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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 14


The entire area of Dragon Garden is filled with luxurious villas. Each villa is a mile apart, surrounded by clear water and lush green scenery. They are furnished in a luxurious European style, bringing forth an atmosphere of utmost elegance.

When the villa's security guards see Yang Chen, suspicion sprouts within them, as they are very curious as to why a rich man is walking in. However, due to his whole body being covered in branded western clothing, they do not stop him from entering, saving Yang Chen from a long explanation.

After he has entered Dragon Garden, Yang Chen has to walk two more kilometers before reaching unit 89. The entire villa exceeds 400m2 in size. This figure is without considering the gigantic swimming pool or including the huge garage outside. There is a Baroque-styled garden made up of large and heavy stones. It is not hard to imagine how enormous the price tag of this house would be.

A few moments after he rings the doorbell, the finely carved mahogany door opens. The person opening the door is a home-clothed middle-aged lady with an apron, with a face showing few signs of aging. Her visage is maintained very well, so that she does not look that old despite being around 40 or 50 years old. At this moment, upon seeing Yang Chen, her eyes reveal some happiness, then she enthusiastically says: ’’You must be Young Master, Miss did say you would come today. Please come in.’’

Yang Chen is able to relax seeing how the middle-aged lady is not interested in his background. He enters the house, smiles and says: ’’Elder sister, how should I address you?’’

’’My name is Wang Yu Lan, you can simply call me Wang Ma,’’ WangMa says with open eyebrows and smiling eyes, continuing with: ’’How can I allow Young Master to address me as elder sister? I've watched Little Miss grow up, it would be more appropriate to call me Auntie.’’

TL: WangMa, or also Mother Wang. Basically she is Lin Ruoxi's nanny/guardian.

’’Wang Ma isn't old at all! You definitely can still capture the hearts of many men if you walk down the street right now,’’ Yang Chen says sincerely.

There is no woman who doesn't like being complimented as beautiful. Wang Ma may be middle-aged, but naturally she would not be different from everybody else. Feeling even more joyful, WangMa has Yang Chen sit, and happily says: ’’Young Master, please take a short rest, I will soon be done with the kitchen and we can have lunch. It's a pity that Little Miss has a meeting and doesn't have time to come home...’’

’’Wang Ma,, RuoXi and you are the only ones living in this house?’’ Yang Chen eyes wanders around.

The villa has three floors, fully equipped with modern electronics. Inside it contains a set of real white leather sofas, black marble floor, mahogany furniture, some big and small paintings by famous artists, and a few blossoming orchids swaying on the window side. All of these give off a simple yet elegant appearance.

Wang Ma gives a sorrowful sigh, ’’That's right, with just us two women, the house feels strangely deserted. Little Miss is so busy with work and is not at home all day. Normally it is just me all alone in this big house. However, from now on the situation will get better;since Little Miss has you together with her now, our house will finally have a man. It is more proper this way.’’

Seeing how content WangMa looks, Yang Chen curiously asks: ’’WangMa, don't you feel strange how Ruoxi suddenly married me?

’’Hehe,’’ WangMa laughs and says: ’’Young Master, I've seen Little Miss grow up ever since she was small. Little Miss never had a single boyfriend, though those who tried to woo her aren't few. However, Little Miss never looked at any of them, yet she married you. This must mean that you, Young Master, are special. Little Miss is very intelligent, and I trust Little Miss' judgement, so there is nothing to worry about.’’

Yang Chen nods in understanding, yet in his heart he softly murmurs how WangMa wouldn't possibly have thought that the marriage between Lin Ruoxi and himself is only by contract.

Yang Chen contently burps after having finished the luxurious lunch. He rubs his round stomach and laughs saying: ’’Wang Ma's craft is amazing, it tasted much better than those big restaurants.’’

TL: The amazing dao of food

Wang Ma happily says, ’’Is that so? Then Young Master should eat at home more frequently in the future. Little Miss has emergencies at work and doesn't return home often. The food is cooked yet there is no one to eat it;it is such a pity to throw it away.’’

’’That brat is throwing away heavenly objects! You should ignore her. Wang Ma can just make good food for me in the future.’’ Yang Chen pounds on his chest.

Wang Ma happily nods and agrees even though she knows that Yang Chen is only joking.

After cleaning up, WangMa takes off her apron and says: ’’Young Master, let me bring you to your room. Please let me know if there is anything else you need, I will go buy it for you.’’

’’My room?’’ Yang Chen blanks out for a moment before remembering that he had agreed to not sleep together with Lin Ruoxi.

WangMa leads the way and says: ’’Young Master, Little Miss has thoughtfully chosen your room. She says you are used to sleeping alone, and thus specially prepared a big room for you. She even bought several sets of clothing which are inside.’’

’’Oh is that so? Okay..... Ruoxi is... pretty thoughtful.’’ Yang Chen rubs his nose, even he himself feels what he said sounds fake.

’’Isn't she? This is the first time I've seen Little Miss do so much for a man. Also, Little Miss says since you are currently busy with work, the marriage contract will be completed first, and the wedding banquet will be done in the future, all for you,’’ WangMa happily says.

At this moment, Yang Chen's head is full of sweat. What is this situation? So that chick has long prepared countermeasures against WangMa, by pushing all problems towards me. How busy could selling mutton skewers possibly be?

Entering his room, Yang Chen feels a little surprised, as the room is humongous, to the point where it is bigger than the entire apartment that he was renting. Ceiling windows with white curtains swaying at the side, a flat king sized bed, a 42-inch Sony LED TV, an Apple computer at the bedside complemented by a classical decorated side lamp, and a shining parquet floor. Looking towards the wall, there are two huge built-in cabinets, filled with brand new clothes, neckties and leather shoes.

(ED: lol a mac heathen, where da 4k at)

(TL: This was written years ago, perhaps we should twist this into LG OLED UHD 55inches and a damn Windows 10 with skylake processor and 980Ti SLI? kekeke)

Yang Chen laughs inside;seems like my beautiful wife did not mistreat me, as having fitting clothing, the number one tool for acting, has been completely prepared. ’’How is it? I hope Young Master is pleased,’’ WangMa enthusiastically says.

’’I'm pleased, very pleased, this much better than what I expected, thank you WangMa.’’ Yang Chen nods.

’’Please give your thanks to Little Miss instead, all I did was run some errands.’’ WangMa is already beginning to help connect this couple together.

Yang Chen understands WangMa's intentions, but doesn't pop the bubble, ’’WangMa, I still have several things that I need remaining at my previous home, so I'll have to make a trip back.’’

’’That is as it should be, surely some things become a habit to use.’’

’’However....’’ Yang Chen awkwardly says: ’’WangMa, do we have any transportation vehicle at home? If there isn't a car, a bicycle is fine too, I need something quick to get around.’’

WangMa stares at Yang Chen in shock, as if seeing something incomparably scary, ’’Young Master, are you saying you walked in here?’’

’’Unfortunately you have guessed correctly, WangMa.’’ Yang Chen raises his hands.

WangMa doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry, ’’This Little Miss is too much. How could she let you, Young Master walk here. Young Master, you mustn't be so casual staying here in the future. You must at least have a car. Young Master, please follow me, our house still has a few cars that are not often in use. You can take any one of them with you.’’

Yang Chen's eyes lights up, as his hands were itching from seeing Lin Ruoxi drive the luxurious Bentley previously, but he has no money to buy a car. He has been envious of her all this while, yet now he can get such a car for free?


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