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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: Chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum tea is one of the cheapest and easiest types of tea to make that's commonly found in China (ofc in places with Chinese influences as well, namely Chinatowns or Vietnam). It's great for keeping yourself hydrated and also has a nice flavor.


With a bewildered face, Yang Chen was brought out of the police station, he was unable to understand why a this unfamiliar lawyer is helping him by bailing him out, and from the attitude of the station it seems like this lawyer seems to have a lot of influence.

At the front door of the police station the white-haired attorney Zhang, who is wearing gold-rimmed eyeglasses, formally shakes hands with Cai Yan: ’’Thank you for your cooperation, Chief Cai. No wonder you can be the Bureau Chief in the area at such young age. You definitely are a forgiving person.’’

At this time, Cai Yan still carries an arrogant and strict expression, her cold-as-ice face still attempts to smile like a machine: ’’Attorney Zhang is the great senior of all the legal workers in Zhong Hai. We from the younger generation must always treat you with great importance and respect for sure.’’ Although she is speaking with attorney Zhang, her eyes couldn't help but glance towards Yang Chen who is stretching his body on the other side.

Cai Yan couldn't believe that attorney Zhang would visit and bail Yang Chen out. Even though the attorney didn't say who's behind him, she knew that only famous and popular people are able to ask him for help. Such a person is unexpectedly helping a fried goat meat peddler in the market. It seems like her own guess is correct - Yang Chen's background is not normal.

Outside the police station, Yang Chen says to the attorney with a polite smile: ’’About this... Thanks for your help. Otherwise I'd have to sit in the interrogation room for another two days. I even have to be a guest at a friend house tonight, and my head hurts too...’’

Looking at Yang Chen's awkward smiling face, attorney Zhang feels somewhat curious as he doesn't understand why that person had asked him to bail this young man out, but after seeing him in person, he can clearly see something uncommon from him: The indifference inside the police station, and how he walks out unfazed while also having the time to crack a joke. This young man has an extraordinary air surrounding him.

Attorney Zhang removes the contempt look on his face and smiles: ’’Mr. Yang, you shouldn't need to thank me. I work simply to follow other people's requests. The person you should thank is right in front of me.’’

Following the direction that the attorney is pointing at, Yang Chen suddenly sees a red car parking to the other side of the road.

He is immediately interested just by looking at the car: It is an unexpectedly well-made Bentley model that is rarely found in the country. It represents the imperialistic grace of Britain. In the Huaxia nation the minimum price would be $4,000,000, so to drive this car around means that the owner doesn't care about a few hundred million dollars...

After saying goodbye to attorney Zhang, Yang Chen slowly walks to one side of the Bentley glances at the person who is leisurely sitting in the driver seat. His eyes seems to be glued to the scene as he says: ’’It's you?’’

On the black leather seat sits a pretty metropolitan lady wearing a pure white one-piece dress. On her high-raised head is well-groomed smooth black hair. She wears giant sunglasses to cover up her gorgeous face, the dark shade covering half of her intelligent face clearly contrasts with her cold indifferent looks. This sight would surely make everyone tremble before her beauty.

The car's door opens. The pretty lady doesn't even look at Yang Chen and coldly says: ’’Get on.’’

Yang Chen impolitely enters the backseat while snickering. He also adjusts his seat to be more spacious and higher with a face that looks like he is meeting an old friend: ’’You walked out so fast this morning. It made me wonder if I'd be able to meet you again. I didn't expect you to come so quickly to the police station to bail me out though... Is this fate?’’

This beautiful woman is the same stranger who just spent a night together with Yang Chen. Seeing the ice-cold expression of the girl causes Yang Chen to remember the intense lovemaking session last night and how she acted like a completely different person. For a moment he starts having some funny thoughts.

’’Even if don't saying anything, nobody will think you're mute.’’ (top kek)

Not wasting any breath on Yang Chen, the girl hits the gas and the car quickly leaves the police station. About 10 minutes later, it stops in front of a coffeehouse near the Western District Square.

Passing through a giant fountain, Yang Chen walks after the silent girl into the place as if it is already reserved. Following the directions of a waiter, they arrive at a secluded corner that appears to be quiet and beautifully tranquil.

’’Miss Lin, and this gentleman here. What are your orders?’’ A well-mannered waiter asks with a smile.

Appearing to be a frequent patron, the girl with the surname Lin takes off her sunglasses to reveal a visage that would captivate many men and says softly: ’’Blue mountains, with milk and no sugar.’’

Yang Chen frowns and thinks while turning the menu back and forth, then he smiles widely and says: ’’That... A cup of chrysanthemum tea, not too hot, doesn't have to be good, the cheapest type possible.’’

The smiling face of the waiter quickly stiffens up, he awkwardly replies: ’’Sir, we are currently in a coffeehouse so we don't have tea, especially chrysanthemum tea...’’

’’Then howt about a glass of water. Do you even have to pay for a glass of water?’’ Yang Chen sorrowfully asks.

’’Ah... Yes, we do have water. But sir, are you really asking for water?’’

The waiter looks at Yang Chen with a strange expression. He can't understand why a friend who comes together with that lady as beautiful as a goddess would be a person who only calls for a glass of water.

The cold girl who is looking out of the window suddenly turns toward Yang Chen and says to the waiter: ’’Just give him a Naples, the special type one.’’

’’Yes, Miss Lin.’’ The waiter quickly exits as if he has been forgiven a grave sin.

Yang Chen's face suddenly looks sad as he says: ’’I said... Young lady, your last name is Lin, correct? I don't have any money yet you called for a cup of...what was it...Naples right? It's like a $100 cup. I'd have to sell a thousand skewers of fried goat meat to have that much money.’’

’’It's on me’’ The girl furrows her thin brow, impatience appears in her speech.

’’This is not able to be 'on you' or 'not on you,' it's because my income does not allow myself to drink these types high-quality coffee. Furthermore, I still have my hands and my feet. A real and literate gentleman as myself would never allow a lady like you to pay for his drink! You should know that even though I'm poor, I am still a proper person and not a delinquent, a kidnapper, nor a con-man. If I want to drink my coffee, I would certainly make my own money to drink. Though to be honest, I actually don't like drinking coffee...’’

’’I'm not inviting you because of your like or dislike in coffee...’’ The girl looks irritated as she has taken a step back already. It's just a cup of coffee, why would he waste his breath like that.

But Yang Chen's expression looks extremely serious and humble: ’’Miss Lin, as the old saying goes: 'Gentlemen will never eat donated food.' You look as if you're bestowing this cup of coffee on me. It is fine if you're looking down on my income as well as my position in society. Well that's correct, I'm just a lowly fried goat meat peddler. But you cannot insult my personality and trample on my self-respect...’’

’’Enough.’’ Great lady Lin slams on the table and stands up fiercely, her great bosom swings up and down: ’’Are you finished yet? I don't have any free time to listen to your nonsense!’’

She just finishes her sentence when suddenly Yang Chen who is ranting non-stop immediately quiets down and seems to be turned into another person. With a satisfied look on his face, he says: ’’Miss Lin, now this is better. You're young so you should express your emotions, and stop putting on that always-serious face. I think when you're angry you're far more attractive than when you have that cold expression.’’

’’You...’’ The great beauty Lin sits down without style, her glistening apricot eyes stare at Yang Chen, ’’I don't have any free time to listen to your rambling. Right now I have some matters to discuss with you...’’


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