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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 462


Chapter 462

Yoo Yeonhee's arrival seemed to be the highlight of the banquet . The sound of camera shutters filled the air, while the people inside felt the tremors of the fans stomping and yelling .

Yoo Yeonhee who walked out of a white BMW 747 looked like a European princess from the Middle Ages . She was dressed in a stunning handcrafted pink dress trimmed with flower laces .

It wasn't an overstatement to assume that these patterns could rival a dress embellished with crystals .

Yang Chen looked at the woman who was smilingly walking into the building while waving at her fans . He couldn't help but think, She really is quite impressive . She must be a born actress . Everyone will think she's a courteous and polite celebrity, and none would expect her to be the woman who put up an act in my office yesterday .

When Yoo Yeonhee walked into the hall, she maintained a faint smile on her face . Her behavior and posture appeared to be one of a noble . Many artists and musicians who had the opportunity to collaborate with her, came up to greet her .

Yoo Yeonhee's gaze turned a little unnatural when she passed by Yang Chen, but everything else remained normal . She even offered her slim and fair-skinned hand to Yang Chen . Smiling, she said, ’’Director Yang, here we meet again . I wasn't in a good mood yesterday . Please excuse my attitude . ’’

This time, Yoo Yeonhee spoke Korean, which surprised Yang Chen a little . Humph . This woman is obviously trying to embarrass me, knowing that there isn't a translator here, he thought with a cold smile .

A few of the guests beside Yoo Yeonhee and Yang Chen noticed the unusual atmosphere . Out of curiosity, they turned to look at Yang Chen eagerly waiting for his response .

’’Miss Yoo speaks fluent Chinese . I admire Koreans who can speak Chinese most . But your Korean could use a little work . Perhaps you should have paid a little more attention in your studies,’’ Yang Chen replied in Korean .

After Yang Chen finished speaking, a weird expression appeared in Yoo Yeonhee's eyes . That was because Yang Chen had indeed spoken better Korean than her, a native . He sounded like he had grown up in Korea .

Before Yoo Yeonhee answered him, Yang Chen switched to another language and said a bunch of stuff that she failed to understand . At last, Yang Chen smiled as he waited for a reply .

Yoo Yeonhee was stunned . She had no clue what Yang Chen was talking about . It sounded a little bit like French or it could have been German, but could be Italian or Hungarian too... Yang Chen was sure that Yoo Yeonhee who had become a celebrity since she was around ten years old wasn't able to understand anything other than Korean, Chinese, and English .

Irritated, all Yoo Yeonhee could do was guess what Yang Chen had said . Judging from his expression, he should've said a welcome speech . Thus, she replied in Chinese, ’’Thank you . ’’

A Taiwanese musician who was beside burst into laughter .

Yoo Yeonhee realized she had understood it wrongly . She then looked at Yang Chen who was shaking his head in a mocking manner . After that, Yang Chen turned around and walked away .

’’What did Director Yang say?’’ another person who had heard the conversation asked the Taiwanese musician .

The Taiwanese musician joyfully looked at Yoo Yeonhee before explaining using a moderately loud voice, ’’I attended university in Sweden . I believe Director Yang spoke Norwegian earlier . Due to its similarity to Swedish and Danish, I could generally understand him . He was more or less greeting all the females in her family... Hehe... But our Miss Yoo is indeed generous . Even though Director Yang spoke in this unusual manner, she selflessly thanked him . I really have to learn from Miss Yoo . ’’

The explanation made by that musician sent the surrounding people into fits of laughter . They were all aware that it was the queen herself who looked for trouble in that situation .

Yoo Yeonhee's face instantly heated up . Although she was well-known in the industry, these musicians were her seniors, most of whom had extraordinary backgrounds albeit most of their actions were performed behind closed doors . Furthermore, she wasn't in her own country, but China instead . . She couldn't afford to piss off the others at will .

As a result, she chose to keep quiet for that matter . Acting like nothing had happened, she approached her close friends and started chatting . I have to heavily humiliate that fellow one day! she thought furiously .

Yang Chen on the other hand couldn't be bothered to ponder about her for too long . He had seen too many women like her before . In his eyes, she was no different from an immature child . If his behavior hadn't changed, there was no doubt that he would have given her a violent slap in an attempt to ’’cure’’ her . But that was all in the past . Today, he looked more and more like an old man who enjoyed the wind and tea . He couldn't be bothered by most things anymore .

Around ten minutes before the banquet started, shouts and screams could be heard outside again . Soon, even the engine sound of a supercar echoed!

The surrounding reporters and crowds started to get excited . A full-black Porsche 911 GT3 drifted into the road nearby before swaying its way into a parking slot in front of the building!

Most of the people there were astonished at what they saw . Such drifting skills belonged only in the movies .

The lady who walked down the car shocked the crowd more .

Dressed in a red-hot, tight-fitting leather jacket, a blonde lady with an incredible figure could be seen . Her curves were so flawless that one's veins would bulge . She wore a pair of colorful sunglasses on her perfect face . All she did was stand, and she managed to make the others feel bad about their appearances .

’’My god! It's Christen!’’

After the first one recognized the lady, there was a chain reaction in the crowd . They shouted excitedly, a lot louder when compared to Yoo Yeonhee earlier . The scene outside the building had completely lost control for her arrival!

Christen hadn't had her fun yet . Smiling, she pulled the zip of her jacket from top to bottom and removed it, revealing a shiny, black gown within!

The gown which revealed her shoulders and back truly displayed the international, goddess-like superstar . . Christen removed her sunglasses and air kissed the crowd before speaking in English, ’’Thank you for the warm welcome . This performance is but a small gift for you all . I really like this country . ’’

After she finished speaking, a few of her fans got too excited that they fainted .

The security guards outside the building raised their protective shields tirelessly to finally block the crazy fans from rushing into the venue .

The guests in the hall couldn't help but feel impressed at the kind of influence this superstar had . Her drifting skills couldn't be pulled off by just any female celebrity . To them, she wasn't just a celebrity anymore . She was the representative of an era .

Yoo Yeonhee paled as she received a glass of cocktail from a server . She used to think that she only lost in the Grammy's because she was an Asian, or Korean specifically . Tonight, she had truly experienced the real meaning of losing upon Christen's arrival .

I can never win against her... Yoo Yeonhee concluded powerlessly .

Christen's grand appearance had attracted the attention of all the guests . But she walked like nobody's business and ignored everyone who wanted to shake her hand including the well-known artists . Being stared upon by numerous sad and curious gazes, Christen walked toward a corner of the building .

Yang Chen wiped his forehead helplessly . That woman... Couldn't she just leave him alone and let him live in peace? He'd prefer if they acted like strangers . Did she like to push him into the spotlight that much?

Christen approached Yang Chen and snatched the cocktail in Yang Chen's hand before taking a sip smoothly . As if she was talking with an old friend, she said smilingly, ’’What is it? There are no reporters here . I won't bring you trouble . I'm just greeting you first since I'm closer to you compared to the others . ’’

’’I'll suppress any gossips myself . But do you have to let everyone look at the two of us like this?’’ Yang Chen rolled his eyes . ’’I sometimes think that you're no different from a thug . ’’

’’How am I supposed to maintain my young and wild heart if wild heart if I don't act this way?’’ Christen asked . ’’Do you expect me to stay half-dead like the others old fellows?’’

’’Who are you calling old? You're not that young yourself,’’ Yang Chen said with a laugh .

Christen gave him a discontented glance before walking elsewhere to talk with some of the guests she knew .

However, even if this was the case, a lot of people started making guesses . They didn't think the first man Christen walked up to was merely the director of an entertainment agency . Moreover, Yang Chen had indeed appeared overly calm and dull, as if he had known Christen for decades . Most men would quiver at the sight of this goddess, much less talk to her .

When the banquet was about to begin, a quiet and slim figure appear from another pathway of the venue . The guests whom she walked past were a little stunned at her appearance .

She wore a simple office attire . She had little to no make-up, and had no ornaments . It could be seen that she looked rather weak and exhausted, as if she had just finished work .

However, it was exactly because of these characteristics which allowed the lady to attract the attention of all the guests . As if she was a blossom quietly blooming in a winter night, even if she stood at a corner of the venue, her fragrance and appearance would still attract the gaze of multiple people .

The lady didn't mind everyone's reaction at all . She appeared to be searching for something . She swept her gaze across the venue for a while, before walking to a corner at last .

This woman was naturally Lin Ruoxi who had rushed over after finishing her work, while the direction she was heading to was obviously the place Yang Chen was standing at .

Yang Chen was wondering what she had to talk to him about . But he was sure that his fame would skyrocket after tonight . Christen just came to him a while ago, while the first person Lin Ruoxi looked for was him again . He felt no different from a panda at a zoo with all the eyes in the banquet on him!


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