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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 36


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : kawaiikillaz123, Deranged Sponsored By: Jamarcus B. &Brandan F. ( Many thanks for sponsoring this chapter )

Chapter 36 Emperor Paying Attention

“Little Ye, well done!”

“Little Ye, good job!”

“Little Ye, you are not hurt, right?” Xia Yuxuan didn’t care for victory or defeat. She was only worried about whether Tuoba Ye had suffered injuries.

The Yuwen Clan was very dismal, whereas the Tuoba Clan was in high spirits.

The next contest between the Qian Clan and Du Clan immediately began.

The three great clans had really discussed properly to make big profits.

The experts that the Du Clan sent out were unexpectedly all reserve members. Three fights, three losses, making the Qian Clan the victor.

Seeing this kind of match, compared to the previous brilliant clean sweeps, the Qian Clan and the Du Clan were both cursed by the audience.

“The Qian Clan and Du Clan are cheating, they are completely trash.”

“Cancel our bets. such a competition is simply an insult to our eyes.”


Even Situ Bowu couldn’t watch anymore, he said indifferently: “Even if you wanted to do that, don’t make it so obvious. Let’s see how you will clean up this mess.”

The Du Clan and the Qian Clan’s seniors’ expressions became very ugly for a while. If they aroused the people’s anger, they would not be able to bear the responsibility.

“Emperor, we will deal with it properly.”Qian Duoduo promptly said.

This time, they would probably have to return a part of the bets. Even if their hearts ached, they would have to do this to close the people’s mouths.

Seeing Qian Clan and Du Clan making a fool of themselves, Tuoba Clan’s people were very happy.

“Let’s go, we will return to cultivate to prepare for tomorrow’s great battle!” Tuoba Wei said happily.

The Tuoba Clan’s people were just preparing to leave when someone came over.

“Tuoba Ye, Young Lord, the Emperor calls you!”

“Little Ye, quickly go and make a trip, we will wait for you.” Xia Yuxuan said.

“Second grandpa, third grandpa, mother, I will have to trouble you to wait a moment.” Tuoba Ye followed that person and left.

“Tuoba Ye pays respects to the Emperor!”

“Tuoba Ye, need not be too polite, let me look at you! You are my future son-in-law but I am seeing you for the first time. I have somewhat neglected you.” Situ Bowu said.

Situ Yu’s pretty face became red. She didn’t dare to look at Tuoba Ye. Although she was young, she understood a lot of things.

“Emperor, what did you invite me for?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Tuoba Ye, what level has your cultivation base reached? I am extremely curious, naturally, you can also keep quiet.”Situ Bowu said.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Emperor, to tell you the truth, I have Innate Spirit Force so my strength is very powerful and it is sufficient for me to sweep through the absolute majority of the Xiantian Martial Gods.”

“Innate Spirit Force! That is really unexpected! haha…..our Zhan Country could also bring out an Innate Spirit Force exceptional genius!”Situ Bowu laughed heartily, seeming to be very happy.

As a leader, if he didn’t have this bit of broad mind and openness, his position certainly would not be stable.

Situ Bowu was indeed difficult to deal with, capable of keeping an open mind about different opinions.

“Emperor, I know your thoughts but I am not interested in secular matters. Otherwise I would not have revealed my strength due to the Tuoba Clan’s situation.” Tuoba Ye said: “My target is to become a cultivator and go to a much more vast world.”

“Yes, those with such talent all go to cultivation sects, and very few would want to return. Our Zhan Country wants to expand, and we don’t know how long we will have to wait. Originally, your grandfather was my most able High General but unfortunately ……….” Situ Bowu sighed.

Tuoba Ye said: “Emperor, I can’t help you, I really am sorry!”

“There is not much long time before Cultivator’s gathering, make good preparations, okay? Our Imperial Clan also has many boys and girls of appropriate age who will participate, I wish for someone to be capable of being selected, and this is also a good thing for our Zhan Country.” Situ Bowu said: “Later, come visit the Imperial palace. I am giving this jade tablet to you, if you have this jade tablet, you can directly enter the Imperial palace. Still, I don’t want to see someone dying in later matches, do you understand my meaning?”

“Emperor, so long as they don’t make fierce moves, I have no interest in killing them.” Tuob Ye received the jade tablet and took his leave.

When one was at the secular world, sometimes they would not have the freedom to act independently.

In the future, Tuoba Clan would still be at the Zhan Country and to have the Imperial Clan to protect them. Tuoba Ye naturally couldn’t offend Imperial Clan’s people.

He met up with Tuoba Wei and others, and everyone departed together.

“Little Ye, what did the Emperor look you for?”Xia Yuxuan was curious.

“Nothing, it was just casual talk.”Tuoba Ye said flatly.

The first day’s contest was already over. The Tuoba Clan’s might shook the martial arena, Tuoba Ye’s name had become famous in the Shendu Capital, and he had already become a topic of discussion.

The Qian Clan, the Du Clan and the Yuwen Clan had to clean up the mess regarding the cheating that had transpired the competition. They would certainly be very annoyed.

After Tuoba Ye went back home, he continued cultivating Mythical Nine Transformations’first transformation –Mythical Body.

He didn’t take Qian Clan, Du Clan and Yuwen Clan too seriously. He was still worried about the Devil Way’s cultivator behind the thirty six great bandits, so he was anxious to advance his strength.

No matter what, he first needed to have the power to protect himself, and only then could he think of others.

If the Mythical body’s cultivation succeeded, then his strength to defend himself would have huge increase and his fighting strength would also rise rapidly.

Only, he had cultivated for a long time. His physical strength had advanced a lot but he still couldn’t cultivate the Mythical body to the initial success realm. Only when the Mythical body was cultivated to initial success realm, could it bring out its genuine might and bring out some magical skills.

The Mythical Nine Transformations’first transformation was the entrance door and it was extremely difficult to go through it.

But if cultivation of the first transformation didn’t succeed, the second transformation also could not be cultivated.

Having no methods, Tuoba Ye could only cultivate day and night, bearing the boundless pain, striving to forge ahead.

Only when the dawn came, Tuoba Ye began to cultivate the Dao of divine Talisman, divine Will’s force and then absorb the Yuan Qi of Heavens and Earth, recovering his optimum state.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong along with other people had already arrived at an earlier time.

They all seemed to be very excited, as long as Tuoba Clan could win against the Du Clan, they could easily win against the Qian Clan, their final day’s opponent.

Everyone was well aware that the Qian Clan’s combatants were the weakest among the four great clans.

They had originally wanted to rely on the Yuwen Clan and the Du Clan to make Tuoba Clan’s few experts lose their fighting strength. Naturally, the Qian Clan wasn’t their match.

Now, Tuoba Clan had only dispatched Tuoba Ye, a lone person, but he already swept through the Yuwen Clan and moreover, he hadn’t sustained any injuries.

The Du Clan, up next, would also feel it very difficult to handle Tuoba Ye because Du Clan’s strength didn’t differ much from the Yuwen Clan.

“Little Ye, this time Du Clan’s participants are on the whole same as the Yuwen Clan’s except an expert whose origin and background we don’t know, you must take care.”Tuoba Wei said: “This person is called Du Hao, whether he is of the Du Clan or not is very difficult to say.”

“No matter who it is, we must win!”Tuoba Ye said in a loud voice.

Tuoba Ye wanted to establish his might, naturally continuously defeating the three great clans’experts would be the most ideal situation.

Seeing Tuoba Ye was very high spirited, Tuoba Wei and others were very relieved. After knowing his strength, there was nothing to worry about to them.

“Depart, let’s go to the Imperial martial arena!”

The Imperial martial arena was more lively compared to yesterday. A lot of people tried every methods they had to buy the high priced ticket, they also wanted to see the young genius, Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye had become famous at the Shendu Capital, he was a household name. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t know of him. Countless youngsters considered Tuoba Ye as their idol. The majority of the youngsters had just come in touch with cultivation. They were miserably trained by the older generations and naturally they wanted to be like Tuoba Ye and be able to defeat the older generations.

Not only the youngsters, there was also no-one among the older generations who could say that they surpassed Tuoba Ye. They were all paying extreme attention to him.

Tuoba Ye and the rest of the Tuoba Clan had just showed up when deafening cheers echoed in the martial arena.

“Tuoba Ye! Tuoba Ye! …….” Amongst these cheers, there were many youngsters cheering and they were the loudest.

“Little Ye, you have now become a star, how do you feel?”Tuoba Zhan asked.

Tuoba Ye laughed: “This is all illusionary, it will disappear very quickly.”

“Little Ye, can you be like a child? You are a child but your words are more profound than ours.” Tuoba Wei laughed.

“hehe……”Tuoba Ye laughed but didn’t reply.

They had just sat on their seats when the Du Clan’s experts also arrived.

The Du Clan’s seniors, all had an ugly complexion. Yesterday afternoon, they had been busy with the stakes situation, they had been rushing and were in a terrible shape.

Originally, they wanted to make big profits but if the Tuoba Clan won, they would suffer very miserably.

“Du Yusheng, are you not feeling well? You still need to compete today, it would be very dangerous in your current state!” Tuoba Wei laughed.

Du Yusheng coldly said: “Our Du Clan absolutely won’t lose.”

“That will be seen in a moment, the result will appear on the stage!” Tuoba Wei laughed.

After Situ Bowu showed up, the competition quickly began.

The contest between the Tuoba Clan and the Du Clan was the first to begin, Tuoba Ye was the first to go on the stage.

“Tuoba Ye! Tuoba Ye!…..”Wave after waves of cheers resounded.

Du clan sent out Du Ming. He was originally a very famous elder but compared to Tuoba Ye’s cheering sounds, the scene was very cold and cheerless.

Du Ming’s complexion became somewhat gloomy. His eyes were full of killing intent.

The Du Clan were the best at sword techniques. Their sword techniques, when used, would have unearthly elegance along with scholarly flavor. They didn’t seem to be murderous or domineering.

Du Ming’s strength was pretty good, he was an expert of the older generations and his strength was equivalent to Yuwen Bawu.

In itself, he was not Tuoba Ye’s opponent but this Du Ming seemed to be completely mad, without defending even a bit, he was attacking madly.

Confronting such attacks, Tuoba Ye couldn’t help but defend and dodge.

Continuously for several attacks, Tuoba Ye didn’t directly collide with Du Ming.

Only, Du Ming’s imposing manner quickly became weak and after three more attacks, he became exhausted.

Tuoba Ye saw an opportunity, his fist struck Du Ming, injuring him seriously and acquiring the victory.

That Du Ming’s purpose was simple, recklessly attack and injure Tuoba Ye so as to lay a foundation to defeat Tuoba Ye later.

But Du Ming’s strength was too weak. From the start, he was unable to injure Tuoba Ye. On the contrary, he was easily defeated by Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye was victorious, the scene became even more popular!

Sky shaking screams echoed breaking through the vast sky.

The main thing was that Tuoba Ye was too young but he was capable of consecutively defeating experts of the older generations. Naturally, he was very popular.

Even those spectators who lost their gold coins also cheered for Tuoba Ye!

Situ Bowu praised: “Tuoba Ye is really difficult to deal with, worthy of being Innate Spirit Force exceptional genius. He has already surpassed the older generations at such a young age . Unfortunately, secular world’s influence can’t hold him!”

“Emperor, Tuoba Ye wants to enter a cultivation sect, what do we do o about his marriage with Yu’er?” Yuwen Wenyi said: “It would be better to break off the engagement early so as not to let Yu’er stay at home alone.”

“Muddlehead! Tuoba Ye is such an exceptional genius, it is still not too late to rope him in. You only know to extrapolate. Don’t think I don’t know about your thoughts, I will receive them in the future!” Situ Bowu said coldly.

He paused and continued to speak: “Yu’er, later at the cultivation sect, you must think of a way to still get in touch with Tuoba Ye. To such exceptional character like Tuoba Ye, only Shenwu Continent can be his stage.”


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