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My MCV And Doomsday - Chapter 474


Chapter 474: A Life-saving Straw

Zhang Gaohe was a paranormal, so he immediately noticed Mr . Li, who was following him . "Li Cheng?"Zhang Gaohe was surprised, but then he reacted quickly as he thought that Li Cheng should be amongst the team of experts Jiang Liushi had rescued .

After the virus outbreak, Zhang Gaohe's wife had turned into a zombie, and he killed her by shooting the moment she turned . Naturally, that incident was like a thorn prickling his heart . Therefore, when he met Li Cheng, who was his wife's cousin, he took him under his wing .

Originally, Li Cheng was responsible for managing a small part of Xiayuan First People's Hospital . After the establishment of the Xiayuan Safety Zone, Mr . Li became the manager of the Research Institute of Xiayuan due to Zhang Gaohe and his petty tricks . All of the Research Institute's personnel were scientists, who were usually immersed in research and experiments, so none of them was interested in management, and thus, Li Cheng came to his current position .

At this moment, Zhang Gaohe frowned because he noticed Li Cheng was shaking heavily .

"Are you okay?"Zhang Gaohe asked .

Li Cheng was stunned after hearing this question, and then he squeezed out an ugly smile . "I'm fine, but I was just scared, scared . . . "

"Are you going to find the doctors? I want to come with you . I am a little scared to stay here,"said Li Cheng .

Zhang Gaohe originally wanted to ask two more questions, but when he heard Li Cheng's words, he suddenly thought that finding the doctors was of utmost importance . "Don't follow me . You can find a room to rest upstairs,"Zhang Gaohe said .

"I'd like to help you,"Li Cheng answered . He continued following Zhang Gaohe, and at the same time, he looked back at the hospital door . His hateful eyes landed on Jiang Liushi .

Actually, only a few infected people remained, so the soldiers at the hospital door were just enough to hold them back .

Jiang Liushi returned to his minibus and took Jiang Zhuying down . After all, his minibus was crowded and not convenient for medical treatment . Jiang Liushi intended to bring Jiang Zhuying to that building .

Li Yuxin quickly followed . "I still have to follow Zhuying . "Her special ability could help Zhuying, and she knew her grandfather and mother were quite safe in the minibus .

Ran Xiyu also got off the minibus . "I will go too . I want to listen to what the doctors have to say . We can use it as a reference for the future . "

"Great!"Jiang Liushi nodded . They indeed needed to know more about the evolution process . Ling was about to evolve, but it was still uncertain when .

Peng Dinglong called two soldiers and asked them to lead the way to the ward . Both soldiers were a little excited because they could get closer with Jiang Liushi .

Presently, Zhang Gaohe had arrived before an office, where soldiers were standing guard .  Zhang Gaohe opened the door, and more than a dozen doctors and nurses appeared in his field of vision .

"Dr . Wei, Dr . Joe, please come with me,"Zhang Gaohe said politely . He then said something to the two doctors and asked, "Do you need me to send someone to get the serum?"

"No, I carry all of the serums with me in the incubator,"said Dr . Joe . Those serums were too important, so Dr . Joe carried them with him all the time .

Li Cheng, standing behind Zhang Gaohe, had his eyes fixed on that incubator .

 "Do you need someone to help you?"Zhang Gaohe asked .

"No, the serum is placed in a glass needle, and it is very fragile . If it falls, it will be terrible . "Dr . Joe shook his head .

"Li Cheng? Why are you still here?"Zhang Gaohe looked back and only now did he notice that Li Cheng had followed him .

"Are you going to cure the patient brought by Captain Jiang? I heard your conversation . You know, if not for Captain Jiang's help, I may have died, so I'd like to come with you and help you,"Li Cheng said while lowering his head .

Fortunately, the two doctors were led downstairs by a few soldiers . Zhang Gaohe was momentarily speechless after hearing what Li Cheng said, and then replied, "Okay, follow me then . "

Li Cheng followed at once, and when they were passing by a glass window, he looked up and looked at his reflection . Then his face became ugly . He touched his collar immediately to reveal his wound . That wound at his neck was no longer bleeding, but he could feel something creeping inside . As they were about to reach the door of the ward, Li Cheng heard Jiang Liushi's voice, who was talking to someone . Those two soldiers were asking Jiang Liushi some things about his marksmanship with admiration . However, Li Cheng felt their conversation was extremely harsh, so the hatred in his heart erupted at once, and he finally stopped hesitating .

"Doctor Joe, it should not easy for you to carry such a heavy incubator . Let me help you . "Li Cheng walked to the side of Dr . Joe quickly . And then he reached his hand out to grab the incubator from Dr . Joe's hand . Dr . Joe was shocked and quickly retracted his hand and flashed to the side . "No! I don't need your help . "

Just at that moment, a voice sounded in Li Cheng's mind, 'You'd better not move . '

It was a faint female voice, but Li Cheng thought it belonged to a ghost as it sounded directly in his mind .

At the same time, Jiang Liushi and the others came out of the ward . At first glance, Li Cheng saw a unique-looking girl next to Jiang Liushi, and her temperament was very outstanding . Seeing that girl, he immediately knew that the warning voice in his mind had come from her .

Jiang Liushi looked at Li Cheng and said, "Your courage is inferior to mice . How dare you try to grab the serum?"Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Li Cheng was scared to death . He had already witnessed Jiang Liushi's terrifying power . As a result, all his grievances had turned into fear .

Zhang Gaohe was shocked . He just wanted to stop Li Cheng, but he didn't expect Li Cheng Li Cheng would dare to do that . Seeing Li Cheng's pale face and stiff body, Zhang Gaohe knew Jiang Liushi's judgment was right . As a result, Zhang Gaohe walked over immediately and grabbed Li Cheng's hands .


A pistol fell to the ground .

"Li Cheng!"Zhang Gaohe grabbed Li Cheng's wrist and looked at him incredulously . "What did you just want to do? Do you know that you'll be shot to death for what you were about to do?"

Li Cheng began to shake violently, revealing a trace of despair in his eyes . Jiang Liushi looked at him indifferently . Thankfully, Ran Xiyu had sensed Li Cheng's unstable emotional state, or else, he would have destroyed the serum .

"I can't live…"Li Cheng murmured .

Zhang Gaohe didn't hear what he said, so he asked again, "Tell us what did you want to do!?"

Li Cheng was the only living relative of his wife, so Zhang Gaohe did not want to shoot him, but he had to give an explanation to Jiang Liushi . Zhang Gaohe knew clearly that he should do more to satisfy Jiang Liushi .

However, just at that moment, Li Cheng suddenly opened his mouth and bit Zhang Gaohe's hand . Zhang Gaohe screamed and slapped Li Cheng immediately .

Li Cheng was shaken off and slammed to the ground, unable to get up again . He laid down like that with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth .

"Are you crazy!?"Zhang Gaohe shouted after seeing his hand . Fortunately, his skin was tough, so only a deep tooth print was left . His skin was still intact .

"Hahaha…"Li Cheng just laughed like a madman but said nothing .

Jiang Liushi kept spectating the ridiculous scene silently, while Li Yuxin whispered something in his ear . Right after, Jiang Liushi started laughing and asked Li Cheng, asked Li Cheng, "Have you been injured?"

Zhang Gaohe was stunned and asked immediately, "Captain Jiang, what do you mean?"

"You can go and check him . I thought he wanted to get revenge on me . But after being caught red-handed, he decided to bite you . In his mind, the moment you get infected, the army will get destroyed from the inside, and many people will accompany him in death . If my team could be dragged in this, he would achieve his goal . It's the best, isn't it?"asked Jiang Liushi .

Li Cheng remained silent, but he revealed a wide smile of satisfaction . He intended to destroy the serums, but he felt before he even started . And that drove Li Cheng crazy .

"Li Cheng, you are despicable!"Zhang Gaohe shouted in anger as the truth hurt .

"Actually, I have found a method to cure someone who has just been infected,"Li Yuxin said suddenly . She had acquired a parasite earlier to study it and tried to use her medical abilities to kill it . This kind of parasite could multiply rapidly and spread throughout the body quickly . The moment it reached the brain, no matter what methods one had, they would be unable to reverse the situation .

However, Li Yuxin's healing abilities could directly affect the parasites in the human body . But if the parasites had already taken over the body, that treatment would also be rendered useless . Even if the treatment was of such a case was successful, the human body's biological functions would shut down as the person it belonged to would long be dead .

Li Yuxin's words sounded like a rumble of thunder in Li Cheng's ears, and he looked at her in astonishment .

"Help! Help!"Li Cheng suddenly tried to seize this life-saving straw . He had not expected that this young lady had actually found a method!

At this time, Jiang Liushi came forward and said to Zhang Gaohe, "If you had taken the opportunity to get rid of him earlier, things would not have come to this . "

And then, Jiang Liushi's right hand swayed magically, and suddenly a pistol appeared in his hand . The black muzzle was directly aimed at Li Cheng's head!


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