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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 15


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123

Chapter 15 Establishing Treasure Assembly House

Tuoba Ye sensed Yuewen Jiewu’s gaze but he didn’t care and immediately followed Xia Yuxuan to leave.

This time, buying slaves, although it didn’t go without a hitch;they won four hundred thousand gold coins and this was a huge harvest.

“Little Ye, don’t you want anything?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

Tuoba Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t!”

He was still too young and even if he ordered some weapons and equipment, they would still not be used for a few years.

Otherwise, he would have already gone to order some equipment.

The Tuoba Clan also received information and knew that Tuoba Ye’s subordinate had won the martial contest. Moreover, Xia Yuxuan had doubled her money and won four hundred thousand gold coins.

“Little Ye, well done. In a short while, we won four hundred thousand gold coins. To our Tuoba Clan, this is very essential.” Tuoba Wei was extremely glad.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Second grandpa, you don’t want the gold coins?”

“Haha…….. of course not. Ah! Little Ye, in truth second grandpa wants to know;the rank nine Houtian warrior you bought a few months back, how did his strength increase suddenly after just few months? Unexpectedly, defeating a rank two Xiantian Martial God and moreover, with absolute dominance. There must be a secret, right?” Tuoba Wei was very curious.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Second grandpa, to tell you the truth, I have a master and he should be a cultivation expert. He gave me a treasure which is capable of promoting strength substantially. Only, this treasure can only be used once. Now, it is already scrapped.”

“You have a master, is this true?” Tuoba Wei was shocked.

“Of course, previously, I only told mother and father about this matter. I have to request that second grandpa will keep this a secret.” Tuoba Ye said solemnly.

Tuoba Wei promptly replied, “Don’t worry, I will keep this a secret. Only, can your senior master impart some martial skills to our Tuoba Clan to promote our strength?”

“Second grandpa, you need not worry about this. I already asked for some martial skills and all of them are of near high rank secret martial skills. I can immediately give them to you. Only, these martial skills must not be taught widely, other clans should absolutely not know of them. Otherwise, our Tuoba Clan will face big trouble. We only need to wait till our strength becomes formidable, with enough strength, revealing these martial skills won’t be a problem.” Tuoba Ye had indeed already prepared for this situation, but he didn’t dare to take out too good martial skills so as to avoid bringing trouble to the Tuoba Clan.

Tuoba Wei was very happy: “Little Ye, you are very thoughtful. These martial skills, I will only impart to the Tuoba Clan’s core experts.”

He held the secret books and left with smiles all over his face.

Tuoba Ye was also very happy. The Tuoba Clan becoming stronger would also be advantageous to him.

The Shenwu Continent was a declining rank three cultivation world. Resources were certainly deficient and cultivation required a lot of resources to be spent wantonly.

Strong clans would be able to establish commerce groups so they could collect cultivation resources.

Tuoba Ye clearly understood, once he became a cultivator, he would require tenfold, even hundredfold times resources than other cultivators. If there was not enough resources, it would be very difficult for him to progress. This was mainly because of the divine Root and the divine Punishment Jade Talisman.They both required huge amounts of Yuan Qi of Heaven and Earth. Relying on only his absorption would definitely be out of the question;that kind of cultivation speed would be too slow.

Strengthening the Tuoba Clan was the quickest method, he wanted to slowly establish power, at the minimum, that would take ten-twenty years.

Tuoba Wei and the clan had already reconciled with him, so giving them some benefits would stabilize the heart.

Conveniently taking out some martial skills was also no problem. They were much more advanced than the Tuoba Clan’s. To say the least, the Tuoba Clan’s core experts would be able to increase their strength by a rank.

After Tuoba Wei departed, Xia Yuxuan found Tuoba Ye: “Little Ye, we have so much gold coins on our hands, what should they be used for? We can’t always hold them in our hands.”

“Mother, do you have any suggestions?” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“I intend to establish a commerce group. Anyway, I don’t have any important matters to attend to, I can just go out and earn some gold coins.” Xia Yuxuan replied.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “Mother, if you really want to go out to do business, naturally, there is no problem. How about establishing a Treasure Assembly House which specializes in all kinds of treasures.”

“What treasures to deal?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

“Weapon equipments, every kind of materials, elixirs, medicinal pills, rare martial skills and so on. If there is a comparatively higher rank treasure, we could hold public auction, the business would explode with popularity.” Tuoba Ye said.

According to what he understood about the Zhan Country;the Zhan Country was a comparatively remote country, its close neighbour was the Desolate Southern region, therefore Zhan Country’s business was not at all good.

And Tuoba Ye’s previous world was the Silver River world, a rank six cultivation world. Stores selling every kinds of treasures could be seen everywhere.

For the sake of cultivating, he had gone to such locations many times, naturally he was very clear about it.

At the Silver River world, auction sites had the most popularity and the stalls near it would also flourish very prosperously.

Actually, Tuoba Ye also thought of this issue, he intended to combine the auction site, treasures trading street, treasure trading stalls into a store and he had already prepared a name for it –Treasure Assembly House.

Only, to establish a Treasure Assembly House it would require a large amount of gold coins.

Xia Yuxuan had only six hundred thousand gold coins on her hands, this was far from enough.

“Little Ye, these kinds of treasure transactions. This amount of gold coins is not enough, right?” Xia Yuxuan was still very perceptive about gold coins.

“Yes, it would be very difficult to begin without at least a million gold coins.” Tuoba Ye replied: “Mother, under our Tuoba Clan, don’t we have a large amount of land? If there is such a place, we can slowly start.”

Xia Yuxuan though for a while and replied: “There is. We have a huge manor at Shendu Capital;during the days, when your grandfather exhibited outstanding military services, the Emperor had rewarded him with it. Only, your grandfather is not very fond of luxuries, therefore he was firm on not moving to that manner. For such a long time, we have only sent people, at regular intervals, to clean it.”

“Mother, we will immediately go take a look at that manor.” Tuoba Ye was very excited.

If there was already a huge manor and good enough space, then, six hundred thousand gold coins was capable of becoming an initial investment for the establishment of the Treasure Assembly House.

Only, it was not an easy matter to differentiate the quality of the treasures.

Perhaps the whole Zhan Country may not have such a single talented person.

Naturally, Tuoba Ye had cultivated divine Will and he could easily distinguish treasures, but that wouldn’t do. He could only operate from behind the scenes.

He could only be behind the scenes because he was still too young. Being low-key was for the better.

Xia Yuxuan’s mood also lifted up very much, taking along Tuoba Ye, she immediately set off.

Quickly, they arrived at the area. The manor was not very far from the High General’s residence, also it was at Shendu Capital’s central area which was considered to be a Golden area.

The huge manor occupied a wide expanse of land. All around, it was surrounded by a ten meter high wall.

Outside the big gate of the manor, two huge incomparably mighty looking stone statues of a lion stood there, the vermillion and red gate was massive and elegant.

Such a huge manor, only had cleaning servants to watch over it showing its lack of popularity.

Tuoba Ye glanced at the manor and was very satisfied.

Entering inside through the big gate, both sides had houses and in the middle was a six meter wide bluestone road. The bluestone road went on for nine hundred meters and from there the main building could be seen.

The main building had many rooms, some of them could be used for conducting various kinds of treasures and the bluestone road could be used as a trading street.The huge courtyard could be used as an auction site.

“Mother, does this manor have a big courtyard?” Tuoba Ye asked.

The manor was too big, it was impossible to look all around in a short time, it was more simple to directly ask.

“There is, at the rear there is a very big courtyard. It is an area for growing plants and flowers;there are artificial hills and rivers, it is extremely beautiful.” Xia Yuxuan had a feeling of yearning on her face.

“Ohh! Let’s go take a look quickly.” Tuoba Ye was pleasantly surprised.

He quickly walked over to the rear court, Xia Yuxuan immediately followed closely behind.

Reaching the rear court, it really was very beautiful. All kinds of flower strived for splendor, artificial hills and rivers created an idyllic scene. Extremely beautiful and secluded, almost like an Immortal’s territory. Moreover, the rear court had a huge specialized site to practice martial arts. After going out of the main building, you just had to go some direction to the right.

This area was really suitable for holding an auction, but Tuoba Ye didn’t have to heart to rebuild this area.

“Mother, there should be a side yard in such a big manor, right?”

“Of course, on either side of the manor is a courtyard, residences for the guests are made there.” Xia Yuxuan said: “Little Ye, what do you want to do?”

“First, I will go take a look.” Tuoba Ye didn’t reply and quickly left.

The courtyard on the either sides were very big. Only, the large part of the area had buildings.

Tuoba Ye thought over for a while;he decided to rebuild one courtyard into an auction site, whereas the other area wouldn’t be changed.

The bluestone road was for trading, so long as it was for transacting treasures, anyone would be able to set up a stall, free of charge. Only, the Treasure Assembly House would have priority to buy the treasures below their normal price.

The buildings on  either side would be used to trade comparatively common treasures and they would also be used to collect and receive treasures. Several houses near the main building would be modified and they would be used for the transaction of precious treasures and they would need Tuoba Ye himself to personally check.

The auction site would be established on the right side, whereas the left side would be the residence of subordinates and servants.

The rear courtyard was too beautiful, it could be used as entertainment for one’s family.

Tuoba Ye had already formed an image inside his mind;a bustling, out of the ordinary Treasure Assembly House.

“Little Ye what are you thinking?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

“Mother, let’s return back to discuss with second grandpa, we will pretend to have moved out.” Tuoba Ye gave a mysterious smile and didn’t say much.

“Little Ye, you wait a minute, you still haven’t told me what you want to do?” Xia Yuxuan asked urgently.

“I will inform you once we return home.” Tuoba Ye didn’t want to explain several times.

He already had a very good image in his mind and he believed he would be able to slowly implement it.

Soon, Tuoba Ye, Xia Yuxuan returned home to the High General’s residence and got in touch with Tuoba Wei to meet at evening.

At evening, Tuoba Wei, Tuoba Zhan, and Tuoba Zhong, all arrived. In addition to Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye, altogether there were five people coming together to discuss about a huge matter.

“Little Ye, for what matter did you call us all?” Tuoba Wei asked.

He had just recently, obtained exquisite martial skills from Tuoba Ye. He was very anxious to throw the whole core experts into studying those martial skills.

Tuoba Ye replied: “Mother is preparing to do business, we want to use the ignored huge manor, therefore we wanted to negotiate with second grandpa and third grandpa.”

“Everyone is of a single family, and the huge manor had always been yours to supervise. You want to use it for business, there is no complaint from me.” Tuoba Wei replied.

Tuoba Zhong spoke: I also have no complaint. That huge manor is disadvantageous to use, it is too wasteful.”

“Many thanks second grandpa and third grandpa. I still have to inconvenience you to develop a good show, we want to loosen the other big clan’s alertness and give us few years time to slowly develop.” Tuoba Ye showed a playful smile.


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