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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 20


Chapter 20 : Different Innate Talent

After Informing Rong Steward about the inventory of medicine field, Jiang Yi returned to his yard and asked Jiang Xiaonu to look for Chunya and inquiry any news within the family. Half Hour later Jiang Xiaonu came back, and told Jiang Ruhu all the news.

Jiang Ruhu was beaten badly and carried back by others,this caused an uproar in entire Jiang Family, but when heard that it was done by Ma juniors any body did not care at all, instead criticized Jiang Ruhu and all as waste, lost the face of Jiang Family.

Tianyu city Ji Clan is the head, under them are Liu, Ma, Jiang and Leng four respected families.There are Yi family and other small families, for example Yi ,Ling ,Xue, Yang and so on, but they cannot compare with five respected families at all.

Shen Wu country was established on basis of Martial Art,to supervise each city completely a strong martial artist was placed there,if there is a military commander with remarkable military exploit was granted a manor in a small town to supervise it. Tianyu city was run by Ji Tian, 14 years ago in six countries fights his meritorious military service was splendid, so he was granted the post of imperial guards assistant general, in the Tianyu city.

In the Tianyu city, Ji clan is Tyrant lord, no family dares to provoke Ji . The Ji juniors are also very self disciplined, actually they don't fight other family juniors.However, Other families were different, for the benefits various families struggle frequently,in the process of several hundred years the accumulated grievances between four respected family is quite deep,in Tianyu City the family juniors fight is a common thing.

Heaven's Xing mainland is a good place for Martial arts,thus the family does not manage the fights between family juniors,leaves them alone as long as they fight outside, so long as they do not kill, everything will be ignored,if you win outside you will also be praised.

Therefore when heard that Jiang Ruhu was beaten by a person of Ma, Jiang Family did not pay any attention,but chief Elder Jiang Yunshe is actually full of anger, although Jiang Ruhu was beaten until unable to recognize,maliciously cursed angrily, and ordered all the Jiang collateral branch juniors to be shut tightly completely at home,if they dare to exit again and disgrace the family, there will be heavy punishment.

After Jiang Yi hears the news, whole body is relaxed, he knows that at least before Jiang Rulong has not come out of the Wu palace, he is safe. He can practice calmly,release the seal unceasingly and strives to enhance the repair in a short time.

The black Yuan force can increase strength two times, he is Dao boundary double Layer at this moment, after fusing with the black Yuan force,he can achieve the strength of Dao boundary fourth Layer. With enhanced vision, his strength can be absolutely compared with ordinary Dao boundary fourth Layer Practitioners.

Jiang Rulong is Dao boundary seventh Layer, if he can promote to Dao boundary triple or four layer, before Jiang Rulong leaves the Wu palace ,then Jiang Rulong might not be able to beat him.

’’Practice , must continue to release the seal! Tomorrow after taking the inventory of medicine field have to go to the city to search again, how to make money to repay debt.’’

Jiang Yi hesitated, then no longer thought about it and starts the fast refinement of black Yuan force,to release the seal. He can release about ten runes on seal every day, other time are used to practice, the practice speed is also gradually promoting, at this moment he has achieved about 7-8 times of original speed, although as before this speed is also very slow, but Jiang Yi was satisfied.

Next day before dawn, Jiang Yi wakes up and went to take inventory of medicine field, Jiang Xiaonu actually wanted to go out to work but was heavily reproved and she did not dare to say any thing any more.

After Coming back from Western field he reports to Rong steward and after carrying out all his orders, Jiang Yi slipped away Jiang Family Courtyard.He starts to search the city , seeking for means to make money.

After roaming for whole morning, Jiang Yi is sitting dejectedly on a square centre stone, he does not understand how he can earn money,unless he becomes a coolie for a human, but even then he an only earn several copper coins a day, futile attempt.

[NOTE:Copper coins also exist,not only silver,gold and purple gold]

A month's agreement with Fengyue Building,but now only 18 days left. Jiang Yi at this moment has only 12 silvers, he has tried to find many solutions, but discovered finally besides confessing everything to Jiang Family,and ask money from Jiang Family or he can only ask Ji Tingyu to lend money.

Jiang Family all these years disliked him,also Jiang Yi's bone has arrogance inside it,he does not want to depend upon Jiang. And because of the matter of Liu elders final moment and he really does not want Jiang Family to know that he has black Yuan force.

’’Look for Ji Tingyu?’’

In his mind reappears that beautiful and breathtaking figure of a yellow clothed young girl, but quickly shook his head, With the sect recruitment for disciple right around the corner,both Ji Tingyu and Jiang Henshui closed up inside Wu Palace to train,so definitely will not come out in a short time.

’’Right ......Wu Palace! Must go to the Wu Palace and work as a sparring Partner! This way not only can make some silver money,but perhaps can also meet Miss Ji!’’

Jiang Yi shakes with excitement,suddenly stands looks up and moves toward Wu Palace. He then remembers a matter, his strength has achieved Dao boundary double, the black Yuan force was also more condensed,with ten wisps of black Yuan forces each can support sight for an hour of time,if he as trainer in Wu Palace does not need to go every time on the stage and only sparred several times a day, this black Yuan force is more than enough to spare.

Moreover in Jiang Family, only Jiang Henshui and Jiang Rulong entered Wu Palace to practice,even if he acts a sparring partner he wears a mask, they can not recognize him, ......Their strength so high, sparring partner can only be a gold medal trainer, how can a Dao boundary double martial artist be there opponent?

Lets do it Then!

Jiang Yi has no time to eat lunch, puts on the cape and walks toward Wu Palace.

Wu palace is still recruiting trainer,but the person who gathered has become less, Jiang Yi just approached the side gate, that big black protect guard greeted him to say warmly: ’’Hey, the little brother, you came, Yang Steward asked for you several times.’’

Jiang Yi smiles embarrassedly, he does not need this black protect guard to guide him.He enters and walks directly to the side of Wu Palace martial arts room.

’’Shua! Shua! Shua!’’

Jiang Yi just appeared in the martial arts room main hall, all crowd vision swept over him immediately, Yang steward old wrinkled face full of smiles to blossom shamelessly, far away called out: ’’Dark green wolf, you have come! What do you say? Stay behind and act as sparring partner a afternoon? I calculate your wages for the day, 12 silvers how?’’

Jiang Yi touches the nose , nodded and said: ’’Good!’’

Yang Steward hastily gave the dark green wolf mask to Jiang Yi to wear,and shot a meaningful glance towards a nearby servant, that person departs immediately in a hurry.


Jiang Yi just sat cross-legged in the main hall, in the corridor resounds an urgent sound of footsteps quickly, the flame red figure appears,her big eyes lock Jiang Yi, excitedly saying: ’’Yang Steward, I want dark green wolf as sparring partner.’’

Jiang Yi scratches the head, secretly thought about the stature of irritable little girl who oppressively attacked him last time, that day attacks him for so long, but could not even touch his clothes,such sparring is really interesting?

’’Dark green wolf, go battle!’’Yang Steward cracks into a smile, waved toward Jiang Yi, this Yi Ling girl was informed by him,otherwise how will she come that quickly?

Since some people asked for him, Jiang Yi can only smile bitterly and go to battle,he followed Yi Ling Xue into martial arts room, then door was closed quickly,room wall shines brightly, their yuan forces were sealed.

What surprised Jiang Yi was that,that hot body Miss Yi did not attack immediately, instead grateful smiled towards him,saluted him and said:’’Are you called the dark green wolf? Many thanks for your training! I hope that you whole-heartedly spar with me today.’’

Respect and gratitude is very pleasant thing, especially from a beautiful lady. Jiang Yi never received such treatment inside Jiang, instead received Miss Ji and this Miss Yi's high treatment standard, the mood nature is excellent, waved hi hand saying:’’Young lady is polite, I will certainly spar whole-heartedly.’’

This Miss Yi's strength, only Dao boundary four layer, day before yesterday he was Dao boundary single layer,but with the help of black yuan Force she could not move a piece of cloth of him, today his strength risen sharply, naturally no further was needless to say.


After Yi Lingxue launches the attack, Jiang Yi's personal appearance starts elegantly moving in the martial arts room, regardless of how Miss Yi attacks, could not bump into a piece of cloth on Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi will have premonition of the attack each time,the moment Yi Ling Xue starts to attack him,he will to start to avoid it.Their Yuan forces were sealed,attack speed completely different, how could Yi Ling Xue attack hit Jiang Yi?

’’Drinks! Looks at my improved Rainstorm fist, dark green wolf you Be careful!’’

Has fought for a burning joss stick time, Yi Ling Xue whole body sweats profusely, the perfect curves are completely unmasked once more, she actually unaware of it, tenderly drinks one, then both fists comes like a rainstorm, in an instant everywhere is covered with ten fist shades.

’’Well? This little girl progress is great, this rainstorm fist is obviously far better than that day.’’

Jiang Yi sighs with praise secretly, but these many fist shades are completely ineffective on him, because he can see the real fist opposite party clearly, even if the opposite party uses 100 imaginary fist shades result will also be same.

Jiang Family also has a martial art Phantom fist,whose essence is similar to this rainstorm fist, Jiang Yi has already mastered Phantom Fist to Dacheng Stage,his fist shade is more real than this Yi Ling Xue, the how will Yi Ling can Xue injure him?

He was moving with illusion step,he did not draw back instead rushed three feet towards the front, the knees suddenly curved,the body leaned,slid toward the left and evaded Yi Ling Xue attack with ease.

’’What...., does not hit, you are too abnormal ......’’

They do not have Yuan force to support, thus use feat of arms consumes the physical strength fully, as Yi Ling Xue round rainstorm fist pounds, the whole person is tired immediately pants,looked at Jiang Yi,then she sat on the ground.

Jiang Yi patted the gown, said with a smile lightly: ’’Young lady is very fierce,at such age is Dao boundary four layer, if not the Yuan force sealed, i will be down in a single move by you.’’

Yi Ling Xue whole body gown has soaked, at this moment gasps for breath in gulps, the chest that sticks out slightly high and low fluctuates, is very attractive. Hears Jiang Yi the words, on her smart face revealed a blush lightly, looks at Jiang Yi to say with a smile: ’’You speak very good! Today i am happy, tomorrow I will look for you again, but ......Tomorrow can you hit back? Always to avoid, that is very boring.’’


Jiang Yi shakes his head embarrassedly, if he hits back with this Miss Yi's Yuan force sealed,he feared that with one move can knock her down,but what can he say at this moment? Only can nod and say:’’Good!’’

Miss Yi reorganized the clothes strides to walk, Jiang Yi also followed. Sitting in the crowd, he looked in all directions but did not discover Yang Steward. Whatever he did not care, and sits in meditation to restore the consumed black Yuan force.

Yang Steward was indeed not in martial arts room, but in a nearby small room, he was not alone in the room, in the small room there is also an white haired old man wearing a magnificent and expensive gown, both of them with total concentration were watching the picture on wall.

The picture is mobile, if Jiang Yi and Yi Ling Xue see the picture,they will definitely be shocked. Because ......Picture played on wall is their scene of war, but the picture is somewhat fuzzy,it seems as if with some mysterious matrix method,the battle has been thoroughly retained.

’’Unreasonable, look at the speed of that boy is he really Dao boundary double, how to have that abnormal reaction capacity?’’

Yang Steward old face is puzzled and confused, he looked at the picture for a long time alarmed,then finally saluted towards the white-haired old man and said: ’’Fei Elder, how do you see?’’

The white hair old man stroked his beard, opens the mouth saying:’’Do not need to look, this boy is Dao boundary double, However innate talent different ,reaction capacity is too abnormal. Yang Steward, train and take care of him well ,promote his strength to Dao boundary triple or four layer,then he can absolutely become an outstanding gold medal trainer and continuously earn money for Wu palace!’’


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