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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 21


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky, Jafz, hakubruh

Chapter 21 Magical Rabbit Master

Long Er had great strength. In spite of this, he was able to stop the blade’s momentum and stop it from chopping down. Only, he rested the war blade on the counterpart’s neck.

That expert was only a rank one Xiantian Martial God, there was a big difference in strength between him and Long Er. If it were not for his sneak attack, then he would not have been a threat to Long Er.

Along with the Xiantian Martial God being caught alive, the Heaven Wolf was also contained by Long Yi.

Tuoba Ye and Zhan Meng walked over, the Eight Dragon Guards all gave salutations to Tuoba Ye, which made the Heaven Wolf and the expert very shocked.

How could they have thought, the child in front of them was the boss of this group of people?

Tuoba Ye walked besides that Xiantian Martial God and spoke: “Tell me your origin, otherwise, Die!”

He was very grim and didn’t show a thread of expression.

That Xiantian Martial God spoke: “I am a person of the Heaven Wolf stronghold.”

Tuoba Ye nodded and smiled: “Very good. You court death yourself, don’t blame me.”

Long Er knew Tuoba Ye’s meaning, without any extra effort, he swept his precious blade, cutting apart that Xiantian Martial God’s head, blood sprayed up.

Heaven Wolf was the boss of Heaven Wolf stronghold, he had treated human lives like grass,  but now, his legs went soft and his whole body shivered.

In his eyes, Tuoba Ye was a small devil, and to this bandit, he seemed even more terrible.

Tuoba Ye, however, slowly walked over: “You are Heaven Wolf, right? Tell me his identity.”

“I am Heaven Wolf, he was not a person of Heaven Wolf stronghold, he was from the thirty six great bandits.” Heaven Wolf promptly replied, afraid he would be beheaded by Long Yi’s blade if he was even a bit late.

“Thirty six great bandits!” Long Yi was shocked: “Could it be the strongest bandit group of the Southern Heaven mountain range?”

“Right, the thirty six great bandits. Although they have only thirty six people, they all are experts of Xiantian Martial God realm and the strongest bandits of the Southern Heaven mountain range. They have been able to move unhindered for several hundred years, they’re invincible.” Heaven Wolf spoke.

Tuoba Ye asked: “Where are they at?”

“Young Lord, kill me, I also don’t know!” Heaven Wolf spoke.

The majestic bandits’ head was now scared into crying, he had lost enough face.

“Take us to your treasure storehouse, if you conceal anything, you will be killed without question!” Tuoba Ye spoke coldly.

Heaven Wolf trembled violently, he promptly led the way.

Heaven Wolf stronghold’s treasure storehouse had many treasures;all kinds of goods, furthermore, weapons and at a corner was two big trunks of gold coins, the amount was perhaps in tens of thousands.

Seeing these things, Tuoba Ye had a headache. If he had a cultivator’s space treasure, he could store all these stuffs inside it, unfortunately,  he didn’t have it and only could watch helplessly.

These stuffs were all money, discarding them was really a pity.

“Young Lord, these treasures, we can’t take them away!” Long Yi spoke.

“Why didn’t you seek me, Rabbit Master, for help? I might be able to help you.” Rabbit Master, at long last, woke up. Just a moment ago, during the huge battle, he had been deep asleep.

“Monster!” Heaven Wolf cried out in alarm and then immediately fainted.

Demon beasts capable of speaking were indeed regarded as monsters.

Wordly people hadn’t seen such monsters, there was nothing strange about it.

“Rabbit Master, if you can really carry along these stuffs, then you will have enough delicious foods and tasty drinks.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

He could be regarded as having extensive knowledge and experience, but he had never met demon beast having space inside its body.

He really wanted to see if this Rabbit Master was really so awesome, if there really was space, that would mean he earned big.

Rabbit Master jumped from Tuoba Ye’s shoulder and walked close to that heap of goods.

He hadn’t made any movements, those goods all disappeared in a flash.

Long Yi and others’ eyes all widened, thinking they had seen a ghost.

Even if Tuoba Ye had wide range of experience, he was also very shocked: “Rabbit Master, you are really good! Afterwards, I will provide you with delicious foods and tasty drinks. I wonder, how much goods can you still carry?”

“Don’t worry, this bit of goods isn’t regarded as anything, even if there was thousands, ten thousands times this amount, I can carry them.” Rabbit Master spoke with his head held high.

Tuoba Ye became more excited, from what he knew, five meter square space good in the cultivation world and was already extremely expensive.

Rabbit Master had too large a space inside him. Tuoba Ye didn’t know how large it was in exact amount. If he hadn’t made a nonsensical statement, then the space inside his body already transcended the Spirit Tool rank space goods category.

No matter what, this was a good matter. They still were going to eliminate other bandits, and they had been worried they wouldn’t be able to take along the goods plundered by the bandits. Now, there was no need to worry about this so they were very happy.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “No one should leak this matter, understood?”

“Yes, Young Lord!” Zhan Meng and others nodded one after another.

Long Yi spoke: “Young Lord, we must take the Heaven Wolf’s severed head and weapons, this is demanded by the mission.”

“Go do it.” Tuoba Ye didn’t care whether the Heaven Wolf lived or died.

This kind of wicked bandit, there was no need to allow them to continue to live for evil. To their promises, Tuoba Ye didn’t put them in his heart.

Long Yi showed no mercy, he beheaded the Heaven Wolf with his blade, then handled it so as not to let it rot. They would still be at the Southern Heaven mountain range for several months, by that time the head would rot, that could not be handed over as the assignment.

“Long Yi, who is our next target?” Tuoba Ye asked.

The Heaven Wolf stronghold was wiped out, Tuoba Ye and them still didn’t stop, since they had come out, they would wipe out the Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandits.

Long Yi glanced at the map and spoke: “Thunder Wind stronghold, they have close to two hundred bandits and they are headed by two bandits who are both rank one Xiantian Martial God experts.”

“This Thunder Wind stronghold’s strength is not bad. If they are eliminated, the harvest would certainly not be bad.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

The stronger the bandits, the more goods they would have plundered.

So long as they eliminate Thunder Wind stronghold, the harvest would certainly be huge.

Between having Xiantian Martial God experts and not having, there was a complete contrast between the two.

Thunder Wind stronghold was far from something the Heaven Wolf stronghold could compare to.

They hurried towards the Thunder Wolf stronghold. On the journey, they dealt with some small bandit groups and harvested some goods.

Only, those small bandit groups had no reputation, there were no missions regarding them.

They just had bad luck, running into Tuoba Ye and others. They were all eliminated and the goods were completely carried by the Rabbit Master.

Half day later, they reached the Thunder Wind stronghold.

The Thunder Wolf stronghold was very wary. Halfway up the mountain, they also set up traps.

Unfortunately, those traps were of no use to Xiantian Martial God experts, Long Yi and others relaxedly killed to the peak and entered the Thunder Wind stronghold’s den.

Thunder Wolf stronghold dispatched all its troops as if they were facing a big enemy.

Headed by two bandits, both of whom were rank one Xiantian Martial God experts, they had such imposing manner, it could even astonish evil spirits.

“Young Lord, this time, let me gain experience.” Zhan Meng was very excited.

“Go, make the fight short!”

“Kill!” Zhan Meng immediately rushed to kill the enemies.

He had been given no chance to deal with the bandits. With incomparable savageness, he directly entered the group of bandits and started killing.

The bandits had no choice, they could only fight.

“Kill! Leave no one alive!” the bandits were very angry.

The Eight Dragon Guards also moved out to fight, each and every one of them quickly reached their max speed.

They had still not arrived at the battle scene, blade lights were moving about unhindered, a blood-curdling scream transmitted outwards.

Thunder Wind stronghold’s bandits’ complexion had huge changes, they all saw that not many people were arriving, but those people all were Xiantian Martial God experts.

They didn’t have a chance to retreat, blade lights flew close to their bodies, many bandits died one after another.

Zhan Meng was very ferocious. Rushing into the crowd, his pair of hands attacked left and right. With one fist for one person, it never failed to achieve a result.

Over a hundred bandits, in less than ten minutes, had all collapsed on the ground. The two chief bandits received heavy injuries, and they didn’t have any strength to resist.

From the start, Tuoba Ye didn’t take any action. This was a good opportunity for the Eight Dragon Guards to sharpen themselves. If he took action, the Eight Dragon Guards wouldn’t have any opportunity to make their moves.

This two bandits, all along, didn’t agree to take Tuoba Ye and others to their treasure storehouse, Tuoba Ye also showed no mercy, immediately giving order to kill.

Long Yi gathered the two bandits’ heads and weapons, he spoke: “Young Lord, we don’t know where the treasure storehouse is, what should we do now?”

The Eight Dragon Guards had already taken off all the gold coins on the bandits’ body, weapons and equipments were also not left out.

Tuoba Ye thought and spoke: “We will carefully search around, if we don’t find the treasure storehouse, we can only give up.”

“Why are you again not seeking Rabbit Master?” Rabbit Master laughed.

“Rabbit Master, you can find the treasure storehouse?” Tuoba Ye was somewhat doubtful.

Rabbit Master proudly said: “What you are saying is an insult to my intelligence, such a simple matter, I can do it hands down.”

“Rabbit Master, I will have to inconvenience you.” Tuoba Ye was very happy.

Rabbit Master dashed towards the back of the mountain stronghold and unexpectedly, entered a cave entrance next to the precipice.

That cave entrance was very concealed, if the Rabbit Master had not led the way, they could not have found it.

“Let’s go in and take a look.” Tuoba Ye and others promptly followed up with extreme speed.

In the depths of the cave was a huge dwelling area. It was filled up with every kinds of goods;foodstuffs and weapons. It had everything one desired, furthermore, there were over twenty trunks of gold coins all piled up like a small hill.

“Rabbit Master, you really are ingenious!” Tuoba Ye was very happy: “I still have to inconvenience you to carry all these goods, as it is not convenient for other people.”

Rabbit Master used his skill, the big pile of goods quickly disappeared.

Consecutively eliminating two big bandit groups, the sky had already turned dark.

“Today, everyone will rest at the Thunder Wind stronghold. Tomorrow, we will continue at dawn.” Tuoba Ye gave his command.

The Eight Dragon Guards rested in turns, leaving behind two experts to patrol the night.

Continuously doing big battles, the Eight Dragon Guards made a lot of progress. Many had begun to comprehend through the battle.

Now, they were cultivating with a calm heart, progressing with lightning speed.

Tuoba Ye settled down, also thinking of some issues.

Southern Heaven mountain range had a reputation of having a super bandit group, nine great bandit groups, hundreds of small bandit groups, furthermore over thousands of mediocre bandit groups.

The super bandit group was naturally the thirty six great bandits. They had the highest strength, all along, maintaining thirty six Xiantian Martial God experts. But in fact, the thirty six great bandits were more than just thirty six people, they were certain to have many backup members, otherwise, it was impossible for them to replenish the loss of experts very quickly.

Nine great bandit groups, all were Xiantian Martial God bandit groups, Thunder Wind stronghold was one of them.

As for the Heaven Wolf stronghold, it could only be regarded as a small bandit group, these kind of bandit groups were in the hundreds. They were all famous on the list of bandits, Long Yi and others had accepted the missions to kill all of them.

Mediocre bandit groups were too many, in any case, it was not important to count them. Once again, bandit groups that had no Xiantian Martial God experts, basically they were all mediocre.

This kind of bandit groups could also cause disasters. Only, they were scattered around everywhere. Plus, they didn’t have immense strength, so they didn’t have their names on the list.

Tuoba Ye handled the mediocre bandit groups in the same way, kill without pardon.

He didn’t show even a bit of mercy to bandit groups, like a terrifying predator.

He was still only a child, if the outside world knew this, none of them would believe it.


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