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My Wife Is A Beautiful CEO - Chapter 1


The agricultural market in the west side of the Zhong Hai city is lousy and lively as the cars pass through the crowd. In the twilight, many types of foods are displayed along with dirty water dripping everywhere. This place is filled with different goods and stuff that are being advertised. Sometimes many colored lights shined from the houses of a worker or a student as they arrived at home after work or class. The walking mass also feels tired, quickly making the sky even darker.

Maybe in an internationally-acclaimed city, this zone would be quite the shame, thus many wealthier groups always wish this filthy zone would disappear.

Near a crossing there is a lazy-looking man who's not making the street any brighter.

This is a young man who's selling fried goat meat, wearing a white apron, a shirt covered with shining grease, a coffee-colored jeans and blue slippers.

The man looks a bit sloppy, but he possesses a slightly handsome face. If you looked carefully at him, you would be able to see an expression that looks like he doesn't care about humanity at all. But the passing girls didn't even glance toward him since he's just a fried-goat-meat seller.

The young man sets aside a stick of goat meat that just finished frying. It is hot at the moment, so frying is easy, but selling is difficult. Though 5 cents per stick is really cheap, today he sold about a dozen dollars worth and that's just enough for two meals.

However the face of this man doesn't show any discomfort, if not we can even see him being relaxed and content. He laid back on his chair, looking at the crowded street in front of him as if it is a beautiful scenery.

- Old man Lee, you promised to pay the money two days earlier !

A hoarse voice sounded somewhere around him.

3 guys at about 20 years old slowly walk forward. Their clothing is no different from a bunch of delinquents': gel-soaked hair, ear piercings, holed jeans, scrawny faces and cigarettes in their mouths.

Old man Lee has a small snacks stall next to the young man, and he also has a similar circumstances: he wasn't able to sell much since it was too hot. The old man sits there, looking depressed.

- About this...

Old man Lee's face shows sadness:

- Young master, please understand, the hot weather made me unable to sell, how can I have the money to pay you...

- I'll tell you, Lee, don't think you can do whatever you want because I am being nice to you;if not for Brother Feng helping you, this stall would be closed since god-knows-when..

An underling vigorously said.

The guy named Brother Feng seems to approve this act. He confidently struts toward old man Lee:

- Today you can pay the fee or you cannot pay the fee. But by all means I have to get some money, if not I'll crush your stinking stall.

Just after he finished speaking, he grabbed two sausages, bit some then dropped the half-finished food on the ground.

The old man didn't know what to do, thus he struggled to collect some spare changes while thinking how to give the remaining money since it's for buying medicine for Ms. Lee. How could he heartlessly give his sweat and blood toward this bunch of delinquents?

- I'll pay for him!

A fried goat meat seller suddenly appeared, bringing forward some rumpled cash that amounts about a hundred dollars and coldly says:

- I only have this much. Mr. Lee is old and he also needs money, you should gather some karma instead.

The delinquent squints his eyes and laughed, grabbed the cash and gave it to the underling standing behind him.

- Yang Chen, you still want to be a good guy? You haven't even paid your protection fee yet you know?

Yang Chen furrowed his brow and sighed. These bunch of pricks never cared to study, always ganging up and play. But he's not their dad so he can't say anything, and he also doesn't want to create any trouble, hence he replied indifferently:

- Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll pay.

- Good. I'm not someone without emotion. As long as we ’’cooperate’’ everything will be fine: I protect your stall, you give me back the fee... It's all business~ I'll come back to collect the money tomorrow.

The delinquent flamboyantly walked toward the other stalls after finishing his speech together with his two underlings.

Right now old man Lee's eyes reddened, and bitterly looked at Yang Chen:

- Little Yang, you don't have any reason to help me to pay those hounds, I'm so sorry...

- Now, now, Mr. Lee, you don't have to say that, when I just arrived here, everything was new to me. Without your help I wouldn't be able to be like this. I see you as both a friend and a benefactor, of course I have to pay you back somehow...

- You kid...what are you saying...

Mr. Lee sighs, knowing he can't stop Yang from doing this.

Yang Chen laughs presumptuously, his laughter is soft but also feels honest, as it is not affected by the recent cunning act.

- Oh yes, how is Ms.Lee's condition?

Old man Lee replied with indebtedness:

- Thanks to the money you gave us for her surgery, she feels much better now and will only need a few more days for a complete recovery.

- Oh, that's good. I wish her to recover quickly!

Yang Chen nods, satisfied with the news.

Mr. Lee laughed sorrowfully:

- Little Yang, the money you lent to me, I will definitely repay it. If I die before being able to repay you, my daughter will have to do it... Ah, if not for me, with the amount of money you gave me, you would have been able to open a nice store and didn't have to stay here selling fried goat meat sticks while also having to deal with that bunch of delinquents...

Yang Chen pursed his lips, replied:

- I prefer living like this. Selling fried goat meat isn't that bad, and I still get enough money to survive.

- You truly are...

The old man seemed upset:

- You're already 23, at this age even if you don't have a college degree, you still have to aim higher! You don't even have a girlfriend;why would you want to keep selling fried goat meat forever? You might not care about that, but I do!

Seeing how old man Lee truly worries about him, Yang Chen feels bitter, it's not because he doesn't feel rushed, it's because he tried to forget about that idea.

After the night had fallen, Yang Chen cleaned up his small stall, pushing the cart home to his small shabby apartment.

Nobody knew when this house was built, but the rent was dirt cheap at only 2$ a month since nobody wanted to live here. Yang Chen is different from other people, he never cared for comfort so he moved right in when he heard of that rental price.

Yang Chen's room was mostly decorated with old furniture that people threw away on the street: A creaky bed, a closet and a small TV that can watch some basic channels.

Settling his cart somewhere in the back of the house, Yang Chen looked at the calendar on the wall, immediately seemed to remember something and quickly ran toward the bathroom.

Not even 5 minutes later, after getting a cold shower, Yang Chen left the bathroom, displaying his strong-looking skin, perfect 'curves' and firm muscle. If one looked carefully he would see a strong handsome male.

Walking toward the old closet next to his bed, Yang Chen lazily adjusted his wet hair, looked at the mess inside the closet, grabbed a light yellow chemise, a grey jeans and the old plastic slippers that he always wears.

Yang Chen headed right toward the most prosperous zone in the district and also the most lively in this tattered area: ’’The Wine Street.’’ (TL note: this street doesn't have wall)

The luxurious and corrupted life during the night time is filled with different colors, different skirts and dresses, and reek of heavy perfumes. Just walking into the Wine Street, the entire environment of the zone changed completely, contrasting itself from the rest of the city.

Yang Chen is different from other young guys who are openly drooling at hot girls with long legs and short skirts, he hurriedly walked toward the bar named ’’Rose.’’

The light from the neon sign is not blinding. The bar also gave off a suspicious feeling, being surrounded with roses hanging around the flickering sign.

Entering the bar, Yang Chen quietly goes into a corner of the counter like a habit.

- Brother Chen, you are finally here!

A young bartender in black suit noticed that Yang Chen entered in the bar. He smirked and gave Yang Chen a cup of water.

- Sis Jiang Wei has been waiting for you for a while now...

Yang Chen simply smiled while taking a sip from the cup.

- Will Jiang Wei be angry with me? I went home a bit late today so I'm slightly behind, even after having rushed over here.

- She won't, she won't...

Xiao Zhao answered, his eyes seems to be smiling toward Yang Chen

- Brother Chen, please teach me your skills when you have some spare time! What trick did you use to trap my beloved sis Jiang Wei? Countless men in this city lined up waiting for her to give them just a single glance, though for several years now sis never cared to look at anybody. Yet, now, all she did today was asking whether you'd arrived yet again and again 5~6 times already.

- Don't spew out nonsense. Between Jiang Wei and I are not like what you're thinking.

Yang Chen nonchalantly replied.

Xiao Zhao pursed his lips:

- I won't believe it even if you beat me to death!

Then he started to look like he's sobbing:

- Bro, you're one hell of a man! You were able to tame our goddess of a bar owner that all men wished for! I mean after knowing you, all she did was keep mentioning you, complaining why you couldn't come here often. You shouldn't make her sad you know, you have to do something to please sis you know...

While Xiao Zhao keeps going on and on with his advice, a serious yet alluring figure came into view, accompanied by a sweet yet strict voice:

- Xiao Zhao, with those lines of yours, your salary will be reduced a little bit.

Xiao Zhao startled, quickly stood up and pretended to be serving drinks as if he never said anything, but sweats started forming on his forehead, clearly showing that he's truly frightened.

That figure wearing a comet-colored cheongsam appeared with a seductive body, her chest size, her waist, her hips are all perfect. Her hair floating in the air, like a flawless angel appeared in front of Yang Chen.

Yang Chen smiled as he seems to be unfazed standing in front of the beauty, then he sincerely said:

- You look gorgeous Jiang Wei, happy birthday to you!


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