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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 44


Chapter 44 Mythical Body Initial Success

Not knowing the numbers of soldier killed, Tuoba Ye entered half demonic state, he was already somewhat unconscious.

He left behind pile upon piles of corpses. Rivers of blood flowed through the battlefield.

Tuoba Xiong was still in an unconscious state,Tuoba Jie and he were both hiding inside the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation.

Tuoba Jie and Iron Blood Tiger guards were still very clear about the situation on the outside. Seeing Tuoba Ye slaughtering in all sides, both of them were horrified.

’’Little young master is too ferocious, he has killed over ten thousand of the Desolate Southern region's huge army. With my Xiantian Martial God strength, at most, I can kill tens of those valiant soldiers, then I would have to rest. Little young master has killed over ten thousand powerful soldiers but still hasn't shown even a bit of weariness. He is practically a killer god reincarnate!’’ A Iron Blood Tiger Guard exclaimed in admiration.

’’Yes, it really makes my blood burn with fury. I really want to go charge out and fight alongside little young master.’’

’’We absolutely cannot move without permission, protecting high general is of the most importance!’’

Seeing Tuoba Ye's small silhouette risking his life alone, Tuoba Jie was blaming himself in his heart: ’’Little Ye, this is all because father is useless, making you become a killer god and kill countless people at such a young age.’’

Tuoba Ye was at the age where he should have been playing but instead, he was fighting fiercely at the battlefield with valiant soldiers.

As a father, Tuoba Jie really felt very ashamed.

’’Young master, look, little young master can quickly open a passage and we can carve a way out.’’ A Iron Blood Tiger Guard was excited.

’’I wish that this time, we are able to go out without any problems and later, we will make the barbarian race pay the debt.’’ Tuoba Jie said coldly.

’’Not good, so many large amounts of army troops have come, it looks like they are the troops from the nearby High Mountain race.’’ A Iron Blood Tiger guard exclaimed.

Tuoba Jie was too concerned regarding Tuoba Xiong's situation so he hadn't paid attention to the situation in the battlefield. He raised his head to look and immediately saw great amounts of soldiers arrive to the battlefield.

After those High Mountain race's soldiers arrived, without saying a word, they formed an encirclement.

If Tuoba Ye wants to break out then he must confront these High Mountain race's experts.

Tuoba Ye's eyes were already bloodshot, he simply didn't notice the arrival of more experts and even if he knew, he would still remain unmoved.

The half demonic state was making him mad and the mad slaughters made him lose his cool.

His eyes didn't see anything else, each and every soldiers in his vicinity were all killed.

Now, even the Iron Blood Tiger guards didn't dare to approach Tuoba Ye. They had no choice but to escort Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong towards the entrance of the Lost Soul valley, not tangling with the Desolate Southern region's huge army.

These Iron Blood Tiger guards were not like Tuoba Ye who could fight continuously without worrying about being exhausted.

When they retreated, Man Xiao only sent over thousand soldiers to prevent them from joining the battlefield, he had no notion of dealing with them immediately.

Tuoba Ye was too fierce, until now he had killed nearly twenty thousand elite soldiers, Man Xiao was already frightened by this. He decided he would first kill Tuoba Ye and later, deal with Tuoba Jie and the Iron Blood Tiger guards.

Tuoba Xiong was poisoned by Senior Du's Gold and Silver flying serpent kings, Man Xiao was certain he was already died so he ruled him out.

Ultimate Convening Command was issued and it brought in a steady flow of experts to reinforce the troops that were attacking Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye had killed for several days and nights, the sky was pitch dark with all the slaughters. Thirst, sometimes blood flew just by chance at his mouth and he subconsciously drank it.

As for hunger, he had already forgotten it.

Tuoba Ye had entered a very fantastical demonic state, he forgot everything, even forgetting himself.

He only knew to slaughter, unceasing slaughters.

Unexpectedly due to this course of events, his Yuan Force cultivation base and physical strength were unceasingly progressing, making his fighting strength even more formidable.

Each time he attacked, he would kill over ten experts, his killing speed was extremely fast.

In the sixth day, the Desolate Southern region's soldiers that had been killed by Tuoba Ye were no less than fifty thousand!

Remaining soldiers were all appalled but they must obey their orders and they didn't dare to withdraw, dragging themselves to the battlefield.

Man Xiao felt 'if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off', he didn't have any choice but to give orders to continue the attacks,

’’Kill! Must kill him, or else in the future, there won't be any peaceful days for the Desolate Southern region!’’ Man Xiao roared loudly.

Those Desolate Southern region's experts were also not foolish. Seeing Tuoba Ye's might, they called up their courage and continued to attack.

The races of the Desolate Southern region were eternal enemies with quite a few countries in their surroundings and their experts had died endlessly.

Hatred and desire for revenge were too deep and there was no way to dissolve it.

Just because of this, Man Xiao and other experts would not watch Tuoba Ye and the rest leave.

The soldiers were still continuously swarming in but they were suffering disastrous casualties and they couldn't even do a thing about it.

The fierce battle continued for many days, Tuoba Ye also received many injuries but they didn't have any affects on his fighting strength as they were all minor injuries.

To say nothing of, he already was in a demonic state so even if his body was injured, he wouldn't take note of it. Even if he received pain, he would feel nothing.

Time passed and in a flash, nearly ten days had gone by.

Tuoba Ye had killed over hundred thousand soldiers of the Desolate Southern region, he was even more terrifying than a killing god.

Killing a hundred, one was already a slaughter devil. Killing a thousand, then one was a slaughter devil king. Killing ten thousand, one absolutely was a killer god reincarnate.

But Tuoba Ye in just half a month had already killed hundred thousand, this was simply an unrivalled killer god reincarnate.

The Desolate Southern region's huge army finally couldn't continue to persevere. Time after time, they looked forward and hoped that Tuoba Ye would be exhausted, after which, they could kill him but their hopes were broken time after time. Tuoba Ye became stronger the more he fought, he didn't know of tiredness.

If Tuoba Ye was in a clear-headed state, he certainly would not be able to do this. Just the hunger would make him unable to fight for such a long time. Moreover, if he hadn't entered the demonic state, he absolutely wouldn't be so wild as to kill so many soldiers. He was going to be a cultivator, such a wanton massacre would certainly have an affect on his future cultivation and will make him beyond redemption.

Because Tuoba Xiong was poisoned and plus the previous massacres of the poisonous beasts made Tuoba Ye somehow enter the demonic state as if it was the doings of doings of ghosts and gods which brought about this bloody scene.

Outside the Lost Soul valley, over hundred thousand corpses had piled up, their blood had already become a river, flowing out very far before congealing.

To the back, those soldiers of the Desolate Southern region who were unafraid of death had become incomparably terrified and started to retreat as fast as they could.

Man Xiao still wanted to kill Tuoba Ye but there were not many troops so he couldn't do anything. Finally, he had no choice but to give the order to retreat.

Since there was no one to kill, Tuoba Ye gradually started to calm down, waking up from the demonic state.

Seeing the ground filled with corpses, Tuoba Ye was unable to stop from vomiting: ’’Who did this? Unexpectedly killing so many people! Grandpa, father, how are they?’’

He hadn't yet gone to look for Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong when he felt his physical strength had made a breakthrough.

Tuoba Ye crouched down on the spot and began to cultivate the Mythical Nine Transformation's first transformation - Mythical Body.

Having gone through over ten days of massacres, his physical body strength had already reached near hundred thousand jin just a thread away from the hundred thousand jin force. His Yuan Force cultivation base had also advanced a lot, reaching the peak of rank six Xiantian Martial God.

Without caring about his Yuan Force cultivation base, Tuoba Ye started cultivating Mythical body with all his strength.

Not sure if it was due to the demonic state but the cultivation this time was unexpectedly like when water flows , a channel is formed. Very relaxedly, the Mythical Body cultivation reached the initial success realm.

He had just reached this realm but his physical strength rose by twenty thousand jin, reaching hundred and twenty thousand jin force.

Moreover, his body increased by twenty centimeters making him seem almost like twelve-thirteen year old child. Right now, his height didn't differ much from Zhan Meng.

Tuoba Ye was just thinking of testing out what magical abilities the Mythical Body initial success had when Tuoba Jie appeared: ’’Little Ye, are you all right?’’

’’Father, I am okay, what happened here? There are corpses everywhere and some have already turned rancid. There is at at least several tens of thousands of corpses.’’ Tuoba Ye was doubtful.

Tuoba Jie observed a while, Tuoba Ye really seemed to not know these people were all killed by himself.

He thought and decided to conceal this matter. He was worried that such a huge massacre would have an affect on Tuoba Ye's spirit.

’’Little Ye, an internal disorder broke out in the Desolate Southern region. Several large races battled fiercely and so many soldiers died. If it were not for their internal disorder, I am afraid we would have died.’’ Tuoba Jie said.

’’It seems heavens are helping us. We, three generations weren't fated to die! how is grandpa?’’ Tuoba Ye laughed.

Tuoba Jie said: ’’Your grandpa is already fine but he is still very weak. You first change your clothings and clean your body, I will go bring your grandpa.’’

Tuoba Ye nodded his head and began to clean his body. His Cosmos ring had a lot of clean water which he had kept as backup.

There were very thick bloodstains on his body but he didn't investigate it too much because before he had entered the demonic state, he had already killed a lot of the soldiers and it was already like this.

’’Body really stinks, must wash properly once we return!’’ Tuoba Ye talked to himself.

Tuoba Jie returned to the Lost Soul Valley's entrance. He warned the Iron Blood Tiger guards repeatedly, Tuoba Xiong was also listening.

’’Tuoba Jie, you deserve to be called my son, your thoughts are very thorough. Everyone needs to remember that you must keep your lips sealed about little Ye killing over a hundred thousand soldiers.’’ Tuoba Xiong said.

Gold and Silver flying serpent kings' poison were really terrifying, even after so many days, Tuoba Xiong was still feeling weak and powerless.

’’Father, let's go out.’’ Tuoba Jie said gladly.

’’Grandpa, are you better now?’’ Seeing Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Ye was concerned.

’’Little Ye, grandpa is all right. We still need to leave the Desolate Southern region first and return early to Shendu capital otherwise your mother will be worried.’’ Tuoba Xiong smiled.

As much as possible, he didn't want to think of previous events because when he thought of it, he would feel Tuoba Ye was terrifying.

A four year old child killed a hundred thousand huge army, if this matter was mentioned, there wouldn't be anyone who would believe it.

Tuoba Ye felt his whole body relaxing. He had carefully examined his body while he was bathing.

His whole body was brimming with explosive strength, incomparably powerful. Moreover, his Yuan Force cultivation base also had made a breakthrough in the wake of Mythical Body initial success realm. Now, he was already a rank seven Xiantian Martial God expert.

His strength had a huge increase, father and grandpa received freedom, this was totally worthy of being a happy matter.

’’Rabbit Master, we should go.’’ Tuoba Ye's voice was incomparably cheerful.

Rabbit Master had been resting from the start, actually he had also seen Tuoba Ye's situation.

But that kind of wonderful state was very difficult to enter, this was a gargantuan opportunity so Rabbit Master didn't go bother Tuoba Ye, letting him massacre wantonly.

That was indeed a huge opportunity for Tuoba Ye as it let him achieve initial success in cultivation of the Mythical Nine Transformations' first transformation. Later, he could cultivate Mythical Nine Transformations' second transformation.

But, wanton massacres will certainly have consequences. Who could say later, it will not be an obstacle to Tuoba Ye's cultivation path?

Even if there will be very big misfortune in the future, at present, Tuoba Ye didn't have any choice. Fortunately, for the time being, he had forgotten the events after he entered the demonic state so he need not bear such spiritual torments at such a young age.


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