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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 33


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky

Chapter 33 Name moves the Shendu Capital

The list had come out, Shendu Capital’s people seeing the list of Tuoba Clan’s participants were all shocked.

In the list of the three participants, Tuoba Ye’s name had appeared.

Shendu Capital had many people, they didn’t know who Tuoba Ye was.

“Who is the person Tuoba Clan sent? Although, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong are the older generation’s people, they are not considered to be at middle level and not at the peak among the older generations. This Tuoba Ye has never been heard of, could it be Tuoba Clan had a hidden expert?”

Many people were full of doubts, one after another comments were talked everywhere.

“Tuoba Ye, isn’t he Tuoba Jie’s child? He seems to be only four years old, why is he participating in the competition?”

“Tuoba Clan doesn’t have people, a four year old child is participating, they are bound to lose this time.”

“Tuoba Clan’s reserve expert is also not okay, this Zhan Meng also haven’t been heard of before.

“I heard the surrounding betting booths have already opened, the odds against Tuoba Clan is one to six.”

“Although, Tuoba Clan has high odds, but the probability of victory is not high.”

“Take a chance, maybe Tuoba Clan could be victorious then how could we not profit big.” There were really many people holding this kind of thoughts.

Only, the betting booths were controlled by the three great clans together, they would not lose because they could completely make one of them the first.

Naturally, this had a condition that was Tuoba Clan could not obtain the first rank.

The three great clans joined their hands, they hadn’t even thought Tuoba Clan would be able to obtain first rank.

They wanted to get rid of Tuoba Clan in order to fish for gold coins through the surrounding betting booths.

Tuoba Clan, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong came out for the fight, this somewhat baffled the other three great clans because Tuoba Clan had internal problems, this was known by everyone.

But, they didn’t give it much thought, merely thinking Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong were attaching importance to the clan so they combined with Xia Yuxuan and participated in the clans ranking competition together.

After the surrounding betting booths gave out the odds rate, it was unlikely to be changed.

Tuoba Ye made people put in the bet in small batches, betting all on Tuoba Clan obtaining the first.

Those bookmakers, seeing so many entered bets on Tuoba Clan’s victory, they were all very happy, naturally they accepted the bets without question.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong brought out all of the Tuoba Clan’s fluid money, making their subordinates to bet on Tuoba Clan’s victory. Xia Yuxuan also was unwilling to fall behind, bringing out all the fluid capital of the Treasure Assembly House, altogether several millions of gold coins were put in.

They didn’t personally go to put the bets. So as to avoid making the three great clans know, they were again playing a new trick.

If Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong, both went to put large amount of bets on Tuoba Clan, then the three great clans would certainly think of what cards Tuoba Clan had. It was very possible the three great clans would be more cautious and prepare several hands.

Although, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong had full confidence in Tuoba Ye but it was still better to be somewhat low-key.

The day before the competition, very late at night, the surrounding booths stopped accepting bets.

The three great clans’ seniors assembled together, seeing the bets, they were all smiling.

“I really hadn’t thought, there would still be this many betting on Tuoba Clan, there is actually over twenty million gold coins!” Qian Duoduo was astonished.

Du Yusheng smiled: “Tuoba Clan is certain to lose that is, we have twenty million gold coins income. Clan Master Qian, take a look at which clan received the lowest bets, we must act according to the previous arrangements.”

Qian Duoduo said with bitter expression: “Our Qian Clan received the lowest bets, you need to cut our Qian Clan off, what to do in case we don’t win?”

The three great clans had already properly discussed,  the clan receiving the lowest bets would be the clan obtaining the first ranking. The three clans had combined together, naturally they had this kind of confidence.

The clan obtaining the first ranking would have its fame raised but it must give out a portion of benefits to the other two clans. The other two clans would receive forty percent benefits each whereas the clan obtaining the first ranking would only have twenty percent benefits.

To Qian Duoduo, gold coins were the reality, he didn’t want false reputation.

Only, they had already reached a common understand before, Qian Duoduo also couldn’t do anything about it.

“No matter who meets the Tuoba Clan first, we will play with their lives, we must make them lose their fighting strength.” Du Yusheng spoke.

He paused and then continued to speak: “Of course, if Qian Clan is the run into them, it will be somewhat difficult to manage.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t let this happen.” Yuwen Clan’s Clan Master Yuwen Lingfeng laughed evilly.


Treasure Assembly House, at the martial arts practice site in the rear courtyard.

Tuoba Ye dedicated himself in cultivation, cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations.

Mythical Nine Transformations deserved to be called the legendary first body tempering cultivation technique, it also was the most difficult cultivation technique.

Tuoba Ye’s physical body strength was already at seventy-five thousand jin, every time, he would have to suffer inhuman pain when cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations but he still hadn’t succeeded in cultivating his body to the Mythical body.

In case, cultivation succeeded, not only physical strength would have sudden increase, defensive power, recovery power would both promote by huge margin.

Mythical body’s small success was equivalent to having the devilish body of ancient times’ young mythical children. Although, still needed to further improve but it was already very formidable.

Moreover, the Mythical Nine Transformations’ first transformation should be successfully cultivated before one begins the cultivation of the second transformation.

Mythical Nine Transformations’ second transformation gave many choices;it was possible to cultivate divine Phantom’s body or also possible to cultivate divine Buddha’s body or cultivate Mythical Beast’s body.

Only, wanting to achieve cultivation success was not an easy matter, all had harsh conditions. If you wanted to cultivate Mythical Beast’s body, you must gather five great mythical beasts’ blood vessels and blend it within the body, only then could you cultivate the Mythical Beasts’ body.

The five great mythical beasts;divine Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin, Black Tortoise, White Tiger. Obtaining blood vessels of any one of above mythical beasts was not so easy.

Of course, there was also a simple alternative that was to cultivate a single mythical beast’s body. Such as divine Dragon’s body, this only needed divine Dragon race’s blood vessels. This kind of cultivating divine body might was naturally not equal to the Mythical Beast body.

To Tuoba Ye, those matters were too far in the future. Even if he cultivated Mythical body, for Mythical Nine Transformations’ second transformation, he had already thought properly that he wanted to cultivate divine Talisman’s body.

At Mythical Nine Transformations’ record, no one had cultivated divine Talisman’s body, Tuoba Ye needed to slowly experience by himself.

He had the cultivation method for the Dao of divine Talismans, so long as it matched very well with the Mythical Nine Transformations, maybe it could succeed.

No matter what, Tuoba Ye would try to cultivate it, no matter how difficult the road, he wanted to walk through the whole dark journey.

Tomorrow would be a day for great battle, Tuoba Ye was sharpening his weapons before the battle, trying to make his strength a bit more formidable.

Only, cultivating Mythical Nine Transformations was too exhausting, the pain would make people tremble with fear.

Tuoba Ye had cultivated for several times, he immediately stopped cultivating Mythical Nine Transformations and began cultivating other techniques, recovering his Yuan Force and Spirit Force, preparing for the great battle tomorrow.

Just in case, Tuoba Ye refined some simple talismans and stored them inside the Cosmos ring as backups.

Unless it was as a last resort, he certainly would not use the talismans. If the use of talismans was to be discovered, it was very possible that it would bring about enormous troubles.

For tomorrow’s competition, Tuoba Ye also custom forged a small war blade.

If the opponent was not powerful, he would absolutely not have to use divine Overlord’s Fist, he could just use his war blade to settle the match.

Battle Dragon’s Tyrant blade’s might was pretty good, Tuoba Ye didn’t specially cultivate it but he could fully put it to use.

Second day, at dawn, Tuoba Ye stopped his cultivation.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong took along Tuoba Clan’s main members arrived at the Treasure Assembly House. Tuoba Zhan also came, he was a reserve member.

“Little Ye, this time, it’s completely up to you.” Tuoba Zhan spoke smilingly.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “If there is no unexpected events, second grandpa and third grandpa perhaps might not need to go on stage.”

“Little Ye, then we will sit and watch the show!” Tuoba Wei smiled and spoke.

Everyone was present, they casually ate a bit of stuffs and started off to the competition site.

The four great clans competition, this kind of grand occasion took place at the Imperial martial arts stage. The Emperor would personally show up and the judgement would be done by Imperial Clan’s experts.

The Imperial martial arts stage was Shendu Capital’s biggest martial arts stage and it was sufficient for over thirty thousand people to watch the competition.

Entering the venue certainly needed gold coins, the Imperial Clan would take half and the remaining half would be divided for the competition.

Tuoba Clan’s troops faced the Imperial martial arts stage and moved forward. The whole journey, they were greeted by many people, everyone respected Xia Yuxuan.

Xia Yuxuan was only a woman but being able to bear heavy responsibilities, she was worthy of respect.

“Quick, look. That is Tuoba Ye, he is only four years old and also participating in the competition.” Someone recognized Tuoba Ye.

Although, Tuoba Ye had gone out very few times but he was still recognized by some people, this was mainly because of his special identity.

Four year old Tuoba Ye, but he appeared to be seven or eight years old, his body was very robust.

But in front of other’s eyes, he was still a child and such a child participating in the competition, Tuoba Clan’s probability of victory didn’t seem to be high.

Tuoba Ye didn’t care about other people’s opinions, the more they disregarded him, the more shock they would get when he revealed his strength, making them not dare to look down on Tuoba Clan.

Not long after, they reached the Imperial martial arts stage.

Following closely, Yuwen Clan’s experts arrived. Yuwen Lingfeng looked at Tuoba Clan’s people and sneered: “Tuoba Clan really doesn’t have people, a child is participating in the competition!”

“Yuwen Lingfeng, whether our Tuoba Clan has people or not, you will see in a moment.” Tuoba Wei spoke coldly.

This kind of matter, Tuoba Wei was still better at taking initiative. If Tuoba Ye, a child, spoke rudely, others would think he didn’t understand any etiquettes.

In the end, he was of the young generation. Before his strength is revealed, he would only be a child and nothing more.

“Tuoba Wei, didn’t you drive them away? Why are you walking together?” Yuwen Lingfeng asked.

Tuoba Wei’s complexion had small changes: “Yuwen Lingfeng, although, our Tuoba Clan has inner instability but we are still all united against external forces so as to not let other’s plots succeed.”

“Alright, I am very much looking forward to Tuoba Clan’s performance!” Yuwen Lingfeng taking the Yuwen Clan’s experts, went in first.

Yuwen Jiewu was also there and he was watching Tuoba Ye with killing intent.

Tuoba Ye’s name appeared on the list of the names of the competitors. This created a huge stir, everyone at Shendu Capital were discussing about Tuoba Ye.

These words had spreaded to Yuwen Jiewu’s ears, he was naturally very angry.

He was one of the Shendu Capital’s five heroes, he was a well known figure among the Shendu Capital’s young generations. But now, the Shendu Capital’s five heroes’limelight was suppressed by Tuoba Ye. Yuwen Jiewu couldn’t bear this kind of feeling, if it were not for this occasion, maybe he would go to directly challenge Tuoba Ye.


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