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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 41


Chapter 41 Enemy Reinforcements

At the back, Tuoba Ye felt unspeakable kind of suffering. The process was slow so he immediately started massacring the poisonous beasts and then directly removed the poison sacks.

Tuoba Ye was in charge of killing the poisonous beasts whereas Rabbit Master assisted in extracting the poison sacks and stored them all in his space.

The defensive strength of the poisonous beasts was a lot weaker than of the ferocious beasts.

Tuoba Ye's blade light would sweep away a row of poisonous beasts in one sweep.

As for those ferocious beasts, they minded their own business and kept on fighting with each other. From the start, they hadn't paid any attention to Tuoba Ye. Tuoba Ye also was not likely to take the initiative to conflict with the ferocious beasts.

Tuoba Ye's sweeping through was unrivalled. With all-out effort, he killed the poisonous beasts and collected the poison sacks.

But there were innumerable amount of poisonous beasts. Even with all the killings, it didn't seem like he had killed any at all.

Tuoba Ye had slaughtered them for no less than several hours and only after his body started to weaken, he left the bloody area and searched for a place to rest.

Tuoba Ye's disturbance had caused deaths of a lot of poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts.

The disturbance was very huge, some Desolate Southern region's experts felt it strange and so they cautiously searched inside the forests but unfortunately, they weren't able to discover anything.

Since Tuoba Ye had hidden himself within the forests, there weren't anyone who were able to find him.

After resuming his physical strength, he made Rabbit Master take out all the gathered poison sacks then he started absorbing the poison on the spot and dissolving them to become the traceless poison.

During the several hours of slaughter, they had collected tens of thousands of poison sacks. After all of them changed into the traceless poison, they had become a fist sized group of traceless poison and the blue light had become very deep.

Tuoba Ye spent a lot of time in refining those poison. In a blink, it was night once again.

At the night, the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts, both came out to hunt for food.

When they were hunting for food, they would become very berserk and even their controllers would not be able to command them. So, the experts controlling the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts didn't dare to follow them as that action would only be courting death.

Tuoba Ye estimated the forest was infested with poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts. So like before, he killed several demon beasts and spread their bloody smell, drawing in great numbers of poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts.

There were too many poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts inside the forests. There was no way they could be disposed in a short period of time.

Tuoba Ye also wasn't worried. He was cultivating his traceless poison, those poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were slowly decreasing in numbers. He wanted to kill out all the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts completely.

These wanton massacres cause great amounts of fiendish aura to appear on Tuoba Ye's body. Each night, he would kill several tens of thousands of poisonous beasts.

As for the demon beasts and ferocious beasts, they were mostly slaughtered by each other and Tuoba Ye had made almost no moves against them. Only, when the demon beasts and the ferocious beasts didn't fight intensely, he would immediately release some bloody smell to provoke those beasts.

These ferocious beasts' intelligence were still not able to compare to human race's, they weren't able to endure the provoking of the smell of the blood. With the stimulation of the bloody smell, they would immediately become very savage and berserk.

Tuoba Ye had exploited this point very nicely, causing a disastrous damage to the ferocious beasts.

As for the poisonous beasts, almost all of them were killed by Tuoba Ye's hands. Even tens of meters long vipers also had their heads blown up by his one punch.

He had been killing for half a month inside the forests. Great numbers of poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts disappeared and those controllers had become very worried. They immediately took the remaining small amounts of poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts, and left this side of the forest, not daring any more to let the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts hide inside.

They changed to many areas but as long as those poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts went out to hunt food, their numbers kept on dwindling.

Finally, those Desolate Southern region's experts decided to abandon using the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts to entrap and kill Tuoba Xiong and the companions, letting those controllers take away the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts and leave this troublesome area.

The status of the experts who were able to manipulate poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were very grand in the Desolate Southern region. If they received any loss, that would be very disastrous.

In this month, the Desolate Southern region reinforced their defense with more experts and also searched everywhere thoroughly but they weren't able to find the killer.

During the day, Tuoba Ye would hide and refine the venoms in the poison sacks. At night, he would make his move, sweeping through the poisonous beasts and provoking the ferocious beasts to fight each other.

A month passed by in a blink, the traceless poison within his body was still fist sized but it had already compressed many times, becoming incomparably deadly.

Same drop of traceless poison was now over ten times poisonous than before.

Tuoba Ye also experimented with it. He used Yuan Force to let out the traceless poison and very quickly it was able to take down huge amounts of ferocious beasts. Moreover, there wasn't any antidotes for it.

Only if he wanted to personally cure the poison, otherwise the traceless poison was incurable. Even Ying Huafei's blood also would not be able to detoxify it.

Tuoba Ye's traceless poison had mixed with too many other kinds of venom. There was already a change in the traceless poison and it had become different from before.

Traceless poison was colorless and odorless. It was incorporeal and it would kill without spilling any blood. It was absolutely a terrifying killer weapon.

If there was a fierce battle with an expert, Tuoba Ye could quietly use the traceless poison. Even if it was unable to kill the expert, it could weaken the expert and give him an opportunity to defeat the powerful enemy.

He understood clearly that the traceless poison was not unequalled. In the end, one's own strength was the most important. If the opponent's strength was far above his then his traceless poison would not be able to even injure the counterpart.

After Tuoba Ye dealt with the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts, he carefully probed into the situation of the enemy.

He discovered that the Desolate Southern region's huge army had over ten thousands of troops and not only that, the amount of Xiantian Martial God experts were also in several hundreds.

Confronting so many experts, Tuoba Ye's heart felt a bit weak.

The Desolate Southern region's races were all very good at wars and being in contact with poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts for a long period of time made their fighting strength very formidable.

Only, those races were not unified otherwise they would have already broken through the Southern Border defensive perimeter and stormed into the Zhan Country.

Although in front of his eyes, there were only a huge army of twenty thousand troops but Tuoba Ye didn't dare to hold them under contempt even a bit.

The experts of the Desolate Southern region were heroic, unafraid of death. There was grave danger when handling them, this was something that everybody knew.

In case, the battle began, the Desolate Southern region's troops would advance wave upon wave. That would really give a headache.

Tuoba Ye knew they could not continue to wait as the Desolate Southern region may continue to dispatch more troops.

He made a prompt decision. Finding the weak point of the defensive line, he sent out a signal from nearby to let Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie along with others break out.

After sending the signal, Tuoba Ye concealed himself, preparing to provide support.

The signal had been sent to the sky, naturally the Desolate Southern region's huge army also could see it.

’’Not good, a signal has been sent out, it seems Tuoba Xiong wants to break out. Also, that Tuoba Ye should be around our vicinity.’’ A high-ranking officer of the Desolate Southern region said loudly.

’’Dispatch the order immediately, make everyone reinforce their vigilance and defend their area properly. We absolutely cannot let Tuoba Xiong break out. Furthermore, have those Xiantian Martial Gods make good preparations, they will be the dagger to strike down Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie.’’ The leader was Man Xiao. He was the commander of the biggest race of the Desolate Southern region and Tuoba Xiong was his old rival. Only, he would always return frustrated from their battles. It was not at all because his wisdom fell short of Tuoba Xiong but rather because Tuoba Xiong occupied the terrain advantage of the Southern Border.

Man Xiao had fought no less than hundred times with Tuoba Xiong. He was incomparably familiar to this opponent.

Man Xiao saw that Tuoba Xiong could very possibly want to break out so he didn't dare to be careless. He immediately deployed the army and began to make arrangements to prepare for the unexpected.

Huge army of twenty thousand troops encircled around the Lost Soul valley's exit, not one drop of water could trickle through. Those Xiantian Martial God experts were also ready in a full-battle array, having already made their preparations.

Seeing the Desolate Southern region's huge army's battle array, Tuoba Ye's complexion became grim.

Although he was young, but he had always been calm no matter what situations he ran into. This was the first time that his complexion had become grim.

The main thing was that inside the Lost Soul valley was his grandpa and father so he was very worried.

Once Tuoba Xiong and others received the signal, they all revealed a happy expression.

’’Father, let's go kill. Little Ye is already waiting for us!’’ Tuoba Jie was very excited.

Tuoba Xiong said: ’’Let's use both Vajra talisman and Great Force talisman. This time, we will break out at all costs, we absolutely cannot let the Desolate Southern region's huge army to gather together.’’

He had clear understanding of the Desolate Southern region's huge army. If common army met with great amounts of casualties then it would be very easy for them to be utterly defeated.

But the experts of the Desolate Southern region were not the same. So long as there was not an order to retreat, they would fight fiercely, unafraid of death until the last remaining person.

In case, they were entangled by the Desolate Southern region's huge army, that would really signify ill omens.

’’Tuoba Jie, Iron Blood Tiger guards, hear my command. Tuoba Jie and I will break out in the front, and tear open an opening. Iron Blood Tiger guards will take advantage of the battle and as soon as possible meet up with little Ye.’’ Tuoba Xiong said loudly.


Tuoba Xiong was a high general so his bearings were out of ordinary. Even when confronting this kind of predicament, he still had such an imposing manner.

They were not far from the exit so they quickly confronted the huge army of the Desolate Southern region.

’’Tuoba Xiong, you are willing to appear at last!’’ Man Xiao said laughing.

This time, he had finally obtained the upper hand and moreover, he had the chance to eliminate his strongest opponent so his mood was extremely good.

’’To deal with me, your barbarian race has really made much investments, they actually sent their elite army and also sent a huge amount of Xiantian Martial God experts.’’ Tuoba Xiong said laughing: ’’You really think highly of me, maybe I ought to thank you?’’

’’No need for thanks, just leave behind your life!’’ Man Xiao said coldly.

’’Haha.......’’ Tuoba Xiong laughed loudly: ’’If you want to take my life, I am afraid you will have to pay a very big price.’’

On one side, he was talking while on the other side, he was observing the situation of the Desolate Southern region's huge army, accomplishing 'know yourself, know your enemy'.

He was somewhat astonished to see more than double size of the Desolate Southern region's huge army but he didn't let it show in his expression.

There was almost no weak points in the Desolate Southern region's huge army's arrangement.

But in the huge army, the area going deep into the Desolate Southern region was still comparatively weak and was also the weak point Tuoba Ye had chosen.

Tuoba Xiong was extremely happy that Tuoba Ye's choice for the breakthrough was the correct one.

An exceptional genius could emerge from the Tuoba Clan. Even if Tuoba Xiong died now, as long as Tuoba Ye could still live, he would still be very happy.

Man Xiao didn't give the order to take action. He was only prevently Tuoba Xiong and others from escaping.

Their intentions were very clear. Precisely, they wanted to trap Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie to death.

Naturally, they knew that Tuoba Ye had also arrived so they wanted to draw Tuoba Ye out.

If Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie both died and in case, Tuoba Ye knew of it, that would only bring in mad retaliations and he also would not be likely to enter a trap.

They had, from the start, not thought that Tuoba Ye was the one behind the killings of the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts. From the news they received, Tuoba Ye ought to still not have reached the Desolate Southern region at that time. So, deep in their heart, they had already removed him from that notion.

They believed the killings of their poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were done by other races of the Desolate Southern region. There were many races in the Desolate Southern region and some races had conflicts with the barbarian race. They could absolutely do this kind of thing and it was not even a bit strange.

’’Tuoba Xiong, don't show off. If you accept our hand, I can give my position to you.’’ Man Xiao said.

’’Many thanks for your generosity. Unfortunately, I will never surrender in my lifetime.’’ Tuoba Xiong said coldly.

’’Tuoba Xiong, you want to deliver yourself to death, I will help you with that.’’ Man Xiao was truly angry.

He raised his hand and his eyes were like thunder, extremely terrifying. This was a position used to give a command.

Seeing Man Xiao preparing to make a move, Tuoba Xiong became tensed, he roared loudly: ’’Kill!’’

His voice was very loud, shaking the blue dome of the heaven.

His voice had not yet fallen when troops immediately charged near the Desolate Southern region's area, preparing to slaughter a wide road.


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