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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 3


Lights flicker inside the bar. In the corner there is a couple sitting face to face, holding each other tightly, making seductive and arousing laughter.

Just a few steps in, Yang Chen was approached by a girl who is pretty like a painting. She is wearing a low cut black dress, holding a glass of wine in her hand, and her steps are slightly unsteady: ’’Hey handsome, want to invite me for a drink?’’

Her voice is sweet enough to melt any person.

Since it has been a while since he drunk alcohol, Yang Chen's body started to heat up. He quickly grabbed the girl's hand. She laughed in a mocking and lecherous manner: ’’Oh this obnoxiously handsome boy! We've just met and you're already grabbing my hands. If anything happens to me you'll have to compensate me

Even before she finished speaking, her hands were already wrapped around Yang Chen's neck.

He smiled crookedly. Seems like this girl is more or less interested in him. Gently and skillfully, he pushes her out: ’’I'm not interested in drunk sows looking for se*.’’

Maybe she is still slightly clear-headed, the girl furiously threw her glass of wine down the floor upon hearing she was called a ’’sow’’: ’’You stinking brat, are you tired of living already? Just wait there!’’ As soon as the words left her mouth, she violently walks toward a group of people drinking in a corner.

Yang Chen feels a flash of malicious delight. He hasn't come to this kind of place and interacted with these type of people in a while. Borrowing the influence of the alcohol, he can start ’’relaxing’’ a little.

Yang Chen then walks to a table and empties a few shots of vodka. A boiling feeling starts to circulate inside his body and his eyes shows an abnormal excitement.

The good-looking girl doesn't notice anything while greeting 7 or 8 men in the other corner. After finishing his drink, Yang Chen immediately approaches the group.

The girl immediately hugs the sturdy arm of a big bald fellow and exclaims fiercely while pointing at Yang Chen: ’’This guy just insulted me, please help me beat him to death!’’

The big fellow notices Yang Chen's thin physique, then he disdainfully signaled two underlings to come forward and 'educate' Yang Chen.

The two men fiendishly approach Yang Chen and without waiting for Yang Chen to respond, they charged at him.

Yang Chen doesn't even bother paying attention to them. His expression is strangely tranquil as he raises his right hand and gently touches the incoming fists with two fingers.

- Ouch! Arrghh!!!

The two goons cries out in agony before falling down on the ground while holding their arms and rolling nonstop.

This scene in the small bar suddenly seems to be strangely bizarre. Despite the fact that fights often broke out , nobody had ever seen the big baldy's group to be surprised to this extent. Many people start to look at Yang Chen out of curiosity.

Upon seeing this unexpected situation, the bald man furrows his brow and suspiciously looks into Yang Chen's indifferent eyes. He squats down, raises an arm of a subordinate , and carefully examines it. The baldy looks normal before looking at the arm, but after he finishes examining it, he is covered in sweat...

Some of the underlings standing behind start cursing after witnessing their brothers get beaten up. But the baldy stretches out his arm stopping them before they were able to start a fight.

Without explanations, the baldy stands up and respectfully speaks to Yang Chen: ’’Big Brother, please forgive us for offending you this time. Later if you have any needs, we'll earnestly serve you. Till we meet again!’’

After speaking, the bald man brought his bewildered underlings, including the two who are screaming loudly, out of the bar.

Unable to believe what just happened, the other girl promptly leaves the bar while cursing ceaselessly;she was unable to find an outlet to vent her anger.

The baldy stares at the girl then turns toward his goons and says:

- He just extends his hand and both arms of our Fifth and Sixth Brothers are broken already. Do you guys think you can fight against him?

Everybody is quickly discouraged. Just now, the two fingers look light as air, yet it possesses enormous power. Where does this master come from? Then several people start bootlicking the baldy, saying everything Big Brother says is always correct.

The bald man does not pay attention to these flatteries. He turns his head and looks at the bar. Nobody was able to read his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Yang Chen still looks completely unaffected inside the bar. He walks out of the corner and starts planning where to search next for ’’prey’’ while walking.

Since Yang Chen just quickly defeated the baldy's subordinates, both men and women around look at him frightened. Several girls try to attract Yang Chen's attention, but seeing him not responding, they quickly give up unable to attempt anything more.

When Yang Chen was about to sit down on a chair, he suddenly notices a young girl sitting in a far corner.

Yang Chen's eyes start blazing from just a glimpse of her.

Under the dim light, her long, pitch-black hair falls down and touches the floor, her white figure was covered by a skirt covering her graceful curves like a gentle wave.

As he walks closer to her, Yang Chen discovers a faint fragrance of jasmine and liquor coming from her body.

The girl seems to be drunk as she moves her slender hand forward to take her glass of wine.

Her body leans on the sofa revealing all of her beautiful curves.

Yang Chen moves toward her and held her hand up. When he brushes apart the unkempt hair in front of her face, he sees a body that smells of wine and a flushed face.

Yang Chen was surprised of her beauty that surpasses Jiang Wei's several times, and even though her face is pale from drinking, it doesn't diminish her striking attractiveness. Any male would be charmed by her beauty just by facing her.

However Yang Chen feels frustrated to look at her condition. Why would such person come here to sell herself? If she's not a waitress working here, why would she drink with these groups of men to be this drunk, to the extent that her face is burning?

The girl seems like she is too intoxicated to control herself, then without waiting for Yang Chen to speak, she embraces Yang Chen and moves her lips forward.

But since she isn't sober anymore, her lips only manages to touch Yang Chen's cheek before slipping down.

Yang Chen's body starts burning from the stimulation from her thin lips. As he looks at the mesmerizing figure of the beauty, he immediately determined to be with her for the night without any consideration. He then vigorously presses her into his chest rendering her body powerless, and consequently forcefully kisses her red, wet lips.

- Ah...

The girl softly whimpers as if she's disapproving Yang Chen's rudeness, but then she responds excitedly...


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