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Mystical Journey - Chapter 155


Chapter 155

The senior sister apprentice rebelled, the elder and second master were missing. The White Cloud Gate broke down because of one person’s rebellious intent. Garen had decided to resolve this issue once and for all, bearing to the fact that there was no more foreign aggression.

However, he had to check out the city’s mess before anything.

He could take it slow, since he had obtained the Golden Sword Throne. This meant that his strength would increase over time, and he could use this time to deal with his internal affairs.

Sitting on the sofa, Garen unconsciously recalled the words Duskdune Shura said at the cliff.

"The undefeated and the unconquerable. No one is a match for him as long as he lives, be it the top of this generation or the next."The words which were spoken by Duskdune Shura kept floating in his mind.

"What I lack…"Garen placed his palms together at his forehead and went into deep thought.


"Ying Er’s voice came from ahead.

"How do I look?"

Ying Er was in a black dress with an exquisite purple flower brooch. The dress showcased her hourglass body as she spun in circles on one spot.

Garen raised his head up.

"Very beautiful."Garen laughed, "What paper are you having tomorrow?"

"Physics, and I’m very confident about it!"Ying Er smiled proudly.

"You should sleep early since you have to wake up early tomorrow. Have you showered?"

"All done!"Ying Er hummed as she hit her chest with the back of her hand. Although the exquisite purple flower brooch was not eye catching, it had a faint beauty about it. It was a perfect match for her.

"Go ahead and rest early."Garen pinched her cheek.

"Okay~~~"Ying Er went back to her bedroom with a sweet smile on her face.

Garen sat on the sofa alone and waited for his parents to come home, as he pondered on Duskdune Shura’s words in his head.

A short while later, the sound of a car engine came from below. The sound disappeared after a while, followed by the sound of ar doors closing.

After a few minutes, the sound of keys clinking behind the door.

Garen stood up and walked towards the door as his parents came in.

"Dad, mum."

"Garen?!!"Both of them were stunned and surprised.

"When did you come back?"Mother went closer and pinched Garen’s face with both her hands, "I think you’ve got thinner…"

Father Lombard was slightly butthurt as he saw Garen’s arms as thick as a leg and his strong, muscular chest.

"This guy grew at least 10cm! In which part is he supposed to be thin?! His chest and arms are all muscles!"

"Is that so?"Mother Vania became suspicious.

"Let’s come in and talk."Garen closed the door as he took the baggage from his parents hands and placed them in the living room.

"How’s life in university? Are you used to it? Do you need more money to support your lifestyle? And how is your relationship with the lecturers?"Mother immediately bombarded him with questions the moment she entered the house.

Since Garen hadn’t been to the university at all, he had no choice but to describe his university life on Earth. He couldn’t tell it in detail however as he did not want to be seen through.

His parents finally let him go after he fed them a bunch of nonsense.

Garen took the opportunity and asked about his master’s condition.

"Dojo Master Fei…"Father Lombard frowned. "Things don’t look good according to all of the experts from Yang Liu."

"What’s happened?"Garen was stunned as even the experts Federation’s Yang Liu City couldn’t do anything to improve the situation.

"You’ll understand when you see him tomorrow."Lombard shook his head. "It’s not something you can imagine if you don’t see it with your own eyes. Sigh… Dojo Master Fei was very wise… I hadn't expected this at all. We hadn’t known at all at first, but we now know that the dojo master of the white cloud is considered a very strong person in this city."

"Alright let’s not talk about this any further. Let our son visit Dojo Master Fei tomorrow since he gave his all to cultivate our son."Mother Vania butted in. "Oh right Garen. Are you and Mr. Bouvini’s daughter considered close friends? You should thank her father on behalf of us for helping your father out. If her father hadn’t lent a helping hand, your mother and I would not be promoted;promoted;it’s all thanks to him."

"Mikaela? Bouvini?"Garen understood. "Okay, I do know Bouvini. I got to know him before Master was in trouble. I’ll visit them after visiting master. Don’t worry about it."

"Alright. Speaking of which, we’ve met Mikaela before as well. Although she is not too beautiful, she is quite elegant. If you’re interested…."Mother Vania’s eyes were beaming with light as she talked about it.

"Eh, forget about it."Father butted in. "Mikaela is only ten years old. Isn’t it a little bit too soon…"

"Who says it’s too soon! It would be over if they engage earlier. What are you worried about? Even Mr. Bouvini pushed his intention to us. We’re just commoners, and there’s nothing that they can gain from us. Furthermore, there are a lot of twelve year olds getting married as well and they can go to the church in a year or two!"

Garen started breaking into cold sweat as he listened. Twelve years old! Getting married at this age was definitely too young even if it’s the tradition of this era. Garen couldn’t believe what his mum just said.

"Let’s be patient. I have to visit Mr. Bouvini in a few days, and there would be complications in giving birth since their daughter is too young."

Vania put off the idea of engagement after some persuasion from both father and son.

Being engaged to a 10 year old girl…

Garen was covered in goosebumps as he thought of it, since he was not a ped*phi*e. In addition, the first person that appeared in his mind was Celine. Although both of them have the body of a young girl, Celine would be a better choice since she had a great body when she was grown up.

After a casual conversation with his parents, he passed them the gifts and went to take a shower. After wiping his body, he proceeded to change into his own clothes that he had brought.

As his body grew bigger in a short time span, all his clothes in the cupboard were too small for him. Fortunately, he thought of this beforehand and bought a few clothes while he was shopping for gifts.

He went into the room, turned off the light and laid on the bed.

The watch bell and the sound of a train departing could be faintly heard in the distance outside.

It was the new train tracks nearby.

Garen slowly closed his eyes and went into deep sleep.

He then woke up from his dream in the middle of the night.

Garen blinked a few times as he got up. He looked outside the window and saw pure darkness. It was still midnight.

He took off his blankets and sat by the bed wiping his face. He was restless, Duskdune Shura’s words still pervasively invading his mind..

He instinctively felt that Duskdune Shura did not say those words baselessly.

He wouldn’t have pursued the heavily injured Duskdune Shura if he had been completely unharmed.

"White Bird Holy Fist…"Garen muttered. He went back to bed after he took a deep breath, while the energy of Golden Sword Throne inside his pajamas kept flowing into his mind.

The root of his talent was located on his head, a special ability that only a small handful amount of people have. According to his own estimation, it would be rare to find a single digit amount of people among the billions on Earth who had similar abilities.

According to his speculation, this special ability was formed based on his spiritual structure, body structure, the arrangement of the nerves etc. No one would have the same special abilities, just like how there wouldn’t be two exact copies of a single leaf in nature. There would be a great difference for every small small deviation.

He still was not sure whether if it’s this special ability that allowed him to maintain this spiritual bridging, or if it was the bridging that caused him to obtain his special abilities.

"These questions are just dogs chasing their tails.."Garen thought as he focused his vision on his own attribution and skill panes.

‘’Strength 2.66. Agility 1.82. Vitality 2.45. Intelligence 1.53. Potential 1256%.

Secret Martial Art.----

Mammoth Variation: Explosive (Maximum Level), Epidermal Hardening Grade One (Iron Body), Blood Qi Stabilization Grade One (Boulder Martial Art).

Red jade Palm: Learned (Mastered Grade One), Burning Strengthen Grade One (Dark Crimson Technique), Vitality Enhancement Grade One (Dark Crimson Technique)’

"I have so many points already…"Garen was stunned as he realized going overseas was a worthwhile trip. The Golden Sword Throne had lived up to its name and it was worth the risk entering the ancient ruins.

He carefully felt for the rate of the potential flow from the Golden Sword Throne and even though it was much weaker than last time, he would still gain something every week which was much better than nothing compared to last time.


"12 points…"Garen had never obtained so many points at one go.

"Should I increase my attribution or max out my Secret Martial Art first?"He was in a dilemma.

With this many points, he could either push one of his Secret Martial Art to the limit, or pour everything into the attribution pane. Although it was limited to the user’s body limit, it should be enough to increase his attribution to an appalling height.

He remembered that he would kept spending all the points on attribution when he was still practising the Mammoth Secret Martial Art. He had at least spent 12 points on attribution and not only did it give him major special effects for his secret martial art, it also gave him a complete combat skills to face every complicated situation.

If he poured all his points into attribution and added nothing in his secret martial art*, it was estimated that it was highly likely that any normal martial artist with a powerful weapon could beat him down.

*Author probably reversed attribution and secret martial art.

"It’s unfortunate that there are pros and cons in increasing the level or martial arts… If only it could break the limits of the user’s body. I should just max out my attribution first."

Garen first focused his vision onto strength.

Unfortunately it had already reached its limit, as it wouldn’t budge. He then moved on to agility.

One point of attribution was converted into 0.3 and added onto it. Two points added. Three points added…

Agility increased steadily and stopped at 2.72. It had reached its limit.

Next up is Vitality.

It increased from 2.45 to 2.65, which was less than one attribution point. Garen had no choice but to add the remaining 0.1 point into intelligence.

He continued increasing his intelligence attribute.

It increased steadily from 1.63 to 1.93, 2.23 and finally hovered 2.53.

Just like that, all of his attribution had reached his body’s limit. He had 5 points left as he used up 7 points to max out his attribution.

The attribution pane had became larger as well as if it had been upgraded.

‘Strength 2.66, Agility 2.72, Vitality 2.65, Intelligence 2.53, Potential 556%.


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