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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 12


Translator : Just a Normal Guy Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123 Sponsored by : Anon, Nader Alumutiri ( Many thanks for sponsoring this chapter )

Chapter 12 Twin Sisters

Hearing Princess Ziyu’s name, Xia Yuxuan was astonished: “Is this fate!”

“Mother, who is this Princess Ziyu?” Tuoba Ye could not help but ask.

Xia Yuxuan didn’t reply, only wearing a smile on her face and looking at Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye had just begun to feel very curious when his complexion changed very quickly: “This couldn’t be a coincidence, right?”

Rabbit Master opened his hazy eyes: “Oddly enough, such coincidences happen frequently!”

“Princess Ziyu is precisely Situ Yu’er. I have seen her before;although she was still young, it could be seen that she would be beautiful.” Xia Yuxuan smiled.

Tuoba Ye could only shake his head with a bitter smile. He had his previous life’s memories, as for a six year old young girl, he was not interested.

The boss, hearing about Princess Ziyu’s presence, hurriedly apologized: “Lady, Young Lord, I am sorry, I will have to go welcome the Princess.”

He hurriedly departed, not daring to be slow.

After a moment, four big guys opened a way ahead and a little girl entered from behind, her whole body was covered with purple clothes;beautiful big eyes revealing quick-witted brightness;tender white oval face. She seemed extremely adorable.

Beside her were several female servants with powerful imposing manners, and following them from behind were a group of imperial bodyguards;each and every one of them full of spirit and dignified bearings.

“Such a mighty army!” Tuboa Ye’s gaze sharpened.

Xia Yuxuan said: “These are Zhan Country’s strongest Imperial Guards, naturally, they have imposing might. Let’s go pay a visit to the Princess.”

“Tuoba Clan’s Xia Yuxuan pays respect to the Princess!” Xia Yuxuan paid her respects.

Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards even kneeled on the ground, only Tuoba Ye was still standing, motionless.

“Little Ye, hurry, pay your respects.” Xia Yuxuan grabbed  Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye remained unmoved: “No.”

The purple-clothed girl looked at Xia Yuxuan and smiled: “As it turns out, it is Aunt Xia, there is no need to be too polite!”

Soon after, she looked at Tuoba Ye and immediately, her complexion became cold and detached.

“Who are you? Why are you not paying respects?” an Imperial Guard asked in a loud voice.

Xia Yuxuan promptly said: “Princess Ziyu, let me introduce you, this is my son, Tuoba Ye. He is very young so he doesn’t understand about etiquettes, please take no offence.”

“Humph! No need to argue about it!” Princess Ziyu’s pride seemed to be just like an Immortal Crane. With her small head held high, she turned around: “Boss, I want to select a demon pet, take us to see them.”

Tuoba Ye was met with the little girl’s loathing, but he remained silent and didn’t argue about it. Arguing with a little girl was really not worthwhile.

He was really not interested in this kind of arrogant little princess. If she is like this when she is young, it is easy to imagine what she would be like when she grows up.

“Lady, Young Lord, I am sorry, I will have to attend to Her Highness first.” The boss spoke.

Xia Yuxuan smiled: “It’s no bother, we also want to see if there is a suitable demon beast to keep as a pet.”


Seeing Xia Yuxuan follow along, Tuoba Ye had no choice but to follow her, he was not clear on what Xia Yuxuan was up to.

The boss said: “Your Highness, we have all kinds of demon beasts here, the most difficult to deal with is Xiantian Martial God realm demon beast. I am not sure as to what kind of demon beast you want?”

Princess Ziyu said: “Of course, it should be the best…….the best looking, furthermore it should have formidable strength. It should have the best omni-directional might and it cannot resemble a certain someone’s demon pet;a mere useless rabbit.”

Tuoba Ye didn’t bother about it, Rabbit Master, however opened his eyes, a thread of cold light flashing past them.

Tuoba Ye sensed the Rabbit Master’s agitation and killing intent, he promptly caressed the Rabbit Master to calm him down, only then did the violent killing intent passed away.

Those Imperial Guards of Princess Ziyu all felt their hairs stand up. They looked all around but didn’t find out anything.

These Imperial Guards were not simple. The Rabbit Master’s killing intent had only flashed by for a moment, but they were still able to react.

At this moment, the boss brought several large demon beasts. They were all Xiantian Martial God rank demon beasts.

Those Imperial Guards believed the killing intent was sent out by the demon beasts, so they didn’t investigate any further.

“Your Highness, these are all Xiantian Martial God rank demon beasts. Keeping up with your requests, please choose the one which satisfies you.”

Five Xiantian Martial God rank demon beasts –A majestic White Jade Tiger, spotless white from head to foot, reaching up to five meters and had an incomparable domineering presence. Its whole body covered with golden hair, the Golden Lion possessing omni-directional might and its outward appearance was also pretty good. Four tailed Spirit Fox, fiery fur resembling Satin shining with a fiery light. Immortal Cloud Crane, way above common beasts seemingly lofty and independent. Blue Phoenix Butterfly, a beautiful butterfly, it’s appearance somewhat resembling a Phoenix.

Princess Ziyu was engrossingly sizing up those five demon beasts, as if she wanted them all: “White Jade Tiger is not bad, it has enough might. The Golden Lion is also not bad, very aggressive. The Four Tailed Spirit Fox is very beautiful. The Immortal Cloud Crane can carry me to high altitudes. Ah! what a beautiful butterfly!…….”

The Princess was indeed a little girl. Even if you liked something, you could not simply shout out like this.

“Princess Ziyu, you want all these five demon beasts?” The boss smiled and his eyes narrowed.

Xiantian Martial God rank demon beasts were very expensive, it was difficult for anyone to get their hands on it.

Those big powers and clans, would all rather buy Xiantian Martial God experts than buy a demon beast. After all, demon beasts could not be commanded as properly as Cultivators. Their roles simply couldn’t be compared.

The Eight Dragon Guards, if they became Xiantian Martial God experts, they could easily be generals, but demon beasts wouldn’t be capable of that.

Usually demon beasts would be bought for the young disciples of big clans, to be used to protect those young disciples.

Princess Ziyu glanced at Tuoba Ye and said: “Send all of them to the Imperial Palace, I want all of them.”

Tuoba Ye pretended to not pay attention.

“Your Highness, do you still want anything? Please give your instructions.” The Boss was trembling with excitement at getting a fat goose.

“Let me take a look around.” Princess Ziyu coldly spoke.

“Mother, didn’t you want female slaves? Let’s go.” Tuoba Ye said.

To such an arrogant little Princess, Tuoba Ye didn’t know what to do, the counterpart was clearly not pleasing to his eyes.

“It just so happens that I also need to select some female slaves.” Princess Ziyu smiled.

Xia Yuxuan happily spoke: “Your Highness, let’s go together.”

Tuoba Ye was extremely depressed, he really didn’t want to tangle with the little Princess, so as to avoid anything inconvenient matters in the future.

Moreover, the Emperor wanted to betroth the Princess to him, clearly with bad intentions. He, even more, didn’t want to come in contact with the Princess.

He constantly signalled Xia Yuxuan but Xia Yuxuan pretended to not have noticed, walking together with Princess Ziyu.

Without any options remaining, Tuoba Ye could only follow from behind.

To choose a talented person would still require his discerning eyes.

He sent out a thread of divine Will and swept through the surroundings, nothing could be concealed from his eyes.

“These are young female slaves, they all are under twelve years old. Your Highness, Lady, please select your choices.” The boss had brought them to an area with female slaves.

Tuoba Ye swept through them with his eyes, he already knew what was going on.

Among the young females that he scanned through, a pair of twin sisters were pretty good. Their age about ten years old, appearance was delicate and pretty, the crucial point was that they had pretty good Spirit Roots.

One should know, at Shenwu Continent, less than one in ten thousand possessed a good Spirit Root. Many who possessed Spirit Roots all had trash Spirit Roots, granted they cultivated, it would be hard to tell whether they would succeed .

The twin sisters were uncomparable to Zhan Meng’s single attribute Spirit Root, however they possessed a triple attribute Spirit Root. Moreover, this type of Spirit Root was still outstanding, when cultivating their advancements wouldn’t be slow.

Compared to the five attribute Spirit Root, this kind of Spirit Root was already much better. If they participated in the Cultivator’s Gathering, it was certainly possible to meet with the Cultivation Sect’s interests. Unfortunately, they had been trained to become slaves, their personalities were already obstructed. And due to this  their success would be limited.

Tuoba Ye settled on them, but he didn’t yet select them. He looked at Princess Ziyu’s indifferent appearance, he feared she didn’t have any good intentions.

As a result, he pulled Xia Yuxuan to the side and indicated to two female slaves whose aptitudes could still be considered to be good, making Xia Yuxuan prepare to buy them.

“Boss, these female slaves, I want them.” Xia Yuxuan pointed to the slaves.

“Aunt Xia, I also want these female slaves, give them to me, okay?” Princess Ziyu smiled.

Xia Yuxuan smiled: “Your Highness, since you want them, you can take them. I will select once again, I hope your highness can get some satisfactory female slaves.”

Soon after, Tuoba Ye again selected some female slaves, making Xia Yuxuan select them.

Naturally, the female slaves he selected were all very good, only, he hadn’t yet selected those two twin sisters.

Continuously for three times, Xia Yuxuan selected female slaves and Princess Ziyu would repeatedly take them.

“Your highness, I also came to select some female slaves, must you immediately pick the same female slaves?” Tuoba Ye spoke coldly.

“I have already chosen, you can do as you want.” Princess Ziyu was very proud of herself.

Tuoba Ye selected two female slaves, Princess Ziyu sure enough didn’t fight over it. Only then, did he select the twin sisters.

In order to not make Princess Ziyu take notice, he bought six female slaves;ages were identical, talents were comparatively remarkable.

From the three batches of slaves he selected earlier, there were slight differences between them, but most people couldn’t see their talents. Besides, he got the twin sisters like he wanted. This was comparatively much better. Those twin sisters were quite young. They had potential to become cultivation experts when raised carefully.

If they could be raised properly, afterwards the Tuoba Clan would have another support to rely on.

As for Princess Ziyu, although she didn’t have discerning eyes, she still had a very able person besides her. Naturally, due to that very able person, she selected female slaves in those three batches that caught Tuoba Ye’s attention, otherwise she was unlikely to have stepped in to buy them.

Only, the able person behind her was clearly not equal to Tuoba Ye, unable to see if someone had Spirit Root and see whether the Spirit Root was good or bad. That able person also couldn’t see someone’s talents which were not obvious.

Leaving this expert, even if it was a Cultivation Sect’s expert;they also would not be able to see whether there was a Spirit Root within the body with their naked eyes. They would use a special Spirit tool to test someone’s talents, once tested by the Spirit tool the Spirit Root talent would be obvious at a glance.

Talents like those of the twin sisters were already considered to be above average talents. Unable to be compared to the best quality talent, but qualified to enter a good Cultivation Sect.

Tuoba Ye purchased them, he wanted to train them himself, not intending to enter them in Cultivation Sects.

Anyway, he had quite a bit of methods in his hands, although the methods were not specially good, it would still allow the twin sisters to cultivate to the Yuan-Ying realm with ease.

The Shenwu Continent was a declining rank three Cultivation world, the strongest cultivator’s strength didn’t surpass the Fenshen realm. Also, the Fenshen realm experts would definitely not be a lot. Because of that, Yuan-Ying realm experts at the Shenwu continent were regarded as the top characters.

A clan, if capable of raising two Yuan-Ying experts would be the Shenwu Continent’s top Clan. With the twin sisters that had potential to be Yuan-Ying experts, Tuoba Ye, now, had the potential to match a big clan.


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