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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 46


Chapter 46 Future Path

Situ Bowu pondered and said: ’’All right, you return home first and meet your family, then come to the Imperial Palace and give me all the details properly.’’

The strength, Tuoba Xiong revealed made Situ Bowu not dare to look down upon him and force him.

’’Your Imperial Majesty, I will take my leave first.’’

Tuoba Xiong bid farewell and then rushed to the Treasure Assembly House along with Tuoba Jie and others.

This time, they didn't immediately to go back to the clan as they were afraid Xia Yuxuan would be worried.

Xia Yuxuan and also the Tuoba Clan's people, both hadn't come to welcome them, not sure what they were up to.

Tuoba Ye was even more worried: ’’Father, grandpa, mother didn't come to welcome us, could there have been some problems?’’

’’No need to worry, I believe the three great clans won't dare to act recklessly now that I have returned.’’ Tuoba Xiong laughed.

However, without knowing, they had still sped up their pace.

Not long after, Tuoba Xiong and the rest reached the Treasure Assembly House, only to see the Treasure Assembly House was decorated with lanterns and banners. Numerous people were standing outside and they were all wearing formal attires, it was extremely conspicuous.

Tuoba Wei, Tuoba Zhong, Xia Yuxuan and other people were all outside the big gate, waiting to welcome Tuoba Xiong and the rest.

’’High general! high general!.......’’ Those people all shouted loudly.

’’Mother, we didn't see you earlier, even thought that some problems had occurred.’’ Tuoba Ye said happily.

’’Your grandpa has returned, we must naturally make preparations.’’ Xia Yuxuan had a happy expression on her face.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong walked to the front and with an apologetic face, said: ’’Eldest brother, we brothers are sorry to you. After you went missing, not only did we not help Tuoba Jie to stabilize the Southern Border's affairs, we still wanted to take the chance to plunder the clan master's position. We almost made a big mistake, we ought to die!’’

’’You, really ought to die but as you have woken up to reality in time, I forgive you.’’ Tuoba Xiong said coldly.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong relaxed: ’’Thank you, eldest brother.’’

’’Everyone, let's go in. I believe everyone wants to know what happened when I was at the Desolate Southern region so I will tell all of you together.’’ Tuoba Xiong laughed heartily.

Treasure Assembly House was bustling with a lot of noise and excitement. But, only the core members of the Tuoba Clan knew about Tuoba Xiong's deeds.

Only when the night came, Tuoba Xiong finished speaking of the situation when he had gone deep into the Desolate Southern region. Everyone was longing for more.

’’Eldest brother, we are leaving first, we will come again tomorrow.’’ Tuoba Wei prepared to take his leave.

Tuoba Xiong said: ’’Second brother, third brother and also, Tuoba Zhan, Tuoba Ji, stay behind. I have some matters to inform you.

Tuoba Clan's other members left first. Tuoba Ji, being asked to remain behind, was somewhat trembling with fear, after all, he tried to find trouble for Tuoba Ye previously.

’’Eldest brother, is there anything?’’ Tuoba Wei also was not clear about the situation so he asked.

Tuoba Xiong said: ’’Second brother, I don't intend to continue to be the high general. I want to recommend you to take over the high general's position. Third brother, if second brother becomes the high general, he must garrison at the Southern Border so the clan's affairs will then be handed to you. I know you are somewhat short-tempered so Tuoba Zhan, you need to help your uncle.’’

’’Eldest brother, even if you don't want to be the high general, Tuoba Jie can carry on the high general's position. I saw his imposing manner and he is somewhat more powerful than me so he is completely qualified.’’ Tuoba Wei said.

’’Second brother, third brother, I intend to divide Tuoba Clan into two branches. You will be in charge of the worldly affairs, expanding and developing the Tuoba Clan. A small number of people will follow me and prepare to advance into a cultivation clan, striving to establish a stable footing at the cultivation world. As such, in future, there won't be anyone who will dare to provoke our Tuoba Clan. I and Jie'er will be in charge of the matters related to advancing into a cultivation clan whereas the worldly affairs will be handed to you.’’ Tuoba Xiong said.

He looked at Tuoba Ji and said: ’’Tuoba Ji, you don't have to worry. I won't investigate into your previous actions. Little Ye also doesn't blame you. Your innate talent is not bad so you have to try hard to make an impression in the Cultivators gathering this time and fight to enter a cultivation sect. As long as you are able to enter a cultivation sect, we will provide cultivation resources to you and help you speed up your cultivation speed. But there is a condition, if you can become a genuine cultivation, you absolutely cannot forget Tuoba Clan. If you are able to do that, I hope you can show some consideration for the Tuoba Clan.’’

Tuoba Ye had already looked over and saw Tuoba Ji had the talent to cultivate and also, his innate talent was not lacking and was similar to Tuoba Xiong's. But if he doesn't have someone to guide him, in the future, he will at most be the same as Tuoba Xiong and wanting to have a better progress would be impossible. Even if he entered a cultivation sect, it was difficult to say whether he would be able to preserve his life or not.

But it was a different matter if there was the clan's backing.

When Tuoba Ji heard his name being called, his body shivered, he was somewhat afraid. But the following words made his heart relax.

By the time Tuoba Xiong finished speaking, he was still lost in thought, not daring to believe.

’’Tuoba Ji, still not answering to your great grandfather!’’ Tuoba Wei said coldly.

Only then, Tuoba Ji came to himself: ’’Great grandfather, you can be rest assured, if I can become a cultivator, I will absolutely help Tuoba Clan to develop and expand.’’

’’You four, from tonight onwards, stay at the Treasure Assembly House to cultivate and promote your cultivation bases.’’ Tuoba Xiong nodded his head in satisfaction.

Seventy two Iron Blood Tiger guards also came back so there were numerous experts at the Treasure Assembly House now. Tuoba Ye began to make arrangements for some more small martial practice rooms at rear courtyard and each small room would have an Yin talisman.

Like this, cultivating inside the room could accelerate everyone's cultivation speed.

When all is said and done, strength was the first, if one didn't have strength, they simply couldn't dominate the scene.

Like today, when they entered the city, Tuoba Xiong directly hit the three great clan masters' faces, making them very miserable and even the Emperor didn't help them say anything.

If it were not for Tuoba Xiong having unrivalled strength, there might be some people who would obstruct him and even he would suffer injuries.

Building the small rooms were still very easy but refining the Yin talismans needed some time.

Fortunately, Tuoba Ye had refined a bit more talismans during his free times so providing for the cultivation of Tuoba Wei and some was of no issue. Iron Blood Tiger guards were too many so it would take some time before he could help them by refining the Yin talismans.

’’Eldest brother, we will put great effort to cultivate and strive to make a breakthrough soon.’’ Tuoba Wei was excited.

Tuoba Wei and others had been in an endless envy seeing the cultivation speed of Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Xiong said: ’’Tuoba Zhong, let the slave market's big bosses come over and bring over rank eight Houtian warriors, rank nine Houtian warriors and Xiantian Martial God realm slaves. I want to choose a group of slaves to replenish the Iron Blood Tiger guards.

The Iron Blood Tiger guards also must have a large scale expansion and later when Tuoba Clan is divided in two then the Iron Blood Tiger guards would also be divided into two groups.

All of these were the suggestions given by Tuoba Ye and moreover selecting the slaves will also be done by him personally but the selection would go through Tuoba Xiong's mouth.

Previously, Tuoba Xiong only purchased Xiantian Martial God experts to replenish the Iron Blood Tiger guards.

But listening to Tuoba Ye, he intended to choose some gifted Houtian warriors, moreover, cultivating them would not only save a lot of gold coins but also can make them even more devoted.

’’Eldest brother, you can rest assured, I will arrange for it early tomorrow morning.’’ Tuoba Zhong said.

’’In the future, the Iron Blood Tiger guards will be organized into two groups. Each group needs to comprise of a hundred and eight Xiantian Martial God experts and must have some reserve experts to replenish any losses immediately. The two groups of the Iron Blood Tiger guards;one will be taken charge by me and another will be handed over to second brother.’’ Tuoba Xiong said.

’’Eldest brother, I will properly look after the Iron Blood Tiger guards to increase our clan's glory.’’ Tuoba Wei was moved to tears.

It was unexpected that Tuoba Xiong would actually be so generous, wanting to form two groups of Iron Blood Tiger guards.

Tuoba Xiong, himself didn't have such an amount of gold coins, the reason he was so 'heroic' was because Tuoba Ye gave him his secret stash of gold coins, letting him have sufficient amount of gold coins to buy slaves and increase the Tuoba Clan's strength.

Tuoba Ye's stash of gold coins was close to three hundred million and since he didn't have any use for them, he gave all of them to Tuoba Xiong.

Now, the slaves could be properly selected and taking advantage of two years time till the Cultivators gathering, Tuoba Ye would personally train them to make all of them become Xiantian Martial God experts and moreover, they would be stronger than normal Xiantian Martial Gods.

The night passed without accident, at the first light of the next day, Tuoba Zhong went out. Not long after, over ten Shendu capital's slave market's biggest bosses hurried to the Treasure Assembly House bringing along suitable slaves.

Tuoba Xiong was standing in front of the main courtyard, he said in a loud voice: ’’Let the slaves enter one by one, those who aren't selected by me can leave, the ones who are selected will be Tuoba Clan's slaves.’’

Tuoba Xiong beat the three great clan masters' faces outside the city gate yesterday, even the Emperor was present at the scene, the news about his power had already spread in the Shendu capital. Amongst those slave market's bosses, there were no lack of those who had very close relation to the three great clans, none of them dared to violate Tuoba Xiong's words so they made the slaves under them enter the Treasure Assembly House, one by one.

Tuoba Ye was standing besides Tuoba Xiong and once he saw a satisfactory slave, he would immediately nudge Tuoba Xiong lightly.

Like this, Tuoba Xiong very quickly selected over three hundred slaves, amongst the selected, the number of Xiantian Martial God realm slaves didn't even reach fifty.

Tuoba Xiong took out great amounts of gold coins at the spot and gave to those slave market's bosses. The piles of gold coins were dazzling everyone's eyes.

Those slave market's bosses had been afraid of not being able to receive their gold coins but now, getting the gold coins, all of them were very grateful and left expressing their thanks, one after another.

’’Little Ye, these people shall be handed to you. I want to see two groups of Iron Blood Tiger guards as soon as possible.’’ Tuoba Xiong said smiling.

’’Grandpa, you can rest assured.’’ Tuoba Ye was very excited.

Yesterday night, Tuoba Ye carefully inspected his body and found that his cultivation base was progressing in a very fast speed. He couldn't continue to accelerate his cultivation base speed.

Hence, he changed his decision and intended to use the remaining two years time to properly research talismans and on free time, concentrate on cultivating the Iron Blood Tiger guards.

He already thought properly and intended to cultivate the divine Talisman's body as the second transformation of the Mythical Nine Transformations

divine Talisman's body was merely a vision by Tuoba Ye and he hadn't put it to practice.

In general direction for the divine Talisman's body, he would cultivate the body to become Jade to act as a medium just like talisman Runestones and then record the talisman array, making his body become a talisman containing boundless energy.

Moreover, the dao of divine Talisman would also progress along with the cultivation base promotion and he would be able to continuously record talisman arrays in his body, making the body become even more formidable.

This path was very difficult to walk and Tuoba Ye was very clear on this. He didn't begin rashly as he wanted to first carefully consider for a few years and wait till he was fully prepared for what was coming, then he would begin the cultivation of the divine Talisman's body.

No matter how much difficulties there was ahead of him, he wanted to walk this path and wasn't likely to give it up.

He possessed the unique talent of refining talismans, if he didn't use it, that would really be too wasteful.

If there comes a day when he is able to repair the divine Punishment Jade Talisman and integrate it inside the divine Talisman's body, then his divine Talisman's body could be considered to be perfect and it would be an absolute unrivalled killing weapon.

Mythical Nine Transformations, many transformations, every transformations had their own characteristic, cultivating each till the last strongest transformation. Once the Mythical Nine Transformations is cultivated to large success realm, then it would be the strongest Mythical Tyrant's body.


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