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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 5


’’Yang Chen, the money you were told to prepare, is it ready? We need some cash for breakfast and drinks.’’ - Chen Feng smirks while turning the silver chain on his wrist.

Old man Lee anxiously steps in front of Yang Chen and says: ’’Chen Feng, don't bully people too much! Even if your father, Boss Chen, is the boss of the area, what qualifications do you have to collect protection money? Boss Chen already said that as long as a shop is not open, it doesn't have to pay the protection fee! Do you think we don't know that?’’

Chen Feng's father, Chen Dehai, is one of the infamous underworld gang leaders in the Western zone. If not for that, Chen Feng wouldn't be brazenly collecting protection money everywhere like this. When he hears old man Lee threatening him with his father's name, Chen Feng gazes back coldly: ’’Old geezer, who the hell do you think you are? Do you think I'll be scared if you mention my dad? He's my dad, not your grandson! I'm nice enough to go and personally collect your money! Instead of the easy way, you want it the hard way eh?’’

’’You...’’ As he finishes his sentence, old man Lee realizes he almost offended Boss Chen. After all, they are still father and son while he's only an outsider. However he can't back down from the argument he started. But before he's able to continue, Yang Chen from behind pulls him backward.

Yang Chen frowns and massages his head as if he has a headache. As he is pulling old Lee backward, he nonchalantly says to Chen Feng: ’’You're called... Chen Feng, right? I'll call you Big Brother Feng this time, please don't make a mountain out of a molehill, I don't want any trouble either. However, I don't have money today, but rest assured I'll give it to you in a few days, so you should go back first.’’

One goon starts laughing: ’’Ayyyy... Big Bro Feng, does this brat think he's the Boss? Does he expect us to actually go when he tells us to?’’

The other delinquents also start laughing, some even want to ’’teach this brat a lesson.’’

Chen Feng looks like he's watching funniest joke in the world, but he is currently enraged by Yang Chen's line. He then smiles maliciously: ’’Yang Chen, wanna repeat what you just said again? Wanna get you tongue cut off?’’

His eyes show a glimpse of ruthlessness as he finishes his sentence.

Yang Chen then starts to lose his cool and says while looking at Chen Feng:

- Do you know what type of people I hate the most?

- What...

Chen Feng is unable to finish his sentence as he finds his body in mid-air and his stomach in pain. Then, with a ’’pomf’’ (TN: heh :3) he lands on a pile of garbage on the side of the road is clothes get soaked with rancid water and covered with musty leftover food.

- The type of people I hate the most are people who threaten me......

Yang Chen only made one simple push. He pulls back his arm as he walks toward the spot where Chen Feng was previously standing.

Chen Feng is furious from being pushed, his nose and mouth are filled with fresh blood, accompanied with the stench of the garbage. He starts puking when he notices the stench of fresh blood in his nose and mouth accompanied by the stench of garbage.

- You brat, you dare to beat our brother Feng, do you want to die already?

- Let's beat him to death!

The bunch of delinquents don't understand what happened, nor how Yang Chen achieved that feat, but since they see that their leader got beaten up and they are the majority, the goons start flocking in and fighting chaotically.

Yang Chen didn't bother looking as he uses only his hands and pushes them all toward the roadside, ignoring their punches and kicks.

The delinquents can only feel their hands or feet get hit by a strong force as their bodies fly backward and hit the cemented road. Unable to tolerate the pain, they start screaming loudly.

The gang looks at the uninjured, untouched Yang Chen and realizes they picked the wrong target. Even Chen Feng, who is crawling out of the garbage dump, starts sweating as he sees that his gang of retired soldiers were useless against Yang Chen even though those men were his dad's trump card. Each of them on their own can take on ten people easily, yet this man in front of them can stay relaxed while rapidly throwing all of them around as if they were cats and dogs (TN: No animals were harmed in the translation process). Even if these goons never studied martial arts, they have been fighting since they were young and went through military training, how does one ’’normal’’ person can fight them to this extent?

- Let's go!

Chen Feng's face is itching with anger, but he is unable to hold onto his dignity when he sees Yang Chen's calm face. As if he seeing a demon, he hurriedly grabs his goons and runs.

Seeing Yang Chen's skills, old man Lee and several people surround him and shout satisfiedly. Yang Chen has taught the oppressive delinquents, who had always strike fear in their hearts, a lesson. However, these people still want to stay away from Yang Chen as they fear Chen Feng's father, Chen Dehai, will come.They fear that when he does come, he will ask for Yang Chen and they might be affected.

Old Lee is very excited: ’’Little Yang, I didn't know you have these skills! Did you study martial arts before?’’

’’Yes, I studied a little.’’ Yang Chen doesn't want to say much. If Chen Feng didn't incite his wrath by bullying other people to such an extent, Yang Chen wouldn't fight back even if he was beaten ’’to death’’ since this is a crowded street. Yet, just like what he has told Chen Feng: He lives by his own rule, and what he hates the most is being threaten. This strange rule can never be changed even if Yang Chen wants to live a silent and humble life since this is his definition of manliness.

Old man Lee does not press further seeing that Yang Chen doesn't continue speaking, and he starts worrying: ’’Little Yang, you see, now that Chen Feng got beaten up he'll call his daddy Chen Dehai to come! What will you do? He's an important person to Ximeng (West-side Meng) group, one of the two biggest groups in the west! Nobody dares to annoy him in this area!’’

Ximeng group eh?... Yang Chen smiles deprecatingly and suddenly asks old Lee: ’’Do you have a cigarette?’’

Old man Lee looks at Yang Chen's indifferent appearance and can only worry for him. Listening to Yang Chen's request for a smoke, he forces a smile and asks: ’’Kid, didn't you tell me you stopped smoking?’’

’’I can't abstain it anymore. Finishing a fight without a smoke, I'm not used to it.’’ Yang Chen sighed silently. He didn't expect Chen Dehai to be from Ximeng group. He didn't plan to make any connection with these people, and he didn't want to contact Jiang Wei more than he needed. Seems like he just subconsciously got himself into hot water now...

Old man Lee pulls out a package of Orchid brand cigarettes that are worth about $1.5 and lights one for Yang Chen: ’’When poor people smoke they have to buy the cheapest kind. This is a strong type, you could smoke it temporarily I guess.’’

Yang Chen inhales a smoke while showing an enjoyable expression. He smirks: ’’Ah... not bad, I like the strong type.’’

’’Young people should not smoke much. It's bad for your health.’’ Old man Lee warns him sincerely.

Yang Chen smiles wryly and thinks to himself: If smoking is that dangerous, then all the years I spent practicing martial arts would be a waste.

After a slight rest, they start to be busy with work and business. Yang Chen also starts frying his sticks of goat meat while munching on one himself for breakfast. Although this is dirty work, the deliciousness of the meat is rewarding. Once in a while he happily grins at other peddlers.

A few moments later, a police car arrives from afar. A police officer wearing a white shirt and two policemen get out and walk to Yang Chen with a serious face.

The police officer coldly asks: ’’Are you Yang Chen?’’


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