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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 49


Chapter 49 Profound Sky pill

The three great clans' seniors were all secretly happy knowing that Tuoba Ye had trash Spirit Root, they were certain they could be superior to Tuoba Clan.

But they weren't happy for long as Tuoba Clan unexpectedly was able to bring out a top quality innate talent disciple. To the three great clans, this was a huge blow.

Even if they didn't know much about cultivation world but they knew what top quality innate talent meant.

’’This Tuoba Clan really seems to have bullshit luck, bringing out a top quality innate talent! If he enters the Immortal Sword sect then Tuoba Clan will have the Immortal Sword sect as its patron in the future and who will dare to provoke them at that time.’’ Yuwen Lingfeng felt very disheartened, he already lost his fighting spirit.

Du Yusheng sighed: ’’It seems we will be dominated by Tuoba Clan eternally.’’

Qian Duoduo's expression was even more unsightly, Qian clan gave the most importance to financial resources and now, even though their main income source was quickly disappearing, they couldn't resist, naturally, he was extremely depressed.

Duan Yu said to Zhan Meng: ’’Youngster, what is your name?’’

Zhan Meng didn't pay notice to Duan Yu and instead looked towards Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye gave a bitter smile: ’’Immortal expert, he is called Zhan Meng, my good brother.’’

’’Immortal expert, Tuoba Ye is tricking you, Zhan Meng is Tuoba Clan's slave.’’ Du Yusheng said loudly.

Duan Yu's expression was very unsightly, he knew a lot of large clans had slaves but these large sects never recruited slaves as disciples because slaves were tamed and so, their spirits would have a very big defect.

’’Tuoba Ye, is what he said the truth?’’ Duan Yu's voice was incomparably cold.

Originally, he was extremely happy as he was about to recruit a top quality innate talent disciple but in the end, his hopes seemed to come to nothing so he was naturally very angry.

’’Immortal expert, Zhan Meng was indeed a slave purchased by me but after I bought him, I tore up the slave contract and he is my brother now. If you are not convinced, you can ask Zhan Meng, himself.’’ Tuoba Ye said calmly.

He knew Du Yusheng wanted to destroy Tuoba Clan's good fortune but what sort of person was he? Even Xia Ju and Xia Mei were the same, he already didn't need to rely on slave contracts to control them. At the time when Tuoba Ye tore the slave contracts, Zhan Meng, Xia Ju and Xia Mei were deeply grateful to Tuoba Ye. After being in contact for a long time, they even more respected Tuoba Ye from the bottom of their hearts.

Duan Yu asked: ’’Zhan Meng, you talk about it.’’

Du Yusheng, Yuwen Lingfeng and Qian Duoduo were all somewhat nervous, Zhan Meng's reply was very significant to them. If the reply was different, the situation would be as different as heaven and hell.

Zhan Meng said in a loud voice: ’’Young lord bought me but he immediately tore off the slave contract and treats me sincerely.’’

His reply immediately made Du Yusheng and the company feel weak all over the body, almost falling on the ground.

’’There is no slave contract, then it's okay. Later, you need to cut off the relations with the secular world to achieve success in the cultivation world.’’ Duan Yu revealed a smile, he was very happy: ’’Zhan Meng, now, I ask you, do you want to join the Immortal Sword sect?’’

’’Many thanks, Immortal expert, I wish to join the Immortal Sword sect!’’ Zhan Meng said.

Duan Yu promptly said: ’’Junior apprentice Zhan Meng, in the future, call me senior apprentice, be sure not to call me Immortal expert.’’

’’Yes! Senior apprentice.’’

’’Sir Tuoba Ye, although I don't have any ways to take you in but I still want to express my thanks for providing an outstanding disciple to my Immortal Sword sect. This flying sword is a rank three Spiritual Artifact, please take it as my thanks.’’ Duan Yu was extremely happy.

Immortal Sword sect's disciples really were out of ordinary, casually giving out even a rank three Spiritual Artifact.

Even the cultivation sects' experts that were present were very envious, there was no need to mention about the ordinary people. Situ Bowu stared at the short flying sword, he was also very envious.

’’Many thanks, Immortal expert!’’ Tuoba Ye accepted the flying sword.

Although, he didn't learn sword techniques but Ying Huafei was recently learning many sword techniques and it just so happens that a flying sword would be of use to her. Moreover, if Ying Huafei had the flying sword then later, she would have one more means for preserving her life.

Just at this time, Yuwen Clan's Yuwen Jiewu's innate talent was tested.

’’Two attributes physique, very good.’’ Qingcheng sect's representative said happily: ’’What is your name? Do you wish to join the Qingcheng sect?’’

Yuwen Jiewu was stunned, he stood there like a log.

Yuwen Lingfeng was excited so he said in incoherent speech: ’’Stinky son, what are you still waiting for? Quickly pay your respects......agree to join the Qingcheng sect. Immortal expert, this is my son, Yuwen Jiewu, he wishes to join the Qingcheng sect.’’

Yuwen Jiewu became clear-headed and said: ’’Immortal expert, I very much would like to join the Qingcheng sect.’’

Du Yusheng's eyes had incomparable admiration and even some jealousy but he didn't let it show, and with a smiling expression on his face, he said: ’’Clan master Yuwen, congratulations to you. Qingcheng sect is Shenwu continent's mid-sized sect, second only to the nine large sects.’’

Yuwen Lingfeng was very excited: ’’Thanks, we are all in the same side, later, we have to help each other.’’

He was excessively happy, wanting to say a few words of ridicule to Tuoba Ye but seeing Zhan Meng, his expression immediately became unsightly.

Although Tuoba Ye couldn't join a cultivation sect but Tuoba Clan produced Zhan Meng who entered the Immortal Sword sect. Immortal Sword sect was many times better compared to the Qingcheng sect and was also at the top among the nine large sects.

The Immortal Sword sect's expert was present on the site so Yuwen Lingfeng didn't dare to provoke Tuoba Ye, he was afraid it would just cause annoyance to the expert.

This time, Zhan country didn't perform bad, bringing out many talented disciples.

Qian Clan and Du Clan, each, were also able to bring out two disciples with three attributes and they were all chosen by mid-sized sects. The Imperial Clan was also not bad, with three disciples being selected including Situ Yu'er who didn't appear as she was already selected by the Xuan Nu palace.

With their younger generations entering the cultivation sects, the three great clans' members once again became arrogant.

Although Tuoba Clan was difficult to deal with but for the time being, only Zhan Meng was taken by the Immortal Sword sect and he was not Tuoba Clan's direct descent.

At this time, divine Artifact sect's representative looked for Duan Yu: ’’Senior Duan Yu, you don't want Tuoba Clan's other participants, right?’’

Duan Yu shook his head: ’’You have your sights on someone? Immortal Sword sect will only recruit Zhan Meng.’’

The divine Artifact sect was only a mid-sized cultivation sect but they were good at refining artifacts, even the Immortal Sword sect also wished to build a good relation with them.

’’You......right, you, what is your name? Do you want to join the divine Artifact sect?’’

Tuoba Ji was shocked then he became very happy: ’’I am Tuoba Ji, I wish to join the divine Artifact sect.’’

After his innate talent was measured, Tuoba Ji was somewhat frustrated and as there was no one who chose him after a long time had passed, he became anxious.

Actually, how could he know that the other sects didn't dare to fight over disciples in front of Duan Yu, otherwise there would already have been sects fighting over him.

Quite a lot of things had been occurring recently at the Shenwu continent's cultivation world and moreover, faced with external threats, Shenwu continent's cultivation sects began to recruit disciples wantonly to expand their strength.

Only due to this, so many sects' representatives appeared at Zhan country. In the previous cultivators gatherings, the maximum number of representatives that appeared were five whereas the lowest number was no cultivation sects' representatives came to Zhan country, one time. It could be clearly seen how Zhan country, this remote country didn't receive importance, if not for the major events that were on the verge of occurring in the cultivation world, it would not be possible for the current situation to occur.

Previously, two attributes physique young boys and girls were the target of the sects, three attributes physique didn't receive much welcome.

But now, it was different, three attributes physique also became a 'fragrant steamed bun' to the cultivation sects.

Seeing Tuoba Ji join the divine Artifact sect which was as good as Qingcheng sect. Yuwen Lingfeng, Qian Duoduo and Du Yusheng's facial expressions became unsightly.

Strength wise, the divine Artifact sect may not be as good as Qingcheng sect but they had particular nature and their contacts were many times wider than Qingcheng sect's. Even Qingcheng sect didn't dare to provoke the divine Artifact sect.

’’Tuoba Clan is really lucky!’’ Qian Duoduo was annoyed.

Yuwen Lingfeng said coldly: ’’The competition in the cultivation world is much more fiercer, very rarely can someone succeed in their cultivation, you tell me if someone dies in an accident, will anyone care?’’

’’Correct! I didn't think of that!’’ Du Yusheng was excited: ’’Many of our three great clans' disciples have joined the cultivation sects, later with the cultivation resources provided to them, they can make friends with some cultivation experts and then, we will be able to create some accidents.’’

The three great clans' clan masters seemed to have seen hope, conspiring again in whispers.

Tuoba Ye was wearing a smile on his face, he believed Xia Ju and Xia Mei both will be fancied upon by the cultivation sects.

Sure enough, after the divine Artifact sect recruited Tuoba Jie, other sects became envious, two mid-sized cultivation sects' experts stood up and walked towards Duan Yu, their intentions were very clear.

Right at this time, Wu Hua, who had not taken any actions all along, stood up: ’’Senior Duan Yu, I also want to ask for a favor.’’

’’Of course, there is no problem!’’ Duan Yu replied happily.

He has been hanging alone to this day, if he built a good relation with the Xuan Nu palace, perhaps, his cultivation companion might be in the bag.

That two mid-sized sects' experts held their tongues as they didn't dare to provoke Xuan Nu palace.

Wu Hua walked over towards Xia Ju and Xia Mei, and asked: ’’You are twin sisters?’’

’’Immortal expert, we are indeed twin sisters. I am elder sister, Xia Mei and she is my younger sister, Xia Ju.’’ Xia Mei said gracefully.

’’Xia Mei, Xia Ju, do you two want to join the Xuan Nu palace?’’ Wu Hua smiled.

Xia Mei and Xia Ju both became very excited: ’’We wish to!’’

’’Good! Leave together with me later.’’ Wu Hua smiled.

’’Immortal expert, thank you!’’ Tuoba Ye said sincerely.

Wu Hua smiled mildly: ’’They are not your clan's slaves too, right?’’

’’Immort expert is correct, but you don't have to worry, their slave contracts have already been torn and they both have their freedom.’’ Tuoba Ye said.

’’Senior Duan Yu gave you a rank three Spirit Artifact, I also cannot be petty. Let's do it like this, I will give you a Profound Sky pill, it will be enough to help you become a Lianqi expert.’’ Wu Hua said, smiling.

This was cultivation world's rule;assist the ones who helped them, break off their secular world's origin.

’’Junior sister Wu Hua, you are really generous!’’ Seeing Wu Hua hand over the Profound Sky pill, even Duan Yu was astonished. Profound Sky pill's value was very high, it was even a bit more expensive than the rank three Spirit Artifact.

Many disciples with bad innate talent were unable to enter Lianqi expert, would rely on pills and potions to advance their cultivation realm.

Cultivation experts of the later generations, for the large part, had very ordinary innate talents and some didn't even have a Spirit Root. This caused the Profound Sky pills to be extremely in demand.

Seeing Tuoba Ye obtaining a Profound Sky pill like this, all the people present were incomparably envious.

Wu Hua smiled: ’’I have an elder who wants to accept twin sisters to pass on legacy. They warned me repeatedly so I don't dare to neglect it. Senior Duan Yu, you also know twin sisters with Spirit Roots are very rare!’’

’’Right, it is difficult to find a disciple with good innate talent now, let alone twin sisters with Spirit Root!’’ Duan Yu fully agreed.

They were in charge of recruiting disciples and recently, the pressure was huge because the sects had too big requirements for the disciples.


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