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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 2


Being praised, Jiang Wei started blushing and biting her lips nervously, then she started grumbling:

- What's the worth of being gorgeous? Somebody hardly ever comes here, and when somebody promised to come, thatsomebody came late.

Facing such attractiveness, the lust that started to fill Yang Chen's mind is further intensified by the submissiveness in Jiang Wei's direct eye contact. But the 'honorable' side of Yang Chen quickly subdued these thoughts as he regained his composure, then he laughed and said:

- I don't drink, I'm also bad at conversing with women, furthermore I have to peddle in the market every day, and I'm really tired right now...

Her gloomy eyes glares at the nonchalant Yang Chen:

- Don't talk about morality with me! What are you even peddling anyway? With one small stall of fried goat meat were you able to sell anything? You get exhausted to death and barely make any profit. If you want to make money then come here and be my own nanny! I'll make your salary 100 times higher than the amount you make by peddling!

Yang Chen sadly smiled and said:

- Sis Jiang Wei, it is impossible for a man to become a nanny~

- How many times have I already talked with you? Why is it always ’’sis Jiang Wei’’ ’’sis Jiang Wei’’? Do I look that old to you?

Jiang Wei, glaring at Yang Chen, coquettishly replied.

Yang Chen had to give in:

- I'm fine, Jiang Wei. Nowadays my income is stable, I'm not looking for a job at the moment.

Jiang Wei didn't yield, she continued:

- If you don't want to be a nanny, being a guard is also an option. Or you can be the manager of this bar, that would work as well.. I rarely come here and normally nobody manages this place anyway.

Yang Chen was moved by her obvious and sincere care towards him, but he has his own reasons. The first time they met, he resolved to not pursue a relationship with her.

- Please, that's enough Jiang Wei. I find selling fried goat meat sticks is good enough for me. There are good people in the market too.

Yang Chen silently drank his cup of water implying that he doesn't want to talk about this subject any further.

Jiang Wei upon seeing Yang Chen's stubbornness murmured angrily:

- I really want you to become my lover...

She doesn't know that even if she could not clearly hear the sentence she just said to herself, Yang Chen could easily pick it up, nevertheless he pretended that he didn't hear anything.

Even if her visage and figure is graceful and delicate in the flickering lights of the bar, during the first time Jiang Wei showed her face in this bar, nobody dared to look directly at her. Some guests curiously asked around about whom Jiang Wei is and received this answer:

- You should worry about your drinks instead. Don't head towards your death!

Jiang Wei felt a sense of failure. She sat down next to Yang Chen, poured him a glass of

whiskey and then did the same for herself. She looked at him and criticized:

- You hard-headed monkey... I know you're stubborn and don't want to be by my side. But today is my birthday, so you have to drink at least one glass with me.

Yang Chen hesitated. Truthfully speaking it's not that he can't drink , but whenever he starts drinking he would think of many things he doesn't want to remember and he needs to stay sober. Thus, alcohol to him is toxic.

- Fine, but only one glass for tonight.

Yang Chen did not want to disappoint the sad Jiang Wei, so he forced himself to drink.

Having only one glass would probably be all right.

Jiang Wei indeed looked refreshed, smiling brightly. In the dim light, her visage radiantly illuminated like a dazzling star, seeing this Yang Chen's soul trembled.

- Cheers!

After toasting, Yang Chen gulped down the cold alcohol drink.

Jiang Wei laughed, suddenly moving her body forward and curled into Yang Chen's chest and wistfully said:

- Do you know that I haven't celebrated my birthday for more than 10 years now? Even though today there wasn't any cake or presents, I'm satisfied to have a toast with this womanizer.

Facing a woman with such alluring beauty, Yang Chen felt a jolt of electricity when he noticed a smooth hand caressing his groin, bringing him extreme stimulation.

Slightly bending forward, Jiang Wei lifted her body to reveal her white thigh between the slit of her cheongsam, then aggressively pushed her delicate curves on Yang Chen and effectively attacked Yang Chen's hormones in the process.

When a male gets close to a female, there will be a certain reactions if he is interested in the female. Especially when the distance is direct skin contact like this situation, the reaction will be further amplified to straightforwardly display this interest toward the female.

At the exact moment Yang Chen tried to control his reaction, Jiang Wei raised her head, looked at him and laughed:

- It's alright my beloved man, it seems like you packed quite a punch there...

Yang Chen laughed wryly. Obviously he knows what Jiang Wei is hinting, but he didn't expect

her to notice that while she's sitting next to him.

- I already know that you can never sit still, I'll go to greet my guests here. If you don't wish to linger any longer, then go ahead and leave.

Jiang Wei then stood up and walked toward the guests.

Guests who are drinking here already heard about the mesmerizing beauty of the owner, but they did not dare to be rude. Most of them already more or less knew about the background of this woman. Thus when Jiang Wei went to greet them, everybody tried to look comfortable.

In reality, although Jiang Wei's expression seemed to be always smiling, people noticed behind that mask is a dangerous temper, making the guests afraid, making them unable to joke or to act too rashly out of the fear of losing face.

Seeing Jiang Wei leaving him alone, Yang Chen quietly sighed and shrugged. He himself had changed from how he was half a year ago. The past him would already throw this charming girl on a bed without thinking of the consequences. But now he cannot do that anymore. Jiang Wei may be considered as the most beautiful woman in Zhong Hai and worthy of being respected by Yang Chen.

Despite having only a small glass of whiskey, the alcohol started messing with Yang Chen's head, slowly controlling him. This is the reason why he didn't want to drink much, since his mind will be clouded with jumbled thoughts that only he knows.

Although he still looked proud, Yang Chen felt he should free some pent-up ’’emotions,’’ otherwise it might be dangerous. Though he cannot use Jiang Wei to do ’’it’’ since it'll lead to a problematic relationship and it can trouble him in the future.

Finished drinking another cup of water, he promptly left the ’’Rose’’ bar. When he left, Jiang Wei's eyes displayed some sadness.

Exiting the bar, Yang Chen immediately scanned the surroundings then quickly walked into another bar. Here the amount of prey is never lacking, but the pocket of Yang Chen is not enough to pay for it.

In the life of a normal person, you'll need to have money to find a girl!


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