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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 13



Tang Wan gives out a cold ’’Hmph’’ sound, then suddenly stretches out her pale white hands, in one movement grabbing onto Yang Chen's collared shirt button, charmingly rolls her eyes at Yang Chen, and says, ’’A handmade collared shirt from Italy, this style is designed specially for royal families yet it does not have a brand or logo. However, the button is made of blue diamonds from South Africa, with state-of-the-art polishing technology. This simple piece of clothing is priced at least at 10 million RMB. Do you seriously think nobody would recognize such a product, and instead think you are wearing an inferior brand shirt with plastic buttons?’’

Yang Chen is embarrassed as he did not expect that anybody would recognize his shirt's true value, however he soon turns to laughter and said: ’’Miss Tang indeed has a great insight, however you are still wrong. This blue diamond was produced in Namibia, and not South Africa.’’

’’And you still say that you're not a young master from any family? Only few in the entire Zhong Hai is qualified to wear clothes that use Namibian blue diamonds as buttons... It is not fun to lie.’’ Tang Wan squints her eyes as she has nothing left to say.

Yang Chen ferociously takes the few last drags off the cigarette, then tosses it into the river, and says in a depressed manner: ’’Miss Tang, let us not beat around the bush. It is true that you are beautiful. If I, Yang Chen, would like to sleep with you, there's no reason for me to pretend to be a mutton skewer seller to do so. I had already said that I'm just a mutton skewer seller. Who says a mutton skewer seller can't wear a shirt that is worth 10 million? Can't you just trust me, and change the subject into something more romantic?’’

’’That, is very unrefined speech.’’ Tang Wan does not hesitate to criticize him, but she follows it with a smile like a blooming flower, ’’However, I like your straightforwardness. Alright, I will temporarily treat you as a mutton skewer seller. However, Mr. Yang, I never intended to sleep with you, and more so with a mutton skewer seller. I'm not tempted for it in the slightest.’’

’’Then what was this long conversation for?’’ Yang Chen feels a little down as he initially thought that he had coincidentally met a prey that would leap into his arms. But who knew the other party would have no intentions regarding this matter.

Tang Wan chuckles, a pair of peaks and ridges shake on her chest, ’’Mr. Yang, you're really a reckless man, much more pleasing to the eye than those men who pretend to be refined. It is a pity, I'm not the kind of woman you think I am. The reason I spoke all these words to you, is merely because my heart felt a little stifled earlier.’’

’’What now?’’

’’Now, my mood is much better, I want to thank you for that. If fate exists, we shall meet again, and I'll treat you to tea.’’

Done with speaking, Tang Wan walks towards her Land Rover, stops halfway, turns around, tenderly smiles and says: ’’Right, I suggest you to not blow your smoke at a lady in the future. The majority of ladies aren't nightclub hostesses, and they will not enjoy your impolite actions...’’ Finished speaking, she sways her voluminous figure back into the car.

After the Land Rover had disappeared into the distance like a leopard in the dark, Yang Chen then grudgingly mutters to himself, ’’Is selling mutton skewers really that bad? Do I have to change occupations?’’

The next morning, soon after waking up Yang Chen hears someone knocking on his room's door with a ’’Bam Bam’’ sound. Feeling depressed, Yang Chen gets off his bed and walks to the door in only his briefs. He opens the door to reveal Lin Ruoxi and her frosty face, as expected.

Upon seeing Yang Chen's muscular upper body, Lin Ruoxi unintentionally blushes, but she maintains her poker face and says: ’’Hurry up and put on some clothes, I'm in a rush.’’

Yang Chen scratched his head, ’’I say, Miss Lin, for a marriage certificate why are you in such a hurry? Can't you wait for me to take a shower and eat breakfast first?’’

’’That won't do, I have a meeting at 10.’’ Lin Ruoxi's tone does not allow any rejection, ’’Don't forget to bring your bankbook and ID card.’’

Being helpless in front of this woman's might, Yang Chen quickly puts on his sleeved shirt and shorts. He then follows Lin Ruoxi downstairs and they get into her red Bentley car together.

Lin Ruoxi takes two big bags from the trunk, tosses them to Yang Chen and says without turning back: ’’Change into these, so that we are not making a joke of ourselves.’’

Yang Chen has only now noticed that Lin Ruoxi is currently wearing a formal beige colored suit obviously made by the hands of professionals, with flowing lines as to complement Lin Ruoxi's enchanting curves, highlighting her ice cold temperaments yet still showing her beautiful intellectual face. In the eyes of men, her beauty is definitely captivating enough to ruin a country.

’’Hey, my sweet honey, the official marriage is yet to be done, but you have already purchased clothes for your husband....’’ Yang Chen laughs shamelessly, and takes out from the large bag a pair of western Armani suit and trousers, and also a pair of brand new Pierre Cardin leather shoes. Obviously a lot of thoughtful preparation was put into this.

Lin Ruoxi earnestly drives and pretends to not hear anything, as she is lazy to respond to Yang Chen's shameless tone.

Yang Chen is very flexible. Despite sitting in a narrow seat, he effortlessly changes into the brand new set of luxury clothing, and in a very narcissistically manner, he uses the car's mirror to comb his hair. He now looks like a completely different person.

Although she is looking forward, Lin Ruoxi couldn't help but sneakily peek at Yang Chen for a few moments. Upon seeing Yang Chen in a western suit and tie, Lin Ruoxi feels her heart is beating faster. This makes her feel a little shameful, but the man's free and unrestrained look, and eyes which occasionally show sadness, all of them somewhat fascinated her. In this western suit, Yang Chen possesses more extraordinary charisma than any of those young masters from those wealthy families.

Lin Ruoxi comforts herself in her heart saying: At least he is able to pose, so he won't humiliate me when we go out.

Speeding through the traffic, and after getting Yang Chen's colored photo done along the way, the two soon arrive at the Civil Administration Bureau.

After getting off the car, Lin Ruoxi hesitates for a moment, but still clenches her teeth and hooks onto Yang Chen's arm while making an appearance of an innocent and happy girl.

Yang Chen couldn't help but laugh, and says: ’’My smart sweet honey, you have started acting already. You're so professional!’’

’’You're not allowed to laugh! We have signed the contract, so do your job properly.’’ Lin Ruoxi glares at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen helplessly sighs, allowing Lin Ruoxi to cling onto his arms. Either way, this arm could occasionally rub against Lin Ruoxi's soft and abundant chest. It is a good thing to be able to take advantage of this.

Lin Ruoxi feels it as well, but she can only angrily clench her teeth and endure it. After all, there will be many occasions in the future which will require this fake act, so it is fine to let this rascal profit a little.

Walking into the main doors of the Civil Administration Bureau, this ideal couple's looks attracts everyone's attention. Yang Chen seems cool and free despite being covered in branded clothes, while Lin Ruoxi possesses a beauty that can make fish forget to swim and birds forget to fly. In the eyes of the people around them, they seem like a match made in heaven.

The Civil Administration Bureau employee simply verifies their documents and quickly carries on with the procedures. Then with a congratulatory smile, he says to the two: ’’Congratulations to you both, this is your Marriage Certificate, please take a good care of it. A couple like you two sure can make people full of envy. You will definitely live a long and happy life together.’’

Lin Ruoxi keeps on holding Yang Chen's wrist. Being stared at by those around her causes her face to flush red for quite a while. Upon receiving the Marriage Certificate, she feels like she is dreaming because of these strange circumstances.

I am now actually married to a man I've only known for a day... Lin Ruoxi, with confused eyes glances at Yang Chen, realizing that right now Yang Chen is also stupidly staring at the Marriage Certificate, spellbound.

Is he also filled with complicated emotions? What is he thinking of now? Does he dislike it, or is he happy? Lin Ruoxi suddenly began questioning herself, and then feels frightened. Why would I care about what he thinks!?

Yang Chen suddenly turns his head, face to face with Lin Ruoxi, maliciously smiles and says: ’’What's the matter my sweet-heart? It can't be that you are beginning to regret your decision right after receiving the Marriage Certificate? Since you were the one who forcefully pulled me here.’’

’’You think I willingly marry you?’’ Lin Ruoxi bitterly says in a small voice: ’’However you can be at ease, when I, Lin Ruoxi, decide upon something, I never go back on it, you just need to behave well and coordinate with me to act for the next three years. It will suffice as long as you don't create problems for me.

After the two walk out of the Bureau, Lin Ruoxi quickly releases her hand on Yang Chen's arm and returns to her usual frosty face, ’’Alright, I've got to go for a meeting, you can go home first.’’

’’Go home? Please don't say that you want me to walk back there.....’’ Yang Chen feels bitterness in his mouth. Right after registering their marriage certificate, his too-high-class wife wants him, her new husband, to walk tens of kilometers home.

Lin Ruoxi takes out a card from her leather bag and hands it to Yang Chen;on top of the printed card is an address written in a graceful font: ’’89 Dragon Garden, Culture Road.’’

’’Since we are already married,on the surface we will need to live together. Otherwise we won't be able to trick others. You should move in together with me, and quickly get out of that dog kennel of yours.’’ After those words, without even turning back, she gets on her car and drives away.

Yang Chen laughs in a manner that looks uglier than crying as he mumbles to himself, ’’In the end, I still have to walk...’’


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