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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Cagney the Police Officer.[1]

Hearing that Yang Chen would release the evidence to the public, the bearded policemen immediately sobered up, and cold sweat starts to appear on his head.

’’ dare? Do you know who you're messing with? This is Big Boss Chen's son! His men can even kill 18 generations of your ancestors!’’ The bearded man roars, but the severe pain on his entire body prevents him from standing up.

Yang Chen's expression turns cold: ’’Again with Big Boss Chen... You're all a bunch of bastards. Don't you know that this big boss[2] in front of you hates being threatened by other people the most?’’

Finished speaking, he walks forward, and gives the bearded man a kick which renders him unconscious.

’’Stop right there!’’

At the same moment the iron door of the interrogation room is shoved open, and a shadow of a person quickly slips inside.

’’Stop whatever you're doing!’’ A clear yet firm voice reaches his ear, causing Yang Chen to hesitantly turn around. His eyes light up as soon as he sees the person

A female police officer with shoulder length hair stood valiantly in front of him. Her apricot eyes shine like autumn's water, together with her high nose and her light cream colored lips makes her looks like a famous actress from Japan or Korea. However if carefully observed, it is possible to see a majestic aura coming from her, making her looks much more attractive than most so-called celebrities out there.

But Yang Chen notices two pips on the police badge on her shoulder, symbolizing her rank as a police inspector.[3]

Yang Chen quickly realizes this female officer who looks like a celebrity is the Bureau Chief of the Police Department in the Western area. She is one of the high class Bureau Chiefs working in Huaxia country.

Cai Yan is currently in a very bad mood. She just concluded a meeting regarding the recent bank robbery on the West side which brought her many headaches, and now she suddenly gets a report of a suspect beating up police officers in a police interrogation room. Clearly people are looking down on her authority!

’’Put both of your hands behind your head and face the wall’’ Cai Yan points at Yang Chen while shouting.

Yang Chen looks up and down for a moment while thinking to himself that the uniform is such good idea. No wonder many people have chosen to make their female colleagues wear a uniform while working... He is unable to hide his smile when he hears the Bureau Chief's command and says: ’’My beautiful Chief Inspector, I think it is the best for you to see this first.’’ He then throws the document in his hand to the female officer as he finishes his sentence.

Cai Yan is also not a crude person, otherwise a person as young as her would not be able to sit on the golden throne of the Bureau Chief of the Police Department in the Western area no matter how big her umbrella [4] is. Hence upon seeing the indifferent Yang Chen, she feels something is off, and doubtfully takes a look at the document, scanning through it several times.

The beautiful face of the female heroine slowly turns frosty as she mercilessly sweeps the bearded man lying on the floor away. She then signals to the black face officer with her eyes before asking Yang Chen with a cold voice: ’’What is your name?’’

’’My surname is Yang, the name is Chen.’’

’’I am Cai Yan, the chief of the police authorities in the West district. I apologize to you in the place of my subordinates for this error. However since you have beaten officials during law enforcement, I have to detain you first. You have the right to remain silent and the right to hire an attorney to defend you. If nobody pays your bail, at least 48 hours must pass before we can release you.’’ Cai Yan does not wait for Yang Chen to reply before signaling some officers to bring the two unconscious men on the ground outside while looking at Yang Chen with a complex expression, then she slams the iron door behind her as she left.

Yang Chen smiles bitterly as he looks at the group of people who just left while he is still kept inside the room. Call a lawyer? Ask for somebody to bail him from jail? Who would he call and how would he call them when he doesn't even have a cellphone? Seems like he can 'freely' relax in the cell for another 48 hours.

Outside of the cell, Cai Yan looks at the profusely sweating Feng Biao. She furrows her brow and says: ’’Chief Feng, I'll report exactly what happened here in my monthly review. Feel free to pray for yourself.’’

Concluding her speech, she ignores Feng Biao, who is standing there with his legs shaking as if there's no tomorrow, and returns to her office.

Cai Yan does not rest even though she just entered her own office. Despite only recently entering the police force not too long ago, her keen senses have always helped her find and crack big cases. This time she noticed some abnormal details since she felt an inexplicable pressure from that young man named Yang Chen. But he has such a gentle smile! What exactly is she scared of?

Cai Yan usually is a very arrogant person. She likes the feeling of grasping absolute control over everything in her hand, thus she immediately begins to search all the documents and profiles she has that are related to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen's profile is quickly found by Cai Yan, but it contains too little of his information. Cai Yan has just glanced through the file and has already found that his profile is really strange in several parts...

’’5 years old, immigrated with parents, was kidnapped by human-traffickers and transferred overseas... got adopted and was raised by a kind couple, graduated with a Master's degree from Harvard University in the US, returned to the country the same year...’’

At the end of this simple and barren profile suddenly appears a picture taken in which Yang Chen and Harvard's principal Drew Foster[5] are in the middle of the school grounds surrounded by the characteristic bright red architectural complexes with the symbol of the school on them. Yang Chen's visage shows great intelligence while he is smiling brightly next to Ms. Foster.

Images in the police database cannot be photoshopped, but Cai Yan feels like she is being toyed with. How does a god damned person with a Master's degree from Harvard University end up selling fried goat meat? Furthermore, he was adopted by a good couple, but what happened after the adoption? What about the empty 10-years following that, how did he jump immediately into university?

But Cai Yan quickly calms down. The information bank of the police naturally cannot be edited randomly by anybody. Each person's files are properly managed by the authority to be put into the database. Seeing as how Yang Chen's background is filled with this many ridiculous holes, there must be a certain reason for this to happen. If not, why would the higher ups in the police force dare put this kind of cover up here?

Cai Yan quickly thinks of two reasons: One, is that Yang Chen's identity is really special. He might be a secret agent of the country, working for the National Security Agency for example. The other, is that Yang Chen's identity is also really special, however, the other type of ’’special’’ that the country does not want people to know...

Cai Yan quickly rules out the possibility of the first hypothesis. If he is an NSA agent, then his profile must be meticulously detailed to the extent that nobody would suspect it. Therefore Yang Chen must belong to the second type, the type that the higher-ups are not willing to touch to make a shield for him, hence the empty profile to cover up his identity.

It is undeniable that Cai Yan is not just a strict police officer as well as a stunning beauty, but her curiosity is her most dangerous aspect. Thus naturally she is really interested in this strange existence. With a flash inside Cai Yan's mind, the identity of Yang Chen suddenly turns into a pirate, an internationally-wanted terrorist, a Golden-Triangle drug lord, or even a mad scientist... There is one thing for certain: Chief Cai is really interested in Yang Chen.

While Cai Yan is thinking of a way to investigate the background of this suspicious person, there is a knock on the door from the outside.

’’Come in.’’

A young white faced policeman smiles subserviently as he enters the room. In the heart of every police officer here, their Chief is not just a great beauty, but also possesses a character similar to the nun Mieuje [6]. The policeman reports in a low voice: ’’Chief, Attorney Zhang from the Western Law Firm wishes to pay the bail for a criminal named Yang Chen.’’


1. Cagney and Lacey is a show from the 80s... Wow, much reference, very classy. Cagney refers to the ’’single, career-minded’’ female police officer in the show.

2. ’’this boss’’ is Yang Chen speaking of himself, just to clarify.

3. Inspector 2nd Class

4. umbrella as in family background or political backing

5. Drew ’’Foster’’ lol... The actual GTrans for it was Drew Froster. I think the author got the name right, but both translations I used got the name wrong.

6. 灭绝师太 , a really short-tempered and upright person from 倚天屠龍記 ’’Ỷ Thiên Đồ Long Ký’’ or The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber to the Western audience. Mieuje refused the MC's help even when her life is in danger just because he 'belongs' to the dark side of the Wulin world (such sidecism). Rigid as heck, that's who our little Cai Yan is being compared to :(


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