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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 13


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123 Sponsored by : Nader Alumutiri ( second sponsored chapter by Nader Alumitiri, many thanks)

Chapter 13 Provoking a Fight

“Your eyes are definitely not good, choosing such ugly and repulsive slaves!” Princess Ziyu looked at Tuoba Ye, immensely satisfied with herself.

Tuoba Ye indifferently spoke: “I am satisfied with how I spend the gold coins.”

“You! I don’t want to argue with you, wait and see.” Princess Ziyu gestured with her white hands.

Tuoba Ye gave a supercilious look and turned around to leave.

They continued to select comparatively powerful female slaves and Princess Ziyu continued to followed them.

She certainly wanted to fight again over the female slaves, Xia Yuxuan didn’t pay any attention, for her, seeing Xia Yuxuan fighting with Tuoba Ye was very happy occurrence.

Ordinarily, Tuoba Ye was very mature and did not resemble a little child at all.

If Princess Ziyu was capable of giving rise to Tuoba Ye’s anger and make him appear a little bit like a child, as Tuoba Ye’s mother, she was naturally happy.

From Xia Yuxuan’s expression, she seemed to be very satisfied with Princess Ziyu. Although Princess Ziyu had some air of arrogance, well, nobody was perfect so she didn’t care about this in the slightest.

Tuoba Ye was only three years old, suddenly having a fiance older than him by three years, from the start, he couldn’t accept it. For the sake of the Clan, he still needed to delay and couldn’t be in a deadlock with the Imperial Clan.

What the Imperial Clan’s purpose was, he still didn’t know and needed to understand it slowly.

“Your Highness, Lady, this is the rank eight Houtian warriors’ area, this area only has female experts so there are a lot less.” The boss spoke.

There were only thirty rank eight Houtian warrior female slaves, lot fewer compared to the male slaves.

Tuoba Ye swept through with his divine Will, these female slaves’ talents were good, otherwise it would’ve been very difficult for them to cultivate to this kind of level. Only, amongst these thirty female slaves, there wasn’t a single one with Spirit Root.

“Princess Ziyu, ladies first, make your selection first.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Princess Ziyu also didn’t decline, making her very able person select, she quickly chose eight extremely good female slaves.

Actually, selecting this kind of female slaves, choosing the younger ones as much as possible was sure to not go wrong.

That very able person, clearly employed this kind of clumsy method. Although this method was clumsy, it was very practical.

As such, the seven female slaves that Tuoba Ye fancied were all selected by Princess Ziyu.

Finally, he only selected a slave whose talent seemed to have bloomed late, hopefully she could enter Xiantian Martial God realm.

Naturally, he didn’t select himself, he passed on his selections to Xia Yuxuan upon which she would negotiate with the boss.

Being able to buy talented female slaves first, Princess Ziyu felt accomplished and extremely happy: “Boss, take us to the rank nine Houtian warriors area.” said the Princess.

The Boss was naturally very happy and immediately led the way.

Rank nine Houtian female warrior slaves were even fewer in number, altogether only 12;their ages were also above forty.

Without even speaking, Princess Ziyu still had the priority to select first, she selected the six youngest female slaves.

The remaining six slaves had good strength, but unfortunately they were too old and there wasn’t much value in cultivating them.

Seeing this kind of situation, Tuoba Ye, besides feeling gloomy, could only let out a bitter laugh.

Xia Yuxuan said: “Forget it, today we bought seven female slaves, they are already enough to look after me, a single person.”

Tuoba Ye also didn’t have any other options, only listening to his mother.

If they went to other slave markets and if Princess Ziyu followed, then any good female slaves would be certain to be bought by her.

Since this was the case, there was no need to waste time.

Besides, to raise true cultivators it was better to train them from childhood. Rank eight Houtian warriors, rank nine Houtian warriors, already didn’t have much cultivation value and were only bought to be put to some use.

Looking at Tuoba Ye’s expressions, Princess Ziyu was full of contempt, somewhat feeling superior.

Tuoba Ye couldn’t bear to see this kind of look and said: “Mother, let’s return back.”

“Aunt Xia, you don’t want to buy anymore female slaves?” Princess Ziyu smiled.

“It’s already enough!” Xia Yuxuan had smiles all over her face.

“I also don’t need to buy anymore. Let’s leave together.” Princess Ziyu said.

Outside the gate, the Imperial Guards of Princess Ziyu immediately released a cold killing intent, revealing their awe-inspiring might.

She clearly wanted to show the might of her subordinates so as to make Tuoba Ye feel inferior and afterwards, he would not dare to mention the matter regarding engagement.

Tuoba Ye really couldn’t stand it: “Mother, I am feeling sleepy.”

Xia Yuxuan also feared Tuoba Ye would get angry, so she quickly replied: “Okay, you go inside the sedan chair to sleep, we will soon return back to home.”

First time being in contact with his fiancee, Tuoba Ye was completely suppressed, his heart was extremely gloomy.

He had an adult’s experiences so he didn’t care much about it.

He was just preparing to leave, when another person came by.

“Younger Cousin, you wanted to buy demon pets, why didn’t you allow me to accompany you?” an almost ten-year-old big kid came out.

He belonged to the Yuwen Clan’s younger generation, he was called Yuwen Jiewu and he was the child of Yuwen Wenyi’s eldest brother.

Yuwen Jiewu was one of the five heroes of Shendu Capital;a rank nine Houtian warrior.

Ten years old and already a rank nine Houtian warrior, solely this bit was enough for anyone to be arrogant.

Yuwen Jiewu, since childhood, was taught that to be a man amongst men one would need to take a Princess for wife. His target was exactly Situ Yu.

Not long ago, he learned the Emperor had betrothed Situ Yu to a three year old child, Tuoba Ye. This meant the Emperor had considered the High General’s seat.

Although he had just appeared, he was looking at Tuoba Ye.

“You are Tuoba Ye?” Yuwen Jiewu coldly spoke.

“Stand still, continue to approach the Young Lord and you shall…. die!”

Zhan Meng was standing in front of Tuoba Ye, his eyes were like blades. So long as Yuwen Jiewu moved about, he would immediately be turned to a corpse. His imposing manner was very strong, Yuwen Jiewu was intimidated.

Whole body perspiring with cold sweat. Yuwen Jiewu didn’t dare to excessively approach.

Tuoba Ye pulled Zhan Meng, engrossingly looking at Yuwen Jiewu: “I am Tuoba Ye, do I know you?”

“Tuoba Ye, you would best withdraw automatically, otherwise I will kill you.” Yuwen Jiewu spoke.

“Withdraw, withdraw from what?” Tuoba Ye had an expression of not understanding.

Xia Yuxuan walked over: “Yuwen Clan’s child, be careful of what you speak of. Tuoba Ye is our Tuoba Clan’s Clan Master’s branch’s descendent, his identity and status can’t be compared to you, nor is he someone you can kill as you wish.”

“Humph! Tuoba Ye, just wait, if you don’t voluntarily withdraw, you will pay dearly.” Yuwen Jiewu turned around and left.

Tuoba Ye made a wry face: “Ah! I am afraid!”

Princess Ziyu, looking at Tuoba Ye’s wry face couldn’t help but laugh, two dimples appeared at her snow white cheeks. She was extremely cute.

She really was a cute young girl! Tuoba Ye couldn’t help but to take a glance at her, he couldn’t help but want to pinch Situ Yu’s tender white cheeks.

Seeing Princess Ziyu laughing, Yuwen Jiewu’s complexion became very gloomy.

Everyday, Yuwen Jiewu was in contact with Situ Yu but he was only met with her coldness and arrogance. To this older cousin, she hadn’t displayed any inclination.

This was the first time Yuwen Jiewu saw Situ Yu laughing like this. Situ Yu was laughing because of Tuoba Ye, he was not even a little bit happy, his heart was filled with rage.

“Tuoba Ye, do you want to have a contest with me?”

“Yuwen Jiewu, you are already ten years old and you have the nerve to compete with my Little Ye?” Xia Yuxuan spoke coldly.

Princess Ziyu was very interested: “How about a martial arts contest? That is very good. The slave market also has a martial arts stage, we can go directly compete there.”

She was motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos, so she was adding more fuel to the fire.

“We will only let our subordinate experts fight, we will bet on them. Do you dare?” Yuwen Jiewu laughed.

Many surrounding people encircled them and commented one after another.

“The Tuoba Clan’s Clan Master is missing, their strength has decreased by a lot, now the Yuwen Clan is trying to ride over them.”

“This Yuwen Jiewu is one of the five heroes of the Shendu Capital and he is unexpectedly bullying a child, what’s going on?”

“I think you don’t know, Yuwen Jiewu likes Princess Ziyu, this matter is known all around the Shendu Capital, but the Emperor betrothed her to Tuoba Ye, naturally this gave rise to his hatred.”


These people were expecting to see a good show. If Tuoba Ye didn’t dare take up the challenge, it would directly mean that the Tuoba Clan is really weak.

Tuoba Ye looked at Yuwen Jiewu’s attendants, the strongest was that of a rank two Xiantian Martial God, his strength was pretty good.

Long Yi went out. If he fully used the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade, there was a possibility of victory. Only, it would be a tough battle and that would expose the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade martial skill.

In the whole Zhan Country, only the Imperial Clan had a high rank martial skill. If the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade was exposed, it would certainly give rise to suspicions.

Recently Zhan Meng’s cultivation base was advancing by leaps and bounds, he was already a rank two Xiantian Martial God and his fighting strength was comparable to a rank three Xiantian Martial God.

If he fought, even if he didn’t use any exquisite martial skills and only used the Fighting race’s martial skills, he was still capable of gaining a victory.

Only, he was still young, defeating a rank two Xiantian Martial God would give rise to unnecessary attention by the Shendu Capital’s other four big Clans. To Zhan Meng, this would be a very dangerous situation.

Shrinking back from a fight was also not Tuoba Ye’s style.

Thinking it over and over again, he decided to give Long Yi a Great Force talisman. Drawing support from the talisman’s strength, Long Yi would be able to achieve victory, this was the best option.

Only if a cultivation expert was to be present would they be able to discover the matter of using a talisman.

Cultivation experts were unlikely to appear at a secular world, therefore there was no need to worry.

“Good! A martial arts contest.” Tuoba Ye promised.

“Tuoba Ye, I will wager ten thousand gold coins, do you dare to bet?” Yuwen Jiewu was very overbearing.

Xia Yuxuan spoke: “We will bet, I will match your gold coins.”

She was the most clear about Tuoba Ye’s ferocity, she believed Tuoba Ye had already made plans to some extent.

“Let’s go! We will immediately go to the martial stage. As for the stakes, is it possible for younger cousin to safeguard it?” Yuwen Jiewu spoke.

“Of course, no problem.” Situ Yu seemed very excited.

Both sides gave the gold coins to Situ Yu then went together to the martial stage at the vicinity.

The surrounding people all followed them like a swarm of bees, to enjoy the scene.

“The fight between two big Clan’s successors, this is really interesting, we also don’t know whose subordinate is stronger. It’s a pity Tuoba Ye is too young, otherwise a martial arts contest between him and Yuwen Jiewu would be even more fascinating to look forward to.”

“It is said Yuwen Jiewu recently bought a rank two Xiantian Martial God slave, it seems that he is well prepared, he very well might achieve victory.”

“I am opening a betting booth, everyone can put their bets. Betting on Yuwen Jiewu’s subordinate, you will receive a ratio of two to three;betting on Tuoba Ye’s subordinate, it will be two to one.” A slave market’s boss saw the opportunity to earn big money.

Tuoba Ye’s eyes and ears were observing and hearing everything. He was aware of everything in his surroundings, but he didn’t pay attention to that. He secretly gave Long Yi a Great Force talisman for him to use in the martial contest.

Long Yi’s strength was approaching near a rank two Xiantian Martial God realm, plus recently, he had always been tempering his body. Adding the Great Force talisman, prevailing over a rank two Xiantian Martial God was completely possible.


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