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Mythical Tyrant - Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Rebirth Against the Heavens

Boundless sky, full of stars.

Within the void, countless figures were streaking through, like the shooting stars. Sky piercing voices could be heard without end.

Among these figures, there were some who were very huge, neither head nor tail could be seen.  There were also some who were spreading their wings and soaring through . All of them together covered everything, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

One thing in common among them, was their large and violent imposing manner. Their imposing manner, by itself, was sufficient to scare away ghosts and demons.

“Buddha Tian Dusheng, sect master of the Buddhist sect has appeared. He is an expert of Dacheng realm and besides him, there are several experts of the Buddhist way.” Someone cried out in surprise.

“Quickly look! Immortal way’s three big sect’s sect masters are all present, they are all experts of Dacheng realm.”

Devil way’s five big sects have also sent out their peak experts, each one has very powerful strength, just stamping their foot will shake the whole world.

Dragon race’s ancestor soaring the ninth heavens, Golden Winged Roc ancestor also hovering around……

More and more experts of each and every races were appearing and they were all surrounding a teenager.

That teenager’s expression didn’t change, there was even a demonic smile on his face.

However, his imposing manner was very small and weak. Compared with the surrounding  experts, it was simply like an ant trying to shake a tree.

He could not even fly , he was only able to stand in the sky because of the flying talisman on his feet.

“Boy, hand over the divine Root and you will be to live !”

“divine Root is mine, who dares argue with me. So long as you hand over the divine Root, my divine Dragon Clan will protect you.”


The youngster still didn’t speak, only wearing a smile on his face, looking at the ever increasing experts in his surroundings.

Before long, over ten thousands experts of each and every kind of races had gathered around, these experts were the Silver River world’s top characters.

Looking at those experts, the teenager sighed and spoke : “To think I, Xuan Yu, am exceptionally talented, but having no spirit root , I am unable to cultivate. Now, I have fortunately obtained the  divine Root, I can start my Cultivation journey, yet, you come to stop. Since it is this way, I, Xuan Yu will bury you all with me, this way, I can die without regrets.”

“Boy, your Cultivation base is only at Lianqi stage. Wanting to kill us, alongside you?  hahaha…..”


The experts on the scene, none of them thought highly of the youngster, they were all laughing without restraint.

Suddenly, within the sky, many spirit talismans appeared. There were five thunder talismans, explosion talismans, poison talismans, sword talismans, fire talismans, water talismans…….

These talismans covered the whole surroundings and all of them ignited together.

“bang, bang, rumble …….”

The sky vibrated strongly. Surrounding meteorites and stars all changed their position.

Over ten thousand experts , all of them became battered and exhausted, grimacing, unable to restrain their anger.

divine Dragon Clan’s experts suffered several small cracks on their scales. Golden Winged Roc’s feathers were flying all around, Buddha Tian Dusheng’s golden robe had turned into rags…….

After the violent explosion, the youngster’s complexion somewhat paled but he was still standing proudly in the sky. Furthermore, he didn’t take advantage of the confusion to flee. He clearly understood, today, he would not be able to escape unscathed.

“I hate this! I have exceptional innate talent, but am unable to cultivate! Even if there was a trash spirit root, give me time and I will also be able to stand on the same level as you, killing and beheading you all, like slaughter dogs.” Xuan Yu looked coldly.

Buddha Tian Dusheng’s hands closed, revealing huge divine aura : “I am buddha of mercy, I must eliminate this evildoer!”

“Xuan Yu, hand over the divine Root, this is your last chance.” divine Dragon Clan’s expert roared loudly.


Xuan Yu didn’t pay attention to them. From his bosom, he decisively took out a piece of Jade talisman.

“Using my blood, heaven’s divine punishment shall descend!” The teenager spurted out a mouthful of blood essence. The Jade talisman broke out releasing heaven’s might, drowning all the experts on the scene.


divine Dragon’s body began to  rapidly disintegrate. Golden Winged Roc’s wings were the first to fade away, miserably shrieking , it fell down from the sky but it hadn’t completely fallen down when the other parts of its body disappeared .

Other experts also didn’t fare any better, they simply couldn’t resist the divine might of the divine Punishment Jade talisman.

In an instant, everything changed to nothingness. At the periphery, the stars all  changed to fine powder.

The Jade talisman had many cracks on it, however it didn’t shatter, disappearing into the space rift from the explosion, along with the divine Root.


Shenwu continent,  a declining rank three Cultivation world.

At the remote southwest direction of the Shenwu continent lies a country named Zhang. At its capital city, Shendu, lies the official residence of the high general.

Tuoba Clan was one of the five influential families of the Zhang country, its Clan masters were all appointed as high generals.

The present Clan master of the Tuoba Clan, Tuoba Xiong was the Zhang country’s high general, he was also the Zhang country’s hundred victories general. He guarded the desolate southern region, barbarian races of this region were all terror stricken because of him.

Tuoba Xiong was tired and worn out. He just got back to Shendu’s high general’s residence.

Tuoba Clan’s directly related branches, already had spread for three generations. Tuoba Xiong’s son,Tuoba Jie married at 18 years old , now Tuoba Jie was thirty years old and he was finally about to have a child.

Tuoba Jie still didn’t have a child, this was already well known in the Zhang country.

Zhang country’s ruler, Situ Tianlong, allowed Tuoba Xiong to return home, to see his grandchild finally being born.

Tuoba Xiong was fully aware Situ Tianlong did this to win his favor, but he was still grateful.

“Father, it has been a whole day, how come the child is still not born?” Tuoba Jie was very anxious.

“Calm down, you must keep cool, what did I teach you?.” Tuoba Xiong didn’t speak up through his mouth, but he was even more anxious.

Tuoba Clan’s, besides some Clansmen, everyone showed up.  They hadn’t come to give blessings but were rather wishing Tuoba Jie’s wife to give birth to a daughter.

Some were even more malicious, seeing that the child had still not been born after such a long time, they started cursing: “Disastrous birth! Disastrous birth!……..”

Tuoba Clan’s power was very big. Directly related branch had only Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie but the sub-branches had numerous Clansmen however those Clansmen had never been able to grasp power.

Tuoba Jie lacked male offspring. This allowed the sub-branches to have hope of gaining power.

Now, soon Tuoba Jie’s child will be born, they , however didn’t wish for a smooth birth of a male child.

“boo hooo……”

Crying sound of a child reached the ground, shaking the heavens.

Tuoba Xiong was exalted : “Good ! the sound is so loud, later in the future, will certainly be an extraordinary figure.”

“Father, I finally have a child! finally have!……” Tuoba Jie talked incoherently.

“Go, let’s go see my grandchild.” Tuoba Xiong was impatient , he immediately broke into a run.

Seeing Tuoba Xiong’s impatient appearance, Tuoba Jie gave a knowing smile, and followed him.

“ By all means, don’t be a son……” Sub-branches Clansmen were all restless.

“Congratulations, high general, congratulations. You are a grandfather.” Midwife had smile all over her face, getting bonus rewards were a certainty.

“Son  or daughter?” Tuoba Xiong asked impatiently.

“Yes, a son!”

Tuoba Xiong held the baby and happily said : “housekeeper, reward her !”

Midwife’s eyes couldn’t help opening and closing : “Many thanks, high general !”

Tuoba Xiong looked at the child with a face that was full of smiles.

The child had a big face with a sharp edge, wild looks, sword like eyebrows, bright and clear eyes, bridge of the nose was tall and straight, chubby little hands waving around, as if he was greeting Tuoba Xiong.

“Father, let me hold him.” Tuoba Jie held out a hand to hold.

Tuoba Xiong turned around and ducked : “Boy, what are you anxious for?”

“He is my son, can’t I be anxious?”

“He is still my grandson, don’t you have to take a look at your wife?” Tuoba Xiong didn’t allow Tuoba Jie to hold the child.

Tuoba Xiong looked at the child and muttered to himself : “expression and temperament are both full of wild nature, afterwards , he shall be called Tuoba Ye1.”

In this way, the baby’s name was fixed.

The baby, just recently born, however had adult’s line of thoughts and memory.

Xuan Yu had used the blood essence to activate divine Punishment Jade talisman and exterminated many great big names. However,  his physical body was also destroyed, his soul entered the divine Root and together with divine Punishment Jade talisman, entered into the space rift, finally being born as an infant, Tuoba Ye.

He retained Xuan Yu’s memory, therefore, his expression revealed wild nature. At his previous life, he was precisely cruel and untamed, a wild person.

Tuoba Ye heard Tuoba Xiong speaking, he was afraid Tuoba Xiong might get  suspicious so, immediately, he closed his eyes to pretend sleep, but in reality, he was inspecting his body’s condition.

In his previous life, Tuoba Ye was in Silver River world which  was a rank six Cultivation world and it contained numerous techniques and methods.

He had strongly felt about Cultivation, gathering many Cultivation methods, but he did not have a  spirit root, so he could only rely on spirit root talisman and with difficulty, he cultivated till Lianqi stage but he couldn’t advance even an inch from the Lianqi stage.

Only, he remembered all those Cultivation methods including the technique of inner observation.

He still hadn’t cultivated, so whether it was possible for him to use inner observation was hard to say. He gave it a try, and to his surprise, he was capable of inner observation.

divine Punishment Jade talisman was concealed within the spirit ocean, only, there were many cracks on the Jade talisman. Originally, when he had obtained the divine Root and the divine Punishment Jade talisman, divine Root was dull and spiritless whereas divine Punishment Jade talisman had cracks on eight sides, now, there was one more crack.

Finding the divine Punishment Jade talisman, Tuoba Ye’s mood calmed down.

divine Punishment Jade talisman had followed the divine Root closely. Naturally , it was not an ordinary item.

In his previous life, he could only be an expert of the Lianqi stage. Using the blood essence to activate  the divine Punishment Jade talisman, he  killed over ten thousand peak experts, this power was simply unrivalled.

Moreover, divine Punishment Jade talisman had Cultivation methods inside it, Tuoba Ye couldn’t cultivate in his past life, but now he had divine Root with him.

Cultivators must have spirit root, Immortal cultivators must have immortal root, divine cultivators must have divine Root.

Possessing a divine Root, becoming an immortal was an easy matter. With a divine foundation, accomplishing divine succession was much easier compared with others.

divine Root could lead to massacres, due to the divine Root, the rank six Silver River world fell down to rank five world.

Tuoba Ye began to look for the  divine Root. Compared with the divine Punishment Jade talisman, divine Root was even more precious.

He discovered, within his body was unexpectedly two spirit roots, one was a multicolored spirit root and another was a golden color spirit root. The golden spirit root must  be the divine Root.

Regarding spirit roots, a single attribute spirit root was the best and the spirit root with multiple attributes was the worst kind.

Excluding the divine Root inside Tuoba Ye’s body, that multicolored spirit root, was precisely a trash five attribute spirit root.

“At long last, I can be more powerful than my previous life!” Tuoba Ye thought secretly.

In his previous life, Tuoba Ye had even searched for a trash spirit root, but he could not find any. In this life, he had a spirit root, even if it was a trash one, let alone saying  about the concealed divine Root.

He also didn’t have a high requirement, so long as there was a spirit root, he could cultivate, even  if the speed was slow, it didn’t matter.

In his previous life, he didn’t have a spirit root, however, relying on the spirit root talisman, he still forcibly cultivated till Lianqi stage, this could even be called a miracle.

Now, the Cultivation condition was much better, he was certain to be much more stronger than the past life.

divine Root and divine Punishment Jade talisman were both inside him. Tuoba Ye had complete confidence, he would be able to rush towards the heavens, and he felt he could even kill his way to his previous world, looking for his previous life’s true love.

Previous life, he had a childhood sweetheart. He did not have even a trash spirit root, but his lover had a single attribute pure spirit root, peerless talent and rapid Cultivation progress, many big sects wanted her to join them.

In order to not fall behind his girlfriend, Xuan Yu painstakingly researched the Dao of talismans, and he was able to achieve some success in it.

Unfortunately, everything has become a thing of the past, he was now re-born. He  was not at his original world, the sky itself was different, he also didn’t know whether the time itself was the same or not.

No matter what, Tuoba Ye wanted to return to the Silver River world, seeking his true love.

Whether his true love was still waiting for him, he didn’t know.

Whether his true love was even alive, he didn’t know but he unexpectedly accepted it.

He didn’t have the idea for revenge, because all the experts who wanted to plunder the divine Root had died. As for hatred, afraid all the big sects of the Silver River world had hatred for him, wanting to kill him. Wanting to go back was only to find his previous life’s true love.


Tuoba Ye: Chinese: 拓拔野 . Ye (野) means feral or wild.


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