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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 14


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123

Chapter 14 Great Force Talisman’s Incredible Might

Long Yi was guaranteed to gain victory, Tuoba Ye searched for Xia Yuxuan so that he could go to the betting booth and make some profits.

If a clan wanted to expand and strengthen, it required a great amount of gold coins.

Moreover, later on, cultivation also required gold coins to purchase resources.

In the Shenwu Continent;some Cultivation Clans are in fact set up by Cultivation Sects so that, at the secular world, they could gather cultivation resources and treasures.

Afterwards, the Tuoba Clan would be certain to develop into a Cultivation Clan. Gathering wealth was the first step.

Anyway, this slave market’s boss was Zhan Country’s richest person. Moreover, Tuoba Ye heard from the onlookers that this slave market’s boss was a person from the Qian Clan.

The Tuoba Clan’s Clan Master was missing, the Qian Clan was unlikely to give up this opportunity to deal with the Tuoba Clan.

“So much!” Xia Yuxuan cried out in alarm.

“As long as the other party dare to take it, the more the better!” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“Alright, I believe you!” Xia Yuxuan personally went to stake the bets.

She went to the betting booth and took out her gold card: “I am betting all the gold coins in this gold card, will you accept?”

“Who are you betting on?”

“I am betting on the Tuoba Clan’s victory, altogether two hundred thousand gold coins.” Xia Yuxuan said.

That boss hesitated, again seeing the Qian Clan people’s signals, he promised: “We accept your bets.”

Xia Yuxuan staked the amount, then she shuddered with nervousness.

About two hundred thousand gold coins, it was enough to cover the expenses of a hundred thousand army. This much gold coins, if it was to be lost, the Tuoba Clan’s finances would take a hit.

The Tuoba Clan was of a military background, they were not good at engaging in businesses. To earn this much gold coins really wasn’t easy.

Only, she had seen Tuoba Ye’s awesomeness and shrewdness;several times, so she still decided to trust in Tuoba Ye.

Princess Ziyu as a bystander had seen Xia Yuxuan staking a huge amount on Long Yi, she also sent someone to put a bet.

She didn’t stake much, staking twenty thousand gold coins on Long Yi’s victory, to other people that was a huge amount but to a princess, that really was not much.

That boss,received two big stakes consecutively, trembled slightly. If Long Yi was victorious, with a two to one ratio, they must pay over four hundred thousand gold coins, this was not a small amount.

He anxiously glanced at the Qian Clan’s seniors. The Qian Clan’s seniors didn’t have any abnormal expressions, hinting him with a nod and giving him a reassuring look.

That boss felt the cold sweat on his forehead, he was still restless.

Quickly, a large group of horse riders encircled the martial arts stage making the stage impenetrable.

Slave market originally, was a place where people hurried to and fro, the stream of people was very big.

The news of Tuoba Clan’s subordinate and Yuwen Clan’s subordinate’s martial contest quickly spread around like a wildfire. Those selected slaves, slave market’s staffs, completely put down their work and hurried to the martial arts stage to view the contest.

The Zhan Country revered martial might so there were martial arts stages in many areas.

Fights were even more common and there would be a lot of people making bets on the fight.

This had become a custom and it was favored very much by the Imperial Clan.

Martial might was supreme, this was the motto of this world.

If one didn’t have enough strength then everything would be a fleeting imagination.

The martial contest hadn’t still begun, one after another comments were being made. Moreover, there were experts from several big clans watching the fight.

“A few months before;the Tuoba Clan had bought some rank nine Houtian warriors, they hadn’t bought any Xiantian Martial God realm experts. But not long ago, Yuwen Jiewu bought a rank two Xiantian Martial God expert, that expert is said to have formidable strength. It seems, one can already guess the result of this martial contest.”

“I have just received news, Xia Yuxuan has staked heavy amount of gold coins in this fight;the Tuoba Clan won’t be able to endure such a blow.”

“The Tuoba Clan, their Clan Master is missing, there is no inner stability, where did they get their confidence?” Some experts couldn’t understand.


The experts on the scene, a majority of them were optimistic about Yuwen Jiewu’s subordinate so they had staked on the Yuwen Clan’s victory.

Someone had started a betting booth, the martial contest could only begin after half an hour because there were still many spectators putting their bets.

This was a common occurrence in the Shenwu Continent.

Tuoba Ye was not at all worried about victory or defeat. Actually, it was out of question, once Long Yi used the Great Force talisman, he would naturally obtain victory.

The Great Force talisman could be said to be a treasure of the cultivation world, naturally its power was beyond imagination.

Time flew by, Tuoba Ye didn’t create any stir;by following Xia Yuxuan closely he resembled an obedient child.

Only, Xia Yuxuan and others knew how terrifying Tuoba Ye was.

The martial contest quickly started. The slave market had experts willing to be the referee, who announced the start of the contest.

Long Yi and another expert went on the martial arts stage. Yuwen Jiewu had sent out a rank two Xiantian Martial God expert, named Guo Xiaolong.

Yuwen Jiewu watched Tuoba Ye attentively: “Guo Xiaolong, get me a victory!”

Tuoba Ye pretended he hadn’t heard and he didn’t care.

Yuwen Jiewu went to boast off besides Situ Yu, but Situ Yu didn’t give him any good response.

Bringing contempt upon himself, Yuwen Jiewu could only watch the martial contest.

Long Yi and Guo Xiaolong saluted each other, then the martial contest started.

Guo Xiaolong was holding a long spear, he wielded it with a lot of strength;it was very quick and violent.

He thrusted it with great speed, Long Yi could only see the spear images all around him.

Long Yi was very calm, his hands held the great blade. He dodged and struck the blade with a calm expression.

The fight had just begun, Long Yi didn’t use the Great Force talisman, he wanted to see what level his own strength had reached.

Originally, his strength was not weak, following Tuoba Ye to train for several months. He had ended up being beaten up many times, but his fighting strength was able to increase by a huge margin. He had also practiced the previously learned martial skills many times.

Being able to resist without using the Great Force talisman made him pleasantly surprised.

Only, Guo Xiaolong’s strength was clearly superior, his cultivation base was higher by one rank and his Yuan Force exceeded Long Yi’s by a lot.

After fighting for a while, he started to dominate the fight step by step, suppressing Long Yi and not giving him time to even breathe.

Yuwen Jiewu was very happy: “Tuoba Ye, your subordinate is about to be defeated, the ten thousand gold coins are mine.”

Once again, he looked towards Situ Yu: “Younger Cousin, in a moment, whatever you like just let me know and I will buy it for you.”

Confronting this kind of situation, Long Yi continued to persevere for a while, only then did he use the Great Force talisman.

After using the Great Force talisman, he felt his power double, as if power was overflowing out of him. However, this couldn’t be sensed by outsiders, only a cultivation expert would be able to sense the spirit force fluctuations.

He also didn’t use any exquisite skills, directly using his great strength to unleash violent attacks.

With every strike, his precious blade would hack away at the opponent’s spear.

After being struck several times, Guo Xiaolong’s fingers started to bleed, somewhat unable to hold the spear properly.

“Such powerful strength!” Guo Xiaolong was very shocked, his complexion was already somewhat wan.

Long Yi, without sparing any power, unceasingly attacked;blade qi moved around unhindered.

“Bang!” The spear fell to the ground, Guo Xiaolong fell back several steps, his hands were already covered with blood.

His formidable strength and oppressive attacks made Guo Xiaolong unable to resist.

Yuwen Jiewu’s eyes were wide open, he was having trouble believing himself. Obviously when Guo Xiaolong was having upper hand, he believed he had obtained victory, but in a moment the situation reversed and Guo Xiaolong was losing.

He had been boasting to Situ Yu, now it was like he had slapped himself, he could not raise his head.

“Trash! Truly a useless person!”

Guo Xiaolong didn’t have any weapons, seeing Long Yi’s great blade striking down, he immediately kneeled on the ground: “I admit defeat!”

Slaves were also people, naturally they were afraid of death.

Long Yi’s imposing aura was very strong, after continuously attacking, his imposing aura was now at its peak.

Solely, his imposing aura was already enough to scare Guo Xiaolong.

Let alone the ruthless great sword, if it had struck down, it was possible it would split Guo Xiaolong into two halves.

The fight had finished in this way, the surrounding experts still didn’t understand how Guo Xiaolong had lost, the loss was truly baffling.

There was nothing special about Long Yi’s martial skills, only his strength had a sudden increase which gained him the victory.

“What happened? Unexpectedly, Long Yi won!”

“Long Yi won, ah! I bet all my family’s net worth on him……”

Many spectators miserably cried out, they were positive about Guo Xiaolong’s victory, naturally, they bet a big capital on him.

Well, now they lost their entire stakes, this to them was a very big blow.

This was still not regarded as much, the biggest blow was not suffered by those people and not even Yuwen Jiewu but by the Qian Clan.

They opened the betting booth, although the majority had bet on the Yuwen Clan’s victory, altogether the gold coins they betted reached just more than one hundred thousand.

They however lost over four hundred thousand gold coins, they had to pay about three hundred thousand gold coins.

The Qian Clan was the richest clan of the Zhan Country but even to them, three hundred thousand gold coins was not a small amount.

So many people had bet, they also couldn’t act unreasonably, only taking out three hundred thousand gold coins, they paid Xia Yuxuan and Princess Ziyu, also some other people who had betted on the Tuoba Clan’s victory.

“Profit! Ten thousand gold coins, you can buy a lot of delicious foods!” Tuoba Ye was very happy.

At present, he resembled a little child, this was naturally him pretending.

Princess Ziyu carefully sized up Tuoba Ye, trying to see through him.

She was not a simple girl, with very good talents, she had received many trainings from her childhood. The way she handled different matters was not something a little child could compare to.

Unfortunately, from the beginning she wasn’t able to see through Tuoba Ye. She was somewhat curious about Tuoba Ye.

“Tuoba Ye, are you a genius or just an idiot?”

Of course, she didn’t ask it out, only thought it in her heart, preparing to investigate it slowly afterwards.

Xia Yuxuan was grinning from ear to ear, she was the biggest winner this time, winning four hundred thousand gold coins.

Even if it was used to buy rank one Xiantian Martial Gods, it was enough to buy more than thirty. Having this amount of gold coins, the Tuoba Clan could attract some experts or buy a large quantity of supplies. In brief, these gold coins were capable of promoting the Tuoba Clan’s strength.

“Long Yi, well done!” Xia Yuxuan smiled.

Long Yi was very modest: “Lady, this is what I have to do.”

“Come on! Let’s return home.” Xia Yuxuan hadn’t been this happy for a long time.

Since Tuoba Xiong was missing, the Tuoba Clan’s internal affairs had been unstable;Tuoba Jie also had left Shendu Capital. Xia Yuxuan didn’t have any peaceful days, naturally, she wasn’t able to be truly happy. Today, she was really very happy, her smile continued to hang over her face.

“Aunt Xia, I will certainly make time to visit.” Princess Ziyu spoke.

She left with her subordinates. Tuoba Ye didn’t know what she was thinking, unexpectedly she wanted to visit the High General’s residence.

Tuoba Ye touched his forehead, feeling extremely helpless.

A fire quickly emerged in Yuwen Jiewu’s eyes: “Tuoba Ye, we are still not done!”


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