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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 - Three Clan Congress


’’ What, you want to leave now............ ’’, In Xing Z tavern back side of the mountain, Zhang Lao slightly reveal the shocking look by hearing Xing Jue's decision, and said surprisingly.

’’ Yes, as i am going to leave for YunZhong City, i should go back to practice........’’ Xing Jue said by looking at the distant sky which is going to shroud by darkness.

’’ Also well, at your current strength, you should do initial training, but in current Tianwu Continent there is saying that, if you are away from your

home , you might increase your stubbornness as far as possible. ’’ Zhang Lao said with a smile after being silent for some time.

After returning to the back side of the mountain, Xing Jue told Zhang Lao about his current strength, but he never mention the matter regarding the mysterious old man, after all about the matter, some people knew about it.

by knowing that Xing Jue has already succeeded to break through to become a Senior-Martial Artist , Zhang Lao is naturally very happy, above all his old face is full of colours of pride..

After all Zhang Lao watched Xing Jue grew up, he think of him as his bio-logical grandson. For this reason, when Xing Jue was discarded for the Xing Clan, he volunteered to come with Xing Jue as his teacher. He did all this as he was very worried about Xing Jue.

Now seeing the present achievement of Xing Jue, like a grand-father , he is naturally happy.

’’ Hey, you can rest assured now.....’’ Xing Jue turned around to give a tongue-lashing tooth sile to Zhang Lao. A self-confident face appears.

’’Your boy’’ , Zhang helpless swung his head and said with a smile to Xing Jue, who was looking down on the ground.

’’ Zhang lao.......... for so many years you have taken care of me, let me serve under you today. ’’ Xing Jue while saying comes near Zhang lao, resting both of his hand on Zhang Lao's shoulder and starts giving him double massage.

As Zhang Lao regards Xing Jue as his own grand-son, naturally XIng Jue also regards Zhang lao as his grandfather. As Zhang Lao watched Xing Jue preparing to go back, yhe present old man seems very worried.

Until, late night both Xing Jue and Zhang Lao talk talked for vey long time before they went back to sleep.

’’ It's almost time to go......... ’’ Xing Jue looks at the Eastern hazy bright sky, while saying in a soft voice.

Immediately Xing Jue turns around toward soundly sleeping Zhang Lao, bows down, then quietly leaves.

’’ Boy........, you have to refuel......... ’’ As Xing Jue starts walking , Zhang Lao who was asleep, set out to arrive at the window, while looking at the back of Xing Jue said in low voice, but on his old face there is a gratified smile.

YunZong City is a Feng Imperial medium city, but it is controlled by three aristocratic martial arts clans. To win complete control of the city these three aristocratic martial arts clan organise a three clan congress every three years. The new bloods in the clan will compete among each other, the member of which clan wins will also wins control over the city for next three years.

This congress naturally also have become the most important grand meeting in in YunZong City. the audiences call it as ’’ Three Clan Congresses ’’. Now presently it is said as ’’ Three Clan child Congress ’’.

At this moment in the city many great peoples are gathered, many high officials of aristocratic clans from near by city have gathered in the place called ’’ Martial Art palace ’’- its a arena placed in central city where three Clan congress is going to take place.

In the way towards the entrance of the palace, there are ten guards standing , their strength level is around senior level warrior. the official aristocratic members who are invited show present the gold card to them. Once they glance at the card they allow the members to enter the main hall of the palace.

Among many people who took the invitation, a youth actually cause other members to pay attention on him. the guy was very ordinary, not so old, nothing like the powerful strength of other people. However carefully bringing up the invitation that he brought, there do not seems to be anything wrong with it, This makes the guys to feel embarrassed.

’’ Hello....... this above god...........? Why are you looking so care fully ? ’’, the youths says while his eyes stares at the guys who are now allowing him to go inside. This youth is Xing Jue.

’’ Did you called Xing ’’ the guards questioned Xing Jue.

’’ Nonsense........... did you called....’’ Xing Jue cast his eye on the guards.

’’ Well... Well... go in ’’ the final guard helplessly allowed Xing Jue to go in due to long flow of people

Xing Jue also didn't care about the guards snob and directly went inside martial art palace. The dream he had once to have his own stage show. But the dream coming true is another good feeling.coming to his heart.

The seat in auditorium is very comfortable, at each seat a table is placed in th front , above the table various fruits and desserts are placed which are dazzling, Xing Jue looked for one casually, slightly after taking the seat, conveniently takes up a fruit and starts eating it.

’’ Yo......... how can Xing clan allow you, cannot think they allow this lackey to take part in this who don't have the qualification to take part ’’ As Xing jue was going to take the seat, heard this familiar voice by his side.

As Xing Jue decide to look, he discover the voice came form none other than Xing Feng whose strength has reached Middle-Order Martial Artist, and at the back two familiar faces emerge, Xing Shan and Xing Shui, both are brothers and both are Initial Stage martial Artists. Once they followed Xing Jue as fawning dogs but now it seems they have change their owner style to Xing Feng.

’’ I don't have any interest in this competition, but doesn't know which vagrant sent this invitation to me. But it happens today that, I was passing by , so came to look at it. ’’ Xing Jue knew that Xing Feng had sent the invitation to him, to said intentionally to tease Xing Feng.

’’ Less your mother....... In the past you thought you were a genius then...? Now you are just a lackey, be careful while i hit you. ’’ By seeing Xing Feng not telling anything to Xing Jue, Xing Shan shouted angrily at Zing Jue.

’’ Do you have the skill to try.....? ’’ Xing Jue said while caste aside Xing Jue.

’’ You...........................!!!! ’’ Xing Shan unexpectedly said to Xing Jue, as Xing Shan is very unhappy seeing Xing Jue and as Xing Jue cast his look at him, his body trembles unexpectedly, a dangerous feeling emerges in his heart.

’’ Xing Shan....., as you are also Xing clans emphasised Xing Clan's new blood, why to lower yourself to same level as of Xing Jue. ’’ Xing feng said as he determined to fight Xing Jue.

’’ This is ..... actually also waste of it.................... ’’ Xing Feng said to Xing Shan a with smile of coordination.

Just, regarding the ignorant performance, Xing Jue gave a faint smile and continues to eat the fruit, which is he holding in his hand .

By seeing Xing Jue's ease appearance, Xing Feng becomes unbearably mad.

’’ whant you want to do, when time comes you will know that you waste and me have a huge depravity.....’’ By taking a cold groan in his heart, Xing Feng said while turning to walk away, Xing Shan and Xing Sui also hurriedly started following Xing Jue.

’’ Little brother , do you know them........? They is a saying that they are Xing Clans seeded players. ’’ The middle aged person sitting beside Xing Jue asked curiously as, Xing Jue wasn't giving any importance to Xing Feng and others who are seeded entry for Xing Clan.

’’ They................... ? on't know them, hello uncle......... can you hand over the banana..........’’ Xing Jue pointed at the banana placed on the table and said to the middle-aged man .

By seeing the appearance of Xing Jue, the middle-aged man decides not to pay attention towards Xing Jue, in his hart he thinks that Xing Jue is a free-loader and thought from where this guy got the invitation.

Although Xing Jue is not a free loader, he is not willing to waste the food.

At this moment in the entire auditorium of Martial Art Palace, there is atmosphere of excitement. The high officials of the Aristocratic Clans who usually talk nonsense have went to the hall, having seated in Novel society keeping their vision over the entire at that moment, three high-spirited middle-aged man with magnificent clothing, appears in the top of the seat units

But there three middle-aged men are the three heads of the three aristocratic clans - Xing , Zhao , lu. Xing Tian, Zhao Shan and Lu Ming have attained strength of Middle-Order Martial Powerhouse.

At that moment, besides three clan heads, an old man is sitting with along blue grown, insufficiently arrogant. What mostly inconceivable is that three clan heads also show their respect to that old man. which makes everyone to start talking about it, The status of the old man is not that simple, as he made YunZong city's Three clan head to show respect to him.

As soon as Xing Clan head enters the position, the new bloods those who were selected also entered. Each clan has selected ten new bloods. The competition will be of elimination system, the winner will obtain rich reward and help the family to obtain master control of YunZong City for next three years.

At that moment in new blood region of Xing Clan enters provocative Xing Feng as well as Xing Shan and Xing Shui, then sit down.

But on Xing Jue's face there is a arrogant appearance, just like he exerts this competition to be same as that is held in clan practice fiels.

Compare with Xing Feng, other members of other clan have same expression, as being the strongest new blood of respective families, they have qualification of too much proud.

’’ Ahem.............. a crowd of ignorants............ ’’ Xing Jue said with disdain by looking at the Xing Clan new blood are, Xing Jue never seem to participate in this competition . The strength of Xing Clan's Xing Feng and Zhao Clan's Zhao Zhen is quite strong. They all are Middle-Order Martial Artists, but the new blood Lu clan selected is usually weaker than both Xing and Zhao clan, they all be defeated at the first blow.

’’ Eh....? ’’ Suddenly Xing Jue cast his vision on a youth who was sitting behind Lu Clans fresh blood area. The youth was wearing a solid bamboo hat, with his face covered , which made Xing Jue unable to see the appearance. Xing Jue isn't able to understand the strength of the youth, obviously the youth is not weak, but in his mind he thinks that the youth have a familiar feeling and cannot remember where he had met him.

’’ Is he coming Back.........?’’ After thinking and pondering his brain he finally finds the answer.

’’ If he really is here, this congress is a little thing for him......’’ Xing Jue corners of the mouth, immediately his vision goes toward Xing Feng, but the vision is full of compassion and pettiness.......

When Xing Jue was in search of identification of mysterious youth identity, an old man slowly arrives at the main hall. As the old man get on the stage the crowd suddenly become peaceful, although the old man isn't from any of the three Clans, he have very high prestige in YunZong City. Every time he take over the management of Congress. By his admission the people came to know that the three clan congress that, they have been expecting for a long time, can formally start now.


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