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My House Is A Magic Power Spot ~Just By Living There I Become The Strongest In The World~ - Chapter 192


Chapter 192

A few minutes passed as I fished between the two young looking Dragon Kings.

Suddenly there was a change.


The fishing rod suddenly dipped down.

........I've got a bite.

The moment I thought that I tried to raise my rod but...

「nu, there's a lot of resistance.」

I pulled harder against the opposition on the end of my line.

「n, it seems heavy.」

「Yeah it is. I'll pull it up all at!」

I pulled on the rod suddenly.

I didn't know what I'd caught, but with this level of resistance it would be fine even if I overdid it a bit.

That's what I thought as I forcefully lifted it then...

「Waa, nice fish Daichi-san」

「Yeah, looks good.」

It was a glittering golden scaled fish with my lure firmly gripped in its mouth.

It was over 60 cm in size.

It looked tough. Seems like it was some big game.

「n, congratulations. It's your first catch.」

「Yeah, it's thanks to your, do you know anything about this fish?」

I'd never seen a fish with this kind of golden color in my life.

It had sharp fangs and some things that looked like horns.

I didn't know its name or ecology, it'd be bad if it was poisonous.

That's why I asked but...

「Dunno, I don't have, much knowledge, about fish.」

「I'm sorry too. I don't really know much either. Even when I was living in this lake I usually just stayed inside.」

Looks like neither of them knows.

In that case, the only ones I can ask are.....

My gaze wandered about and...

「Daichi-dono, so this is where you were? tte, What you have there is........!?」

My eyes were unexpectedly met with Dianeia wearing a pretty orange swimsuit.

Furthermore, it looked like Dianeia knew about this golden fish.

「Fumu, it looks like like Dianeia knows.」

「K-know about it!? I-isn't this the spirit fish!? H-how did you get one?」

「Well, I fished it up. See, it still has my lure in its mouth.」

「F-fished it......!? Th-the spirit fish?」

I'd just told the straight truth but Dianeia was holding her hand on her chest to suppress her surprise.

「Did I do something bad? Does it have deadly poison or does it have religious significance?」

「N-no, that's not it. It's not poisonous nor is it religious. It's just that this fish has spirit fangs that can tear through fishing lines and nets with ease. It can even tear free of metal nets. It really makes fishermen fearful.」


Certainly its horns and fangs looked brutal.

「What's more its body has a lot of magic power in it increasing its power and endurance......that's why it's treated like a forbidden trophy. forbidden trophy. If it's angered it will attack the other fish and living things. There have even been injured people. Despite that there have been few times they were captured. Each of those times was by a mage fighting it underwater. It is that ferocious of an underwater creature.」

「I, is it delicious?」


I thought that was the natural next question, but it looks like she was surprised.

I thought this region was one that ate fish usually so I didn't expect this question to be strange.

「U-Ummm, Daichi-dono you intend to eat it?」

「Yeah, it looks like it has plenty of meat on its bones so you think it can be eaten? It doesn't have poison, so if it's delicious I was thinking of eating does it taste?」

「I-I don't know.......if I had to say, it's treated more as treated more as research material based on how strong it is. There aren't many who have eaten it. There was one researcher who took a bite to see, he said that it tasted quite good but.......」

「Oh, is that so? Then it looks like we can eat it.」

Just in case we'll check for poison, but for now we've gotten one thing for dinner.

「Ok then, I'll put this guy in the golem box and...」

I placed it inside the box golem and took the lure out of its mouth.

Then I checked how the lure was doing......

「Ok, looks like its still usable, let's keep going~」

I was about to throw out my line again when I thought...

「Ah, that's right. Would you like to try too Dianeia?」

「U-umu, Th-then I'll accompany you.」

I'd lured one princess over and caught a fish. I'll keep going just like this.


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