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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 10


Chap 10: Stains in one's life.

Half a year ago, if there was a woman crying in front of Yang Chen, he would presume that she was just affected by the smoke on the battlefield, or she was trying to make a scene in order to break his concentration or even just trying to be pitiable to seduce him... But now, the pretty woman who went through a night with him clearly is crying because of his speech.

He cannot help but feel guilty. Although he thinks some of his words were not incorrect, but for a woman in today's era who has retained her virginity for more than 20 years, this is indeed a little brutal.

’’Okay, Okay, please don't cry... Is apologizing not enough?’’

Yang Chen agitatedly put his hand in his coat's pocket but finds out that it is empty. He remembers that recently he is trying to stop smoking so he didn't bring any cigarettes with him.

It was as if rain was running down Lin Ruoxi's pretty pear-colored face, this scene before them could easily melt anybody's heart. But since she is a stubborn girl, after only two drops of tears, she pulls out a tissue to wipe them away while forcefully calming herself down. With but her teary red eyes, she stares intensely at Yang Chen: ’’I ask you again one more time, will you marry me?’’

’’I already told you, Miss Lin, in this day and age it is impossible to have a beautiful woman insisting on forcing a man to become her husband! I said it very clearly already, I will not join you to play this boring three-year-long game.’’ Yang Chen sighs, stands up and moves to leave.

This time, Lin Rouxi does not say anything, yet her eyes show a slight hint of grief as she numbly stands up and slowly approaches the balcony of the two story cafébuilding.

The balcony looks quite spacious with some small decorated tables with parasols laid out. Various bonsai plants are also on the balcony, making the scenery seem fresh and pleasant.

Yang Chen's pupils contracted as he sees this. He breathes in some cold air and says: ’’Miss Lin, please don't go and jump down the building simply because I am not willing to marry you...’’

Lin Ruoxi pretends to not hear anything as she silently approaches the edge of the balcony. She then steps upon the chair that she conveniently pulled towards the balcony's guarding fence.

Yang Chen hesitates for a moment, thinking about whether or not this girl's determination is actually that strong. She should know that jumping down from this balcony will result in her death, or at least being disabled for the rest of her life...

However, Lin Ruoxi's action immediately tells Yang Chen how terrifying her determination can be...

Lin Ruoxi turns her head and indifferently looks at Yang Chen. Her eyes are filled with renouncement, loathing, pain and sadness, as if her soul is trying to break free from the suffering she is experiencing in this beautiful body...

Their four eyes stare at each other, Yang Chen feels his heart twitch. He is too familiar with that look, as it is too similar to the look that is buried deep within his memory. It is this look half a year ago that made him shake off the bloody shackles that were on him for several years while he was living overseas, in order to return to his home country...

But today, from Lin Ruoxi's eyes, Yang Chen recalls once again the memories that he once tried to forget but was unable to. At this moment, Yang Chen is firmly lost in his thoughts.

Lin Ruoxi feels her heart break as she sees that Yang Chen is not moving and is just standing there looking like a dumb wooden chicken, seemingly not reacting to anything... Even if she jumps from the balcony, this man is still aloof. Thinking of the pain of losing her virginity to this man, the pressure coming from her life, work and family disputes, Lin Ruoxi feels herself breaking down... What is the point in continuing to live? Death ends everyone's story...

Meanwhile, the young waiter who just finished preparing coffee goes upstairs with his tray. Just when he arrives at the stairway, entering his view is the pretty figure of Lin Ruoxi preparing to jump down. ’’Lin...Miss Lin! What are you doing? It's dangerous!’’

At the same moment the waiter concludes his sentence, a shadow flies fiercely past his eyes, leaving behind a blur that looks just like a movie's special effects.

Lin Ruoxi holds back her tears and prepares to jump, when suddenly a pair of arms strongly hug her around her delicate waist and stops her from jumping.

Everything occurs in a flash, and the waiter standing on the staircase is unable to see what is actually going on. Yet he is still able to see that the man with rough attire is embracing the waist of the pretty girl, and both of them quietly stand on the balcony motionless...

The sunlight that is shining on the emerald green leaves on the balcony reflects off the couple, making the peaceful atmosphere more ambiguously suspicious.

The waiter feels relaxed as he envies the man who is able to secretly have this kind of relationship with such a beauty like Miss Lin. He quietly delivers the coffee to their table and quickly returns downstairs.

Lin Ruoxi immediately feels like she just returned to heaven from hell. She does not know how Yang Chen is able to instantaneously move behind herself. But she does not have the time to be curious about such thing as she can only feel two arms fiercely holding her waist, with such tightness that it feels somewhat painful. However, what troubles her most is the man's heavy breathing upon her sensitive back: ’’Let me go! Even if you stop me now, I'll still commit suicide later!’’ Her pretty face is flushed red, and just as stubborn as before.

Yang Chen breaths in deeply, as he is enjoying the hypnotizing fragrance coming from Lin Ruoxi's body. Despite having smelled countless types of high quality perfume, he feels that her light jasmine scent exceeds everything else.

’’...Lin Ruoxi, you win, I'll marry you.’’ Yang Chen sighs and says in a soft voice.

The soft body of Lin Ruoxi is shaken, then she quickly falls into silence. ’’Did I win? Why don't I feel any joy from this? Oh right, this is just a man I am using to become my shield, and he himself stole away my virginity. I hate this man, how could I love him? If I don't love him, how could I feel any joy in marrying him?’’

Meanwhile, many passerby on the square below has noticed this couple standing on the balcony. They excitedly point at the sight.

’’Honey, can you guess what are they doing?’’ A girl asks while pulling a man's arm.

’’I can't see it very well. Probably imitating the Titanic. Such affection and dedication...’’

On the balcony, Lin Ruoxi cannot withstand the curious eyes from below. She finally realizes that their position is extremely ambiguous. She jumps down the chair in a panic, breaks free from Yang Chen's hug and turns back into the building.

When they both sit down once again, the matter seems to be resolved, but both of them are still in deep silence while sipping their cups of coffee.

A long time has since passed when Lin Ruoxi finally puts her cup down, and then pulls out two pieces of paper and a pen from her exquisite Louis Vuitton bag. She then gives one of them to Yang Chen.

’’What is this?’’ Yang Chen returns from his train of thought and confusedly asks.

’’The agreement, the marriage agreement.’’ Lin Ruoxi casts aside her own thoughts as well, then she stops looking at Yang Chen and returns to her indifferent face.

Yang Chen smiles. He takes the pen then signs at the box without even caring to look at its contents.

’’You didn't read anything yet you still signed?’’ Lin Ruoxi furrows her brow.

Yang Chen shakes his head and says with a smile: ’’I don't even need to look at it to know its contents. In short it's just about forbidding me from entering your room, touching you and interfering in each other's personal lives. Then in front of other people I have to always fulfill my duty as a good actor, and three years later you will give me the reward. Correct?’’

Lin Ruoxi purses her lips and mumbles: ’’Whatever, you signed it anyway, remember to follow it later.’’

’’Hehe, but, little Ruoxi, if you want to do 'it' on your own initiative...What should I do...’’ Yang Chen jokingly asks.

’’You...’’ Lin Ruoxi's face blushes red in anger: ’’One stain in my life is enough...’’

A stain on one's life? Half the world's population do this 'activity' everyday, while from her point of view it is a stain on a human's life. Yang Chen is unable to hold back his laughter as he finishes his cup of coffee with a single big gulp. He then stands up while flicking off dust from his rear.

’’Very good, I gotta go to a friend's house for dinner. Let's leave the registration thing for tomorrow...’’

’’Wait a moment, how do I contact you? What's your number?’’ Lin Ruoxi discontentedly says.

Yang Chen scratches his head and says awkwardly: ’’Did you not investigate me already? I don't have a cell phone. You have to pay for the monthly fee after buying it, and I don't have the money. When you go to my house looking for me tomorrow, just stay downstairs then shout my name. That should be enough.’’ Then he leaves after saying so.


’’What's the matter?’’ Yang Chen turns back.

’’You... I will not allow you to call me that.’’ Lin Ruoxi feels embarrassed hearing that name, it's too disgusting! <TN: She means by Yang Chen calling her ’’little Ruoxi’’ from before>

Yang Chen is surprised, then he immediately says with a serious face: ’’Roger, your majesty!’’

Lin Ruoxi feels the entire world spin around her... how will she live with this rascal from now on?


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