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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 11


Translator : Just a Normal Guy

Editor : LikyLiky, kawaiikillaz123

Chapter 11 Princess Ziyu

Tuoba Ye was having inner instability, Clan Master was missing, and the Clan Master’s branch might very well decline.

Under these circumstances, the Imperial Situ Clan was trying to betroth their princess to Tuoba Ye. In the end, Tuoba Ye was unable to guess what their motives were.

Tuoba Ye all along, hadn’t revealed his strength. He was convinced that the Situ Clan still didn’t know about his talent;his Innate Spirit Force and highly unique talent.

Why was the Situ Clan putting importance on him? Tuoba Ye could only guess that the Royal Clan had ulterior  motives.

“Mother, what were the circumstances?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“I am also not too clear, anyway the Empress, Yuwen Wenyi, didn’t seem happy at all. Only, she must follow the Emperor’s order, so Situ Yu’er is being betrothed to you. Situ Yu’er is already six years old and extremely talented, she already wants to join a Cultivation Sect. In addition, she doesn’t know what the emperor’s motives are. In the end, how will her heart have any peace. I am also not clear so I could only promise to betroth you.” Xia Yuxuan smiled.

Tuoba Ye said: “The Emperor is certain to have plotted something. Situ Yu definitely will not be betrothed to me. Forget it, temporarily, there is no need to take care of him.”

Seeing Tuoba Ye’s distressed expression, Xia Yuxuan smiled: “Little Ye, you really are a crafty, small man, how did you understand everything?”

Tuoba Ye was immediately speechless: “Mother, I will go cultivate.”

He rapidly scampered away.

Seeing Tuoba Ye scampering away, Xia Yuxuan couldn’t help but smile: “This is more like a child. Little Ye, it’s really hard for you, this young and making you handle such big responsibilities.”

Shendu Capital, amidst the wind of changes.

Following the Imperial Clan, the Du Clan also made their move.

Du Clan’s seniors contacted Tuoba Wei, they clearly expressed that they wanted to help Tuoba Wei seize the Clan Master’s position.

Tuoba Wei had always wanted to become Tuoba Clan’s Clan Master, this was something everybody knew.

Naturally, everything fit together once the Du Clan offered their help.

Tuoba Wei also decided to ‘falsely’ co-operate with the Du Clan so as to know the inside information.

Although, until now, the Tuoba Clan had been responsible for military affairs and Du Clan responsible for political affairs.Nevertheless, the Du Clan had planted many people inside the military and the highest position amongst them was a general with a hundred thousand soldiers.

The Du Clan’s intention was very clear;they would co-operate with Tuoba Wei’s men and get rid of Tuoba Jie at the Southern border. Like that, Tuoba Wei would logically become the Clan Master.

The Du Clan would blackmail Tuoba Wei using their knowledge of his scheme.  Afterwards, he would have no choice but to follow their orders.

They were counting their chickens before they hatched;but still, the plan was not so bad.

If Tuoba Wei hadn’t spoken with Tuoba Ye, and if he didn’t know of Tuoba Ye’s talent, he would have surely promised the Du Clan;since he had large ambitions..

Tuoba Wei conveyed the information to  Tuoba Ye. Tuoba Ye’s whole body perspired with cold sweat, fortunately, he had already reconciled with Tuoba Wei and the Tuoba Clan’s internal affairs had stabilized. Otherwise,Tuoba Jie would suffer many misfortunes and disaster at the Southern border.

Only, Tuoba Ye suspected the other Clans had something to do with the disappearance of Tuoba Xiong. This was also something which was still under his suspicions.

Tuoba Wei had questioned the Du Clan’s seniors, but they were very tight lipped. And because of this, he couldn’t ask anything at all. He also couldn’t ask too much as it might give rise to the Du Clan’s suspicions of a mole.

Through Tuoba Wei, the hidden experts of the Du Clan in the army could be found out, but it had to be done without alarming them.

There were still no signs of movement from the Qian Clan and Yuwen Clan, but nevertheless, they would also have some plans. And once they made a move, they would be able to execute all of their plans at the same time.

If they handled the Du Clan’s people prematurely, it was very likely it would alarm the Qian Clan and the Yuwen Clan.Which would make their movements even more secrete which would be very unfavorable for the Tuoba Clan.

Tuoba Wei would play with Du Clan without actually co-operating with them, making the Du Clan’s plans much harder to implement.

And Tuoba Ye, he didn’t take care of these matters instead, he spent all his time cultivating and simultaneously training Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards.

His cultivation speed was very fast, but most of the Yuan Qi from the Heaven and Earth that he absorbed was taken in by the divine Root and the divine Punishment Jade talisman whereas the amount he absorbed for himself was very few.

The more he delayed his cultivation, the more his cultivation speed could decrease.

So much so that later on, his cultivation speed could be even slower than common Cultivators. Especially after entering the threshold of true cultivation, advancing even a step would take a long time.

Of course, the energy was not wasted, it was absorbed by the divine Root and the divine Punishment Jade talisman. Afterwards, if that energy could be recovered the benefits would be absolutely enormous.

At the present, Tuoba Ye was at a period where his strength could increase much faster, taking advantage of that, he was cultivating with great effort to acquire even more formidable strength.

He was still very young and it was not suitable for him to personally handle different matters, therefore he was raising the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng so as to borrow their strength to protect the Tuoba Clan.

The Eight Dragon Guards’ strength was increasing fast, Tuoba Ye had begun to teach martial skills to them.

After a long period of careful selection, he finally imparted a set of blade techniques to them –Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade.

The Eight Dragon Guards would later on have to protect the Tuoba Clan and even might have to participate in wars. Blade techniques were the most suitable for them to cultivate.

Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade was very tyrannical, especially suited for fighting a large number of enemies.

For the sake of the Eight Dragon Guards’ cultivation of the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade, Tuoba Ye supplied them war blades from within the Tuoba Clan’s arsenal. Those war blades were all extremely precious.

Tuoba Xiong had been very fond of collecting weapons, naturally, he didn’t lack a collection of war blades. If Tuoba Xiong had still been here, he would still have really hated to part with those war blades.

Tuoba Ye however, took those blades out directly from Tuoba Xiong’s collection and gave them to the Eight Dragon Guards.

With such a precious blade at hand, the Eight Dragon Guards’ spirits rose much higher, cultivating even more vigorously.

The Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade was extremely suitable for them to cultivate. They had originally participated in wars many times, they also learned martial skills without any outside help. But compared to the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade, their martial skills couldn’t even be mentioned.

Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade was carefully chosen by Tuoba Ye from among his previous life’s rare martial skills collection. At the Shendu Continent, it was definitely among the best.

The whole Zhan Country, might not necessarily have this kind of exquisite martial skill.

Anyway, Tuoba Ye had looked through Tuoba Clan’s arsenal but there were no martial skills that caught his interest.

In Tuoba Ye’s eyes, martial skills were divided into many ranks: below minor rank, minor rank, low rank, middle rank, high rank, top rank.

The most powerful martial skills of the Tuoba Clan only reached middle rank. Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade was the best among the high rank martial skills;naturally, it was not something ordinary martial skills could compare to.

As for the top rank martial skills, Tuoba Ye had only a handful, the divine Overlord’s Fist was one of them.

The Mythical Nine Transformations, Dao of the divine Talisman, Dao of Talismans;they already could not be described as martial skills, it was more appropriate to call them techniques of Immortals.

Zhan Meng together with Tuoba Ye cultivated the divine Overlord’s Fist and the divine Overlord’s body, mainly to enhance the physical strength.

divine Overlord’s body was similar to the Mythical Nine Transformations. It was specialized for cultivating physical strength. At the Silver River World, it was also regarded as a pretty good body refining cultivation method;its fame was extremely big. But without a doubt, the divine Overlord’s body could not be compared to the Mythical Nine Transformations.

The reason why Tuoba Ye hadn’t imparted the Mythical Nine Transformations to Zhan Meng was not because he was stingy, but because Zhan Meng was incapable of cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations;he didn’t have Innate Spirit Force talent.

Zhan Meng was Fighting race’s genius. His physical body strength was originally very formidable and now that he had cultivated divine Overlord’s body, he had an enormous advantage in promoting his physical strength.

Tuoba Ye didn’t impart any Qi Refining methods to Zhan Meng because he himself  didn’t have many Qi Refining methods and they were also not particularly good. Because he didn’t have a Spirit Root in his previous life;he hammered down in refining his physical body strength, therefore he had a huge collection of body refining cultivation methods.

If he carelessly imparted Qi Refining methods to Zhan Meng, instead of doing him good,  it might cause more harm.

Who knows, maybe one day, Zhan Meng would meet a great master, it would not be too late for him to cultivate Qi Refining methods, it might even do him more good.

At present, he was concentrating on cultivating his physical body strength and martial skills, this made it easier to forge one’s physical self.

Moreover, there was many benefits to having formidable physical body strength.

There was a saying in the Cultivation world, refining qi was easy but refining the body was difficult.

If Zhan Meng succeeded in refining his body, afterwards, refining qi would be an easy matter and he would even have rapid progress in it.

Refining the body, refining qi, cultivating both, only then could one have the strongest fighting strength. This was also the correct way of cultivation.

Actually, this was not any secret, only because most of the cultivators had limited talent and limited time, they had no choice but to choose only one path;cultivating both would end up nowhere. Refining the body was very difficult, advancing ranks were extremely slow, therefore very few cultivators would choose to follow the path of refining body. Usually, those with some or no talent would choose to follow the path of Qi Refining, only those with cultivation talent would select the path of refining the body. Only, if success was found in in body refining cultivation, one’s fighting strength would be extremely great, going above the ability of al qi refining cultivator within the same level.

Zhan Meng was different;he had talent for refining body, plus his physique was of the best quality gold attribute physique, his qi refining speed would also be very fast. He was completely capable of cultivating both paths, his future accomplishments would definitely not be low.

Tuoba Ye taught both Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards, naturally, he did not forget about Xia Yuxuan.

He searched for a martial skill which was suitable for women to cultivate –Jade Female’s Profound Law. Inside it were cultivation methods, movement techniques, sword techniques, fist techniques, this secret law was absolutely a top rank martial skill.

Only, the Jade Female’s Profound Law could only be cultivated by women. The Eight Dragon Guards were incapable of cultivating it.

Xia Yuxuan was also influenced by Tuoba Ye and recently she was able to take out time for cultivation, her interest was very high.

“Little Ye, I want to go buy some good talented female slaves and afterwards impart them the Jade Female’s Profound Law martial skill, can I?” Xia Yuxuan suddenly had this thought.

“Of course, there is no problem.” Tuoba Ye approved of it. Before, he had not considered it properly, so he did not buy female slaves.

Xia Yuxuan was female, so it was best to have female slaves besides her to protect her. This was the most convenient method.

Moreover, other people didn’t easily pay attention to females so they might be able to play an unexpected role.

“Little Ye, will you accompany me to go buy female slaves?” Xia Yuxuan was impatient.

That same day, afternoon, the sun was shining brightly.

Tuoba Ye took along Zhan Meng, Long Yi, Long Er and accompanied Xia Yuxuan to the Shendu Slave Market to choose slaves.

Rabbit Master also followed along and was sleeping on Tuoba Ye’s embrace.

Rabbit Master was very mysterious, all day long he would just eat a lot of meat and sleep. Compared to all the Eight Dragon Guards together, the amount he ate was still a lot more.

Tuoba Ye had on many occasions asked him: “Rabbit Master, what demon beast are you?”

“I am a common rabbit.” Rabbit Master replied.

“Rabbit Master, rabbits eat grass.” Tuoba Ye laughed.

“I am not a common rabbit!”

“You just said you were a common rabbit.”

“A slip of the tongue! Is a slip of the tongue not possible?”

Having asked several times, but still bore no fruit, Tuoba Ye gave up.

They quickly reached the Shendu Slave Market and directly went to find the boss from last time.

“Young Lord, Lady, to once again see you, I feel extremely happy and honored.”

“Boss, let’s not gossip much. This time, we came to buy some female slaves and we want you to assist us.” Xia Yuxuan said: “Same as earlier, take us to see the young female slaves, afterwards we will select some Houtian female warriors.”

“No problem!” the boss was very happy.

“Where is the boss at? Princess Ziyu is gracing you with her presence, but you still haven’t come out to welcome her!” At this time, a proud voice came from outside.


Note: Royal Clan changed to the Imperial Clan


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