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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 4


When the morning sunlight enters through the glass window in Yang Chen's room, Yang Chen stretches himself and prepares to stand up and set out. Suddenly he feels a soft thing entangled to himself.

Immediately sobering up, Yang Chen lowers his head to look at the girl. He apparently had brought the drunk girl to his home last night.

At this moment she looks like a pristine white lotus flower grasping on his waist. As the blanket slowly falls down onto the floor, it reveals an extruding burst brushing upon his thigh and a tender body embracing the lower part of his body. On her body, there are traces of last night's intense activities.

Seeing the fine girl sleeping soundly with an innocent look on her face, Yang Chen could not hold back a sigh. Of all the women he had met, the beauty of this girl is definitely capable of entering the best three.

While Yang Chen is admiring the work of art before him, his gaze suddenly stops at a light red bloodstain on the bed sheets.

Yang Chen starts to panic as he frowns, and looks at the girl feeling surprised. It is obvious that this was not his bloodstain, but he could not believe the irrational girl from last night was still a virgin.

After thinking through all of last night's events, he figures out the situation. The night prior, this bold and seductive girl was probably drugged by the baldy. If not for him kicking their asses then she would have been their spoil yesterday. It is possible that he was not able to notice that strange situation because of the strong liquor he drank yesterday.

While Yang Chen is still sitting on the bed while thinking about how to deal with this situation, the girl sleeping on him starts to stir and wakes up.

The sleepy girl opens her eyes, gently looks up and sees Yang Chen peacefully looking at her.

The man in front of her looks unfamiliar yet also recognizable. His eyes, his nose, his mouth, and even his breath feel strangely familiar to her. Bits and pieces of what happened yesterday night slowly appear in her memory... She then quickly understands the situation.

After Yang Chen knows she is not a prostitute, he is startled about her reaction. Scream loudly? Beat him up and scold him? Telephone the police? Possibly call him a rip-off? If any of these happened, Yang Chen would not feel so guilty. She's free to do what she wants. If she didn't head into that den of predators nothing would have happened.

But she seems to be extremely calm.

She slowly rises and smoothly stands up. Yang Chen's breathing stopped as the towel covering her falls down and reveals a body that's like a bright pearl.

On her body several places still carry Yang Chen's 'marks'.

The girl steps down from the bed while showing absolutely no shame.

Seeing the cold calmness makes Yang Chen suddenly feel some pressure. He inhales deeply and says:

- I'm really sorry!

The girl is dressing up as she hears these three words. She stops for a brief moment, but she does not respond nor does she turn around. Instead she continues to change.

Yang Chen does not continue speaking, but inside his conscience feels as if stones are pressing down on it. For many years he has experienced no guilt towards women since they are a type of therapy to reduce his stress and he does not think anymore than that. But suddenly after a night with this girl his heart is filled with guilt. Yang Chen wonders if this is due to the fact that it's been a while since he took it easy

Not even 5 minutes later, the girl has already finished changing. She fixes her makeup a bit before moving toward the door without saying anything.

Yang Chen cannot stop himself from speaking upon seeing the girl wordlessly leaving:

- Do you know the way out? Want me to accompany you?

The girl does not stop. She deliberately walks out of the room and consequently closes the door.

Yang Chen is astonished looking at the closed door and starts cracking up. This is truly an abnormal girl, being able to calmly wake up, change and then leave his house. But as Yang Chen is about to leave his bed, he hears a few sobs from outside.

She seems to be crying but she doesn't want him to know. It's a pity that she doesn't know Yang Chen's ears are different from a normal human's, thus he can still hear it.

Thinking of the girl holding back her tears, Yang Chen feels even more guilty.

After slightly reorganizing his thoughts, Yang Chen remembers that he still has a stall of fried goat meat to sell. Even if it's just a small stall, he likes to do it from the beginning as he does not care if there is money or not.

Pushing the cart to his own stall and starting the fire, old man Lee standing next to Yang Chen smiles: ’’Little Yang, you're late today. Did you have a date yesterday?’’

Yang Chen thinks internally: There wasn't an actual date, but there was a date on the bed. But externally he casually answers: ’’Please don't start thinking strange things, I just overslept!’’

Old Lee laughs out loud and says satisfiedly: ’’Our Jingjing had finished her practice and already went home. She even reminds me of your kind gift. If not for you, I wouldn't have enough money for my wife and enough to let Jingjing go on her practice trip. It's all thanks to you.’’

Old Lee's Lee Jingjing is the old couple's much treasured daughter who just finished university then immediately went for practice the last two months, and she just arrived.

Yang Chen had met her twice. She looks like a typical girl from southern Yangze River, but since she is the daughter of his friend, he didn't think much about her.

’’Haha! What gift? Maybe later when I don't have any rice to eat, just let me eat the leftovers for you!’’ Yang Chen jokes.

’’Good! Good!’’ Old man Lee suddenly nods: ’’Why didn't you remind me? My wife and Jingjing both asked me to invite you over for a meal to thank you. Are you free tonight?’’

- This... Thank you, but you have to work strenuously to feed your family. How could you ask me to eat the hard-earned meal you made?

Pretending to be angry, old man Lee replied: ’’Just a meal of plain food wouldn't cost much. Little Yang shouldn't look down on this old man!’’

Yang Chen helplessly nods and accepts as he is unable to convince the stubborn old man. Old man Lee's face brightens up with joy.

But at the same moment, the group of delinquents appear again, and a wicked grin forms on the leader's face as he notices Yang Chen with old man Lee.


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