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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 4


Translator : Just a Normal Guy

Editor : LikyLiky


Chapter 4: divine Overlord’s Fist

Tuoba Ye had already thought of using Master as a cover up, otherwise he would have no way to explain the situation.

“Yes, this two-year time period, every night, I meet with a white beard old man who emanated the aura of a transcendent being. He taught many things to me, only I am still young;there is no way to cultivate. He helped temper my physical body every night, increasing my strength by many times!” On one hand, Tuoba Ye spoke this;on other hand, he was wildly waving his arms with an immensely proud look just like a child.

Xia Yuxuan spoke : “Little Ye, you wanted the Jade stones for refining talismans?”

“Yes, I told Master of our family matters, he wanted me to find several Jade stones so he could refine them to talismans. Master said, this was Yin talisman, it is capable of increasing cultivation speed by ten times. This is Vajra talisman, it is capable of strengthening defense .” Tuoba Ye spoke, pointing at the talismans.

The Vajra talisman twinkled with golden rays of light which was eye-catchingly bright.

Soon after, he introduced the Flight talisman, Burst talisman, Fire talisman and the Great Force talisman.

The Burst talisman had berserk energy which could immediately be sensed by others. The Fire talisman had an extremely hot ball of fire inside as if it wanted to jump out.

Tuoba Ye informed Tuoba Jie of the uses of the talismans, then he warned him: “Father, Master said, unless as a last resort, don’t use the talismans, no matter what. In case you have to use the talismans, you must exterminate your enemies. If the information about the talismans leaked out, it will bring a world of trouble to our family .”

Tuoba Jie , only after a very long time, recovered from his shock : “ Talismans are the methods of cultivation experts. They are rarely seen, matchless treasures in the cultivation world. Information about this cannot absolutely leak out, otherwise cultivation clans and sects will all come to find out about them. Little Ye, your Master is surely a Cultivation expert, do you know if we can pay a formal visit to him?”

Tuoba Ye shook his head : “Father, Master said he won’t see anyone. Every time, he was the one who came to find me, but I could never find him .”

Tuoba Jie quickly recalled that Tuoba Ye had said the elder tempered his body, that would mean his physical strength should be very formidable.

“Little Ye, how big is your strength?” Tuoba Jie asked.

“Very big, very big……”Tuoba Ye spoke with an exaggerated expression.

Tuoba Jie held Tuoba Ye and went towards the practice room: “We will test your strength.”

“Brother Jie, wait a moment.” Xia Yuxuan also followed, she was very concerned regarding Tuoba Ye’s circumstances.

Entering the practice room, Tuoba Jie took out a spirit iron sized smaller than a fist, and asked: “Little Ye, can you lift this? This is a thousand jin spirit iron .”

“There should be no problem.” Tuoba Ye spoke with an incomprehensible look.

Xia Yuxuan anxiously said: “Brother Jie, Little Ye is only three years old, you want him to lift a thousand jin heavy spirit iron, what if he is injured?”

Tuoba Ye had already taken the spirit iron, and easily lifted it up, waving it several times.

“Very light!”

Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Jie, after seeing that, were very shocked.

“Little Ye, try this spirit iron.” Tuoba Jie took out a two thousand jin spirit iron.

Xia Yuxuan was still very worried, however she didn’t say anything and only, looked at Tuoba Ye with a deeply concerned look.

Tuoba Ye received the spirit iron, once again lifting it high.

“Father, still too light.”

Tuoba Jie was dumbstruck, he couldn’t believe it.

Somewhat numb, he took out a five thousand jin heavy spirit iron and put it in front of Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye, once again, relaxedly lifted it: “Do you have something more heavy?”

Finally, he pretended to have trouble lifting a ten thousand jin spirit iron with one hand. He was still hiding half his strength in front of his parents.

Even with this, Tuoba Jie and Xia Yuxuan were already shocked speechless.

After a long while, Tuoba Jie warned repeatedly: “Little Ye, you have Innate Spirit Force. No matter what, don’t reveal it outside so as to avoid provoking other’s conspiracies.

“Yes Father!. Master had already warned me, I will definitely pay attention. After you depart, I can protect mother.” Tuoba Ye tried hard to show manly spirit, making Tuoba Jie and Xia Yuxuan smile.

Xia Yuxuan laughed extremely beautifully.

“Little Ye, you underestimate your mother too much. Her strength is not weak, being a rank eight Houtian expert, who dares come bully her.” Tuoba Jie said smilingly.

Tuoba Ye said : “Mother, give me some Jade stones again. I will ask Master to refine several protection talismans for you .”

“I can give you Jade stones, however I don’t need the talismans. It is better if you set them aside for yourself.” Xia Yuxuan said.

Tuoba Ye spoke : “I can already protect myself!”

“Little Ye, you have this kind of strength, father is very happy. I also will be able to depart without worry. After I depart, the sub-branches’ young generation will certainly come find you for trouble, moreover the young generations of the other four big clans will also certainly try to bully you. But you have to restrain yourself, don’t easily expose your strength and injure others.” Tuoba Jie warned.

“Yes! Son shall remember.” Tuoba Ye nodded.

At dawn of the next day, Tuoba Jie immediately departed.

When Tuoba Jie left he didn’t wake Tuoba Ye up. He didn’t want Tuoba Ye to make him reluctant to leave.

Tuoba Jie was gone. Inside the house remained Xia Yuxuan, Tuoba Ye, the housekeeper and Xia Yuxuan’s personal maid. As for the high general’s imperial bodyguards, they all followed Tuoba Jie to the Southern border.

The Southern border had millions of troops, Tuoba Jie was very shocked to see such a spectacle. Taking along some assistants would always be helpful.

After Tuoba Ye woke up, he took more than ten pieces of Jade stones from Xia Yuxuan and disappeared to refine talismans.

This time, he wanted to refine two of each talismans so as to not make Xia Yuxuan worry.

The talismans he was making were still the same as those talismans he gave to Tuoba Jie. He refined two of each talisman, these talismans were over thirty percent more stronger than common talismans. If they were put out for sale in the cultivation world, their price would be the same as treasured objects.

After refining twelve talismans, Tuoba Ye’s cultivation harvest was also not small, his divine Will had now, expanded to two threads.

Cultivating divine Will was extremely slow. He had cultivated for three years, only then could he produce a strand of divine Will .

But, refining talismans caused the divine Will to increase visibly, this was simply an unexpected delight.

Talismans were very good items, he didn’t dare to refine too much. These several talismans were enough to survive.

If too many talismans were to be refined, information would surely be leaked and that would mean disaster.

Even though Tuoba Ye wanted to improve his divine Will’s cultivation through refining;he had no choice but to give it up.

His cultivation base was very weak, top priority was still to improve his strength so as to be able to protect oneself properly.

Tempering physical body, condensing Yuan force, cultivating divine Will.

Tuoba Ye had set up a schedule. At evening, he would cultivate divine Will. At morning, he would cultivate Yuan force because Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi was very dense in early morning. And at afternoon, he would temper his physical body strength.

Other kids like him and even older than him, knew only how to play.

But Tuoba Ye could not play. For the sake of returning to the Silver River world and for the sake of protecting his family, no matter what, he must continuously increase his strength.

He used the Yin talisman to help increase the speed of Yuan force cultivation.

After Tuoba Jie departed, the practice room became Tuoba Ye’s base. At afternoons, he would be tempering his physical body, cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations and conveniently, cultivating some martial skills.

Speaking honestly, Tuoba Ye was not at all very fond of martial skills, the might of the talismans was much more than martial skills.

Only at Shenwu continent, talismans cannot be revealed as one wished, so he had no choice but to cultivate some martial skills to protect himself.

Previous life, Tuoba Ye grasped a lot of skills and techniques including many rare martial books. At that time, he didn’t want to waste time cultivating martial skills, he only, wholeheartedly, wanted to cultivate to become a Cultivation expert.

Cultivation experts could use magic, spiritual tools and also talismans to battle and kill the enemies. Their might was not something those martial skills could compare to.

Tuoba Ye had no choice but to cultivate the martial skills which he disdained in his previous life.

He selected a set of  fighting martial skill named: divine Overlord’s Fist.

divine Overlord’s Fist suited the warriors cultivating powerful strength, just right for Tuoba Ye to study.

Other skills of sword techniques and blade techniques, these were somewhat not currently suitable since he could not always go to forge specially fitting swords.

Tuoba Ye was already a rank one Xiantian martial god, cultivating divine Overlord’s Fist was very easy. Besides, he had obtained a much higher realm in his previous life,  comprehending divine Overlord’s Fist would be very easy.

divine Overlord’s Fist’s first form –Overlord Lifting the Cauldron. Tuoba Ye only spent five days of time to succeed the first form. Although, it was only a small accomplishment, it still demanded continuous practice and was already sufficient to be used to confront enemies. His cultivation speed was so quick, however it did not mean the Overlord Lifting the Cauldron was simple to master. You can even say the Overlord Lifting the Cauldron was very complicated, not only did it consist of movement techniques, it was also a fusion of grappling techniques, unarmed sword fighting techniques and subduing techniques.

He had a feeling that after the cultivation of divine Will, martial skills were much easier than imagined.

divine Overlord’s second form –Overlord’s Strike. This was a very simple form with immense power, Tuoba Ye spent ten days of time cultivating it and achieved small accomplishment.

For the time being, Tuoba Ye only practice divine Overlord’s Fist’s first two forms, spending certain time every day in practicing them, increasing their formidable power.

The Tuoba clan also had many traditional martial skills, but they were far from being able to compare to the immense might of the divine Overlord’s Fist.

Tuoba Ye was also a Tuoba clan’s person so he could not always ignore its skills. Finding time, he looked at the Tuoba clan’s martial skills and practiced till he could use them as he wished. Practicing till deep at night, he unexpectedly wasted time with  those skills.

Although, he hadn’t been cultivating Tuoba clan’s martial skills seriously, he was still able to bring out their full might. A major factor was his higher comprehension realm, cultivating them was as easy as fiddling with his fingers.

In a flash, a month had gone by. Tuoba Ye’s cultivation base increased at a soaring pace, he already reached rank two of Xiantian martial god realm.

Only, cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations met with problem. He had already been cultivating Mythical Nine Transformations’ first transformation for a month, but he hadn’t made any progress. However, the increase in his strength was not small, using both his hands, he could now wield a forty-five thousand jin spirit iron.

Xia Yuxuan, looking at Tuoba Ye’s hard work, also began to cultivate diligently.

Originally, Xia Yuxuan’s talent was not bad but she didn’t like taking lives so she neglected to cultivate.

Tuoba Xiong went missing, Tuoba Jie left for the Southern border, such a big clan and only a mother and a child left to support it. She felt even more pressure, only then did she think of promoting her strength.

Having given a Yin talisman by Tuoba Ye to her, her cultivation speed became very fast.

After a month, Xia Yuxuan smoothly became a rank nine Houtian expert, only a single step away from becoming a Xiantian martial god.

This kind of strength in the Zhan country was already considered to be strong, granted that in the whole Tuoba clan, experts of Xiantian martial god realm was also not much.

Tuoba Ye  was very glad to see Xia Yuxuan’s cultivation base promotion.

As his cultivation was a very meddlesome matter. He could not easily reveal himself because he was still too young and was only three years old.

Shenwu continent, three year old children still hadn’t began cultivating.

Today, Tuoba Ye had been condensing Yuan force when the housekeeper, panickedly entered the house: “Young mistress, not good!”

“Old Lin, what’s wrong?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

“Second lord’s people has come over, they want to remove us from the Central house.” Housekeeper Lin said.

“What!? They want to rebel? Don’t they know, the Central house is the residence of the Clan Master’s branch?” Xia Yuxuan’s complexion changed.

Housekeeper Lin anxiously replied: “Master is missing, young Master has gone to the Southern border, in the end, how will we handle this?”


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