said flatly: ’’Only you are left now, make your move quickly and don't waste my time.’’

Duan Chengyuan recalled his purpose this time and didn't cower: ’’Alright, let me see how much strength you have.’’

He took out a sword, although this sword was not a Spirit tool, it was a rank eight artifact with tremendous power.

Artifacts were beneath Spirit tools and were also divided into nine ranks. Rank nine artifact was the strongest and rank one was the weakest.

Duan Chengyuan had spent large quantity of gold coins for this sword.

It was precisely this sword that allowed Duan Chengyuan's strength to reside among the mid-levels of rank nine Xiantian Martial Gods.

’’Drop dead!’’ Duan Chengyuan began to use sword techniques which was among the high ranked sword techniques, it contained remarkable power.

With suitable high rank sword technique for the sword, it gave off an astonishing power.

Tuoba Ye's expression became grim, with a sweep of his divine Will, he discovered the weakness of Duan Chengyuan.

Then, with his fastest speed, he began to attack the counterpart's weakness and in a moment, he struck away Duan Chengyuan's sword.

Without the sword, Duan Chengyuan's strength decreased by a lot and his current strength could be ranked at the bottom of rank nine Xiantian Martial Gods.

He was even more astonished because he didn't see how Tuoba Ye attacked him and struck away his sword.

’’You......You......’’ Duan Chengyuan was speechless and afraid.

Tuoba Ye said coldly: ’’Leave behind the sword, take these people and get out. Inform your boss that if you provoke me in the future, the aftermath won't be something you will be able to endure.’’

Duan Chengyuan wanted to demand back his sword but he didn't dare to open his mouth.

Tuoba Ye's strength was too frightening, he didn't dare to provoke him.

Just now Tuoba Ye struck away his sword but Duan Chengyuan wasn't able to see through it, he knew he wasn't Tuoba Ye's match.

’’Let's go!’’ Duan Chengyuan said reluctantly.

This time, he had brought over so many people but not even mentioning getting back justice, his sword was snatched, this was a big loss.

Just now, Tuoba Ye attacked within the limits, he didn't make any heavy moves, only making them lose their fighting strength so they still had the energy to move.

In a flash, over thirty disciples made their getaway, not one remained.

’’Ferocious! Just joined the sect and immediately defeating over thirty seniors.’’

’’Too ferocious!’’

The remaining surrounding people were all new outer sect disciples, many of them wanted to go curry favor with Tuoba Ye but Tuoba Ye went to cultivate his wood cabin, who would dare to go disturb his cultivation.

But, there was a disciple, about ten years old, thin and weak, with pretty and delicate appearance. He entered the Immortal Clouds valley one month earlier than Tuoba Ye and he was taught a very fierce lesson when he had just joined, it took him over ten days to recover.

After seeing Tuoba Ye's strength, he already made a decision to get along with Tuoba Ye.

This thin and weak disciple was called Yang Bin, he came from a state controlled by the Pill Cauldron sect but he didn't have any identity. His innate talent was not lacking but he had been cultivating only for a short time so his strength was still not strong enough.

Yang Bin was very smart, he didn't go disturb Tuoba Ye's cultivation but instead, started taking care of Tuoba Ye's medicinal garden.

He had been here for a month so he was quite skilled in taking care of the medicinal gardens.

’’Really an idiot, could it be by doing this he will notice you and take you in as a little brother?’’ A disciple was very disdained seeing Yang Bin's conduct.

Although, he also wanted to become Tuoba Ye's little brother but he only was waiting for an opportunity and didn't do anything.

Tuoba Ye naturally knew that there was someone taking care of his medicinal garden but he didn't take pay attention to it.

Tuoba cultivated the Wood Spiritual arts and Fire Spiritual arts for a while and then began researching the Dao of divine talisman.

With his current strength, he could only refine rank one talismans.

Rank one talisman was a talisman with only one set of talisman array so its power was limited.

Tuoba Ye refined many rank one talismans but in previous life, he had already refined rank two talismans and also had experience on it.

His cultivation base at the present was too low, even using divine will to directly record the talisman arrays would not work because his divine Will cultivation base was still a great way behind so he was unable to smoothly record two sets of talisman array.

He was researching the Dao of divine talisman not to refine talismans but to cultivate divine talisman body.

He already achieved initial success in Mythical body and making more progress on it was not likely for the time being unless he came across a huge fortuitous opportunity.

Hence, Tuoba Ye intended to first cultivate divine talisman body to initial success. He was the most proficient in refining talismans, having innate talent in this field and with the divine Punishment Jade talisman from which he obtained the cultivation techniques for the Dao of divine talisman, it was like a tiger that has grown wings.

If he could cultivate divine talisman body to initial success then when cultivating it to large success later, it would definitely be much easier than cultivating Mythical body to large success.

He believed divine talisman body and the Dao of divine talisman complemented each other, they would be very important for his future growth.

Hence, Tuoba Ye placed importance on researching the Dao of divine talisman, hoping he could make some progress in cultivating divine talisman body, it would be okay even if he was just able to begin its cultivation.

So long as he was able to begin the cultivation, the next would be somewhat easy.

The crucial point was that there were no predecessors who cultivated divine talisman body and so there was no directions to follow which meant beginning its cultivation was the most difficult part.

Tuoba Ye didn't have any better ways so he could only cultivate the Dao of divine talisman along with increasing the power of divine Will and then with continuous trials, think of ways to make his body portray talisman arrays.

A body was very different from Jade stones and Rune stones, wanting to record talisman arrays on it was impossible.

Hence, the body have to be changed to some extent, only then can talisman arrays be recorded on it.

What changes?

Tuoba Ye didn't know, he could only slowly do trials and think of it.

A series of trials and failures ......

Tuoba Ye never gave up, he could still have cultivated other divine bodies like Mythical Beast body or divine Phantom body, but he didn't do that.

’’No matter what, I want to walk my own path and create divine talisman body!’’ Tuoba Ye vowed secretly.


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