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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 48


Chapter 48 Top quality Innate Talent

Cultivators gathering was to be held as scheduled. Hundreds of thousands of young boys and girls gathered at the Shendu capital to participate in the selection.

Previously, for the cultivators gathering, at most a few medium and small sects' representatives would come to the Zhan country to select disciples, large sects had never come.

As Situ Yu'er was already unofficially chosen by one of the Shenwu continent's large sects, Xuan Nu palace, an expert of the Xuan Nu palace would certainly appear on the cultivators gathering.

Xuan Nu palace only recruited females, their strength was incredibly formidable and moreover, most of the Xuan Nu palace's female disciples did couple training with some large sects' experts.

At Shenwu continent, no powers would go to provoke the Xuan Nu palace.

Situ Bowu attached extreme importance to this cultivators gathering, specially clearing out the Imperial martial arts arena to hold the cultivators gathering.

Cultivators gathering will continue for a period of time and the representatives of the cultivation sects will arrive at identical times to begin the selection of the disciples.

Those cultivation sects' representatives, after discussing properly, appear together. But as for the specific time, even Situ Bowu was unaware and could only wait patiently.

Recently, Shendu capital was really overcrowded. Numerous people all sought out Treasure Assembly House increasing its business by many times.

Since Tuoba Wei became the high general and Tuoba Xiong returned back to the Shendu capital, Treasure Assembly House' sales relied mainly on speciality products of the Desolate Southern region, snatching the large majority of Fortune House's business.

Treasure Assembly House's business continued to have explosive popularity but Fortune House was already unable to recover.

Qian Clan and the three great clans didn't dare to find inconvenience for the Tuoba Clan. Tuoba Xiong hitting their faces in front of everyone was still fresh in their minds, the memory was unforgettable and so they didn't dare to be rash.

For the cultivators gathering, the three great clans sent the most amount of young boys and girls, hoping to be able to gain some harvests and be able to hold their heads high.

Cultivation sects' representatives had still not arrived but those young boys and girls would wait at the Imperial martial arts arena every day.

This was a very important event to them so they looked forward to it all day long and waited there.

Tuoba Clan's participants listened to Tuoba Ye and stayed at the clan, waiting for the cultivation sects' representatives to arrive.

After waiting for over ten days, the cultivation sects' experts finally descended.

This day, the sky was clear and bright.

Over ten experts suddenly appeared on the sky above the Shendu capital. They were riding on flying swords and circling around in the sky.

Capable of moving on flying swords, they were at least 'Qi refined to thread' experts, their strength were formidable.

As the cultivation sects' experts finally arrived, all the people of Shendu capital became excited.

Many kneeled down, worshiping those experts on the air: ’’Immortal gods! Immortal gods have shown up!.........’’

’’Immortal god, please take my family's little Hu!’’

’’Immortal god, please grant me a handsome man!’’ A starry-eyed infatuated girl who looked like a dinosaur said loudly.

When those cultivation experts on the air, with their incomparably sharp sense of hearing, heard this, they almost stumbled down.

Naturally, there was still more excessiveness. A man on one side whose appearance, no one would dare to flatter, faced upwards and roared: ’’Immortal god, please give a fairy to this lady-killer!’’

If it were not for the cultivators cannot injure ordinary people, perhaps, they would have already killed him violently.

As the cultivators had arrived, Situ Bowu personally greeted them: ’’Immortals, for gracing our Zhan country with your presence, I welcome you all as a representative of the millions of people of the Zhan country. Immortals, I hope you are able to find more satisfactory disciples this time.’’

Twelve cultivators arrived together at the Imperial martial arts arena, Situ Bowu brought his chancellors to greet them.

Facing a country's emperor, the cultivators didn't show disrespect, introducing themselves one after another.

’’I am Immortal Sword sect's expert, Duan Yu.’’

These words immediately brought out cries of surprise.

Shenwu continent's nine large sects had such an impressive reputation that even ordinary people knew about them.

Immortal Sword sect was one of the nine large sects and was as equally famous as Xuan Nu palace. Moreover, Immortal Sword sect's experts specialized in sword techniques, riding on flying swords, they had very formidable strength. Strength wise, Immortal Sword sect, as a whole, was even above Xuan Nu palace.

’’I am Xuan Nu palace's Wu Hua.’’ An extremely beautiful woman said.

After her words came out, a burst of cries echoed out like before.

Even Situ Bowu was incomparably excited, this was the first time that the Zhan country welcomed the Shenwu continent's nine large sects and moreover, two large sects came at this very first time. This was something that would absolutely be recorded in the annals of the Zhan country.

Among the remaining ten sects, four were medium large sects, compared to the sects that came in the previous cultivators gatherings, they were much better.

’’Your majesty Situ Bowu, I heard your Zhan country produced a Innate Spirit Force unique talent, could you bring him over, I want to see if he has cultivation talent or not.’’ Duan Yu said indifferently.

Originally, after Situ Bowu discussed with Tuoba Ye, he immediately publicized the news of Tuoba Ye having Innate Spirit Force.

If not for that, there would not be so samny cultivation sects' representatives appearing for this time's cultivators gathering. Immortal Sword sect's representative clearly came for Tuoba Ye.

How would Situ Bowu dare to slight him, he sent someone immediately to ask for Tuoba Ye.

Yuwen clan's, Qian clan's, Du clan's experts were all present, when they found out that the Immortal Sword sect's expert was interested in Tuoba Ye, all of their expressions became very unsightly. If Tuoba Ye joined the Immortal Sword sect then in the future, the three great clans would even more be unable to raise their heads.

They really wanted to make their clans' outstanding disciples go and reveal their skills, but unfortunately, they didn't have such courage and could only stand there foolishly.

Tuoba Ye and others were at the Treasure Assembly House, they didn't wait foolishly at the Imperial martial arts arena.


When they found out that the cultivators arrived, they didn't feel anxious. It was impossible for the selection of hundreds of thousands of boys and girls to finish in a short time so there was no need for them to go and crowd among those people.

’’Little young master, the Emperor has sent someone to request for you, he said that one of the Shenwu continent's nine large sects, Immortal Sword Sect's expert is interested in you.’’

’’Little Ye, this is really great, even the Immortal Sword sect's expert knows about you!’’ Tuoba Xiong was excited.

Tuoba Ye shook his head: ’’Grandpa, don't be happy early, I know my innate talent, it is impossible for the Immortal Sword sect to choose me. I will take all the Tuoba Clan's participants with me and see if there is someone who can be chosen by the Immortal Sword sect.’’

He was also clear that there were Spirit Root holders in Tuoba Clan;Zhan Meng and Tuoba Ji and there was also Xia Ju and Xia Mei.

Xia Ju's and Xia Mei's innate talent were not bad, being similar to Tuoba Xiong's, they might have a hope of entering a cultivation sect.

So, Tuoba Ye took Zhan Meng, Xia Ju, Xia Mei and others, and set off. He didn't let Tuoba Xiong to accompany him.

In case Tuoba Xiong showed up, his cultivation base would certainly come to light and at that time, it might draw some inconveniences.

’’Little Ye, you have Innate Spirit Force so maybe the Immortal Sword sect will regard it as important.’’ Tuoba Xiong still hoped for his own grandson to enter the large sect.

Tuoba Ye didn't hold too big hope, on the whole Shenwu continent, there were many Innate Spirit Force absolute talents. Moreover, cultivation depends upon Spirit Root and his Spirit Root was the worst, he guessed there wouldn't be a sect that would choose him.

After a short period of time, Tuoba Ye and the rest arrived at the Imperial martial arts arena.

Situ Bowu made people open the way to let the Tuoba Clan's young boys and girls enter the central area where they could be in close vicinity to the cultivation experts.

After arriving at the area, Tuoba Ye and others bowed to Situ Bowu first then paid their respects to the twelve cultivation experts.

’’Immortal Duan Yu, this is Tuoba Ye, he is the one with Innate Spirit Force and he has powerful strength!’’ Situ Bowu introduced Tuoba Ye.

’’You are Tuoba Ye, let's take a look at your Spirit Root first.’’ Duan Yu took out a Spirit Root testing device : ’’Just put your hand over this.’’

Tuoba Ye had a smile on his face: ’’Thank you, immortal expert!’’

He put his hand on the testing device and quickly five colored rays of light showed up, moreover, the intensity of all the five colored rays of light were the same.

Seeing five colored rays of light, Duan Yu was very disappointed: ’’Five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root! Unfortunate! Too unfortunate!.......’’

The three great clans' people complexion changed when they saw Duan Yu giving importance to Tuoba Ye.

But when they saw Duan Yu's expression and heard him say Tuoba Ye had five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root, the three great clans' seniors were incomparably happy.

If Tuoba Ye had no Spirit Root, they would have certainly been even more happy.

’’Immortal expert, it seems that I have no chance for the Immortal Sword sect?’’ Tuoba Ye asked.

Situ Bowu, the three great clans' seniors, everyone stretched their necks, trying to hear Duan Yu's reply.

Duan Yu sighed: ’’Tuoba Ye, I am really sorry, if you had even three attributes Spirit Root, we would have taken you in and put emphasis in cultivating you. But your Spirit Root is trash, even if you join a cultivation sect, it will be very difficult for you to have even a bit of accomplishment.’’

His words practically severed the hope of Tuoba Ye joining a cultivation sect. Not only was the Immortal Sword sect not interested in him but other sects also might not want to recruit a five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root disciple.

The three great clans' seniors were very excited. If it was not for the current situation, they might have jumped up with joy.

Tuoba Ye didn't put it into heart, his expression was the same: ’’Immortal expert, could you take a look at my brothers and sister, and see if they are suitable to be selected or not?’’

’’All right, since I am here, I cannot have made the trip for nothing, I will immediately take a look.’’ Duan Yu felt very sorry to Tuoba Ye.

He began to test the Tuoba Clan's young boys and girls but the results were same as Tuoba Ye's. Testing till the last one there were only Tuoba Ji, Xia Ju and Jia Mei who had Spirit Roots. Finally, there was only Zhan Meng left to test.

Duan Yu wasn't too interested in three attributes Spirit Root, Immortal Sword sect's requirements for disciples were too high.

When it was Zhan Meng's turn, Duan Yu didn't hold too big hope: ’’It seems I have really made a trip in vain this time!’’

It's not surprising that he thought as such, Immortal Sword sect's disciples were usually genius disciples of several countries and moreover those countries were far more powerful than Zhan Country and their population was also many times bigger than the latter's.

Duan Yu coming to Zhan country was a random shot but now, he decided that after testing Zhan Meng, he will immediately leave and go to other countries to select disciples. He didn't want to tarry over at the Zhan country, this small place for much longer.

’’Put your hands over it.’’ Duan Yu said indifferently.

Zhan Meng put his hands on the device and immediately, incomparably dazzling golden rays shot out to the sky.

Duan Yu's eyes widened as if he had seen a ghost: ’’Single Gold attribute! Top quality innate talent!’’

There were too few single attribute experts, the majority of the Immortal Sword sect's disciples had two attributes physique.

Even out of billions, there might not be a single who possessed single attribute physique. Meeting this kind of disciple was simply hitting a jackpot.

There was a saying in cultivation world, a good master was hard to find but a good disciple was even more difficult to find.

When a talent like Zhan Meng entered the Immortal Sword sect, there would absolutely be many Immortal Sword sect's seniors who would fight over to take him in as their disciple.

If Duan Yu was able to take back this disciple, that would earn him a great merit and his rewards would certainly not be small.

Other sects' experts were very envious but they didn't dare to open their mouths, Immortal Sword sect's might was not something they were able to clash with. Even if it was pointless, all of them were still somewhat envious including Xuan Nu palace even if they didn't recruit male disciples.


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