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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 18


Chapter 18 : Do You Dare To Fight ?

Jiang Yi has been clear, he and Jiang Ruhu must have a fight,he must ask Jiang Ruhu to pay all these years gratitude and grudges . So as long as there is opportunity Jiang Ruhu also on own initiative looks for him,to maintain his authority of eldest child in the Jiang second-rate juniors.

Last night after breaking through to Dao boundary double, Jiang Yi no longer feared Jiang Ruhu, instead climbed mountain staggeringly and hoped opposite party triggers to stop him so that he could leave a foul odour maliciously.

But this moment when Jiang Ruhu came his innermost feelings do not have an excitement, instead the bitterness and astringency on whole face, and thought was too negligent.

20 people!

The lowest strength is Dao boundary double, Jiang Bao Jiang Song and all in the row are Dao boundary triple and so many people of Dao boundary fourth layer, feared that to go down western field safe and sound is very difficult. Let alone he just broke through to Dao boundary double, the black Yuan force in pubic region has only six wisps ......

What can six wisps of black Yuan forces do? Perhaps he can cause heavy losses to several people,but once the black Yuan force is consumed, he can only be beaten by the angry people pain , the good luck is several broken bones, the bad luck is to be killed in the confusion. He understands this group of playboys, once impulsed,they will not care about the consequence.

But ......Does he have the escape route?

20 people early disperse, encircles him in the middle, the Yuan forces of all people quietly revolve, regardless of which direction he runs they will tie him down, subsequently will fall into inexhaustible besieging.

Cool! Cool!

Jiang Yi back is bending slightly, such as a wild animal stares at Jiang Ruhu, the split vision takes a fast look around in all directions, two ear listen attentively to all around all sounds, in the mind the crazy rotation, seek for a way to break through here.

He cannot die, cannot be injure, otherwise lies down for the first half month on the bed, the FengYue building walks, Xiaonu will be in danger. Therefore today he must win, at least wants to go down Western field without a loss.

’’What's wrong? Feared?’’

Jiang Ruhu noticed that Jiang Yi is anxious the whole body to tighten, felt at heart inexplicably pleased, such as one flock of tigers play jokes upon a monkey find it to be interesting. The Yuan force in his Dantian revolves quietly, a face shows an ugly and ferocious look, threateningly walk toward Jiang Yi slowly, explodes to shout: ’’You should have feared earlier before beating my people, now ...... too Late! However,Ruhu master ,today's mood is good so give you an opportunity, so long as you crawl over all our crotches, today we put you on a horse, how?’’

’’Ruhu elder brother!’’

Jiang Bao and Jiang Song listened anxiously, but saw Jiang Ruhu's inexplicable meaningful vision, they understood immediately,they smiled.When Jiang Yi climbs down over their crotches , isn't it the best sneak attack opportunity? Jiang Ruhu has not planned to let Jiang Yi leave, but wants to humiliate him ......

Jiang Yi has not spoken ,continue to remain silent, when Jiang Ruhu does not wait any more and prepares to let the patiently waiting people to attack, he actually suddenly opens the mouth saying:’’Good! I crawl, only hopes ......The Ruhu elder brother you mean what You says.’’


Many people look at each other one in surprise, reveals the stunned colour, 20 people on the scene have bullied Jiang Yi over and over again. Never hit Jiang Yi lightly, several times he has spat blood, but they have not seen Jiang Yi beg for mercy, let alone ......Recognizes on own initiative instigate to climb over their crotches.

Jiang Ruhu is not an idiot, will otherwise not become the eldest child of this group of people, his corners of the mouth will reveal wipe of meaningful smile, looks to the Dao boundary triple collateral branch juniors and they look at each other, gave a wink, then turns the head to Jiang Yi nods to say: ’’That is natural, my Jiang Ruhu words effective and influential, you, so long as climbs over our crotches one by one and ensure later when sees us to make a detour, I put you on horse.’’

Dao boundary Triple collateral branch juniors looked at Jiang Ruhu then face forward immediately took two steps,squatted down, putting out mocking face pointing at the hip evil ways said: ’’Come! Drills.’’


’’Drill! Drills!’’

All around resounds a laughter immediately, completely excited looking at Jiang Yi, waits to look how Jiang Yi will withstand the shame of good play of crotch.

’’Good! I drill ......’’

Jiang Yi clenches teeth , then strides to walk toward Jiang Ruhu, his face shows colour of anger and humiliation,body constantly trembled with anger. However on him does not have the sign of least bit Yuan force, the step also to stagger, looks like it does not has slightest meaning to revolt against them.

’’Ha -’’

Some family juniors relax the security to laugh and think secretly, in their opinion Jiang Yi this waste dares to revolt,even if revolts What can he do against them ? With his Dao boundary single layer strength what can he do? Regarding the matter of Jiang Bao and Jiang Song beaten by Jiang Yi , the people have not been believed it and after this moment they do not believe it thoroughly.

One step, two steps, three steps!

Jiang Yi lowers the head to clench teeth, walks toward Jiang Ruhu step by step, when arrived near him stooped slowly, prepares to kneel in the place to have an audience with the crotch of emperor Jiang Ruhu ......

’’Drinks!’’ [ Note :To shout loudly]

At this moment, the atmosphere changes suddenly!

Originally looking at the squatting Jiang Yi ,Ruhu's eyes shine with a cold light,both legs with a towering body leaps towards the front, on the right leg has Yellow Yuan force encirclement such as a sharp axe,attacks maliciously on the back of kneeling Jiang Yi.

Human Rank high-grade Martial Arts, Splitting Hill Leg.

Some Jiang juniors were frightened,to cope with a small fry like Jiang Yi ,also needs so high-level feat of arms? Jiang Ruhu strikes with Dao boundary triple power fully, determined to make Jiang Yi die while still alive? Some even have closed the eye, to avoid seeing scene that is covered with blood and internal organs flying horizontally.


The numerous cold sounds resound together, Jiang Yi at this moment bending the waist as if already expected, has lifted the head suddenly, has hidden a fist in sleeves with the blue Yuan force circulation, with no fear pounds to that heavy leg of Jiang Ruhu which came out of the blue.


With the bone breaking sound and the Yuan force explosion sound came together, the Yuan force clashes to cause the all around air to shake, blows the mist and dust of ground, has confused the eyes of people. But at this moment all people have forgotten to close one's eyes, the eye pupil completely opened perfectly round, does not dare to believe what they saw ,the body of Jiang Ruying fly towards a distant place such as broken kite ......


Jiang Ruhu the body roll several times before crashing down, on the right leg gown blasts open completely,the calf is full of blood, the dense bones visible faintly, his whole piece face twisted, a rending pain makes him hold the right leg and wail continuous.

’’What is this situation?’’

All people were ignorant, only then in the Jiang Bao's eyes reveals panic, his situation of that day and current Jiang Ruhu is exactly the same,blown away by a fist of Jiang Yi ......

’’Jiang Ruhu, I knows that you will not let me off, fortunately young master ......Also had not expected that you will spare me and not punish me too severely.’’

The ice-cold sound awakened people at once, Jiang Yi body such as an arrow has shot from the ground and directly attacked Jiang Ruhu.

Capture the ringleader first!

Jiang Yi goal is actually very clear, since it is not possible to run away, only can fight! But today if wants to return safely,only way is beat Jiang Ruhu.

Therefore from the beginning he feigns the compromise, making most people relax vigilantly, then relies on the black Yuan force to increase the power,then with a fist to make Jiang Ruhu fly away, the moment while the people were still surprised,he prepares to take the lower reaches of the Jiang Ruhu at one fell swoop like tiger.

’’Ahem! What are you all stunned about? All come here to me !’’

Jiang Yi the scheme is good, but he has miscalculated a point, Jiang Ruhu sees Jiang Yi to come up, has not been angry to move forward to meet with him unexpectedly, instead the body draws back fast, simultaneously shouts at group of stunned people to go toward and seige Jiang Yi.


Three people on the side of Jiang Ruhu awaken immediately, since continuously they were used to obey Jiang Ruhu order, at this moment did not have many hesitations, the Yuan force revolves crazy rushed towards Jiang Yi.

’’Bad, this Jiang Ruhu inherits the essence of his father unexpectedly, discrete like mouse, sinister like snake, oh ......Only can fight, black Yuan force!’’

Jiang Yi complained secretly, he has not thought that Jiang Ruhu with Dao boundary fourth layer strengths,was unexpectedly so careful? Thought of his father Jiang Yunshun who has ’’Shaoxing wine’’ nickname, sinister deceitful has became famous in Tianyu city, he also secretly felt relaxed. At this moment does not have other means revolves a wisp of black Yuan force in the eye, clenches teeth to rush away toward the front.

’’Illusion step!’’

His both eyes like the electricity, lock stubbornly towards three people that rushed to him, according to the movement of opposite party, and the style with which the opposite party rushed, he tracked the path and speed with which they attack in advance, with a strange footwork, circles towards the left.


left side Dao tripod boundary tertiary juniors, he has not thought that Jiang Yi Without Dao boundary double martial art could break through from other two and unexpectedly rush towards him on own initiative? Just thinking how Jiang Ruying was flown by his fist a moment ago, his innermost feelings somewhat anxious, subconsciously moved back.


Who knows Jiang Yi's body flash, actually turned halfway towards the right side , and the two on the right of the Jiang Yi saw him rush to the left , there body has begun to shift, and now Jiang Yi was rushing straight towards them? Panic of the moment can only attack towards Jiang Yi.

’’Coiling Hand!’’

Jiang Yi both hands such as two dragons entangle separately toward them, ties down the two arm in flurry with ease,leaning toward the next turn, took advantage of the opportunity with both hands and rushed toward the front of two, and the Serpent Leg attack swept towards both of them.


Without any accident, their body was thrown away of the place, but Jiang Yi the body explodes once more , rushes away towards the front Jiang Ruhu, eyes cold and shouts: ’’Jiang Ruhu, do you dare to fight?’’

’’Be careful! Meteor fist!’’

Jiang Yi relaxed after taking care of two, actually forgot there is one more person? That Dao boundary triple martial artist to rush towards Jiang Yi, at this moment awakened to become angry out of shame immediately,stride towards Jiang Yi, to raise the fist to pound maliciously at his back.


Jiang Yi in this moment incomparably strange has not avoided, the body flushes away toward the front as before, that Dao boundary Triple to hit his back with ease, a great strength welled up from the back, his body flew instantaneously.

’’Ha! Jiang Yi on your this strength, but also wants to fight with me?’’

The front Jiang Ruhu wants to shunt , to continue humiliate him, finds out this was all plan of Jiang Yi again, at this moment actually stops laughing, in the eye the ominous light rises suddenly, the body Yuan force revolves,two fists like iron hammer fly towards Jiang Yi .


Jiang Yi in the mid air, face was calm has no panic, instead in the eye has the inexplicable happy expression,when Jiang Ruhu was two feet away from his body, he opens the big mouth suddenly, a mouthful of blood spurts crazily, sprayed over whole face of Jiang Ruhu ......

Soon, Jiang Yi's cold voice that makes Jiang Ruhu whole body tremble resounds: ’’Jiang Ruhu,You are going to pay for everything! Today if I does not break your four legs, Then I Jiang Yi will write my name in reverse......’’

’’Not Good!’’

Jiang Ruhu face was covered by a blood, the eyes suddenly blinded, and his heart sank, does not dare to attack both hands protecting the forehead alternately,draws back, while hysterical shouting: ’’Everyone ’’are you all dead? Quick? Kill that bastard Jiang Yi for me!’’


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