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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 5


Translator : Just a Normal Guy

Editor : LikyLiky


Chapter 5 Visiting Twice

After hearing the voice, Tuoba Ye stopped his cultivation and came out.

“Mother, I will accompany you.”

“Little Ye, the Central house absolutely cannot be lost, we need to go and drive them out.” Xia Yuxuan looked at Tuoba Ye as a backbone, she didn’t think of him as a child any more.

Tuoba Ye had Innate Spirit force, according to what Tuoba Jie spoke, his strength may be comparable to a Xiantian martial god.

Having Tuoba Ye on her side, Xia Yuxuan felt secured.

Xia Yuxuan felt herself, this was somewhat laughable;she unexpectedly was depending on her three year old son.

Only, she thought of Tuoba Ye’s that mysterious Master and immediately felt relieved.

Xia Yuxuan holding Tuoba Ye followed housekeeper Lin and went out.

Outside the gate, over ten people had gathered around, they were all Tuoba Wei’s guards. These people were all, Houtian warriors and they were from rank one to rank seven Houtian warriors.

The highest strength was of an old man, having the strength of a rank seven Houtian warrior, his name was Duan Changfu, one of Tuoba Wei’s housekeepers.

Tuoba Wei’s branch had numerous clansmen. Naturally, there were many people to manage different matters.

Tuoba Xiong’s branch had a very small population. Normally, there were many groups of Imperial bodyguards so they hadn’t recruited any guards.

“Young mistress, Second lord wishes you to, voluntarily, leave the Central house so as to avoid us from using force.”Duan Changfu spoke.

His manner was still respectful, after all he was facing the lady of the Tuoba Clan Master’s branch.

Xia Yuxuan replied in a cold voice: “Duan Changfu, get lost and inform second uncle that our branch still hasn’t vanished, it is still early for him to wish to live in the Central house .”

“Young mistress, you are forcing our hands, we have been allowed to use force.” Duan Changfu’s complexion suddenly became ferocious.

Xia Yuxuan had the cultivation base but she didn’t have fighting experience, seeing the large numbers of the counterpart, she immediately panicked.

“Mother, don’t fear. These slaves, by no means, are your match.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Xia Yuxuan immediately calmed down. Releasing Tuoba Ye on one side, she made preparations for the battle: “Old Lin, look after Little Ye .”

“ Yes Young mistress!”

“Go! Drive them out.” Duan Changfu waved his huge hands and spoke coldly.

Over ten people encircled Xia Yuxuan, thinking of capturing her.

“Haa! “Xia Yuxuan’s delicate shout came out.

Xia Yuxuan’s body was elegant and the way she was fighting was also elegant.

Her strength was not small. With her lily-white hands, she threw off several palm attacks sending them flying.

The strength difference between these servants and Xia Yuxuan was too big for them to be able to resist her attacks.

If it were not for Xia Yuxuan’s lack of fighting experience, her attacks just now could have killed these people.

Duan Changfu stood up: “You have some strength, let me test it.”

Duan Changfu’s expression was sharp, he adopted a powerful stance which exhibited both attack and defense. A single look at his stance showed his extremely rich fighting experience.

“Mother, be careful.” Tuoba Ye worriedly spoke.

Xia Yuxuan’s strength was far above Duan Changfu’s but he was fighting a person with abundant fighting experience, while she herself didn’t have any fighting experience. It was hard to say whether she would be the victor or not.

“Tiger Fist!” Duan Changfu fully used one of the traditional five fists martial skill of Tuoba Clan’s –Tiger Fist. Tiger Fist gave birth to the might of the tiger, its power was very tremendous.

At a glance, Tuoba Ye could make out that Duan Changfu had already cultivated Tiger Fist to the point of perfection, making its power endless.

Xia Yuxuan’s complexion became pale. She became flustered, losing her calm, she was somewhat unable to resist.

“Housekeeper Duan is awesome! Housekeeper Duan is mighty……” the ten or more people all roared loudly to boost up Duan Changfu’s morale, at the same time, they were also trying to flatter him.

Seeing that Duan Chanfu was able to put Xia Yuxuan in a difficult situation, they were extremely excited, believing victory was at hand.

Housekeeper Lin was very anxious: “How can this be good? In what way is this good!?”

“Quickly, dodge to the left, hit his right waist.” Tuoba Ye could not stand it , he started sending out directions to Xia Yuxuan through sound transmission.

When Xia Yuxuan heard Tuoba Ye’s voice, she chose to believe him. Quickly dodging to the left, she avoided Duan Changfu’s attacks and with her lily-white fists, she attacked his right waist.

“Aaahhh!” Duan Changfu screamed, collapsing on the ground.

Seeing Duan Changu injured, those servants all gaped with their mouth open, not able to utter a single sound.

Only Duan Changfu’s injury was not heavy. Standing up once again, he started attacking fiercely .

Tuoba Ye had learned Tiger Fist, he was fully aware of Tiger Fist’s flaws . From time to time, he gave directions to Xia Yuxuan, causing Xia Yuxuan to gradually have the upper hand.

Following the continued fight, Xia Yuxuan’s experience started increasing, fighting more skillfully.

“Paa!” Xia Yuxuan slapped Duan Changfu’s face, sending him flying.

This time Duan Changu’s injuries were not light, he spat out a mouthful of blood and was crawling, not able to stand up.

The ten or more people’s faces all lost color, they didn’t dare to step forward.


Not knowing who spoke up, they carried along Duan Changfu and made their escape.

“Young Mistress, you were truly awesome, your might is omni-directional !”Housekeeper Lin was in a very cheerful mood.

He was not a warrior, he was only in charge of trifling household matters, but he was able to see Xia Yuxuan’s formidable might.

Xia Yuxuan didn’t speak much. Holding Tuoba Ye, she immediately returned inside the house.

When both the mother and child were alone, Xia Yuxuan asked: “Little Ye, just now, you sent sound to my ears , you can use Sound Transmission method?”

“Mother, you lack experience, so I casually gave one or two directions.” Tuoba Ye didn’t deny .

“Little Ye, it seems you still have many secrets!” Xia Yuxuan laughingly scolded.

She wasn’t angry even a little bit. Instead she was very happy.

The more powerful Tuoba Ye was, the more glad she would be.

“Master won’t let me speak, so I will have to request mother to not ask.” Tuoba Ye acted like a spoiled child.

“Okay, I will not ask.” Xia Yuxuan didn’t ask.

Tuoba Ye said: “Mother, you lack too much fighting experience, so you are not able to exhibit your complete strength.”

“Little Ye, you are only three years old, don’t tell me you have fighting experience? That’s right, how did you figure out Tiger Fist’s weaknesses?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

Tuoba Ye laughed: “Master regularly tests my martial skills, therefore I still have some experience. I also learned the Tiger Fist, so I naturally know its weaknesses.”

“Small man but very sly, it seems mother needs to learn from you.”  Xia Yuxuan smiled.

Xia Yuxuan understood very clearly that Tuoba Wei wouldn’t give up just like that, he would be sure to come fight over the Central house .

Now, Tuoba Jie was at the Southern border, she must protect the house. Not having enough strength wouldn’t do.

Second day, she unexpectedly entered the practice room cultivating together with Tuoba Ye. She even took the initiative to ask Tuoba Ye to compare their martial skills.

Of course, there was no need to speak of the contest results. Every time, Xia Yuxuan suffered crushing defeat.

Tuoba Ye hadn’t used divine Overlord’s Fist, he also didn’t use his full strength. Merely using the Tuoba Clan’s traditional martial skills, he relaxedly defeated Xia Yuxuan.

“Little Ye, afterwards every day, I will cultivate my strength together with you.” Xia Yuxuan was determined, she wanted to wholeheartedly improve her strength.

“Okay!” Tuoba Ye was very happy.

He was eager for Xia Yuxuan to increase her strength. This way he could conceal his strength and still be able to protect his home.

Unless as a last resort, he was not prepared to reveal his strength. The main thing was his age, he was too young, if he revealed his strength it would astonish and frighten the world.

Third day, Tuoba Wei’s branch people came again. This time, Tuoba Wei’s eldest son, Tuoba Ling was personally leading the group.

Tuoba Ling was older than Tuoba Jie , but his strength was inferior, he just recently became a rank one Xiantian Martial God.

“Sister in law, you had better leave by yourself, don’t make us commit an offense.” Tuoba Ling’s face was staring extremely lewdly at Xia Yuxuan.

Tuoba Ye saw his expression and he was immediately filled with extreme disgust.

Xia Yuxuan started getting angry at Tuoba Ling’s expression. But even if she felt hatred at her heart, it was not good to flare-up.

“Tuoba Ling, Central house is where our Clan Master’s branch resides in. Already visiting twice to plunder it, what does that mean?” Xia Yuxuan questioned.

“Haha, Clan Master is missing, can you still be called Clan Master’s branch?”

“Clan Master is only missing, he could return at any time. At least for the duration of  three years, our branch is still the Clan Master’s branch.” Xia Yuxuan said.

Tuoba Ling spoke coldly: “Before three years, after three years, what difference does it make? I advise you to move out, it will be unsightly if we have to force you away.”

“I won’t move. What ability do you have to make me move?” Xia Yuxuan had a righteous look.

Tuoba Ling looked stunned for a short while, only then did he manage to come over: “Then forgive me, sister in law.”

From the start, his eyes had been sweeping at Xia Yuxuan’s body, almost staring his eyeballs out.

Tuoba Ye’s heart was bitter. Xia Yuxuan was no match for Tuoba Ling, it seems it would already be impossible for him to keep low-profile.

Since he already loathed Tuoba Ling very much, he would be sure to teach him a lesson. There was no way other than to expose his Innate Spirit force, anyway it would be revealed that Innate Spirit force appeared in the Shenwu continent in a child.

“Mother, let me fight.” Tuoba Ye stood up.

“Haha…….” Tuoba Ling and his group, all laughed as if they had heard the funniest thing.

After a long time, Tuoba Ling said: “Nephew Little Ye, you have just weaned, you want to come out and show off?”

“Uncle, we are all of a single family, there is no need to fight for the residence.” Tuoba Ye spoke: “We are accustomed to living in this house so we don’t want to move out, Uncle can bend the rules a bit, right?”

Tuoba Ling saw Tuoba Ye’s pathetic display and couldn’t immediately react.

“Nephew little Ye, you want to ask me? Unfortunately, asking me also has no use. Today you need to move out, I also don’t want to make it difficult for you.” Tuoba Ling replied coldly.

Tuoba Ye, smiled innocently: “Uncle, you want to force us, mother and child out. In this way, if I act rude to you would that also not be disrespecting one’s elders?”

“Little Ye, you are still wet behind your ears, you still think you can compete with me?” Tuoba Ling couldn’t believe it.

Tuoba Ye leaning his head, very earnestly said: “Father said uncle’s strength was not very good, I feel I am capable of defeating you.”

“You…You……You are asking for it!” Tuoba Ling became very angry.

“Father, there is no need for you to go out. I will teach a lesson to this younger cousin who does not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.” A twelve or thirteen year old youngster walked out from behind Tuoba Ling.

He was Tuoba Ling’s son, Tuoba Ji. He was Tuoba Clan’s young generation’s most talented cultivator. Just ten years old but was already a rank nine Houtian Warrior.

Tuoba Ji was also a part of the reason why Tuoba Ling was so open.

Furthermore, in three years the cultivators selection would begin;Tuoba Ji had a great desire to join a Cultivation Clan or a Cultivation Sect. If he became a true cultivator, he would soar the heavens.

If Tuoba Ji became a true cultivator, Tuoba Wei’s branch would naturally rise with the tide and even if Tuoba Xiong was still here, Tuoba Wei would still be able to seize Clan Master’s position.

“Ji-er, teach him a good lesson, let him know he is still wet behind his ears.” Tuoba Ling said fiercely.

Tuoba Ji was looking disdainfully at Tuoba Ye and laughingly said: “ Putting him in his place would take no effort at all.”


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