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Mystical Journey - Chapter 306


Chapter 306: Following 2

"Now i need to go back and nurture them again... Fortunately, with my past experience, I still have one lizard to breed with, otherwise it would have been utter misery!" She walked into the depths of the church.

Suddenly there was another set rhythmic footsteps outside the church.

The woman suddenly turned around and looked to the church door.

A tall, burly gray-robed man walked in slowly. Apparently under the gray robes was a set of armor, with a subtle hint of his facial characteristics.

The man only had some golden hair on his head, his eyebrows very light, handsome face seemed a little dead, his expression unusually pale.

As soon as he entered the church, his gaze quickly locked onto the woman.

"A totem user with so many totems, pretty good luck."

"Who are you?" The woman suddenly became wary.

"It does not matter who I am, but what is important is how much of a surprise you can give me." The man grinned, and that white set of teeth reminded people of the sharks in the sea. "An elite Totem User who cannot fight at all, I'm really lucky."

"You !!" The woman still wanted to speak, but in the blink of an eye, the man instantly disappeared from where he was.

What followed was a blackout. She didn’t know anything after.

Garen stab the woman’s eyes with two fingers, his fingertips dug into the depths of her brain, feeling a warm, paste like texture.

He slowly pulled out his fingers, and gently flicked them. The brain pulp and blood dislodged by the force of inertia, falling on the ground in the distance.


Woman croaked on the ground, her eyes were stabbed into two bloody holes, red blood slowly rolled down the cheeks to form two red lines.

At this time, Garen did not pay any attention to the movement of the body at all. Instead, he focused his attention on the properties pane below the field of view.

One of the potential value this time shot up like a rocket, the figures changed at an alarming speed!

An unexpected feeling of surprise suddenly poured into Garen’s heart.

A full 10 seconds later, the potential figure slowly stopped. At this point has reached an alarming value!

1344%! !

From the original remaining 3 points, it suddenly spiked to 13! Garen earned 10 potential points just from killing that female totem user.

"It's a lot more worth than the one I killed earlier!" Garen compared the form 2 totem user killed in the previous attacks, and they were simply not in the same league.

"Now with 13 potential points, I can focus on upgrading one totem, and see how it goes after my strength increases."

Garon squatted down and searched the girl for a while to find a dark booklet and a leather bag with items. He glanced at the five gemstone rings between the fingers of the girl, hesitating, but did not take them off in the end.

If Obscuro Society attached tracking signals in these, it will be very troublesome. Better be safe than sorry.

After looting, Garen quickly left from the side of the church. He dashed out from a broken window, his speed was utilised to the maximum, and he quickly disappeared into the shadow of the city.

Following Goth back all the way into the inner city, Garen looked at Goth walk into his own residence to recuperate, and he quietly left. Then, he proceeded to the inner city war headquarters.

Headquarter’s basic buildup pattern is similar to the branch, but the venue was much larger. Hanging on the wall were a lot of skulls of the freshly hunted unihorn lizards.

Garen found a corner to sit down and ordered a cup of unexpectedly expensive coffee. He slowly drank the dark liquid alone.

People walked in and out of the guild. The wounded were continually rushed in, pulled out, then rushed toward the hospital in the city. They were brought in from the underpass and were injured on their line of duty.

He sat alone in the corner, using his gray robe to cover himself tightly. His gaze fell on the totem pane.

This time he was prepared to focus his potential points to evolve the Deep Swamp Croc. The ability of the parasites of the Deep Swamp Croc was a great addition to his overall strength. Although in contrast to its ontology, it was not tough enough, but this parasitic ability is enough to make up for everything.

Parasitic beetle was simply the perfect cannon fodder, used to amass numbers and for reconnaissance, were quite cost-effective.

"Just that, the chances of evolution to form 3 is too low." Garen's brow furrowed as he looked at the Deep Swamp Croc at the totem pane.

'Deep Swamp Swamp Croc: Second evolution of the short tail croc, form 2 creature totem. Can be improved, evolution success rate of 24%. Potential consumption point: 500%.

Ability: explosive ambush, steel armor plating, parasitism. '

"One in four chance. I'll try my luck." Garen made his mind, his gaze set on Deep Swamp Croc icon.

The potential points went fuzzy for a while, and decreased by 5 points.

The Deep Swamp Croc icon also blurred for a while, and a few seconds later, cleared up once again, and nothing else happened.

"There's still another chance!" Garon looked calm and tense, and he was mentally prepared. This low probability made it likely to fail many times, it might not necessarily get evolved even once out of four times.

The second time.

His gaze once again condensed on the icon.

The potential points got blurry again, and the Deep Swamp Croc’s icon did the same.

The icon cleared up, and was still the original Deep Swamp Croc icon.

"Failed again..." Garen took a deep breath, "no matter, following Goth will yield more chances for more potential to be credited in the due time. Form 3 totems are never common, how many totem users have failed to advance their totems after so many years of cultivation? if it was that simple, there will be many form 3 by now.

He was very aware of his own advantage. Unlike a typical totem user, he did not need to make the careful use of resources and money, to be able to succeed in evolution, and neither did each failure result in the destruction of the totem as well.

When evolution using potential points failed, the totem would remain the same as before, this was his greatest advantage. Even though potential points were difficult to gain.

Standing up, he walked to the guild counter in front of the council. From a total of five windows, he chose the furthest of the left-most windows with the words 'Enquiry Counter'.

He lined up as he slowly waited for his turn.

In front of people queuing up, they took turns to choose the information listed above. All the information held by the headquarters of the guild was listed down, and one could attain their desired piece without a word. The catch was that you couldn't ask for further details.

Soon, the red shirted lady in front of him left the counter with a with a gloomy expression. It seemed that she got some bad news.

Garen walked up and looked back to the eyes of the people behind, showing them a gaze which warned them not to get too close. The man in white behind him smiled, and then stood farther away.

Garen turned back to the counter, and looked inside the selection of items.

There was a black desktop with five options;five words are round boxes.

From left to right, they were: tracing, resources, monsters, routes.

Garen pressed on the resources boxes. The employee inside gave out a list.

He took over and looked at the top of the rows of resources and treasures, all of which were listed in detail.

'Rice - Location: Southern City District warehouse points, the estimated reserve of ten people a year. Intelligence price: two hundred thousand silver sheets. '

'Soy sauce - Location: Whitewing Chamber of Commerce warehouse, estimated reserve of 10 people for three years. Intelligence Price: 900,000 silver sheets. '

'Potato - Location: Whitewing Chamber of Commerce warehouse, estimated reserves of ten people in January. Information is valid: two months, priced at 50000 silver sheets. '




Rows of various dietary resources were all listed. Garen looked from top to bottom, and soon his gaze fell on the totem resources.

Among the totem resources listed in the outskirts, there were inactivated totems, maintenance tools, unit factories, totem notes, and tactical notes, at the end. He actually saw an intelligence on permanent tactic.

For twenty thousand silver sheets, you could get them.

Obviously that was not very difficult. That is, there were other reasons which made it hard to pick up.

Garen roughly swept his eyes across. The permanent tactic, although he wanted it, he did not have the strength. Bought some intelligence on the creatures, took a thin booklet and he sat back in position and looked up.

After sitting in the guild for a while, Garen went back to the counter receptionist to buy a copy of the latest Insider briefings, along with some essential anti-fever and anti-inflammatory drugs. Then left a message to Angel, and then he walked into the underground passage, toward the direction of the outer city back.

Goth was seriously injured, he need to at least to rest for a period of time to recover. He happened to go back and visit. Now that his power had expanded considerably, had expanded considerably, he could go out to search for the resources needed, and also hunt more potential points on the side.

From the briefing, Garen saw the latest mission completion forms, with Angel leading the team in sixth place and among the top dozen of teams. It was unusually eye-catching.

This also made Garen extremely satisfied with his own standards. Angel's friendship, and the shackles of war as a link, did serve some function.

As long as Angel does not give up the core totem and strengthened it, when a the strength of the totem reaches a certain threshold, she would definitely be unwilling to give up the core easily, and this side of the link will become closer and closer.

From now on, the shackles of war did not reflect Angel’s signs of replacement of the core totem.

Going back to the underground passage and taking advantage of the emptiness inside it, Garen took out all the things that he looted;a booklet, and a bag.

These are the things that a form 2 totem user of Obscuro Society carries around. That guy's ability was very hard to handle. It belonged to a type of air compression cutting, and was very powerful.

With more totems under their control, without tactics but to purely relying on the totems, its power is very powerful already.

Garen looked back at such an encounter, the winner would be the one who attacked first. If he had attacked first, he would rely on ambush tactics. The resonance hawk’s attack was still very powerful, provided he was able to determine the location of the other totem users.

If his opponent attacked first, the invisible sharp edge of the blades combined with their speed, the resonance hawk and other totems may not be able to dodge, it was likely to be a disadvantage.

In fact, during simulations, the opponents’ winning percentage was much higher. That kind of speed, and it's very sharp air edge slash from the silver horn lizard is very tough to deal with.

If it wasn’t because of Goth’s core totem was destroyed, Garen did not dare to appear in the final minute to loot. Especially when the last outbreak of Goth, the air explosion that produced, it was never clear if Goth had caused it or that woman, but whatever that did, the crater it left was really terrifying..


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