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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 7


Chapter 7 - Attractive Prizes

I announce that ’’Three Clan Congress’’ formally starts now. The soaring voice of the old man spread through out the hall, which is followed by warn applause as well as cheers. After three years this grant meeting finally begins.

’’ Display the Three Clan Congress - First Prize ’’, the old man standing on the stage said in a soaring voice.

By hearing the old man's voice, three maid from three clans respectively. The maids who is walking in sultry pace arrives on the stage. The people aren't concern about the maids appearance rather on the tray which is covered by a covering of fine golden dragon and phoenix lined with ornate cloth, but the people who are familiar with the three clan congress, knows that under the cloth material, is the prize for the winner of three clan congress.

’’ The product of Xing Clan, Jin-Cannei-Jia-Yi, This Bao-Jia is cast from precious gold silk, it not only gives comfort while put on, It also have astonishing defensive power. As long as any body wears this, his life can be saved from a common martial artist strike.’’ the old man said while lifting the golden coloured cloth from the left most tray.

After the old man lifts the cloth, a dazzling gold surface armour appears in the people's line of sight.

’’A gold silk inside, this from Xing Clan's personal treasure house of the Lord, I did not think he is willing to even give this out, it seems this conference, Xing Clan is really is on the foot for money’’ By seeing the armour on the rear tray, Xing Jue said in excitement.

’’ Wow............. what a beautiful treasure.......’’

’’ Oh............!!!!, this is simply priceless...... ’’

But as Xing Jue, who is able to judge the quality of the good, the audience who are sitting under the stage when cast their vision on the Bao Jia on the stage, at that moment saliva starts flowing out of their mouth.

After the display of prize from Xing Clan, Zhao Clan displays their prize, which is a Bao Dan which can treat several wounded Huang order High-grade goods, although this valuable but in Xing Jue's vision it is not superior.

However Xing Jue's anticipation is actually on the prize of Lu Clan. Xing Clan and Zhao Clan have both put up their most precious items, but Xing Jue doesn't know what the previous congress winner - Lu Clan will put out.

Finally, after a sensational the display of two treasures, the old man initially slows down and arrives at the prize tray of Lu Clan. By seeing the old man's hand going to uncover the prize there was such a silence that even the palpitation of heart beats. When the prize is uncovered, it is not any gorgeous eye catching prize, but a simple Lan Se( Blue coloured) ordinary letter.

’’ Please..... every body be quiet....... ’’ The old man said after seeing the people talking. By hearing the old man's voice the crowd becomes silent.

’’ Everybody don't underestimate this letter which seams ordinary, but may be, some way the value of this treasure is more high than previous treasures. ’’ The old man said while stroking his beard, narrows his eye, and pretending to be mystery.

’’ What is that....? ’’, after hearing the old man , it is really out of the crowd's appetite, some people who cannot endure to have any surname of three clans, began asking.

’’ Ha.... Ha.............., I wonder if you guys know about Yu-feng Court?’’ The old man asks the crowd with a smile, without giving answer.

Yu-Feng Court...................!!!!!!, who do not know about it ........? ,’’ After the old man's words, the crowd boos as the old man is underestimating their general knowledge and intelligence.

’’Yu-Feng Court......................’’ but this is Yu-Feng Empire's most powerful and formidable forces, nothing can be said to be strong throughout the empire to dominate Yu-Feng, and as they are people of Yu-Feng Empire, how can they do not know about ’’Yu-Feng Court’’.

’’ Ha.. Ha...., but this is the Yu-Feng Court cabinet Letter .’’ The old man picked up the blue letter and said in a loud voice.

’’ What .......? Becoming a cabinet Minister of yu-Feng Court.......!!!! ’’ Xing Jue become excited by hearing the words from the old man.

Yu-Feng Court, where it is....? That is the place where all martial arts want to pursue advanced studies. First not saying how profound is the practice, or what kind of training we can obtain, solely becoming a deciple of Yu-Feng Court is a matter of pride in whole Yu-Feng Empire.

But becoming minister in Yu-Feng Court is like a dream for many martial artists. By comparing previous two prizes of Xing and Zhao clan respectively, the prize put out by Lu clan - letter for becoming minister in Yu-Feng Court is more valuable.

Xing Jue is not able to think through it. Putting this good thing out as a reward, Lu Clan will not stand still. By thinking for Some time Xing Jue finds that Lu Clan have a hundred percent assurance of winning this congress, but it also proves their strength.

As the old man said the origin of the Lan Se(blue coloured) letter, the whole audience in the hall is boiling with excitement and starts talking about how filthy rich is Lu Clan. By hearing the talks of the audience, the head of Lu Clan starts smiling, just like as he have archive his primary goal.

’’ Be quiet........., Before we start the three clan congress, let me introduce our honoured guest .......’’

’’ Distinguished Guest or VIP...............!!! ’’ After hearing the announcement of the old man, there is an uproar in the hall, as they all don't know what kind of Distinguished Guest come to their grand festival - ’’Three Clan Congress’’.

’’The guest is the Yu-Feng Court ’’Fan child’’ ’’ Feng Zhang( Elder ) ’’.............’’ The old man said while pointing the palm towards the blue gown old man seated in chairman's podium.

After the old-man introduced the distinguished guest, the blue gown old-man shows a faint smile on his face towards the crowd below the stage. On that old man's face their is a feeling of arrogance.

’’ What.........? That guy is an elder in Yu-Feng Court..........? Can Yu-Feng Court elders can come to our festival - Three Clan Congress.......? ’’

’’No wonder........., no wonder............., no wonder..............., as he is an elder in Yu-Feng Court , the three clan leader gave their respect to him......’’

At the moment the entire hall boiling up with excitement, the look in the eyes of people is like, as if they are worshipping the Yu-Feng elder seated in chairman's podium. The people were too excited and shocked because even if their YunZhong city is a good city with three influential clans, but it is no where near Yu-Feng Court, and unexpectedly an elder from Yu-Feng Court have come to attend their festival - Three Clan Congress. After all,according to the legend of Yu-Feng Court, for them they are like Existence of God. In the eye of normal people, the people from Yu-Feng Court are not mortals, they are immortals.

’’So........... no wonder Lu Clan is willing to put out Yu-Feng Correspondence as prize in this congress, by this way he is certainly coming back................’’ After Xing Jue knows that the old man is the elder in Yu-Feng Court, once again turns his attention toward the hat youth behind Lu Clan's area, at that moment Xing Jue Know about the status of the Mystical youth.

’’ Following Enters the Second tern of Congress - New Blood Competition ’’ The Yu-Feng Elder arrogantly announces after having a intense welcome from the people present in the hall.

’’ Before starting the competition,let me discuss the rules of the competition, the first 30 New blood who competes and win will advance to next stage of competition. The final winner will be the champion of the Three Clan Congress. If the three clan members those who refuse to acknowledge the winner, then they can challenge the winner. As long as they can defeat the champion, he can replace the champion.’’ The elder said with a ringing voice.

’’ Now.............. I announce ’’ Three Clan Congress ’’, starts...........’’ after illustrating the rules of the competition, the Yu-Feng Elder said expensively, but after drooping the voice, a roar of applause sounded again, the splendid places of this three race congresses is finally staged.


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