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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 22


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123, Jafz

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Chapter 22 Sneak Attack at Late Night

In a flash, three months passed by. Tuoba Ye’s party were eliminating bandits at the Southern Heaven mountain range, without resting for a single day.

Every time they would eliminate everyone, and with the bandit groups originally not having any friendly relationship, the massacre of the bandit groups didn’t reach the other bandit groups.

Within the three months, they had killed several hundreds of mediocre bandit groups, eighty three small bandit groups, eight great bandit groups. The goods they harvested were innumerable, along with over two million gold coins.

Most of the Southern Heaven bandit groups had already been more or less exterminated, the only ones left were the strongest super bandit group, one great bandit group, and over twenty small bandit groups.

In these three months that Tuoba Ye and others spent time by fighting, the unceasing fights made all of them progress by a lot.

Long Yi and Long Er had already advanced to rank three Xiantian Martial God realm, other six of the Eight Dragon Guards had all become rank two Xiantian Martial God experts.

Zhan Meng also smoothly advanced to rank three Xiantian Martial God realm, his fighting strength however, was far above the Eight Dragon Guards.

At the present, Zhan Meng was only six years old, but he appeared to be eleven/twelve years old.

Tuoba Ye’s cultivation base had also made some progress but he hadn’t made any breakthroughs. His cultivation base was already close to rank five Xiantian Martial God realm.

Although he hadn’t made any breakthroughs, his fighting strength had progressed a lot.

Things were still the same with Rabbit Master. The majority of time, he would be sleeping, and when he was hungry, he would inconvenience Tuoba Ye and others to go fetch good wild animals. While wiping out so many bandits, they had harvested huge volumes of goods, but Rabbit Master could still carry all of them.

Solely, this point made Rabbit Master more precious than any other Xiantian Martial God realm demon beast.

Tuoba Ye and them had been continuously wiping out bandits. Soon, they discovered that the bandits were nowhere to be seen, and their goods were also gone.

It seems the remaining bandits had received the news of the massacres. Tuoba Ye and the others didn’t know whether they had disappeared or gathered together.

“Young Lord, what should we do next?” Long Yi asked.

Tuoba Ye asked: “Long Yi, can you find the thirty six great bandits’ hideout?

Long Yi shook his head: “The thirty six great bandits are very mysterious, they come and go like the wind. Very few of them personally go out to rob and once they decide to plunder, they exterminate everyone, so till this day, there is still no one who knows where the thirty six great bandits’ hideout is. On the whole journey, we have interrogated many bandits’ heads, unfortunately, there were no useful information from them. Every time, the thirty six great bandits will send an expert to go to the Southern Heaven mountain range’s big and small bandit groups to receive necessary goods.”

Tuoba Ye muttered to himself for a moment and said: “We will go to the depths of the Southern Heaven mountain range.”

He estimated that the thirty six great bandits’ hideout should be in the Southern Heaven mountain range’s deepest part, so he decided to penetrate deep into the Southern Heaven mountain range’s depths.

If the thirty six great bandits were not exterminated, their mission this time would not be regarded as completed, this was a mission he gave to himself.

It was the fifth day in the depths of the Southern Heaven mountain range, and they still hadn’t found the thirty six great bandits’ tracks.

Long Yi spoke: “Young Lord, searching this way is nothing more than trying to find a needle in the haystack.”

“Don’t worry, I have a grasp of the situation.” Tuoba Ye had full confidence.

At each mountain peak, Tuoba Ye would use divine Will to check whether there were experts or not.

His divine Will was still very small and weak, but divine Will, after all, was the divine Will, it was not something Spiritual Sense could compare to.

Tuoba Ye was unable to use divine Will to fight, but using it to check the situation was still not a problem.

On each mountain peak, he would pretend to be searching for traces and with this, he would feign whether there were bandits in the mountain or not.

Not to mention, although they hadn’t found any tracks of the thirty six great bandits but they had been able to eliminate some small bandits group.

This day, Tuoba Ye and they arrived at Heaven’s First Peak. Just like before he pretended to look for traces all around the place, but in fact, he was using the divine Will to check the situation at the mountain peak.

Heaven’s First Peak was very tranquil, there was nothing unusual about  it. But when Tuoba Ye checked just now, he discovered there were many experts halfway up the mountain.

As for the mountain summit, there were many formidable energies.

After discovering this, he remained calm and collected, continuing to look for traces. He could not casually say bandits were there.

Since he had found the bandits, trying to find more clues was comparatively easy.

Not long after, Tuoba Ye found traces of great amounts of people walking around: “Heaven’s First Peak certainly has bandits but I’m not sure if this time we found the thirty six great bandits or not.”

“Young Lord, you really are tremendous! Do we immediately go to kill?” Zhan Meng was very excited.

Tuoba Ye was very certain, the Heaven’s First Peak was the thirty six great bandits’ hideout. Inside was at the minimum, over forty Xiantian Martial God realm experts, he couldn’t jump in to kill.

He thought and spoke: “First rest, we will go up at late night. This time, we are going to sneak attack.”

Nightfall, they set off. Arriving halfway up the mountain, they disposed of those hidden sentries.

Tuoba Ye and them were all Xiantian Martial God experts, there was not even a little bit of noise when disposing the hidden sentries.

Afterwards, they slowly arrived at the mountain peak, calmly waiting.

Very quickly in the dead of the night, Tuoba Ye made the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng wait for an opportunity to move. He first wanted to dispose as much of the Xiantian Martial God experts as possible without alarming great amounts of bandits under these circumstances.

Zhan Meng and they knew Tuoba Ye’s strength was the strongest, naturally they could not oppose to it.

Tuoba Ye at the middle of the night, seemed like a demon, he moved with extreme speed. Or rather, he was like a small demon, his size was indeed small.

He used the divine Will to find out the area where those Xiantian Martial God experts were residing, then scanned through each and everyone from outside to inside.

At the outermost area was a room, after Tuoba Ye entered, he found that a rank one Xiantian Martial God was in the process of cultivating.

Tuoba Ye’s movements were very light, not even a little bit of sound was made, he walked in front of that person.

He took out a knife and cut that expert’s throat.

As the throat was cut, the expert couldn’t emit any sound, very quickly he stopped breathing.

After disposing that Xiantian Martial God expert, Tuoba Ye didn’t go to take his belongings, instead, he went to the next Xiantian Martial God expert’s room.

Using the same method, he continuously disposed of twelve Xiantian Martial god experts.

When he went to dispose the thirteenth Xiantian Martial God, by some lucky coincidence, the counterpart had just finished his cultivation practice. He suddenly got up and glanced at Tuoba Ye.

“Little demon, which family are you from?” That bandit asked, he again looked at Tuoba Ye and saw the knife, his complexion had small change: “You, a child is actually playing with knife?”

He suddenly thought of a problem, he hadn’t noticed the child entering the room, this was somewhat fishy.

“Men, come!” He reacted and shouted in a loud voice.

Tuoba Ye saw the counterpart had discovered him so he immediately tried to take action.

Only, he was late by a step, the counterpart had already shouted out in loud voice.

He threw the small knife as quickly as lightning, that expert used the Yuan Force to defend but it couldn’t resist Tuoba Ye’s attack.

“Ahhhhh!” The blade entered his chest, the handle hadn’t entered when he screamed a blood-curdling screech and collapsed over.

Although, Tuoba Ye killed him, but he had alarmed the other bandits now he could not continue with the sneak attacks.

He quickly retreated and reached to the meeting point of the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng.

“Young Lord, you are alright, you really are too great!” Long Yi had been very anxious.

Tuoba Ye nodded: “I am fine, you lineup in the array formation to battle the enemy, Zhan Meng and I will each look for opponents to do close quarter combat. The thirty six great bandits’ hideout is here, there are lots of Xiantian Martial God experts, you must not be careless.”

“Yes, Young Lord!” The Eight Dragon Guards lined up according to the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array formation, waiting for the arrival of the enemy.

Zhan Meng’s eyes were wide open, he wasn’t scared at all but instead he was very excited.

Tuoba Ye tried to be with Zhan Meng as much as possible so as to not let him fall in any harm.

Zhan Meng had the best quality cultivation talent, if he died here, Tuoba Ye would never be able to forgive himself.

This time, eliminating the bandits was for sharpening his subordinates, it was not at all for delivering them to their deaths.

“Kill!” Taking advantage of the counterpart just recently waking up and still hadn’t made good preparations, Tuoba Ye took the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng to charge in and kill.

They immediately used their Yuan Force to form blade lights, the blade lights swept around, common bandits fundamentally had no way to resist.

“Aahhhhh, Aahhhh….”Blood curdling screams were emitted incessantly.

Heaven’s First Peak’s mountain peak, immediately changed into hell.It was even much more miserable than hell.

The whole Heaven’s First Peak’s mountain peak had over a thousand bandits, solely Xiantian Martial God experts were over forty in numbers.

After short period of time, the remaining thirty Xiantian Martial God experts intercepted Tuoba Ye and them.

“Who are you? Unexpectedly, you came to our thirty six great bandits’ hideout, you are simply courting death!”

“Boss, you see the child, he came to our hideout and killed, he is really looking down on our thirty six great bandits.”

“Boss, this child is not even ten years old, the other one is also at most ten years old.”

The head bandit coldly spoke: “It is needless for you to say, I am not blind.”

A cold light flashed through his eyes, his rage was on the verge of breaking out.

Long Yi calmly spoke: “Thirty Six great bandits, you don’t know who we are? The Southern Heaven mountain range’s big and small bandit groups listen to you and only then, they tried to stop us at southern Yuncheng city.”

“You are the Treasure Assembly House’s trading caravan!”a bandit cried out in alarm.

The head great bandit slapped that guy flying and cursed: “Fool!”

That bandit was sent flying, blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth. No one dared to speak.

These kind of words were not easy to admit when the thirty six great bandits sent people to obstruct Treasure Assembly House’s trading caravan.

Even the common bandits wished to know the reasons for the attack.

Now, after the matter had already been exposed, the thirty six great bandits would show no restraints.

The great bandit head, Bandit Feiyang, sneered: “So it turns out, it was Treasure Assembly House’s trading caravan. You were able to find your way to our hideout, you really exceeded my imagination. Unfortunately, you have delivered yourself to Death, don’t blame us. haha……”

“Whose request did you accept?”Tuoba Ye asked.

His voice was very young and soft, drawing bursts of laughter from those bandits.

“Where did a little child come from? Is this your place to speak, son?” A bandit laughed.

“You are courting death!” Zhan Meng became angry, he prepared to move out.

Tuoba Ye stopped him, he smilingly spoke: “Who requested your help? Hand over a clear reply now and I can still let you live.”

“Child, you are very good, daring to be so wild in my presence, unfortunately you are a little too arrogant and conceited.”Bandit Feiyang spoke.

Along with the wave of his war blade, a great amount of bandits quickly rushed and encircled Tuoba Ye and others.

After the bandits finished encircling, Bandit Feiyang laughed: “Since you won’t be alive anymore, there is no harm in telling you, it was the Qian Clan who asked us to do this. They offered us a hundred thousand gold coins to obstruct the Treasure Assembly House’s trading caravan for half a year. We, the thirty six great bandits naturally won’t let such a good deal slip by, so we immediately accepted the request.”


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