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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 29


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky

Chapter 29 Natal Strange Poison

The female assassin opened her eyes and in a while, she saw Tuoba Ye: “Child, where is this? Why was I kidnapped?”

“You don’t remember? You came to kill my mother, as a result…..”

Tuoba Ye hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted: “So it was you, you destroyed my mission!”

The female assassin was very angry, her complexion had become ice-cold.

“You came to kill my mother, why would I allow you to kill mother!” It was the first time Tuoba Ye saw a woman with unreasonable demands.

“You were hit by my traceless poison, you are still alright?” The female assassin was astonished.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Your natal strange poison was traceless and terrifying but I have already neutralized it.”

“You drank my blood, how did you know of this method?” The female assassin was shocked.

Her complexion changed continuously, it was a very splendid sight.

Tuoba Ye said: “I just know, don’t think the natal strange poison is unrivalled.”

The female assassin suddenly spoke pitifully: “Young husband, I, Ying Huafei was wrong, I ask you to please forgive me this time.”

“What’s the matter?” Tuoba Ye immediately shook.

“You snatched my natal strange poison, I have made a promise that I must marry a man possessing natal strange poison.” Ying Huafei regretfully said: “Otherwise, how can I let you, a child be my husband?”

Tuoba Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Elder sister, I did that to detoxify the poison, you don’t need to comply with your oath, I don’t care.”

“You not caring will make it okay? We, Ying Devil group, have never ever broken our oath, it’s better to die than not comply with our oath.” Ying Huafei said.

Tuoba Ye said: “I am already engaged.”

“What about the engagement? Only if you return the natal strange poison to me.” Ying Huafei said.

Tuoba Ye asked: “How can I return the natal strange poison to you?”

Facing Ying Huafei’s pestering, he had no moves.

“You die, then I will be able to seize back the natal strange poison, unfortunately, I am not your opponent otherwise do you think I want to marry you, a small fart child!”Ying Huafei said coldly.

“That really won’t do, I can’t abandon my life.”Tuoba Ye was helpless.

“Young husband, release me, I won’t leave, I will always follow you and listen to your words.”Ying Huafei talked very pleasantly, it was very moving, full of enticement.

But in Tuoba Ye’s ears, he thought it was ear-piercing.

“Ying Huafei, can we discuss over a matter?”Tuoba Ye asked.

“What matter, speak, I will listen to you.”Ying Huafei said.

Tuoba Ye said: “Afterwards, call me, Tuoba Ye or calling me Young Lord will also do.”

“Young husband, no matter what, I will listen to you but this matter won’t do.”Ying Huafei smiled.

Seeing Tuoba Ye’s bitter small face, Ying Huafei was indescribably happy.

Tuoba Ye didn’t know whether her words were really true or not, anyway this made him have a big headache.

Only, Ying Huafei remaining behind can also be regarded as a good matter, if she could really be converted, later in the future, she would absolutely be a formidable support.

“Ying Huafei, you really won’t walk away?”Tuoba Ye asked.

“Of course, our Ying devil group’s oath can’t be false?” Ying Huafei spoke.

Tuoba Ye force a smile: “Alright, I will make someone arrange a good room for you.”

“Thanks, young husband!”Ying Huafei smiled.

“Can you not shout young husband?”Tuoba Ye was extremely gloomy, Ying Huafei had already gone out.

“Ying Huafei, you still haven’t told me who was the one to request you?”Tuoba Ye chased after her and asked.

Ying Huafei said: “The person behind the scenes, I still don’t know, a reward was posted in the killer groups offering a million gold coins, the mission target was your mother.”

“Now, you haven’t finished the mission, it seems there will still be more killers accepting the mission.” Tuoba Ye said in a deep voice.

“Correct, so long as the reward hasn’t been cancelled and the mission hasn’t been finished, killers will appear one after another.” Ying Huafei said.

Tuoba Ye said coldly: “No matter how many killers come, I will make them unable to return!”

His words were full of killing intent, scaring Ying Huafei, her complexion lost color.

“You are a child, how is your killing intent stronger than mine, a killer’s!? Ying Huafei was shocked.

“My strength is stronger than yours!”Tuoba Ye said.

Ying Huafei suddenly recalled that she, herself had fainted with a single attack from Tuoba Ye, her complexion was extremely unsightly but she quickly laughed again: “Who knew the Tuoba Clan had a little abnormality, those killers will certainly pay bitterly.”

She had suffered big, naturally she wanted others to also suffer, like this the mind would be somewhat balanced.

Tuoba Ye curiously said: “Ying Huafei, can you tell me about your killers’ affairs and also about the top killer?”

“I am precisely the top killer!” Ying Huafei smiled.

Ying Huafei was young and good looking, her smile was very sweet making her even more beautiful.

Tuoba Ye couldn’t help but peek at her many times, this Ying Huafei absolutely had infinite charm, to be a killer was unfortunate.

“You are a natural born killer, if you can be a cultivator then you would be even more terrifying.” Tuoba Ye said.

“Cultivator!” Ying Huafei was very surprised: “Young husband, you are so young, how do you know about cultivators? No wonder, if it were not for cultivators’ skills, it would be impossible for you to be this strong.”

“Ying Huafei, have you been in contact with a cultivator?” Tuoba Ye asked.

Ying Huafei replied: “We, Ying Devil group, originally was a cultivation race, only Ying Devil group has declined now, all our secret arts were lost, otherwise you are certainly not my opponent.”

“Good, follow me and I can impart to you cultivation secrets and allow you to revive the Ying Devil group again.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Tuoba Ye cultivated Mythical Nine Transformations which was precisely Devil Way’s cultivation technique, it was specially for tempering physical body, it was very formidable and it was the most difficult body tempering cultivation technique.

Devil Way’s cultivation art was the most suitable for the dark attribute physique. In his previous life, in order to be able to cultivate, Tuoba Ye had gathered all sorts of cultivation arts, naturally, there were also some Devil Way’s cultivation arts.

Only, at the moment, he was still not able to completely trust Ying Huafei, it was impossible to impart those secret arts to her.

“Young husband, you have cultivation arts suitable for me?” Ying Huafei was not too convinced.

Shenwu continent also had some Devil Way sects but Ying Huafei had never run into them.

In order to again revive the Ying Devil group, she became a killer. Unfortunately, killers could only earn gold coins, it was very difficult to get secret arts.

If Devil Way sects discovered Ying Huafei’s innate talent, they would certainly fight over each other to accept her in the sect.

Only, the secular world’s control was under the Right Way sects, the Devil Way sects couldn’t come out openly to recruit disciples, this made Ying Huafei look for several years but still gaining nothing. “Of course! Only, you are not still not trustworthy at the moment so I won’t teach you.” Tuoba Ye spoke straightforwardly.

“Young Husband, how can I make you trust me? I am ready to establish our Ying Devil group’s oath.” Ying Huafei said.

Tuoba Ye considered and spoke: “Ying Devil group’s oath, I still am not convinced in it, after all, I don’t know about Ying Devil group. Let’s do it like this, you follow me and I will watch your performance in this period of time, if your performance is good, I will naturally teach you cultivation secrets and let you quickly promote your strength.”

“Good!” Ying Huafei also knew rushing would do no good.

Soon after, Ying Huafei informed Tuoba Ye of some affairs of killers organizations, in detail allowing Tuoba Ye to make preparations to some extent.

Killers were all-pervasive, he had no choice but to carefully be on guard.

Ying Huafei was an expert of the Ying Devil group and was a naturally talented killer but her strength could not be counted as top, it was very difficult to rise to the top killer position in the killers world.

Of course, this also had some relation to Ying Huafei becoming killer for not a long time, if she was given time, she absolutely could be a top killer.

“Ying Huafei, in the future, Treasure Assembly House’s defense will be arranged by you. I don’t want my mother to suffer even a little bit of harm.” Tuoba Ye made arrangements.

He wanted to see Ying Huafei’s capability and conveniently examine whether Ying Huafei wanted to help sincerely or not.

Killers understood the killers most, Ying Huafei helped in making arrangements to handle those killers naturally it was much stronger than Tuoba Ye’s arrangements.

Seeing Ying Huafei doing her utmost to work, Tuoba Ye was also satisfied.

Only, in front of everyone, Ying Huafei called Tuoba Ye ‘Young husband’ making Tuoba Ye very angry.

“Little Ye, how did you become her young husband?” Xia Yuxuan was very curious, not to mention anyone else.

Tuoba Ye gave a bitter smile: “Mother, you don’t listen to her nonsense, there is no such situation.”

“How could it be nonsense? A girl’s reputation is important.” Xia Yuxuan spoke at once.

Ying Huafei spoke: “Aunt, this is, since childhood, I have established an oath that I will entrust myself to the one who possesses my natal strange poison. Young husband took advantage of my unconsciousness, drinking my blood, now he has my natal strange poison within his body, I must comply with my oath.”

“I didn’t know this.”Tuoba Ye was very depressed.

“Since you cannot violate your oath, then stay at Treasure Assembly House, okay?”Xia Yuxuan made the final decision.

Although, Ying Huafei had come to assassinate her but she was satisfied seeing Ying Huafei.

Ying Huafei looked very gorgeous, also had powerful strength plus she also talked sweetly, naturally making people be fond of her.

Anyway, Ying Huafei staying at the Treasure Assembly House was also advantageous, Tuoba Ye didn’t say much.

Rabbit Master who was at Tuoba Ye’s shoulders, smiled and said: “Tuoba Ye, nice work, getting Ying Huafei this fast.”

“Rabbit Master, you must have known about this earlier, yes or no?”Tuoba Ye spoke.

“No such thing, how could I know? I don’t know.”Rabbit Master shook his head.

Tuoba Ye was certain Rabbit Master certainly knew one of the reasons, he didn’t continue to investigate. Being able to make Ying Huafei remain was also very good thing.

As for the things between man and woman, for him, a child who was less than four years old, it was too far away, he didn’t wish to think about it.

Just like the engagement with Princess Ziyu, he didn’t want to pay attention in the same way.

Until the Cultivators gathering, he will think of ways to join cultivation sect. At that time, he would be far away from worldly matters, quite a lot of things would naturally be resolved.

The following several days, Tuoba Ye hadn’t taught Ying Huafei anything regarding cultivation but he allowed her to enter the martial arts practice site for cultivation, giving a separate room for her.

Having a Yin talisman, Ying Huafei naturally felt her cultivation speed increase by many times.

The reason why Tuoba Ye did this was also to not let Ying Huafei leave. He, wanted to keep her, naturally must give some benefits to make her hate to leave.

Her cultivation speed greatly increased, Ying Huafei was very surprised: “Young husband, what situation is this? I feel my cultivation speed has increased by many folds, if I cultivate at this area, it won’t be long before I can become rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert.”

“That is of course!”Tuoba Ye was somewhat proud.


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