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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 4


Chapter 4 : Jiang Xiaonu

The young slave's full name was Jiang Xiaonu,according to big elder his mother purchased the abandoned baby when he was one year old as the maid servant for him.Although in status she is a maid servant, but both of them grew up together as siblings,after big elder has gone missing both of them bound by common destiny.If not for Jiang Xiaonu refuelling for him, he wouldn't have been able to stick with this situation .

If you touch a dragons precious object, you will invite the wrath of the dragon.

For Jiang Yi precious thing also that .........Jiang Xiaonu!

Therefore after hearing the Xiaonu has an accident, inside Jiang Yi immediately violent anger rises up, whole face looking fierce rushing towards front courtyard, the young girl who came to notify saw Jiang Yi like a wild animal had a severe ominous feeling and breath had a scare.

Jiang yi shouts a roar ’’ Xiaonu, What happened?Chunya ,You tell me quickly what happened to my Xiaonu ?’’

The young girl who came to notify,Jiang Yu knew her she was daughter of a Jiang old servant residing near by, usually both her and Xiaonu exit the house frequently to work together.

Chunya is scared, with a weeping voice started to explain :’’ Master Jiang yi ,Xiaonu was hit in the Fengyue Building ,that steward said that Xiaonu has spoiled a beautiful painting and wanted her to pay the money, otherwise must kill her, you must find someone to save her quickly or ........’’

’’FengYue Building !’’

Jiang Yi eyes are cold ,he knows that this feng Yue building in the east city biggest brothel.He also followed Xiaonu one time to find that, she helps them in washing bed sheets in the backyard of the building,in exchange for meagre amount of money.

’’Find Someone ?’’

Jiang Yi shook his head,after big elder went missing,everybody treats him like a nobody, who will help him ?Also if such disgraceful matter was known to the family ,fear that if Xiaonu is not Killed by the Feng Yue building,must be killed my the punishment hall........

’’Chunya ,You first go back ,remember ,do not say about this matter to any body !’’

Jiang Yi eye's reflect a trace of ruthless colour ,ordering chunya ,he bolted away from the courtyard.Time is running out ,he did not have much time to think about and can only go alone, even is he has to die he will bring Jiang Xiaonu Back alive.

Chunya saw jiang yi to go ut as a gust of wind,covered with murderous intent,she quickly chased crying a few times : ’’Jiang Yi Master , you must not be impulsive, the guards protecting the FengYue Building strength is very formidable......’’

But she just chased out saw that jiang yi's figure has moved dozens of feet away,takes a turn and disappeared inside the corners.

Chunya rubbed the eyes, whole face surprised thought : ’’What? Was the Master Jiang Yi speed so fast? Isn't he Dao boundary single layer? This speed can be most likely caste by Dao Boundary double or triple ’’


Jiang YI speed indeed increased 2-3 times,under the desperate situation he used a black yuan force in the left egg,speed such as lightning moving through the wind,in several breath time he reached the avenue from the west gate,luckily on the road has not run into clansman of jiang,otherwise definitely would have suspicions......


He once again running a few hundred feet away speed slowed down the black yuan force has been consumed, and he was about to mobilize black trace element force, continue to wake up to speed very quickly,he stopped.

He has just more than an hour to practice, black yuan force to extract only five strands, if all consumed now, if there is conflict in the Fengyue building, what force will he use?

’’Xiaonu, you must insist on living !’’

He can only operate blue yuan force, biting the full floor rushed toward brothels along the way because of running too fast, he almost hit a few people. Fortunately,Fengyue building is in the eastern side of the city Jiang yi spent only half stick of incense time to arrive at the East cloud street where the Fengyue building is located, his eyes locking the building electricity running through his body,he bolted toward the building.

’’Grand pa,Come inside to play! We fengyue floor have the most beautiful and pleasing girls that can truly make you enjoy your stay’’

’’Yes, Uncle get inside ! Our fengyue girl recently learnt to play a new flute song,can be very beautiful while watching the moon......... ’’

Has not reached the building,sounds of two male drawing customers to the building faintly transmitted ,in evening the fengyue building was open for business.Jiang yi spent nearly two hours in west medicine field,then went home studied the black yuan force for few hours, learning the capabilities of black yuan force has completely forgotten the time,not at all suspicious why Xiaonu did not come back........

Thinking of this,his heart full of endless guilt,he does not take a turn towards backyard ,like a gust of wind rushed into the building,passed through the hall to directly enter the back yard.Outside two males busy in drawing customers did not pay attention to jiang yi,inside a middle-aged but still attractive procures noticed the guest to visit, turning her curved waist, flattered to welcome: ’’Yo, what does this little elder brother come to do anxiously? My family's girl ......’’

Jiang yi is no mood to hear this procures nonsense,he glanced the surrounding,eyes swept to see a door straight back yard, body bolted towards the door.


Gate unlatched, Jiang Yi hits directly with his shoulder, breaks into the backyard vision to sweep off like knife in all directions.

’’Where is Xiaonu ,how i cannot see her ?’’

The backyard is very spacious, several female servants are washing the clothing in the wooden basin, does not have the form of Xiaonu. However he noticed that several female servant looks are not obviously right, on face some colours of fear, vision unceasingly is sweeping off to a room in backyard corner.

’’Do not hit, Sir do not hit ......Even if You kill the young slave, i cannot sell myself into servitude ......Sir do not hit, I will find a way to pay the money ......’’

Suddenly -

In the backyard corner room he hears together the faint sobbing and begging for mercy sound, the Jiang Yi whole body shakes, immediately yelled: ’’Is that Xianu !’’


Jiang Yi as a lightning rushed towards the house,he gave a heavy kick to the room door. At this moment his leg has fusion force ,the le muscles full of strength, the door instantly fall apart,crashing down.

Jiang Yi body shot into the room, his eyes as a knife-like swept inside the room, looked at the ground he was almost mad with rage. The room was not big, inside has a strong man beating an emaciated small girl, the small girl whole body rolled on the ground, the whole body is shivering, weeping and wailing plea, but that good chap actually as before unceasingly beats.

’’Bang !’’

Seeing Xiaonu's so miserable type, Jiang yi mind generally exploded with anger, without thinking anything directly runs wild, the body shoots to go toward that person like a gust, elementary force crazily wells up inside the fist, a fist pounds down towards that person's chest.

’’Who are you ?’’

Jiang Yi bursts into room, naturally has alarmed the man in room, brawn man was startled, but saw the blue yuan force coming out of the fist of Jiang Yi actually sneers: ’’Dao boundary single layer also to dares to come dissolute this place? Court death !’’

Dares to come to the fengyue building to cause trouble,this youth no matter who to him Dao bounndary double this single dao boundary youth seems like ....fart.

Ground 14 or 15-year-old small girl also awakens, sees Jiang Yi who is flushed with violent anger , small face was scared completely, going all out shouts: ’’Young master you are not his match, leave me alone , quickly walk away !’’


Jiang Xiaonu shouting reminded Jiang Yi, he has assembled a black yuan force immediately at the maximum speed, wells up toward the fist, fuses with the blue elementary force in the fist .



The elementary force just fused, two fists clash on, Jiang Yi the body moved backwards 34 steps, all right!

But the opposite party actually unexpectedly body such as broken kite flying upside down, numerous rolls and upturns collision into the wall, holding one arm which has smashed bones kept screaming ...........

’’What ......’’

Jiang Xiaonu blinked, looks at own young master, the pupil filled with confused colour, is this young master of her family? Her family young master how became so fierce ......

’’Xiaonu, go !’’

Jiang yi was not confused,since this Fen yue building can become the biggest brothel of East city,must have a big influence to support in the back.He scanned the building,but saw clearly in the hall corner had several protecting guards,if they were enclosed then it is dangerous.......

He quickly carries the small girl on the back runs outside the room,to run away from the building directly.As long as return to the Jiang family, the members of this fengyue building do not have the courage to cause trouble there,knowing that Jiang is one of the five respected families of the city.

However -

Jiang Yi just carried the Xiaonu to rush to the entrance, the backyard front door four forms shoot in , instantaneously encircling the room , a man of effective appearance flashed, far away screamed: ’’Hmm! Dares to cause trouble in the Fengyue building,small bastard, do you want to die that inadequately?’’

The female servants doing laundry, panic-stricken running all over the place in all directions,to the Jiang yi is no different than a dead person, Xiaonu also trembled in fear ....

’’Three Dao boundary double, a man Dao boundary triple !’’

According to the speeds of those protect guards, Jiang Yi judged four people strengths, the innermost feelings are also a flurry, so many protect guards how does he deal? Especially one person is Dao boundary tertiary.

Fortunately, over the years suppressing life, made his mental capacity far from peers . He forced himself to calm down, sight swept away, eyes locked on that steward, shouted:!! ’’I have no interest to cause trouble in the fengyue building, you would not have mercilessly beaten my maidservant, I would not have come ! This matter arrives at the city main government office, I do not fear! You can attack me freely, looked whether I will fear?’’

Responding to Jiang yi's words the four forms exploded towards him, several fists came out of the blue.

Jiang Yi facial expression cold, clenching teeth slides towards the room,puts Xiaonu on the ground, uses a wisp of black yuan force in the fist,pound towards the dao double layer who was moving towards him.

’’Phantom Fist ’’

Behind was Xiaonu,so Jiang Yi in order to prevent any harm to her directly used the high grade martial skill, which is the only advanced martial art he learned in the Jiang Family.His fist instantly turned into three blurs, giving the impression that his fist at this moment is divided into three, each very real, rushed to the front of that guard's left shoulder, right shoulder, forehead at the same time.


The protect guard on seeing the three fist shades, both hands on natural instinct blocks the face and right side, who would have thought Jiang Yi the real fist actually pounds to his left shoulder.


Without any accident, this Dao boundary double protect guard passes with a boom, the body flies upside down, together even hitting with the security guard in the back fling out together.

’’Hunh...! What !’’

The cold crashing resounds together, two protect guards fly upside down, that Dao boundary tertiary moved in a flash, lifting his hand towards Jiang Yi's chest is using a palm !

Dao boundary double and Dao boundary tertiary strength disparity is obviously very big!

The speed of this protect guard is fast Jiang Yi unable to respond . Moreover the strength was also stronger, he can judge from the force coming out of his palm.

Although Jiang Yi responded at the maximum speed,twisting his body to avoid the palm,simultaneously using ’’Stone break hand ’’to push toward the opposite party palm,attempting to counter balance the strength. But what makes him helpless is that person's palm stopped both his attacks and taking a swing landed on his chest.

Dao boundary triple strength, is not something that current he can resist completely.....


His body was thrown away and heavily collided with the wall, even Xiaonu was pushed away by the force of that palm.

Felt that both hands tingling with numbness , the left chest transmits a tearing pain, looking that the palm of opposite party changes to attack once more , Jiang Yi bitter and astringent was muttering at heart: ’’Ended,It's over ! Seems like today both he and Xiaonu, they can not go out of this Fengyue building ......’’


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