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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Refining Talismans

“Little Ye, why have you come out? Quickly, go inside the house.” Xia YuXuan anxiously said.

Tuoba Ye spoke : “Mother, I want to be by your side.”

“Okay.” Xia Yuxuan did not want Tuoba Jie to leave her side. Taking along Tuoba Ye, she stood besides Tuoba Jie .

“Tuoba Jie, hand over the token of Clan master. Your branch has only you, it is not sufficient to raise my Tuoba Clan’s name.” the speaker was a middle aged man with a scar on his face , he was called Tuoba Wei and he was Tuoba Jie’s second uncle.

Tuoba Wei’s Cultivation base was at rank seven Xiantian martial god realm. He had always wanted to seize the Clan master’s position.

Tuoba Xiong was missing, Tuoba Wei knew that a chance had come.

Tuoba Clan’s Clan master’s token wasn’t  just a simple token, it was also the high general’s military seal.

Clan master’s token was, all year round, sealed inside the Tuoba Clan. Only if some big event occurred, could it be taken out.

Tuoba Jie’s complexion became extremely ugly : “second uncle, third uncle. My father is only missing, he is certainly still alive. Trying to plunder the Clan master’s token this hurriedly, isn’t this excessive?”

“Tuoba Jie, hand over the Clan master’s token. This is a matter which would have occurred sooner or later. This branch of yours, your strength is insufficient to support the Clan. As for your son, he is still a breastfed baby, there is no hope.” Tuoba Wei spoke with contempt.

Tuoba Jie spoke : “Clan master’s token, our branch has the authority to hold it for three years. If my father has still not appeared and I also don’t have enough strength, our branch also doesn’t have a  formidable successor, only then will I hand over the Clan master’s token.”

“Tuoba Jie……” Tuoba Wei furiously said : “Three years time, do you want the southern border to have no master for three years?”

Tuoba Jie spoke : “second uncle, this three years time, I, myself will go visit the southern border. In place of father, I will guard the southern border.”

“Tuoba Jie, With your Cultivation base, guarding the southern border is simply courting death.” Tuoba Wei spoke coldly.

“That is my own problem, needless for second uncle to worry.” Tuoba Jie spoke in a  very flat tone.

Clearly, Tuoba Jie had already prepared for the worst situation. Anyhow, he also didn’t want to hand over the Clan master’s token.

“Three years time, I will look forward to whether you can survive for three years.” Tuoba Wei turned and left abruptly with a fierce expression.

The sub-branches Clansmen also left, swearing and cursing. They , simply, didn’t put Tuoba Jie in their eyes.

Tuoba Jie delayed for three years time, so he could give time for Tuoba Ye to prepare himself.

After three years, Tuoba Ye was completely certain, he would be able  to protect Clan master’s token and also assist Tuoba Jie. Only then, Tuoba Jie could have enough strength to protect the Clan master’s token.

Tuoba Ye was very intelligent,  he was capable of hiding his strength and as much as possible, he adopted a low profile.

Being low-key was the way of the Kings, this could help save lives.

Tuoba Ye had a feeling, Tuoba Xiong missing wasn’t a simple matter.

Tuoba Xiong’s edge was too exposed, his strength already approached the threshold of the true Cultivation. It was very likely, he would succeed in his first breakthrough to Lianqi stage cultivator, becoming the first of the Zhang country.

Because of this, people would certainly be infected with jealousy.

Tuoba Xiong had guarded the southern border for decades, and there were no problems. But now, such a situation had occurred, something was definitely fishy, but this was all  merely speaking without any proofs.

Tuoba Jie was crude on outside, but his mind was meticulous. He also clearly felt, something was wrong. Therefore, he prepared to go to the southern border and in the process, discover what mishap did Tuoba Xiong meet with.

Tuoba Ye saw things absolutely clearly, everything was clear in his mind and he already had plans for it.

He was still young, it was impossible for him to go to the southern border. Therefore before Tuoba Jie departed, he must prepare items which can protect Tuoba Jie.

Tuoba Ye was a consummate expert at refining talismans. In his previous life, he had refined spirit root talisman even before reaching Lianqi stage.

Originally, refining talismans needed one to have Lianqi stage Cultivation base.

Tuoba Ye had exceptional talent in his previous life, coupled with the Dao of talismans, his comprehension was extraordinary. Unexpectedly, at Xiantian martial god realm, he was capable of refining talismans.

Tuoba Ye had now learned Dao of the divine talisman so refining talismans were even more easy.

Cultivating Dao of the divine talisman, he did not need vermillion spirit powder and spirit brush, but  he still needed Runestones or Jade stones which could act as a medium to record the array of Rune symbols.

Runestone was the best medium for refining talismans, because Runestone had some Rune symbols on its surface which made it easier to refine talismans, and the resulting talismans were also more powerful.

Only, Tuoba Ye didn’t know whether the Shenwu continent had Runestones, so he would have to cope with the Jade stones.

Jade stones, Shenwu continent  was certain to not only have it, but also they ought to have a lot of it. Unfortunately, Tuoba Ye didn’t have any on his hand.

Tuoba Jie had already said,  after five days, he would set out to the southern border. There was not a lot of time for Tuoba Ye.

Not having other means, he could only ask help from Xia Yuxuan.

“Mother, do you have Jade stones?” Tuoba Ye showed rare hope in his eyes.

Xia Yuxuan asked : “Little Ye, what do you want Jade stones for ?”

“I want to play !” Tuoba Ye could not say, they were to be used to refine talismans.

“Little Ye, your father is going to the southern border and you still want to play !” Xia Yuxuan’s  complexion fell down.

This was still the first time, Tuoba Ye had asked for anything. Xia Yuxuan gave Tuoba Ye a searching look.

Tuoba Ye didn’t care, he knew his mother was anxious about father so her mood was not good.

“Mother, give me few pieces of Jade stones, ok?” Tuoba Ye requested with tearful eyes.

He was really thinking of speaking about his true motive, but he still endured from doing so.

Talismans refining was a very troublesome matter. He didn’t have enough strength and it was  still not suitable to expose them, so as to not bring disaster to the family.

As for after refining the talismans, he had  already thought of how to deal with it.

Xia Yuxuan could not bear to look at Tuoba Ye’s expression. She immediately promised : “Little Ye, I will give you Jade stones, don’t cry.”

“Okay !” Tuoba Ye nodded energetically.

Xia Yuxuan quickly took out six Jade stones, and gave them to Tuoba Ye.

“Mother, I will go play.” Tuoba Ye held the Jade stones and quickly left.

Xia Yuxuan looked at Tuoba Ye with eyes full of love, warmth and tenderness.

“Be careful, don’t fall over .”

Tuoba Ye quickly vanished. After reaching the backyard, he hid inside the ornamental hill, and started refining talismans.

After a long time, he still hadn’t refined a talisman, he was somewhat out of practice.

Besides, Tuoba Ye intended to use the Dao of divine talisman to refine the talismans. Compared to his previous life’s Dao of talismans, it was completely different.

Tuoba Ye was very cautious, he was afraid the refining would be a failure.

There were only six Jade stones, he could not waste any of them.

Tuoba Ye began to think and then decided to first refine a Yin talisman which was a Cultivation support talisman. Wearing the Yin talisman, Cultivation speed, at the minimum will increase by five times.

He had plentiful experience in refining Yin talisman and his proficiency in portraying Rune symbols was matchless.

Only this time, he was using divine Will to record the arrays of Rune symbols, not a Spirit brush or Vermilion spirit powder.

Tuoba Ye was ready. He began refining.

He carefully controlled a thread of divine Will, and began to record arrays of Rune symbols on the Jade stone.

Using the divine Will to record the Rune symbols arrays was much easier than imagined. Using the divine Will, the Rune symbols array was recorded with success.

The Jade stone in which the Rune symbols was recorded, immediately became bright, sending out snowy white rays of light. Surrounding Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi started rushing rapidly towards the Yin talisman.

Tuoba Ye was shocked : “This Yin talisman is really good. At the very least, it is capable of increasing the Cultivation speed by ten times. With this Yin talisman, after three years, father’s strength can definitely surpass Tuoba Wei’s.”

Tuoba Ye was very excited. After resting a while, he continued to refine talismans.

Raising defensive force, Vajra talisman. Increasing speed, Flight talisman. Raising attack power, Great Force talisman. Pure attack, Burst talisman. Fire talisman.

Including the Yin talisman, six Jade stones were entirely refined.

Tuoba Ye, after succeeding in refining, each time, he rested a while. Altogether, only two hours was spent on refining the six talismans.

This rate was somewhat astonishing, it far exceeded the speed of his previous life, success rate was also an unimaginable hundred percent.

Refining by Dao of the divine talisman, its might compared with the same talismans was stronger by at least thirty percent.

Tuoba Ye discovered, while refining the talismans, his divine Will continuously expanded. Although it was not very clear, after refining six talismans, he could make out the somewhat increase in his divine Will.

Having discovered this, Tuoba Ye was incomparably happy.

After refining talismans,  it was capable of raising Cultivation base. It could even be said hitting two birds with one stone, the two occurring without delay.

Originally, he had been somewhat anxious that refining talisman would take up his Cultivation time but it seems all that anxiety was for nothing.

Dao of the divine talisman, it seemed like it was truly made for Tuoba Ye.

After refining the talismans, Tuoba Ye did not immediately take them out. He wanted to wait till before Tuoba Jie departed, to bring them out.

Also, during the five days, Tuoba Ye cultivated his Yuan force with the assistance of the Yin talisman.

Using Yin talisman, he was able to cultivate Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi, ten times faster. Ninety percent of the Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi was absorbed by the divine Root and divine Punishment Jade talisman whereas he was only able to absorb ten percent of the Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi.

In less than five days, Tuoba Ye’s Cultivation base reached the peak of the rank one Xiantian martial god realm. He could right away break through to rank two Xiantian martial god realm.

This kind of speed made Tuoba Ye smack his lips, endlessly.

The day before Tuoba Jie departed, he  held Tuoba Ye and walked alongside Xia Yuxuan, making very ordinary conversations. Melancholy of the departing spreading around, Xia Yuxuan’s eyes blossomed with pearl like tears, untold grief and worry.

“Yuxuan, after I leave, take good care of little Ye. Do not worry, I will be fine .” Tuoba Jie’s tone was somewhat muffled.

With Tuoba Xiong’s accident, he also wasn’t completely sure if he could return alive.

This journey, not only would he have to face the barbarian race’s experts, he even needed to gain support of the huge southern army.

When all was said and done, Tuoba Jie didn’t have the authority of a high general. To make the huge southern army listen to him was unlikely to be an easy matter.

Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still somewhat unwilling.

For the sake of not making Xia Yuxuan worried, he didn’t allow that to show up and hid it very well.

Tuoba Ye, however noticed. He tightly clenched his chubby hands and in a loud voice, he spoke : “Father, do not worry, I will protect mother .”

Seeing Tuoba Ye’s earnest expression,  Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Jie both smiled.

“I really can !” Tuoba Ye re-affirmed.

“Little Ye is a man, you must protect your mother .” Tuoba Jie smilingly spoke.

Tuoba Ye replied : “Father , I have some great items for you .”

“Little Ye, what good items ?” Tuoba Jie had a kind smiling expression.

Tuoba Ye took out the six talismans from his bosom, they were glinting with dazzling brilliance.

“Little Ye, what is this ?” Tuoba Jie eyes turned big with astonishment.

At a glance, he saw those six talismans were not simple at all, they contained formidable energy.

“These are talismans. I asked master to specifically refine them for father, they will be able to protect you .” Tuoba Ye replied.

Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Jie were astonished. It was the first time they learned Tuoba Ye had a master.


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