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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 6


When the police appears, the people in the area start gathering around and whisper to each other, discussing whether or not Yang Chen has bad luck.

’’Yes I am...’’ Yang Chen starts doubting the situation as he raises his head and is unable to understand the reason the police came to find him. Did the country's government find out about him already? Probably not, because if they actually did, the people they would send to capture him would be secret spec ops and he would also be ambushed at night. It would not be possible with these three little officers.

The police officer shows his identification and then coldly speaks in an arrogant tone: ’’I'm chief police officer Feng Biao of the Western area. There were people who reported you as a suspect in a recent murder attempt on a group of young men. Please follow me to the police station to assist in our investigation.

So that's how it is... Yang Chen is surprised. Seems like Chen Feng went full retard after getting beaten up, seeing how he, a gangster, is now looking for help from the police.

Old man Lee standing next to the scene infuriatedly steps up and explains: ’’Excuse me officers, you are apprehending the wrong person. It is Chen Feng and his gang who came here to collect protection money. What Yang Chen did was just self-defence!’’

’’Ahem, bringing in the wrong person or not, we have to investigate carefully! I only saw Mr. Chen's son injured and spitting out blood while this fellow hasn't received any injury at all!’’ Feng Biao pays no attention to old man Lee and signals the other two policemen to go forward and apprehend Yang Chen.

Yang Chen doesn't resist. He sighs deeply after getting his hands cuffed and says to old man Lee: ’’Don't worry, I didn't do anything wrong. Please look after my goat meat stall for me. In case I haven't returned by nighttime please return the cart to my house.’’

’’Stop speaking and go quickly!’’ Feng Biao snapped.

Old man Lee was about to say something to the police officers, but since he understands it will not affect anything, he can only sigh and look at Yang Chen being apprehended by the policemen.

After Feng Biao's group left with Yang Chen, the surrounding stall owners start cursing loudly as they're tired of the fact that the police and gangs are working together. However they didn't dare to discuss this in front of the policemen.

Being taken directly to the police station, Yang Chen is immediately hauled into the interrogation room. He looks around with a curious eye since honestly speaking, the amount of time he spent visiting the police station isn't small, but this is the first time he is here as a criminal.

After Feng Biao greets two well-built policemen entering the room, he sneers: ’’Seems like you are still leisurely looking around in a carefree manner! Let's see if you can still maintain that façade when I return later.’’ Then he leaves while slamming the iron door behind him with a ’’whamm!’’

Yang Chen cheerfully sits down, then he calmly and peacefully looks at the two officers facing him like tigers facing their prey.

A bearded policeman starts the interrogation:

- Name?

- Yang Chen

- se*?

- Male

Yang Chen cooperatively answers while hiding a smile on his face.

- Age?


- Birthplace?

- Zhong Hai


After a series of easy yet frustrating questions, Yang Chen still replies in a relaxed manner. He even happily answers some stupid questions. On the contrary, the two police officers start getting agitated since they are following Feng Biao's request to teach Yang Chen a lesson, but since he is nicely following the procedure like this, how could they find a way to let him taste suffering?

Finally, the dark-skinned police officer thinks of something and asks: ’’You've beaten up six men in the market today, is this story true?’’

’’I didn't want to fight them at all. They wanted to collect protection money, and they started it first, I have the right to self-defense.’’ Yang Chen answers.

’’I don't care if they were collecting protection money or not, but you threw the first punch, right?’’ The bearded policeman asks with a malicious grin.

Yang Chen nods slightly: ’’Yes... But I don't think I'm at fault here, at worst I'll go to the court with them.’’

’’To court... you're just a fried goat meat skewers seller...’’ The black faced policeman disdainfully murmurs. He then provides a statement and points at the signature box: ’’Sign your name here indicating you acknowledge your guilt, and that you will compensate the victim as well.’’

Yang Chen quickly scans through the report that contains enough charges to make him rot in jail for half of his life. Yang Chen smiles lightly with a pondering look on his face: ’’Mr. Police Officer, I believe this is not a legitimate report... How does it contain so many additional charges?’’

The black faced officer fiercely slams the table: ’’You are saying that that we are falsely accusing you? Do you know where you are sitting in right now?’’

’’I only speak the truth.’’ Yang Chen now clearly understands that these two are determined to frame him, and his eyes narrow into a frosty glare.

The two policemen naturally know that Yang Chen will not sign this document. Any normal person, as long as they are literate, will never go to jail by himself for no reason at all. The only reason that they used this statement was to anger Yang Chen, and their attempt was clearly successful.

’’Boy, do you know the consequences of not cooperating with us in this investigation?’’ The bearded officer stands up, slowly walks toward Yang Chen's back while cracking his knuckles noisily.

Yang Chen glances at the camera in the room and checks the monitor inside. Fighting against the officers, this news will not reach the outside, and even if it does, what happened in the station will not easily reach the public.

Seems like corrupted police officers like these exist everywhere in the world.

’’I don't know what consequences I would have to face, but you two, you couldn't possibly imagine the consequences either...’’

’’You want to die?’’ Seeing that Yang Chen finally insulted them, the bearded officer raises his hand planning to grab Yang Chen's shirt collar while the other hand prepares to beat him up.

But at the moment, he seemed to be only punching air. Without him noticing, Yang Chen already stood up and was holding the bearded officer by his shirt collar.

- What do you want to do? (TN: similar to ’’What are you doing to me!’’ expression)

Yang Chen laughs maliciously and punches the bearded man's belly.

The entire body of the bearded officer starts shaking and falls down to the ground quivering.

The black faced officer stands up angrily: ’’You dare fighting against police officers?’’ Then he immediately pulls out his gun and aims directly at Yang Chen.

But from the start, Yang Chen never paid attention to that pitch black muzzle. With lightning speed, he appears behind the black faced officer instantaneously and gently touches the man's arm. That arm immediately shakes rapidly as if it is being electrocuted, and the Type 54 pistol quickly falls to the ground.

The black faced policeman isn't even able to react before he feels the back of his neck tremble for a moment, immediately after that he faints.

Yang Chen takes the illegal document from the table and smirks: ’’This looks like the trick you usually use, what would happen if I released this to the public now?’’


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