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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 11


Chapter 11 - Genuine Powerhouse

’’ I wonder who the senior is , and I request you to appear in-front of us. ’’ The elder Fan Blower who was extremely rude just some time ago suddenly says it with respect.

Seeing The elder Fan Blower showing respect unexpectedly, the people present at that time comes to conclusion that the person might be stronger than the Fan Blower.

’’ Ignorant Junior, You want to see me, How dare you.................’’ An angry shout is trades with the respectful words of Fan Blower.

’’ Bang.......’’ , After the bang sound , there is no other sound to be heard. Unexpectedly Fan Blower sprouts out blood and with his injured weak body he is sitting on the ground.

The peoples present there, who have seen the scene, everybody having their mouth open, they all are in serious shock.

’’ Oh My God................!!!!!, to strike a senior Wu-Zong to severely hurt him, What kind of strength it is...? ’’ The present people in the congress says to each other, by seeing the wound on The Elder, Fan Blower.

At that moment Xing Feng who usually takes pleasure in other's misfortune, is looking at Xing Jue with complex look, as he remembers the word from mystical person, who clearly mentioned that Xing Jue is his disciple. He have always hated Xing Jue. At that moment he is jealous towards Xing Jue, as Xing Jue unexpectedly is having such a terrifying master.

’’ Senior, I am an elder Of Yu-Feng court outside branch. As you have injured me severely, are You a enemy of Yu-Feng Court....? ’’ Seeing the current situation , Fen blower says it immediately. He confirms that the depravity of strength between his and the other person. Soon he realise the person have used the strength of space to give him those wounds. The strength of Space can only be use by powerhouse of Heaven-Level martial artist, Wu-Shen. Even in Yu-Feng Court, the existence of that person also be tyrannical.

At that moment Fan blower cannot believe that Xing Jue who is nothing special and having a genuine powerhouse as his master, he is sure that he have made a great mistake attacking Xing Jue. As he is not able to do any thing , the only thing he can do at that moment is to lift Yu-Feng Court asylum powder.

’’ Ha.. Ha... Yu-Feng Court........!!! Yu-Feng Court.....!! ’’ By hearing the words from Fan Blower, the mystical old man says it while starting to laugh. By hearing the laughing sound, Fan Blower is startled.

’’ Quing-Mo Tian have never dare to say these words to me...... you...!! a mere elder in outside court dares to joke with me..... ’’ An angry shout is heard which is filled with disdaining in its words.

’’ The new generation not knowing about me, but asking for pardon .................’’. The any shout is heard gain. When Fan blower hears the old man mentioning Quin-Mo Tian, don't dare to say any thing to him, he tried to stay clam as he knows that he has pissed off a person whom he cannot offend. To call the Yu-Feng Court chairman by his name, Fan Blower thought that the old man might be a superior powerhouse. He immediately kneels down to kowtow to admit his mistake.

The people those who are seeing this scene, are speechless. To see a elder of Yu-Feng Court to kneel down to do a kowtow to human, what does it indicate...? This indicates that person is very fierce and the elders from Yu-Feng Court fears him endlessly.

’’ Useless thing............, you are a disgrace to whole Yu-Feng Court..... ’’ The voice of the mysterious old man resounds again and it don't give any face to Fan Blower.

The most surprising scene happens the very next moment, Xing Jue who is sitting on the ground, his body actually begin to become blurr and disappears in an instant.

The Fan blower is admitting his mistake unceasingly, but the voice of the old man not heard again.

’’ To transfer other human being through teleportation , what kink of strength is it...? ’’ the teacher from Xing Clan with a shocking face enquires with the head of Xing Clan.

’’ I don't know, I only know that the strength of space can only be utilize by only Wu-Shen level martial artist, but to transfer Xing Jue through teleportation, he might be above Wu-Shen Level...’’ The head of Xing Clan while being in shock says to the teacher of Xing Clan.

’’ Above Wu-Shen....? ’’ After hearing the words from Xing Tian, the teacher of Xing Clan's heart trembles and he decides he will never suspect the strength of the old man who is the teacher of Xing Jue.

Xing Jue who is injured by the attack of Fan blower, is taken away by his teacher, the mystical old man. The people present in the hall who are left in the hall are talking about the incredible scene that has taken place and they are are unable to imagine it.

At that moment above Yun-Zhong City, on an open land two forms simultaneously appears like ghost and demons reappearing. They are non e other than Xing Jue and the mystical old man who have helped him during Xing Jue's toughest time and he also saved his life from The Elder of Yu-Feng Court, Fan Blower.

’’ Boy , because of you this old man is losing this Ke-Dans( Red colour drug ), take and eat it......’’ The mystical old man says it to Xing Jue with a smile while giving the red pills to him.

’’ Thank you... teacher...... ’’ Xing Jue is grinning while receiving the red pill from the mystical old man.

’’ Bah.........!!! Who is your teacher ? ’’ The mystical old man says it to Xing Jue in a cold voice.

’’ Certainly its you, whom I am referring as my teacher and teacher you are simply awesome....... ’’ Xing Jue says shamelessly and with a brazen face, to the mystical old man . Initially Xing Jue knew that the mystical old man is very strong, but he didn't imagine that the mystical old man is a genuine powerhouse. So naturally he is not willing to let the opportunity to address the mystical old man as his teacher to pass.

’’ Brat.......... i just give you a face , but don't rely on my power and name ....’’ The mystical old man caste his eye towards Xing Jue and says it restlessly.

’’ I don't dare to.......... Actually right now I am a martial artist due to your gift and the skills that o have learnt are also your teachings. If i don't acknowledge you as my master then, i am like a wild urchin whom nobody wants.....’’ Xing Jue says it while he is suffering from injustice and pettiness.

’’ Good.... Good..... don't pretend in-front of this old man.... It is mine bad luck, that i recognize you as my pupil...........’’, The mystical old man reluctantly says it, after thinking for some time.Actually the old man is not wishing to help Xing Jue initially, but after seeing Xing Jue to keep his identity secret, even when his life is in danger, this made the impression that he had in his heart regarding Xing Jue is doubles.

’’ Disciple is paying a visit to Master...’’ Xing Jue immediately kneels down and starts saluting the mystical old man, after hearing that he is accepted as a disciple by the mystical old man.

’’ Ha .. Ha.. Brat, you are very clever, but there is something that i must remind you...’’ The mystical old man suddenly says it with a smile while wipping out the deceitful meaning on his face.

’’ What matter.............? The teacher will not throw me down no matter what happens right..? ’’ After hearing the words of The mystical old man , Xing Jue immediately asks him with a disturb feeling.

’’ Ha... Ha ..... you are a very intelligent person, how can i praise you to be good....? ’’ The old man simply says it with a smile.

’’ Puff.......’’ after hearing the words of his master, Xing Jue sprouts out blood, and think that he is going to die. How can a master be so irresponsible towards his disciple...?

’’ Ha......, this old man is travelling the continent for pleasure for many years and this is the only reason why i haven't taken any disciple till now........’’ The mystical old man cast his eye towards Xing Jue and says it with a smile.

’’ Hey......... if that being the case, this disciple will not put any burden on master while he is working. As the disciple will be living out of his master protection, the master should teach him some protection charms , Why should he worried about his disciple while he is working...? ’’ Xing Jue says it intelligently while grinning.

’’ Yeah.... very clever indeed.... But your teacher is travelling the mainland fro pleasure, and right now i don't have any of those magical things. The precious things that I have collected are delivered to you, when we met previously. ’’ The old man says it cunningly.

’’ If possible for master to lead me back to Yun-Zhong City main hall, to accept the winning prize and to become the minister in Yu-Feng Court . ’’ Xing Jue says it to the old man as he know that he cannot go with his master, then becoming a minister in Yu-Feng Court is also a good choice.

’’ Bah.......... Becoming an minister in outside Yu-Feng court.........., is it worth taking....? ’’ By hearing the words from Xing Jue of becoming a minister in outside Yu-Feng Court, the old man says it with a disdain voice.

And when Xing Jue hears the words of the old man, he lowers his head in silence, because he discovers that the mysterious old man, somewhat seems to be repugnant towards The Yu-Feng Court.

’’ You want to join the outer Yu-Feng Court cabinet as it minister or you want to Join as a minister in Inner Yu-Feng Court Cabinet......? ’’ By seeing depressed Xing Jue, the mystical old man says it while taking out a purple colour letter and hand it over to Xing Jue. By seeing the letter the the disappointed face of Xing Jue disappears and the colour of excitement starts to fill in once more.


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