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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 9


’’Talk about what?’’ Yang Chen replies while pulling his leg up to the leather chair, flinging his rubber slipper away and using one hand to rub his feet. This hot weather can easily make you feel itchy, thus Yang Chen starts considering whether he should go buy some medicinal ointments or not.

Seeing this scene, Lin Ruoxi who was about to open her mouth immediately stops and subconsciously covers her cute little nose. She says while furrowing her brow: ’’Can you stop this disgusting act?’’

Yang Chen smiles indifferently: ’’Hehe, if your foot is itchy of course you'd have to deal with it. This is a justified action. Suppression is suffering, and what is the worth of going through that kind of hardship?’’

Lin Ruoxi swears to herself that ever since her birth until this day, this is the first time she has met such a shameless person. Even though she knows he is just a peddler who sells skewered goat meat through her initial investigation, but what can she do now. Her fate in this matter with him cannot be changed anymore. It seems that she has to try to make the best of this terrible situation...

’’Yang Chen...’’

’’Wait a moment...’’ Yang Chen once more interrupts Lin Ruoxi's words.

’’What for?’’ Lin Ruoxi is somewhat angry as blood starts rushing up to her blushing face.

Yang Chen says while looking embarrassed: ’’Miss Lin, you see, you already know my name, and even know that I was apprehended by the police. Clearly you had me investigated as well, but on my end I don't even know what your name is. Yet you said you want to discuss some matter with me, isn't that a little too...’’ He greedily glances at Lin Ruoxi and licks his lips while speaking.

’’Lin Ruoxi, Ruo as in similar to, Xi as in mountain stream... Can we start discussing the matter now?’’ Lin Ruoxi is somewhat regretting her own decision. The man in front of her now has such a lustful face which is totally different from her imagination of an honest man. But she will never reconsider things that she has already decided on, thus Lin Ruoxi will persist and continue with the plan.

’’Lin, Ruo, xi...’’ Yang Chen murmurs to himself several times. ’’Not bad, this name matches you greatly.’’

’’My dad gave it to me, but that's not important. I just need you to do something right now.’’ Lin Ruoxi feels that even her name coming from his mouth appears to be disgusting.

Yang Chen defensively looks at Lin Ruoxi: ’’About that... Miss Lin, this isn't about you bailing me out, is it? I have no money, I only have this rotting life, there's no way I could possibly return the favor.’’

Seeing Yang Chen unexpectedly acting all ’’poor and pitiful,’’ Lin Ruoxi just wants to puke. She stops looking at him, turns her face to another direction, and says: ’’Marry me.’’

’’Say what?’’

’’Marry me...’’ Lin Ruoxi's face becomes bright red. The sound of her repeating the phrases is comparable to the sound of mosquitoes flying around.

Yang Chen still thinks he misheard something, he carefully brings his ears forward and wryly asks: ’’Miss Lin, can you say it more clearly? Why do I feel like I am hallucinating...’’

’’You're not hallucinating.’’ Lin Ruoxi appears to regain her cold composure: ’’I said, I want you to marry me. Immediately marry me!’’

As her words slowly dig their way into Yang Chen's ears, he has to acknowledge that he was not mistaken. He forces a smile: ’’Miss Lin, you are being a little too... too careless. You shouldn't marry me just after getting in bed with me. Marriage is an important matter to the entire lifetime of a person. I think you should reconsider more prudently, as I don't want you to do this in a spur of the moment.’’

This time Yang Chen has stopped joking around and is seriously facing Lin Ruoxi, hoping that she can understand.

Lin Ruoxi actually shakes her head: ’’I'm not a child. I understand what I'm doing right now. I'm not young anymore, I'm already at the age of marriage, but I have yet to find an appropriate candidate... Certainly you should not think that you're the appropriate candidate... Because of various reasons it has led to last night's event...’’ Lin Ruoxi's pretty face turns bright red as she speaks to this part, but she immediately continues: ’’I can directly confess to you that I'm a very conservative woman toward the issue of being forced to marry some unknown person whom I also hate, I might as well just choose you since at least I had given you my first time.’’

Yang Chen hesitates for a moment then the corner of his mouth forms a sneer: ’’Miss Lin, I understand what you're saying. The marriage you want with me is similar to getting a new decoration. Comparing me with other candidates for someone to cooperate with you, obviously you believe that I am the easiest one to control, am I right?’’

Lin Ruoxi who was directly confronted by the facts becomes unavoidably uncomfortable, but she does not deny it as she nods: ’’Yang Chen, I can guarantee you that if you cooperate with me well, three years later, at most three years, when my enterprise is secured we will divide the fortune and you will not have to bear any more responsibility. Moreover, I will give you a big reward, much bigger than the amount you could make in your entire life by selling skewered goat meat.’’

’’Miss Lin...’’ Yang Chen's expression is already cold, then he smiles and says while pondering: ’’It seems to me that you don't understand something. Although I am poor, I am only a lowly skewered goat meat peddler after all, but that doesn't mean that I will get married to somebody without emotion for money, even if it is fake. You may say that I am a liar, a dumbass, or self-thought to be infallible. But I don't have any special temperaments except for my stubbornness. And ’’fake marriage’’ isn't a word in my dictionary.’’

’’You...’’ Lin Ruoxi did not expect this dirty, despicable skewered goat meat peddler, who could not be any more despicable in her eyes, to reject her humble request. Even if it's only a fake marriage, how could he not know all rich influential men(something equivalent would be better) in Zhong Hai city who tried approaching her were entirely refused!

Yang Chen has yet to stop speaking, he continues: ’’If you are truly a conservative woman who cannot accept having her virginity taken by an unknown person, I sympathize with you and I also feel sorry for doing such thing to you. If you wish for it, I will earnestly court you until you are able to like me. Henceforth I'll accept your proposal and marry you. As for myself, you don't have to suspect me as I believe any normal man would be unable to resist your charm. But... if you want me merely for the sake of being a shield for your enterprise, then I, Yang Chen, will not accept it.’’

’’Heh, court me... By what means do you think you could court me? Your skewered goat meat?’’ Lin Ruoxi has gotten angry. The arrogance of this man bewilders her. Ever since she was born, no man has ever rejected her demands, even if they were unreasonable. Yet now there is a man-ant (TN: Meaning he worth nothing in her eyes) who refused marrying her.

Yang Chen returns to his previous rascally look, laughs haha and says: ’’You can see I'm handsome and full of manliness. My skewered goat meat is also delicious. This tough and humble life of mine can display my quality as a traditional gentleman. More importantly, I'm very nice toward women, much nicer if it is to my own wife...’’ (TN: insert snickers here).

’’Enough.’’ Lin Ruoxi is afraid that if she continues to listen she will become enraged even more: ’’A hundred million for three years of your life.’’

’’This is not an issue about money...’’

’’Two years, a hundred million!’’ Lin Ruoxi reduces the request again while panting in indignation.

Just like before, Yang Chen shakes his head again: ’’Even if you give me ten billion, I'll still decline. This is a matter of principle.’’

’’Do you know that I can both get you out of the police station and also put you inside jail for a lifetime?’’ Feeling dejected, Lin Ruoxi's eyes moistened as she bitterly replies.

Yang Chen laughs: ’’How? Are you actually planning to tell the police that I forced myself on you last night? But I clearly remember that Miss Lin asked for more on her own several times...’’

’’You...I...I....You...’’ Lin Ruoxi's pure white teeth bites on her thin pink lips. The tears of suffering from the pain of being mistreated start bursting out from her eyes. ’’Yang Chen! You are shameless!’’


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