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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 : Dao Boundary Second Layer

Miss Yi walked away angrily, at this moment her warrior gown has soaked,completely revealing the beautiful curves of the body, naturally impossible to stay here, otherwise can only be pleasure for eyes of cheap people.

Jiang Yi also prepared to go,only one wisp of black Yuan force left,if he went on stage again, let alone martial artist of Miss Yi's rank, even if matched with Dao boundary second layer can only be oppressively beaten.His original thinking was also naive to act as a gold medal trainer, to make money to repay a debt, at this moment it looks like this money is as good as vain ......

’’Dark green wolf,where do you go?’’

Jiang Yi just started to leave, Yang Steward has immediately blocked him, Jiang Yi hastily loosens the mask, and said: ’’Steward, Acting as trainer in order to give others practice I Can not do, don't want the money,return this mask to you.’’

’’Hold on!’’

Yang Steward was anxious, with great difficulty found a great trainer in order to give others practice,how can he helplessly let Jiang Yi walk? These day he was chewed down by this group of Young Masters and Misses. Quickly came over to Jiang Yi and Said:’’ Dark green wolf, You are not leaving because of less money,right? This ......You continue to work as silver medal and spar with the opponent ? 12 Purple coins a day, how?’’

[Note : Money divided into Silver Coins,Gold Coins,Purple Gold Coins]

Jiang Yi puts on the cloak Smiling , said :’’Steward, I remember an urgent matter suddenly,I will come back again.’’

Having said that Jiang Yi does not listen to Yang Steward's words, walks toward outside of the Wu palace directly,under the surprised vision of that black protect guard in the entrance he walked towards the east Jiang Family Courtyard quickly.

’’Yang Steward, Yang Steward!’’

After stick incense time Jiang Yi left, in the martial arts room corridor a red beautiful figure rushed in, arrived in the main hall swept over the masks on all trainer faces immediately,urgently asked: ’’Yang Steward,where is the gold medal trainer who fought with me a moment ago?’’


Young steward blinked with puzzle, inquired: ’’Why? Did Miss Yi have any issue during the sparring ?’’

’’Left? Shit!’’

Hearing that Miss Yi the whole face some pity: ’’Next time,if he comes again, must inform me first,that was amazing sparring , I have practised rainstorm fist for eight years, has been stuck in Jing Tong stage for last three years,unexpectedly broke through due to him ......’’

[ Jing Tong Stage-Proficient Stage, other stages of arts will appear later]


Yang Steward complexion immediately changed, eyes full of regret. This martial arts training room, main purpose is to train the reaction rate, the fighting instinct, hone martial skills. These three are very difficult to promote, needs a long time of fighting and disciplining, this is also the reason of sealing Yuan force in the martial arts room .

Degree of mastery of martial arts is divided into Rumen (Beginner) , JingTong (Proficient) , Dacheng (Master) three stages, this Miss Yi's rainstorm fist for last three years did not have any accomplishment,but now sparring with Jiang Yi directly advanced?

Is this coincidence? Is this boy playing the role of the pig to eat the tiger? Is he actually a formidable Master? Came here to pretend to be a trainer? Guided Miss Yi to advance the martial skill?

Yang Steward cannot think through, but he knows, if Jiang Yi comes next as Training Partner, must do everything possible to retain him. If he really can help Miss Wu in advancement of martial Skill, then his value is inestimable ......


After Jiang Yi returns to own yard , is already noon, thinking that early tomorrow morning to meet west field Steward, he ate food hurriedly, enters in the room to practice, prepares to attack to Dao boundary Second Layer.

’’Spirit Shen Dan!’’

He takes out a white bottle, the whole body is excited, because this Spirit Shen Dan is Human Rank high-grade Dan, can highly assist the practice of Yuan force . But his black Yuan force can the increase the efficiency, after fusing the efficiency of this Spirit Shen Dan can be absolutely compared with the Earth Rank Dan, must refine these ten Spirit Shen Dan completely,will be enough to reach Dao boundary Double Layer.

’’Must refine black yuan force!’’

He puts down Spirit Shen Dan to sit cross-legged in meditation, after more than three hours time, wakes up, immediately swallowed a Spirit Shen Dan, starts to run the River Destroy Law.

’’Good compounded drug!’’

Feels a heat flow to well up fast towards the Dantian from chest, Jiang Yi sighs with emotion secretly,with compounded drug to assist in practice is good,as Jiang Ruhu who lacks natural talent can also practice to Dao boundary fourth Layer,is not that he had Spirit Shen Dan to eat frequently.

’’Black Yuan force, fusion!’’

And another Spirit Shen Dan's spiritual gas to cover the Dantian, Jiang Yi assembles a black yuan force to fuse with the spiritual gas immediately, then decides to run the River Destroy Law.

’’This speed ......’’

Feeling the blue Yuan force in pubic region to emit gas after a bang, Jiang Yi is excited, this compounded drug coordination with black Yuan force at least made his practice speed dozens of times quicker compared to original ......

After several rest time, black yuan force consumed, Jiang Yi can only decide to stop the revolution of river destroy Law, refine black yuan force to continue to increase the efficiency. Again and again, after ten wisps of black Yuan force had been consumed , he stopped practising.

’’Uh ......How long have I practised, can be compared with the accumulation of former practice for half a month.’’

Jiang Yi thought, for fear of excessive consumption of the drug,did not take too much , began to start refining the black Yuan force. This time while refining he felt differently, under this Spirit Shen Dan's increased efficiency, his refining speed of the black Yuan also quickly increases three times, merely in half hour time, refined six wisps.


Has practised these many years,but Jiang Yi has never been more happy than this moment, he quietly concentrates to practice, even did not go to eat dinner, has sat cross-legged in the practice,if the black Yuan force consumed them refined black Yuan force, the Spirit Shen Dan strength finished swallowed another Spirit Shen Dan.

Until the break of dawn the next day, Jiang Yi finally stopped practising!

Nine of the Ten Spirit Shen Dan have been used , but he ......Also finally reached Dao boundary double!after examining his body he found his Dantian is a size bigger than before,,also the colour of blue yuan force was also deeper , Jiang Yi wished if he could to face upward and make a long and loud cry, release the innermost feelings of pleasure.

At Seven years old he started to practice the River Destroy Law, now he is 15 years old but still Dao boundary single layer, at this moment spent less than ten days to break through to Dao boundary double, although there is assistance of compounded drug, but also enough to make Jiang Yi excited. What is most important, his seal can be broken, then the practice speed can increase unceasingly, this made him see the hope, the hopeful life full of the fighting spirit.


A moment later, when he returns to normal mood and started surging the Dantian again, suddenly discovered some thing was not right! Blue Yuan force colour slightly deep? But this black Yuan force colour was lighter?

After breaking through a layer, Yuan force becomes more condensed,and the might will increase! This is general knowledge well-known in the mainland , his strength achieves to Dao boundary double, the blue Yuan force changes this is very normal, but why will this black Yuan force also slightly change in colour, or fade in colour?

’’Was The ability of this black Yuan force once more increased with boundary promotion ?’’

Jiang Yi thinks for a while, assembles a wisp of black Yuan force in Dantian, revolves it to the passages through which vital energy circulates of corner of the left eye, actually discovers it is not different than the original, although the vision still becomes terrorist but actually no further increased range.

’’How can the colour of black Yuan force fade?’’

Jiang Yi wondered, closed eye to examine the Dantian, observes the remaining only wisp of black Yuan force, but after observing for a long time has failed to achieve anything.

After half a stick of incense time, he reluctantly opened his eyes,but soon his whole face full of surprise. Because he discovered that the world is still so clear,in this half a stick incense time , this black Yuan force was unexpectedly not consumed?

’’It seems like when I achieved Dao boundary double, the blue elementary force became more condensed and this black Yuan force also condensed, therefore the speed of consumption slowed down.’’

Jiang Yi closes the eye, probes inside the eye to find a trace of black Yuan force really left, was not consumed completely clean. After a while, in Jiang Yi's eye black light shines, the vision blurs gradually and the black yuan force consumed completely clean.

’’Must Try again!’’

Jiang Yi moves the remaining wisp of black Yuan force,to assemble in the eye, this time his vision strengthen grew even longer than before, almost can insist for full incense stick time.

’’A Wisp for full incense stick time,then ten wisps can hold on for a whole hour!’’

Jiang Yi calculates and is very happy, although if he fights with a master,he can quickly decide the victory and loss, but if surrounded in a group war, his long vision strength can play a very large roll.

Saw that outside the sky has shone, Jiang Yi does not dare to Practise, must go to the Steward in charge to report to the west field inventory,he had to refine some black Yuan force in reserve, to avoid being cut up Jiang RuHu and group .

Two hours practice,has refined six wisps of black Yuan forces, the time is late in the morning. He crawled hastily,ate two steamed bread in a hurry, walks toward the Jiang east court effective room.

Heard a stream of abuse in the steward room from Rong Steward,then Jiang Yi quickly went out of the west gate medicinal Field,feeling good because this time he must do odd jobs in medicine field, Rong steward has not mentioned the matter of token. Moreover in West field, the family protect guards under mountain know him,did not ask him to show the token.

In half an hour time, Jiang Yi finished the inventory of No. 7 medicine field, when he is preparing to descend the mountain to go home and practice, actually hears in the left small woods a xi xi su su sound.


His vision cold, sweeps off towards the left small woods, was secretly thinking if Jiang Ruhu and all have come for him?

After a glance, Jiang Yi dumbfounded,from the woods an ugly and ferocious-looking fat youth comes out slowly, the whole face shows ominous light , it was Jiang Ruhu. Behind him continue to emerge numbers of people, dense and numerous, most little has 20 people!

20 People ?

Jiang Yi swallowed , his strength has risen sharply right, he has the black Yuan force right, but how does he fight with so many people of the opposite party? Moreover in this group There is Jiang Ruhu Who is Dao boundary fourth Layer, and 5-6 Dao boundary third Layer ......

Seeing the bi change in Jiang Yi's complexion , Jiang Ruhu smiles: ’’Ha, Jiang Yi, aren't you very crazy? Today if I do not break your both legs , then I Jiang Ruhu's name must be written backwards!’’ (Note: Last line means something like that not sure..)


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