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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 427


Chapter 427

’’Boss Lin, this situation is unlike anything we have seen or heard of before . I've made calls to five bank presidents, but they either refused to pick up the call, or gave us various absurd reasons . They're not willing to fork out a single cent to us at all, despite us having no issues with our past records,’’ Wu Yue said, frustrated .

Lin Ruoxi stroked her hair quietly . It couldn't be seen from her look how she was currently feeling . ’’Understood . Continue calling the other banks that we have a partnership with, and at the same time withdraw some cash from the few major funds under our company . ’’

’’Yes, Boss Lin . ’’

Wu Yue wanted to end the call, but Lin Ruoxi suddenly asked, ’’Has Muyun Corporation been informed about this yet?’’

’’I sent them the news half an hour ago . Actually, they must've realized that something is wrong . A lot of people have started paying attention to us since Yu Lei is majorly affected by the American stock exchange . I bet Muyun Corporation will ask us about it as well . Vice President Li Minghe is having a discussion with their CEO Li Muhua . By my estimations, we should be getting an answer to all this soon’’

’’Alright . Muyun Corporation has a share in the launch of our new material as well . It's impossible for Li Muhua to step aside from this . Ask Vice President Li to directly contact me after the discussion is done . ’’

At this moment, the car had entered the resort where the Athena Team was based at . Similar to the last time they came, there was basically no one in the resort, as if it was an abandoned place . Only a handful of people were aware that this place was built for the internal operations of Yu Lei .

After exiting the carr, Lin Ruoxi asked the manager to bring Hui Lin and An Xin to rest .

’’It's very late now . You guys may rest at the guest rooms for now . I'll send someone over to ensure your return by tomorrow morning’’ Lin Ruoxi said to the two ladies .

Hui Lin shook her head . She begged, ’’Elder Sister, please let me follow you . I want to be by your side . ’’

’’Kid, you're not supposed to be worried about stuff like this . What you have to do now is take care of your own safety, and go home tomorrow morning... I know that you can fight well . Mom and Wang Ma will need you,’’ Lin Ruoxi advised coldly .

Hui Lin still looked rather reluctant . An Xin pulled her arm gently and said, ’’Hui Lin, your elder sister is right . You won't be of much help in the world of business . I only found out today that you're so good in martial arts . Can you stay with me? I'm really afraid now . ’’

Hui Lin pouted her mouth . Although she knew that An Xin's fearful look was only an act, she was aware that she indeed couldn't help Lin Ruoxi on anything in the business world . Thus, she nodded and said, ’’Then I'll make my return by dawn . Elder Sister, I'll take care of the house . Don't worry . ’’

’’Alright . Someone will send you home tomorrow . ’’ Lin Ruoxi then looked at An Xin before sighing slightly . ’’Miss An, I didn't expect the situation to turn out this way when we're out for a trip . Regardless of what happened between us, I don't hope that you're harmed because of me . If you want, you may call the bodyguards of the An clan to come over to grant you protection and send you back . This isn't a secret place . ’’

An Xin smiled as she shook her head . ’’No need . Their target is Yu Lei, not the An clan . I'll be fine as I return to Zhonghai City tomorrow morning . ’’

Lin Ruoxi had nothing else to say . At last, she turned her head to look at Yang Chen in doubt .

Yang Chen waved his hand with a strange smile . ’’Do you possibly want to get rid of your husband? I'll smack your butt if you suggest that . ’’

’’I don't have time to joke around now,’’ Lin Ruoxi said coldly .

’’I also am not joking around,’’ Yang Chen said innocently .

Lin Ruoxi opened her mouth and looked like she wanted to say something, but gave up . She turned around and walked toward the building Athena Team Team worked in before saying, ’’Do whatever you want . ’’

Yang Chen felt rather helpless in times like this . Why can't she learn to ask for my help, and say something like 'hubby I'm really afraid' . If she does that, both of my two legs will soften, while the middle 'leg' will harden to shoot all the bad guys to death with my missiles, he thought .

Yang Chen turned around with a smile and said to Hui Lin and An Xin, ’’Don't look so solemn . Everything will be fine with me here . Babe An Xin, I think you should listen to Ruoxi and ask your dad to send bodyguards to escort you back . You never know what might happen next . ’’

An Xin looked at Lin Ruoxi who was walking away . Smiling, she said, ’’Is Athena Team a specially built group by Lin Ruoxi? I've never heard of such organization in Yu Lei . I really want to have a look, but it seems to be heavily guarded . ’’

Yang Chen pinched An Xin's cheek . ’’Stop thinking nonsense . She's not your enemy . You won't gain anything by looking into her . ’’

’’Who says she isn't...’’ An Xin stuck her tongue out . She gazed upon Yang Chen resentfully as she said, ’’You're the only one who's this petty . I'm not even allowed to guess your wife's secret . Alright, I'll leave in the morning . You're here anyway, I don't think anything will happen with you around . ’’

’’I'm glad that you know,’’ Yang Chen said before taking out a cigarette from his pocket and putting it in his mouth . He then slowly walked to the direction Lin Ruoxi went .

He had come to the base of Athena Team before, so he was familiar with the place . After taking a few turns, he stepped into an office guarded by bodyguards .

Lin Ruoxi must've informed them before, so Yang Chen wasn't stopped from entering the place .

A dazzling display of calculators and screens could be found there . Different types of sounds that one could hear in an office filled the place . There were around seven to eight young elites from all over the world typing incredibly fast on their keyboards .

Since they were urgently summoned, two of the western ladies were ladies were wearing silk pyjamas . Fortunately, the heater in the office was turned on, so they wouldn't catch a cold while working .

’’Damn it . We encountered the enemy,’’ a man with messy hair said with an Irish accent . Pushing his spectacles up, he said to Lin Ruoxi who was looking at the screen which displayed the stock market, ’’Boss, this is bad . Not only are they very experienced, have executed their plan so perfectly that there is nowhere for us to counter their attacks . Their speed is similar to ours . ’’

’’I spent a lot of money to hire you to work, not to state the obvious,’’ Lin Ruoxi said without turning her head .

The Irish young guy made a stupid face, but continued to busy himself with the task happily . Evidently, he was used to Lin Ruoxi's personality, and was extremely confident in his ability .

Lin Ruoxi was immersed in looking at the data displayed on the screen . She suddenly detected the smell of smoke which was getting stronger . Frowning, she turned her head to look behind, only to find Yang Chen who was seated on a swivel chair, leisurely smoking a poor-quality cigarette with both his legs placed on the railing .

’’Who allowed you to smoke in here?’’ Lin Ruoxi had been in a bad mood from the start . She couldn't help but get frustrated to see Yang Chen calmly smoking in the workplace .

Yang Chen was focused in seeing the large number of data in red and green . After he was called by Lin Ruoxi, he noticed that he had subconsciously lit up a cigarette . Smiling awkwardly, he pinched on the cigarette end before keeping it in his shirt pocket . He wasn't bothered that the ash had gotten into it . ’’I'm sorry Babe . It wasn't intentional . I only wanted to put it in my mouth, but I accidentally lit it up . ’’

Lin Ruoxi refrained her anger as she took a deep breath . She didn't have energy to get mad anymore . ’’My mind is in a mess right now . If you want to be with me, please don't behave this way . At least don't make me feel that you're watching a movie . ’’

’’I'm not watching a movie . ’’ movie . ’’ Yang Chen pointed at the screen which was repeatedly changing . ’’I'm analysing the situation . ’’

Lin Ruoxi felt a little better now . She asked, ’’Enlighten me then, what do you think of the situation?’’

’’I don't know,’’ Yang Chen replied .

’’Aren't you looking at the data?’’ Lin Ruoxi asked as she frowned .

Yang Chen waved his hand . ’’I am, but I fail to understand a single thing . ’’


Lin Ruoxi had the urge to take a few bites off Yang Chen's meat, but the situation was critical now, so she decided to leave him aside . She had long gotten used to this man's senseless behavior . She murmured, ’’I have to stay calm... I have to stay calm...’’ as she looked away .

At this moment, Yang Chen stood up smilingly and walked to Lin Ruoxi's back . When she wasn't paying attention, he used one of his arms to hug her waist .

Lin Ruoxi felt that the skin of her waist had been covered by a warmth . She shivered a little in shock . She looked behind and noticed Yang Chen's weird gaze .

Although it wasn't enough to be noticed by the other people in the room, Lin Ruoxi was still really nervous . She flushed as she tried to struggle off Yang Chen . Softly, she said, ’’Let me go . Why are you doing this suddenly...’’

Yang Chen said beside her ear, ’’I can tell that you're nervous, so I want to help you relax . ’’

’’I told you I don't have time to joke around . ’’ Anger filled Lin Ruoxi's eyes . She was trying to come up with a solution for Yu Lei's difficulty, but this man was still playing games . He wasn't trying to relax her, but was pissing her off instead .

’’You should be most aware that anger won't solve the problem,’’ Yang Chen said with a smile .

’’Can you solve the problem by messing around?’’ Lin Ruoxi asked as she stared at him angrily .

Yang Chen held a complex expression . He contemplated for quite a while, before finally opening his mouth . ’’Miss Lin Ruoxi, I'm now offering you a deal, not as your husband, not as your employee, not as your family, but merely as a man called Yang Chen . What do you think?’’


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