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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 155


My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 155: Criminal

Five minutes later, while following Li Muhua's black BMW, they entered Jinzewan's pier. In the vast pier, there were containers and parked trucks scattered all over.

The two quietly hid somewhere dozens of meters away from the warehouse. They then watched as Li Muhua opened the steel door to the Warehouse 3 and enter it.

’’Are we also going in?’’ Mo Qianni softly asked.

Yang Chen didn't reply, he just grabbed onto one of her arms, then calmly walked over to the side door of the warehouse, where there was an outdoor staircase that directly allowed one to get to the 2nd floor.


After Li Muhua entered Warehouse 3, he glanced at what was in front. There were several batches of goods placed in the area. They were all discarded goods that weren't shipped out of the pier, and was temporarily left here. When the pier resumes business in a few days, they will naturally be removed.

The whole warehouse had a humid and chilly wind, it seemed to be quiet without another soul around.

Li Muhua let go of the two suitcases he was dragging along, then looked at his surroundings and shouted, ’’I am Muyun's Li Muhua, I have brought the money.’’

After this shout, the entire warehouse resonated with echoes which continued for a while.

Right when Li Muhua creased his brows and wondered whether there was anyone else present, four figures walked out from an area behind a pile of goods.

The man leading them wore a flowery shirt with a windbreaker on the outside, it was a nondescript style. He had a cigar in his mouth, and walked on a pair of black leather flip flops. He stared at Li Muhua with squinted eyes that seemed full of interest.

Li Muhua saw this person and was immediately shocked, his face turned pale, then flushed, ’’How... how can it... be......’’

The one who walked out was no other than Li Muhua's elder brother, Li Mucheng.

The one who stood by Li Mucheng's side was was someone who was deeply trusted by the Li Family, who was also the bodyguard and secretary Li Deshen assigned to him, Li Meng.

The other two bodyguards who wore black clothes and sunglasses were evidently bodyguards from Li Mucheng's side.

’’Why? Are you very surprised? My dear younger brother.’’ A sharp glare shot out from Li Mucheng's eyes, he gripped onto the cigar with two fingers as he coldly asked.

Li Muhua staggered two steps back, his eyes showed that he was unresigned, in disbelief and in pain as he asked, ’’Ge, why did you do such a thing?’’

’’Why? Haha. Li Muhua, things have already progressed to this stage, yet you still ask me why?’’ Li Mucheng released a crazed laugh, and suddenly threw the cigar in front of Li Muhua, he roared, ’’Stop f*king pretending like you're righteous, I have tolerated this hypocritical face of yours enough, do you think I am as foolish and retarded like that old man who thinks that you're a good son?’’

Li Muhua was speechless, as if he didn't know what Li Mucheng was talking about, he blankly stared at him.

Li Mucheng raised his head, laughed and said, ’’You're still pretending? I don't mind, you can keep pretending. After all, when tonight ends you will no longer be a part of this world, but don't you worry, I'll take care of the family's company and properties for you.’’

’’Ge, could it be that you did it all for the company and the properties?’’ Li Muhua looked at him with disbelief, ’’I have never thought of hogging the family's properties to myself, I have always urged Father to give you a chance to participate in the company. Furthermore, ever since I took control of the company, I have never forgotten to give you bonuses every year. Why must you deceive Father and I using an extortion like this, and even use a bomb threat to lure me here?’’

’’Enough, shut your mouth god damn it.’’ Li Mucheng walked forward a few steps and cursed at Li Muhua while pointing at Li Muhua's nose, ’’You think I don't know anything? Three years ago, when that old man gave me money to conduct investments, if it wasn't because you bribed my subordinates and had them modify the negotiation contents, why would I make such a disastrous loss? Also, every time my private investments have any signs of succeeding, it would immediately be ruined by some unknown enemy. Did you think that I don't know that person is actually you?’’

Li Muhua still wanted to explain, but Li Mucheng wasn't willing to listen, Li Mucheng turned around and continued talking, ’’This time, Muyun and Zhonghai's Yu Lei and Changlin are joining forces to collaborate on a new project. It's such an important matter, but both you and that old thing refused to divulge even the slightest information about it to me...... Wasn't that just so that you could keep more accomplishments to yourself? So that you could rightfully take everything in the family into your hands? Since you guys don't consider me a part of the Li Family anymore, don't blame me for being heartless for taking the initiative to grab ahold of some resources to survive.’’

’’That's not it, Ge. It's a confidential agreement, after the matter is settled......’’

’’Shut up, I asked you to shut up!’’ Li Mucheng sinisterly turned his head back, ’’Do you take me for a fool? You guys all think I'm an idiot, a fool, a total failure, and you don't think I know about that? Isn't the enemy just the Xu Family from Zhonghai? Even if I don't depend on you guys, I already know who the main competitor in this matter is, and would be able to do well.’’

Li Muhua had gradually calmed from the initial shock. He bitterly asked, ’’Therefore, you planned tonight's assassination, biochemical bomb, and extortion?’’

’’That's right, but of course, that is thanks to Li Meng who the old man assigned to me.’’ Li Mucheng walked to the tall Li Meng's side, and patted Li Meng's shoulder. ’’Li Meng is evidently able to recognize right and wrongs better than you guys, he plotted with me, and helped me to execute it;the plan went perfectly.’’

’’Thank you for your praise, Young Master.’’ Li Meng expressionlessly nodded towards Li Mucheng.

Li Mucheng continued to speak, ’’In the beginning I planned for the representatives of Yu Lei and Changlin to die in the villa, and intercept this collaboration. Unfortunately, they didn't die, but that's of no consequence, as long as you die, my aim would still be achieved.’’

Li Muhua had a grieved expression, ’’Ge, I'm your one and only brother, do you really want to kill me?’’

’’No no no......’’ Li Mucheng shook a finger, he grinned and said, ’’It's not me who wants you dead, how could I possibly be willing to kill my cute little brother? The one who kills you are the criminals, after gunning you down, they will take boat and flee, while I was in the villa throughout the night. Everybody had witnessed me, Li Mucheng returning to my room, and I was even dragged back there in a frightened state......’’

Done with the conversation, the smile on Li Mucheng instantly dissipated, the killing intent in his eyes accumulated, and he waved his arm......

’’Kill him, Li Meng.’’

’’Yes, Young Master......’’

Li Meng drew the MP5 submachine gun hidden in his bosoms without any hesitation, released the safety, raised the gun, and took aim......

Unexpectedly, the black muzzle was instead aimed at Li Mucheng's head.


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